Top 15 gyro scooters of 2020. Decent value for money

Top 15 gyro scooters of 2020. Decent value for money

With the development of progress, in addition to the usual means of transportation, such unusual types of transport as a hoverboard, electric scooters and electric scooters are increasingly included in everyday life. Meeting a person on such a device in a park or city is no longer as unusual as it was a few years ago, and in the summer of 2020 it is an excellent accessory for outdoor activities and movement in the fresh air. In the rating of the most popular gyro scooters, models are presented that meet the main requests of users regarding technical parameters and design.

What is a gyro scooter

Another name for the hoverboard is the hoverboard, by analogy with the fictional device from the movie "Back to the Future", which had the ability to move without touching the ground. Thus, the hoverboard has become a kind of symbol of a new era, a breakthrough in the world of compact vehicles. In other words, a gyro scooter is a self-contained electric scooter that independently maintains balance using the principle of dynamic balancing. It is used for free movement around the city between destinations, as well as for entertainment on the street.

How to manage it

For control and smooth movement, you need to rest your feet on the platform, take a relaxed but stable posture and try to achieve balance. The gyro scooter moves to the side, which is set by the person standing on the platform, tilting the body in the desired direction. The pressure of the left or right foot on a part of the platform also controls the desired trajectory. To stop, you just need to take the original position of the body without tilting the body.

Video lesson of getting skating skills:

The best manufacturers of gyro scooters

Let's take a look at the top five hovercraft manufacturers.

Smart Balance

The brand has been on the market for a long time, during which it managed to conquer Russian buyers. Given the availability and high demand for their products, brand products were often counterfeited. Branded devices of this company are of high quality and reliable assembly.

It is possible to recognize counterfeit immediately, since the material from which the copies are made is of poor quality, and the images printed on the body are faded. The company makes original gyro scooters from high-strength plastic and a reliable silumin frame, and samples of the premium segment also have dust and moisture protection.


It is a rapidly growing brand that sets modern standards for the consumables market.Thanks to its own initiative and adaptability, the company manages to find the most favorable solutions for household and office printing devices. The CACTUS trade mark has been known to customers since 2010, but the company is constantly progressing and pleases users with new products.

In 2017, the company began producing electric vehicles - hoverboards, electric bicycles and electric scooters. These types of vehicles have become in high demand among fans of outdoor activities. The hover scooters of this brand are easy to operate, they are environmentally friendly and are liked by most consumers.


Solowheel offers Russian buyers gyro scooters from the well-known US company (Investist), which was founded by Sh. Cheyne, a popular creator of gadgets that change the classic opinion about vehicles.

Interesting information! The products are assembled in the United States, Kamas, pcs. Washington.


It is a manufacturer that specializes in innovative solutions for personalized electric vehicles. The company also creates portable devices for storing and charging gadgets. The iconBIT brand is also popular in the field of media content playback and digital TV.


Electric vehicles from this manufacturer formally entered the market in 2014. The products of this brand successfully compete with well-known companies, as they have an exclusive appearance and solid technical parameters. As for durability and service life, WMotion gyroscooters are not inferior to devices of other companies, which is why they are so popular in Russia.

Interesting information! The company's hoverboards are designed for long-term use and fully meet the IP54 standard.

The best hoverboards with a wheel diameter of 10-12 inches

Consider the top five models, with wheel diameters ranging from 10 to 12 inches.

Smart Balance GALANT PRO 10

The focus of this gadget is on usability and cross-country ability. The device is equipped with wheels with a diameter of 10 inches, which greatly facilitates the movement on bumpy roads. In addition, thanks to the integrated innovative technologies, this gadget is able to climb slides with an angle of 15 degrees. The capacitive battery, manufactured by the South Korean corporation Samsung, enables the device to cover 20 km on a single charge, and a full charge will not take the user more than 2 hours.

Interesting information! The maximum speed of the device reaches 25 km / h.

This gadget can be controlled with a phone program. For example, through the application you can limit the speed, see the remaining percentage of the battery charge, track the distance covered, etc.

The average price is 8,500 rubles.

hoverboard Smart Balance GALANT PRO
  • high assembly reliability;
  • the body is made of durable plastic;
  • battery manufactured by South Korean Samsung Corporation;
  • good speaker;
  • 2 gyroscope boards.
  • loud signal at startup.

iconBIT Smart Scooter 10 Kit Black

This is a compact gadget that will be a great option for both entertainment and everyday use. The gadget accelerates to 15 km / h, which is commensurate with a fast run. The owner is given the opportunity to set the direction, enter the turns, or rotate in place, leaning in the desired direction. There is no need to worry about a possible fall, as the electronic type system, which contains a gyroscope and a number of speed sensors, ensures the stability of the foot platform.

The pneumatic tires, which are 10 inches in diameter, absorb the shock that can occur when traveling over bumpy terrain, ensuring a high degree of comfort.

Interesting information! The ground clearance, which is 55 mm, is enough to overcome barriers.

The average price is 12,500 rubles.

hoverboard iconBIT Smart Scooter
  • easy to operate;
  • excellent cross-country ability;
  • ultimate safety;
  • assembly reliability;
  • amazing battery life.
  • the bag included in the package is of very poor quality.


In terms of form factor, the device is executed classically, which is typical for this type of transport. The gadget is available in 3 stylish colors:

  1. Sticker bombing.
  2. Space.
  3. Camouflage.

Important! The body is made of plastic, there are no gaps and backlashes.

The gadget is launched by pressing a button, which must be held for a couple of seconds, after which, due to 4 integrated gyroscopes, auto-balancing is carried out, and the gadget itself takes a horizontal position. During activation, a pleasant female voice notifies about the activation of the Bluetooth module, and the running lights flicker a number of times.

The gadget contains 2 electric motors, the total power of which is 500 W, which, as a rule, is enough to overcome minor slides. One way or another, this transport is intended for city driving. One hundred percent charging of the lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 4 400 mAh is enough for 1.5 hours of active driving.

The average price is 11,500 rubles.

hoverboard DIGMA TB-105
  • power reserve;
  • rubber wheels;
  • high assembly reliability;
  • when idle for more than 10 minutes, it turns off in automatic mode.
  • lack of battery level indicators.

Mizar 10 MZ10

It is a progressive device with enhanced sensitivity control, instant response from pedal sensors, and excellent top speed. The capacity of the battery is enough to drive about 12 km at a time. The gadget supports Bluetooth technology, is equipped with an automatic balancing option and a speaker.

Interesting information! Comes with a carrying bag.

The average price is 9,000 rubles.

hoverboard Mizar 10 MZ10
  • good battery life;
  • quickly restores charge;
  • nice appearance;
  • loud speaker;
  • chic cross-country ability.
  • not detected.


This is a gadget in demand on the territory of the Russian Federation, which stands out against the background of competitors in fashionable colors and performance, excellent technical parameters, high assembly reliability, as well as support for innovative technologies. This device will be an excellent solution for movement in urban environments, which is suitable for both children and adults. The gadget is equipped with inflatable wheels with a diameter of 10.5 inches.

The average price is 11,000 rubles.

hoverboard AOVO 10.5 APP
  • the base is made of silumin alloy;
  • protected from moisture;
  • comfortable platform for legs;
  • LED lights are provided;
  • the presence of a battery charge indicator.
  • not detected.
Smart Balance GALANT PRO 10120208002028 500
iconBIT Smart Scooter 10 Kit Black100 1570020312 500
DIGMA TB-105100 1250012311 500
Mizar 10 MZ10120127001219 000
AOVO 10.5 APP120151000201,511 000

The best hoverboards with wheels up to 8 inches

Consider the TOP-5 hoverboards, the wheel diameter of which does not exceed 8 inches.

Smart Balance Transformer 8

The device with 6.5-inch wheels will be an excellent solution for driving in the city. There is a special bag for transporting the device, but it must be purchased separately. The weight of the gadget is 10 kg. Exclusive wheels stand out from the competition with solid rubber with a tread.

Interesting information! The gadget can rotate in place with a zero turning radius.

The gadget is made in an innovative form factor that does not provide for corners, and will also be a good choice for beginners. This gadget is also suitable for children weighing at least 20 kg.

The average price is 9,000 rubles.

hoverboard Smart Balance Transformer
  • made of high quality materials;
  • attractive lighting;
  • good speakers.
  • heavy.


It is a modern model designed for urban riding. The gadget stands out from the rest with its fashionable design, comfortable control system and excellent maneuverability. Its large wheels make it easy to tackle bumpy roads, and the spacious foot platform helps you balance with ease. This model is equipped with a light-type alarms, so you won't miss it at night. The construction is made of plastic, which makes it lightweight and durable. Electric motors are completely environmentally friendly. The gadget accelerates to 10 km / h and recharges in 2 hours.

Interesting information! Integrated speakers in conjunction with Bluetooth technology make it possible to ride to your favorite tracks.

The average price is 13,300 rubles.

gyro scooter Cactus CS-GYROCYCLE_SP_WT
  • good speakers;
  • excellent cross-country ability;
  • solid indicators of autonomy;
  • nice design.
  • lack of balancing.


This is a continuation of a series of famous models. Thanks to the modern form factor of the case, the developers managed to increase the angle of elevation to 30 degrees. The gadget has a battery with a capacity of 4 400 mAh. Supply voltage - 36 V.

The model has two electric motors, each with a power of 350 W, so the total power is 700 W. The maximum load on the model ranges from 20-100 kg, and parking lights are provided for driving at night.

The average price is 9,950 rubles.

gyro scooter WMOTION WM9
  • lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 4,400 mAh with power components from LG;
  • the presence of built-in backlight;
  • bluetooth speakers.
  • not detected.


It is a model with a sophisticated look and wheels that measure 8 inches. Inside the structure there are 2 powerful electric motors, each of which has a power of 350 W, which makes it possible to accelerate to 10 km / h.

Important! The maximum load on the device should not exceed 120 kg.

The power reserve varies from 15 to 20 km, and it will not take more than 2 hours to restore the battery charge. The manufacturer also took into account the moisture protection in accordance with the IP54 standard, and this suggests that the gadget is not afraid of splashes or drops, but experts still do not advise getting into the rain with the device.

The average price is 12,500 rubles.

hoverboard HIPER ES80
  • smooth increase / decrease in speed;
  • intuitive control;
  • good autonomy;
  • lightness;
  • meets the requirements of GOST.
  • overall power supply unit.

Polaris PBS 0603

This model is designed for city driving. In a company with this gyro scooter, the user can travel a significant distance or quickly reach the desired waypoint. The device will be a good choice for outdoor activities and walks. The model is available in metallic colors, so most users like the fashionable design of the hoverboard.

The maximum lifting angle is 15 degrees and the maximum load on the device is 120 kg. The model accelerates to 15 km / h. The design contains a battery with a capacity of 4 400 mAh. Its autonomy is sufficient to cover about 20 km. Do not forget that the indicator of autonomy also depends on the speed, weight of a person, as well as the specifics of the road surface.

Important! The package contains a charger that will restore the model's charge in 2 hours.

The average price is 9,000 rubles.

hoverboard Polaris PBS
  • two operating modes - user and training;
  • the turning angle is 360 degrees;
  • compactness;
  • the presence of light-type indicators;
  • bag-cover as a gift.
  • not all users like strict design.
Smart Balance Transformer 813020400202-39 000
Cactus CS-GYROCYCLE_SP_WT10010-20213 300
WMOTION WM913010350201,59 950
HIPER ES801201070020212 500
Polaris PBS 0603120157002029 000

The best premium hoverboards

Let's take a look at the top 5 best hoverboards in the premium segment.

Solowheel Hovertrax

It is a powerful and fashionable model with wheels measuring 6.6 inches. This hoverboard is one of the latest developments from the USA company - Investist. The model is ranked as a premium segment, and due to its technical parameters and practical dimensions, it will be an excellent choice for fans of modern methods of transportation and beginners.

Interesting information! This is one of the safest models on the electric vehicle market, the body of which is made of special shock-resistant plastic. This material can withstand multiple drops on asphalt, etc.

Thanks to two high-quality electric motors, each with a power of 500 W, the hoverboard accelerates to 18 km / h. This speed is more than enough for common user purposes - to be in time for work, go to the store or walk in the park.

The model has a Li-ion type battery with a capacity of 110 W / h. By the way, the well-known corporation Sony was the manufacturer. The battery recovers in 60 minutes and guarantees a distance of 15 km.

The battery can withstand 1000 charging cycles, which speaks of the impressive durability of the model. For the same reason, the likelihood of an emergency due to overheating of the wheels is 100% excluded. The features of this model include light weight and mobility. The hoverboard weighs only 6.8 kg, so the device is suitable for children and women.

The average price is 40,000 rubles.

hovertrax hoverboard Solowheel
  • a light weight;
  • quality battery from Sony;
  • high assembly reliability;
  • will be an excellent choice not only for adults, but also for children;
  • stands out from the competition with an exclusive appearance.
  • in the complete set there is no charger for the car.


This model harmoniously blends appearance and excellent running parameters. The wheels with a diameter of 6.5 inches and a powerful electric motor guarantee comfortable and fast travel on asphalt surfaces.

The design features of the body provide for projections that prevent the hoverboard from overturning. As a precautionary measure, the manufacturer has equipped the structure with anti-slip pedals. HOVERBOT stands out against the background of other models with its compact dimensions, so you can safely take it with you wherever you go.

This hoverboard is equipped with a Bluetooth transmitter that allows you to sync with any device in order to play your favorite tracks through the integrated speakers. High-brightness headlights make it possible to enjoy driving not only during the day, but also at night.

This model can be a nice and useful gift for both a child and an adult. As an exclusive addition, it is worth noting that the manufacturer has developed a smartphone program specifically for this hoverboard, through which its parameters can be adjusted.

The average price is 21,600 rubles.

hoverboard hoverbot a-15
  • synchronizes with the phone via Bluetooth;
  • the battery is protected by a special case;
  • short circuit protection;
  • reinforced electric motor;
  • fire protection is provided.
  • not detected.

Razor Hovertrax 2.0

It is a comfortable and fashionable model with a maximum power rating of 350 watts. The hoverboard has a self-balancing system of increased accuracy, and its key plus is autonomy. On a single charge, the model is capable of working for about 2 hours.

The hoverboard has a well thought-out and reliable device that allows it to withstand a maximum user weight of no more than 100 kg. This device does not have the lowest permissible weight threshold, which makes it possible to ride it not only for adults, but also for children.

Important! For precise and smooth control, experts advise not to let kids under 8 years old ride the hoverboard.

On the surface of the model, special-purpose pads are provided, which guarantee stability and prevent possible slipping. The device contains 2 electric motors, each of which has a power of 135 watts. The total maximum power reaches 350 watts.

There is also an automatic balancing system, which operates on the basis of gyro sensors that monitor the position of the device 100 times per second, which prevents a possible fall due to loss of balance. One battery charge is enough to ride for 2 hours, and the top speed reaches 13 km / h.

The average price is 39,900 rubles.

gyro scooter Razor Hovertrax 2.0
  • high assembly reliability;
  • impressive offline performance;
  • comfortable operation;
  • high precision automatic balancing system;
  • attractive design.
  • not detected.

Shine Ring SR99

The model, which operates on an electric drive, is free from useless elements (rack and steering wheel), and is also equipped with auto-balancing. The hoverboard has 2 directions of movement - forward and backward, and acceleration, turning and deceleration are controlled by changing the inclination of the feet. The gyro scooter accelerates to 10 km / h. Its distinctive features include small size and maneuverability.

Important! The model is 100% eco-friendly.

The device contains a Li-Ion type battery, which fully restores its charge in about 2-3 hours. The battery capacity is enough to cover a distance of 15-20 km. The model is equipped with an acceleration sensor and a gyro sensor. There is also a servo control system that controls the balance to ensure smooth movement.

Interesting information! If you lean back or forward, the motor controls the movement of the wheels.

The average price is 26,300 rubles.

hoverboard Shine Ring SR99
  • equipped with autobalancing;
  • good maneuverability;
  • small dimensions;
  • environmentally friendly.
  • not detected.

Ninebot Mini

The corporation from China Xiaomi, which was founded more than 5 years ago, made a splash both in the field of smartphone construction and in the field of modern electric transport. The design of this hoverboard differs somewhat from the other models in the rating, but in terms of its operation it is a conventional hoverboard with automatic balancing, which does not have steering control.

The body of the model is made of shock-resistant magnesium alloy, which makes it a very reliable and lightweight unit. 2 electric motors, each with a power of 350 watts, as well as a set of 30 rechargeable lithium-ion 18650 batteries, allow you to drive 22 km at a speed of 16 km / h.

Important! The maximum load on the hoverboard is 85 kg.

By putting special software on the phone, you can remotely control the device, constantly monitor the functioning of all its systems, set it to alarm, and also lock the device.

The average price is 22,000 rubles.

hoverboard Ninebot Mini
  • Smart electronics;
  • exclusive appearance;
  • large clearance;
  • protection against power surges, short-circuit and overheating is provided.
  • low ultimate load.
Solowheel Hovertrax908100015140 000
HOVERBOT A-151201680015212 600
Razor Hovertrax 2.010013350--39 900
Shine Ring SR991001060020326 300
Ninebot Mini851670022422 000

Criteria for choosing a gyro scooter

The range of models of autonomous electric vehicles is diverse and constantly expanding. In order to choose the right product and use it correctly, you need to pay attention to a number of features when buying and note the importance of each of them specifically for yourself.

Manufacturer country

When thinking about which company it is better to purchase a device from, you should pay attention to the country of origin. There are two main suppliers on the market - America and China, which differ in price-quality ratio.Chinese counterparts of popular American models will cost less, but at the same time there is a possibility of getting a low quality segway that will not last long.

That is why it is better to purchase the device from the official representative of the chosen brand. It is also necessary to check the availability of certification, related documents and familiarize yourself with the operating rules. If you buy from an unscrupulous seller, you can get a low quality model that will not meet the stated requirements, as well as create difficulties for yourself with a return or exchange.

Wheel diameter

Paying attention to the diameter of the wheels, you should understand on what terrain the Segway is supposed to be used. The larger the diameter, the more stable the hoverboard and the more surface types are submissive to it. Devices with a diameter of 6 to 8 inches have little functionality, so they are able to move freely only on a flat surface.

Design features

Not always a bright design serves as an indicator of quality and adds the advantage of a particular model. A large number of curves, arches and other accessories can deteriorate after several rides, constantly in contact with the surface. Simple shapes and small dimensions are great for maneuverability and convenience.

Video tip: how to choose a gyro scooter by wheel size:


After analyzing the reviews on the most popular models and examining the proposals of manufacturers of both premium and budget devices, you can easily choose a comfortable gyro scooter with a set of the most necessary functions. This type of transport can not only brighten up a walk in the fresh air, but also become an excellent alternative to the usual means of moving between objects that are at a considerable distance from each other.

And finally: Video review of tricks on hoverboards: