1. Unpacking what's in the box?
  2. Appearance
  3. Main technical characteristics
  4. Google Pixel 2 assistant
  5. You need to know about the Google Pixel 2
  6. Cons and pros of the Google Pixel2 smartphone

Google Pixel 2 smartphone - pros and cons

Google Pixel 2 smartphone - pros and cons

How to choose a smartphone with a good guarantee and an excellent price-performance ratio? For people who prefer Android devices, there are phones in price ranges from 10,000 to 60,000 rubles. The Google Pixel 2 is a great achievement for 2017, bringing together the best of Samsung and Apple.

The prestigious flagship Pixel 2, in 2018, remains one of the most advanced gadgets that meet the requirements of our time.

The campaign creates a phone that understands human speech, stores information and an image, works all day without recharging, gives out a smart interface, and takes professional photos at speed.

Unpacking what's in the box?

The design of the back panel of the small phone immediately catches your eye. The case in the upper part is glossy, where the camera is located, the fingerprint scanner is located on the main body with a matte metal coating.

The set includes an envelope with instructions, a paper clip, a charger. To the plug of the American type charger, you will need an adapter to adapt it to Russian sockets. There is a usb to type-c adapter in order to connect ordinary headphones, since there is no standard jack 3.5 for headphones.

The trends of recent years are such that developers from Apple, Lenovo and Google are getting rid of their smartphones from the audio jack. And the reason lies not at all in the thickness of the phone, which is shrinking every year, but the fact is that Google is working on a new concept of understanding technical progress. Today, the main value is time, why waste time untangling wired headphones when you can connect a wireless headset, the Google Pixel Buds, which cost $ 159.

Google Pixel 2 smartphone

About headphones that are not included

In the design of compact wireless headphones, everything is thought out to the smallest detail. Stylish headphones with a capital letter G in the center of the outer part are charged from a case with a built-in battery via a wireless protocol. Sold in white and black.

You can switch the volume and music tracks using the touch panel, which is located on the right earpiece, which again saves time, there is no need to search for anything in the phone and stop. We just touch our ear and run on business.

The Google campaign, as supporters of globalization, supports the idea that people of all nationalities should communicate. There should be no language barriers or misunderstandings.

That's why Google Pixel Buds have built-in automatic simultaneous translation. A person simply puts on headphones and understands any foreign speech that he hears.


Wide loudspeakers are located at the bottom and top, which is unusual, mostly phones have one loudspeaker on top. Thus, stereo mode is provided by two speakers.The main surface of the body is matt, the glass insert is only at the top in the camera area. The matte body is less noticeable for dirt.

The camera is slightly protruding, there is a fingerprint scanner. The screen is comfortable, the top and bottom of the display outline the bezels for the speakers, but this does not spoil the overall impression.

Available in black, white and blue.

The dimensions of the smartphone have changed, compared to the previous Pixel, it has become wider and longer, but the weight of the device has not changed, because it has become thinner.

As you can see in the photo, the design of the phone is as simple and laconic as possible. The developers were engaged in improving not the external, but the internal world of the smartphone.

Main technical characteristics

The stuffing of the new Google Pixel2 is practically the same as the Pixel XL, see below for details on the technical data.

ScreenAMOLED, 5 inches
Rear cameraShooting with two LEDs, 12 megapixels.
Wireless interfaceGps, Glonass, Wi-fi, 4G
The sizeit is 146 mm long, 70 mm wide and 7.8 mm thick.
MemoryRAM 4GB, built-in 64GB
SoftwareAndroid 1.8, Always ON, Google assistant, voice search and control, memory cloud, DSLR function.
EquipmentAluminum case, fingerprint scanner, stereo mode, two speakers, Google Pixel Buds, usb to type-c adapter, IP67 protection, sensitive side edges.


The screen, as the most vulnerable part of the phone, has received additional improvements.

  • Protected by Gorilla Glass 5;
  • The clock and date are visible on the display, even when the screen is off in Always ON mode, so it is easy to find the phone even in complete darkness and find out what time it is;
  • The phone is additionally protected from dust and water;
  • When immersed in water, the smartphone continues to function, thanks to the IP67 certification. Google developers claim that the phone can stay in water for half an hour. In fact, the phone will survive bathing in tea or in a puddle, but you shouldn't experiment and leave it in water for a long time.


According to the resource DxO, the Pixel2 phone scored 98 points. The camera on the smartphone is better than on devices with the ios operating system. The pictures are bright and clear, even when photographing at night.

Thanks to the dynamic range expansion mode and the noise reduction effect, good photos are obtained even when moving, the camera focuses well, you can take great selfies, there are various functions, such as a blurred background, with a clear foreground. A new optical image stabilizer has been introduced.

Now, when recording video on Google gadgets, optical and digital stabilization has appeared. Software algorithms contributed to the addition of the portrait mode. With one lens, two great cameras:

  • Front - 8 megapixels;
  • The main one is 12 megapixels.

Search with a smart camera

We were pleased with additional innovations from Pixel, when you can create your own reality. Play by placing unreal monsters and monsters in real space, or place furniture in a house that does not exist in reality.

Google also traditionally implements educational goals. Now, you can find answers to your questions even faster. The principle of operation is not complicated, just a photo of the object of interest is taken and sent to the search engine from Google, then the system gives out all possible explanations for what is shown in the photo.

This new ability to instantly get answers to all questions has pleased all Pixel users as a real opportunity to expand the human horizons.

Even in active mode of operation, the battery remains operational for the whole day. The camera can improve the perception of the face, that is, remove irregularities or imperfections from the face.


The severe limitation of memory and the impossibility of expanding it due to additional cards has caused a lot of criticism from those who like to store a large number of multimedia files in the phone.

Since photos are now more often taken on the phone, and you need to store them somewhere, a special free storage on the cloud has been developed.

There is no memory limit on Google Cloud and objects can be stored there for five years.

Google Pixel 2 assistant

Siri is being replaced by a new assistant that is smarter and better understands its owner. In addition to the fact that the assistant system answers any questions, you can find a lot of useful ideas and information, and you can also find your phone lost in the room. The standard question is asked: OK Google, where is my phone? After a few seconds, the phone starts ringing on its own, which allows you to quickly find it.

You can maintain a conversation with the telephone, since the system builds a logical connection between the statements of the dialogue.

The phone will unmistakably identify the music that the owner suddenly liked somewhere in a store or on the street.

If on the way the user has lost his way, the system will help to find the way, tell about the sights.

“OK Google Take Selfie” command eliminates the need to reach for the camera button and helps you take more great photos.

You need to know about the Google Pixel 2

To date, it is impossible to purchase a Pixel smartphone in the Russian Federation, due to the fact that the campaign chose to select only a few markets for selling its devices, and these are:

  • USA;
  • Puerto Rico;
  • Great Britain;
  • Australia;
  • Germany.

This limitation of sales of devices from Google only fuels interest in devices based on "pure" Android. Fans of newfangled devices from the best manufacturers find services through which they place an order using the services of intermediaries. For example, the Grabr service helps you get anything, from anywhere.

The user simply registers and notes what and from which country must be brought. So a person traveling in Europe or America will personally bring the parcel into the hands of the addressee. Money exchange is controlled and protected by a server, funds are blocked and transferred to a person only after he delivers the order.

Where is it profitable to buy a phone in the USA or Europe now?

Pixel phone models are not a budget option at all. In Europe, this smartphone will cost 50,000 or more in rubles. In the United States, the same phone costs ten or fifteen thousand less. Of course, the price is better to buy a phone from the USA.

The second generation of Google Pixel 2 devices was created in conjunction with the htc campaign. There is a Google 2xl phone, this is an even wider model that was created in conjunction with LG.

Cons and pros of the Google Pixel2 smartphone


Among the cons and votes against buying this smartphone, the following consumer complaints can be distinguished:

  • There are concerns that a camera protruding from the body could be mechanically damaged if dropped. The camera in this gadget plays a paramount role, since the developers have spent a lot of effort to achieve high-quality photos like on a professional camera.
  • Music lovers will be disappointed by the lack of a headphone jack. The standard audio jack was more understandable and convenient for many people, in addition, the adapter that came with the device may deteriorate or get lost, which causes additional inconvenience.
  • Google is offering new wireless earbuds that can be purchased separately, but many take this fact as an attempt to impose an additional product.
  • It is impossible to put an additional memory card on the phone, photos will need to be stored on the cloud, and this space is still not clear to everyone.
  • Certified smartphones from Google are not sold in Russia. Repair of this device in our country is difficult. The phone and parts will have to be difficult to obtain through intermediaries.
  • The price of this device is not the most affordable.
  • Protection against moisture and dust ingress, which naturally extends the life of the smartphone.
  • The highest quality and most reliable camera with autofocus, various shooting modes in any conditions.
  • The side faces of the smartphone are touch-sensitive.
  • Two speakers for stereo effect.
  • The ability to control the device using the Google Assistant, making it easier to find useful information.
  • Google Pixel Buds allows you to communicate with foreign friends and partners, as well as help in learning foreign languages.

Despite the restrictions on sales in Russia and criticism of design, smartphones from Google are bought and will be bought, since the quality of the device and the advantages in operation outweigh the negative aspects.