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Ranking of the best action cameras from China in 2020

Ranking of the best action cameras from China in 2020

The convenience of miniature and powerful action cameras has been appreciated by all extreme shooting enthusiasts and people who are simply fond of video recording. When choosing a recording device, you want a reliable and functional camera for a reasonable price. Recently, many budget cameras of Chinese production have appeared, which have the necessary parameters and can save a significant amount of money. What inexpensive Chinese cameras should you pay attention to? Or how to choose the one that will become an excellent analogue of more famous brands? Let's try to figure it out.

Rating of quality action cameras from China

The proliferation of dangerous sports and video hosting sites such as YouTube and Vimeo prompted manufacturers in China to release action cameras. These gadgets write videos in extreme conditions, and the video shot on such devices looks cool and spectacular. Below is a ranking of the best Chinese action cameras of 2020.

10th place: MIJIA 360 Panoramic Camera

Despite the fact that everyone treats the electronics made by Chinese manufacturers differently, hardly anyone would argue with the assertion that this model is a device with the best match for reliability, characteristics and price. At a relatively mid-range price point, this top-rated action cam does a great job at its own top option, producing high-quality 4K footage.

Due to the two matrices, the resolution of which is 16 MP, the picture comes out really detailed and legible, which makes the gadget one of the most popular devices in this niche. In addition, MIJIA 360 Panoramic Camera differs from alternative solutions by the possibility of installing a microSD flash drive with a memory capacity of 128 GB.

In addition to the good quality, users have noted the camera's appearance in reviews. This device is one of the thinnest gadgets since its thickness is no more than 24 mm. High quality materials, reliable workmanship and rich typical shell colors make it truly attractive and fashionable.

The average price is 14,000 rubles.

MIJIA 360 Panoramic Camera


Video format3456x1728 px
Matrix16 megapixels
AdditionallyPhoto mode; USB interface; Wi-Fi; micro SD support; Waterproof housing
Dimensions78x67x24 mm
Weight109 g

Video review of the camera:

  • Trendy appearance;
  • Excellent shots;
  • Build reliability;
  • Protection degree IP67;
  • Easy to use.
  • Non-removable battery;
  • The battery heats up if you use the camera for a long time;
  • Loss of quality when converting a video on social networks.

9th place: EKEN H9R

4K video recording in this model is available at 10 fps. It is possible to increase the frame rate by lowering the recording resolution and changing the shooting mode.

It is possible to shoot a series of photos at intervals of up to 60 seconds. The set includes a remote control. The quality of the photos is low; in low light conditions, the image is accompanied by noise and ripples.

Additional accessories include a waterproof box for underwater photography, mounts, straps, tape for attaching to a helmet or car dashboard.

There is a possibility of wireless connection with a smartphone and use as a webcam.

Review of a budget camera - in the video:

The average price is 4,100 rubles.



Video format4096х2160 px (UHD 4K)
Matrix4 megapixels
AdditionallyLCD screen; recording in H.264; Photo mode; HDMI output; USB interface
Dimensions59x41x25 mm
Weight64 g
  • Remote control;
  • High quality shooting in Full HD.
  • Video recording when Wi-Fi is on is accompanied by an unpleasant crackle
  • Poor sound quality.

8th place: MIJIA 4K Action Camera

This device was made by YITech without the involvement of Xiaomi Tech Corporation. The device is made in a plastic shell, equipped with a high-performance photographic module IMX 377 from SONY with a 12 MP CMOS matrix. The sensor measures 1 / 2.3 inches. Inside is the Ambarella A9SE chip. The limiting video recording quality here is 4K at 30 FPS. Available colors:

  1. The black;
  2. White;
  3. Pink.

The diagonal screen here is 2.19 inches in combination with the Retina matrix, which supports not only ordinary touches, but also gestures. On the YI 4K display, the user is given the opportunity to personally set the desired shooting mode without synchronizing with his own phone. The camera can record 4K footage at 30 FPS for two hours on a single battery charge, making it one of the best action cameras in terms of battery life.

The average price is 6,900 rubles.

MIJIA 4K Action Camera


Video format3840x2160 px (UHD 4K)
Matrix8 megapixels
AdditionallyImage stabilizer; LCD screen; Touchscreen; Time-lapse mode; H.264 recording
Dimensions72x43x30 mm
Weight99 g

Video review of the camera:

  • Gorgeous duration of work;
  • Massive multi-touch display for camera control;
  • Small size and weight.
  • Unstable software, crashes happen;
  • Low quality software stabilization that operates in one mode;
  • Small angle view for 2020 action camera.

7th place: SJCAM SJ 4000

The improved model from the Chinese brand SJCAM with the ability to wirelessly transmit data resembles the famous GoPro camera not only in design, but also in technical characteristics, although those that the American brand declared in their first models.

Rectangular device with a minimum number of controls (Mode and OK buttons), a large set of additional mounts - belts, car clips, waterproof case for shooting at a depth of 30 meters.

The 12 MP matrix is ​​equipped with a fast lens with a focal length of 2.8 mm. Viewing angle - 170 degrees. You can shoot in low light conditions by selecting the desired mode in the settings. In automatic mode, the image does not always accurately reproduce the color gamut and natural tones, as there are errors in the white balance adjustment. This is a manufacturing defect, the impact of which on the quality of shooting can be eliminated by manually adjusting the camera.

The functionality is accompanied by standard features - continuous shooting, self-timer setting, autofocus with the detection of objects and faces in the frame, if necessary, change the resolution.

This model can be used as a video recorder, for this there is an adhesive tape in the package that fixes the camera on the dashboard, and in the settings there is a suitable mode that regulates the recording.

Wi-Fi module allows you to transfer information to other devices without using additional equipment. After installing the application on your smartphone, you can remotely control the camera by changing modes and settings.

Learn more about the action camera in the video:

The average price is 3,000 rubles.



Video format1920x1080 px (Full HD 1080p)
Matrix3 megapixels
AdditionallyDigital 4x Zoom; LCD screen; Auto exposure; recording in H.264; Photo mode
Dimensions59x41x29 mm
Weight44 g
  • Large selection of additional equipment;
  • Main and additional battery;
  • Waterproof case;
  • LCD screen 1.5 inches.
  • The charger is smaller than the compartment for it;
  • Weak battery;
  • Plastic mounts make creaks when deformed;
  • Low quality sound recording, weak microphone.

6th place: YI Action Camera

The top of the best action cameras from China continues with the model of the low-cost segment, which was developed by Xiaomi in cooperation with YI. The set contains nothing but a cord. For open areas, you need to purchase some kind of protection. The rectangular shell is similar to the GoPro, the tripod connector is already integrated. The manufacturer saved on screen by handing control over to a smartphone app.

The lens sees at 155 degrees, which is not enough for active extreme sports.

YI Action Camera is capable of recording Full HD video at 60 FPS, but at the same time it lags and heats up, which is why it is recommended to lower the format. There is no stabilization, and the microphone sound is blown in the wind. The device battery lasts no more than an hour. Overall, this is a budget solution for many users.

The average price is 3 400 rubles.

YI Action Camera


Video format1920x1080 px (Full HD 1080p)
Matrix16 megapixels
Additionallyrecording in H.264; Photo mode; HDMI output; USB interface; Wi-Fi
Dimensions60x42x21 mm
Weight72 g

More information about the camera - in the video:

  • Low cost for excellent basic parameters;
  • Shooting high quality footage in Full HD at 30 FPS;
  • A program for smartphones with good features.
  • Poor equipment, you need to purchase accessories;
  • The sound of the integrated microphone is blocked by third-party noise;
  • There is no integrated display for basic cropping.

5th place: YILite Action Camera

This model is available in different colors. In addition to white and black, there are light blue and light green. The latter is a direct ferry to the first generation. Otherwise, it is already popular among YI 4K Action Camera users. It should be noted that the manufacturer did not skimp on components and build reliability. Externally, the camera differs from its “brothers” by an insert with a name on the front panel.

Compared to XIAOMI YI, this model gives users the opportunity to configure the YI Lite directly from the integrated display. Switching operating modes: video, photo, shooting with a set time. In addition, there is time lapse, continuous and interval shooting, slow motion and synchronous shooting of photos and videos.

The manufacturer has left the possibility of wireless connection to the phone. The general program YI ACTION is applied, in which all the gadgets of this manufacturer, consoles and stabilizers are combined. Following the Wi-Fi sync, the installed software is checked for relevance.

The average price is 9,000 rubles.

YILite Action Camera


Video format3840x2160 px (UHD 4K)
Matrix16 megapixels
Additionally4 GB of built-in flash memory; Electronic image stabilization; LCD screen; Touchscreen; Time-lapse mode
Dimensions65x42x30 mm
Weight72 g

Video about the Chinese camera:

  • This is the most budget-friendly 4K camera in the segment;
  • There is a screen and integrated stabilization;
  • A wide range of options for shooting videos and photos.
  • From time to time, a video is recorded without sound;
  • Periodically, the sound goes faster than the picture;
  • "Flash Drive Failures" occur systematically.

4th place: EKEN A8

The popularity of this brand's action cameras started with this particular model. Inexpensive devices, namely this segment of the cost is the A8, often have many disadvantages. For a small cost, the user will receive absolute support for Full HD resolution. The company did not carry out experiments and equipped the device with a conventional CMOS matrix, the resolution of which is 12 MP.

An obvious advantage is the battery life on a single charge: the device records about 2 hours at maximum settings.This is a very good figure for a budget action camera.

The viewing angle is 120 degrees, there is a full-format mode. In addition, the device is equipped with a 2-inch widescreen LCD display. By the way, thanks to him, the user is given the opportunity to watch the footage. The communication is a normal USB interface.

Shooting is performed only on a memory card, as there is not enough space in the camera for long-term recording. Supports only microSD flash drives. There is no ability to use modern high-speed drives.

The device weighs only 64 grams, which makes it very comfortable in the hand, and even if it is installed on the shoulder or head, there is no discomfort. It should be noted that such cameras are now in demand.

The average price is 2,600 rubles.



Video format1920x1080 px (Full HD 1080p)
Matrix12 megapixels
AdditionallyLCD screen; Photo mode; USB interface; micro SD support
Dimensions59x41x25 mm
Weight64 g

Video introduction to the camera:

  • Strong body;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • A light weight;
  • Maximum autonomy for at least 2 hours;
  • You can take pictures.
  • No voltage regulator;
  • Few settings;
  • Poor picture quality.

3rd place: EZVIZ S5 Plus

This model should be attributed to the classics - a rectangular shell with rounded edges. The dimensions are very practical and are 58x45 mm with a weight of almost 100 g, the reliability of the assembly is of high quality. The camera is available in dark and light colors. Some components fit snugly together without play.

EZVIZ S5 Plus supports 2.4-5 GHz spectrum connectivity. Improved data transfer speed. To interact with the phone display, you need to download a special utility EZVIZ Sports. Users like the absence of unnecessary functionality, namely a social feed and blocks with ads, when compared with most rivals.

Directly from the home screen, users are given the opportunity to open the gallery of captured clips and go to the remote control interface.

The user can control the EZVIZ S5 Plus without the program. The presence of a multitouch display made it possible to disperse a number of packages of control components and display panels by scrolling to one side. Thus, in a couple of touches the format switches and the mode is selected.

The average price is 20,000 rubles.



Video formatUHD 4K
Matrix12 megapixels
AdditionallyElectronic image stabilization; LCD screen; recording in H.264; Photo mode; HDMI out
Dimensions58x45x-- mm
Weight100 g

Video review of the camera:

  • High-quality shooting;
  • The ability to shoot in slow motion and slow motion;
  • Good quality shooting in low light, when compared with other well-known gadgets in this niche;
  • Verified brand name;
  • Excellent build reliability and quality of materials used.
  • No Russian-language interface, only English and Chinese;
  • There is no PSU for charging from the mains;
  • Without a cover.

2nd place: SJCAM SJ6

In terms of appearance, this model does not stand out from others, but the reliability of the assembly is incredible, there are no complaints about this. There are 2 displays on the shell: b / w in front, where all the necessary information will be displayed - the number of charge percentages, the capacity of available memory and the selected mode of operation.

Another display, multitouch type, is located on the back, it can be used as a viewfinder. The gadget has 3 typical keys that perform all the basic options related to the operation and configuration of the equipment. There is a hole at the bottom for attaching a tripod.

There is no ROM, like the above cameras, but there is a port for installing a microSD memory card with a capacity of no more than 128 GB. The pictures are obtained in very good quality, the equipment can function in 4K video resolution, but at only 24 FPS, of course, there are HD and FHD modes.

Outwardly, it is almost impossible to notice the differences between them, there are in addition 2 modes of operation of the stabilizer - low and high. During operation, the gadget does not heat up, it runs on battery power for a long time.

The average price is 6 400 rubles.



Video format2160x2880 px (UHD 4K)
Matrix14 megapixels
AdditionallyImage stabilizer; LCD screen; Touchscreen; Time-lapse mode; H.264 recording
Dimensions60x41x25 mm
Weight84 g

Video about the camera:

  • The set includes many accessories;
  • There is a multi-touch display with a Wi-Fi unit;
  • The controls are quite simple;
  • Price when compared to other cameras in this segment.
  • Background noise appears during video recording;
  • Low quality night time shooting.

1st Place: YI 4K Action Camera

Powerful camera based on the latest Ambarella A9SE75 processor, which manufacturers have implemented even before the American manufacturers of new GoPro models.

There is no equal to a budget device and in the ability to continuously record video in the highest format for 2 hours.

Anyone who needs a camera for high-quality photos and videos without much effort can purchase the YI 4K in the basic configuration, in which, in addition to the camera itself, there is only a USB cable.

All basic information is located on the touch screen with a diagonal of 2.19 inches, with a resolution of 640x360. With touch, you can quickly change the shooting mode, adjust the exposure, set the timer, change the FishEye settings and more.

Additional accessories for this model will have to be purchased separately from the basic configuration, which raises some questions about its average price. A large selection of inexpensive mounts, belts, monopods for both extreme and everyday shooting is on sale.

Camera overview - in the video:

The average price is 12,900 rubles.

YI 4K Action Camera


Video format3840x2160 px (UHD 4K)
Matrix12 megapixels
AdditionallyManual exposure setting; Electronic image stabilization; LCD screen; Touchscreen; Auto exposure
Dimensions65x42x21 mm
Weight95 g
  • 4K recording (30 frames / s);
  • 2 hours of continuous shooting at maximum 4K mode;
  • Electronic stabilization;
  • Touchscreen LCD display;
  • Good quality photos in 4000x3000 resolution.
  • Lack of additional accessories in the basic configuration;
  • Relatively high price.

How to choose an action camera?

Thinking about which camera to choose, you need to answer the question - what is it for and how will it be used?

You should pay attention to a number of parameters.


If extreme shooting is expected, recording in high-risk conditions, for example, performing tricks, submerging under water or rising high above the ground - it is better to pay attention to models made of durable material, adapted for this type of shooting, and be sure to check if the protective removable case is included in the package ...

For household shooting, the strength criterion is not the most important, so you can choose models with a standard plastic case.

Image quality

Many budget action cameras have the ability to record video with accurate image reproduction, good detail, and without color distortion. To record a high-quality video in 1080p, a matrix resolution of 2 MP is sufficient, in the highest 4K format - 8 MP.

Recording duration

If there is a need for long and continuous shooting, it is better to choose devices with a powerful battery and the ability to recharge while recording.

It's also best to take care of a replaceable battery, which you should always have on hand.


All budget models are equipped with a microphone, but the sound quality is significantly lower than on devices from other price categories. Therefore, if you need a clean audio track without crackling and extraneous noise, it is better to purchase a separate microphone with the ability to connect.


Chinese models usually contain a wide variety of straps, helmet mounts, bicycle handlebars, for various surfaces and shapes.But, for example, Xiaomi YI will have to purchase accessories separately.


The average price for a Chinese action camera of acceptable quality is about 5,000 rubles. The cheapest device can be purchased for 3000 rubles, but the quality of shooting will not be the best, such cameras are suitable for those who are just starting to comprehend the art of video shooting. A budget camera with all the conditions for good quality shooting will cost 7-9 thousand rubles. In this case, you can get a good set of additional accessories.

You can find a budget alternative to expensive recording devices if you carefully study the features and equipment of each option, and also determine which functions are indispensable for you. A high price is not always an indicator of quality, but when choosing the cheapest option, you need to remember about possible disappointments.