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Best quality chainsaws of 2019

Best quality chainsaws of 2019

Only if you have a good tool, you can efficiently harvest firewood, remove old trees in your garden, cut logs or cut off an unnecessary part of the board during repair work. And without a doubt, such a tool today is a chainsaw. In addition to its direct functions, the device has many possibilities for comfortable operation - mobility, no need for electricity and reliability.

Depending on the requirements and frequency of use, these devices are divided into different categories, and the quality and cost in most cases is determined by the reputation of the manufacturers. To make it easier for you to choose a device for yourself, we have compiled a rating of the best chainsaws in terms of price and quality.

Attention! The current 2020 rating of the best chainsaws is compiled in separate article.

How to choose

It is necessary to approach the issue of choosing a chainsaw very responsibly, because the efficiency and ease of operation of this unit depends on the correct selection for all functional characteristics.

Criterias of choice

The technical resource of a chainsaw is calculated in hours, for different types of tools it can be more or less. For the most common chainsaws, the norm is 500 hours, and for semi-professional ones - 1000 hours. The higher the class of the product, the more powerful it is. The same applies to the duration of work without interruption, the minimum time can be 1 hour, the maximum - about 8 hours. The price, accordingly, also varies depending on the set of indicators. Therefore, before proceeding with the choice of a chainsaw model, you need to determine the optimal product class for yourself.

  • Household. Such tools are not suitable for serious work. They are distinguished by low power, light weight and small resource. Without a break, such a saw will work on average about 40 minutes, in rare cases an hour. The total monthly calculation by engine hours is about 25. It is not recommended to load more, because this way the device will not work for a long time. The main advantages are compactness, simplicity and low weight. Such a device is ideal for gardening or preparing firewood for a fireplace.
  • Semi-professional or farm. This type of chainsaw combines lightness and power. They are often used for felling trees and in construction, and are well suited for delimbing in felling. They work up to 10 full hours a day, it is not recommended to exceed this norm. Ideal for summer cottages.
  • Professional. Such units have quite impressive characteristics and can easily work up to 16 hours per day, half of which without a break at all. There are models of professional chainsaws with increased power, working 20 hours a day. Their disadvantage is their large weight and complexity of the design.

Also, important characteristics of a good chainsaw include:

  1. ICE location. The ease of use of the device depends on the shape of the engine and its location.Popular models differ in the location of the engine longitudinally on the axis of symmetry of the chainsaw.
  2. Cutting speed. This parameter determines the state of the saw itself, there are no significant differences in the design of the chain between different models, however, the metal from which it is made differs. Proper care of the chain after purchase is also of great importance. After the completion of the work, the chain must be corrected, otherwise there is a possibility that it will not last long.
  3. Anti-vibration. This function is provided in almost all professional and some semi-professional chainsaws. Such a system can reduce vibration, which will greatly simplify the operation process and keep the master's joints healthy.
  4. Headset compatibility. A detachable saw headset should be purchased from the same brand as the chainsaw itself, since products are often very different from different manufacturers and are incompatible.
  5. Power. When choosing, you should also not rely only on power indicators. The most powerful chainsaw can often be very awkward and unsafe.
  6. Reliable chain brake. This function will help to avoid such unpleasant and in most cases painful phenomenon as chain kickback. In the mechanism of models with this option, there is a special shield in order to protect the hand in case of kickback.

Choice by price

A conventional low-power model of a chainsaw from an import manufacturer will cost up to 6000 rubles. The cost of an average semi-professional model can reach 10,000 rubles, professional devices, as a rule, are much more expensive.

By weight

There is a wide variation in weight in different types of tools, even though the power is the same. Weight is influenced by the design of the saw, the type of parts used and the volume of the fuel tank. The heaviest are Chinese chainsaws, and the lightest are Stihl chainsaws.

Tire and chain

The bar is the part of the device that the chain is put on. Its length affects the length of the cut. In the simplest models, the tire length does not exceed 40 cm.If the chainsaw is used for sawing thick tree trunks, then the tire must be at least 50 cm long.

When buying a device, it should be borne in mind that, if necessary, these components can be purchased additionally, but you need to know that the length of the bus must correspond to the power of the motor. For a low-power saw, a long bar will not work, because in this case too much load will be imposed on the engine, and this will significantly reduce its resource.


In low-power chainsaws, the engine is usually up to 2.5 liters. from. Semi-professional - up to 3.5 liters. from. And for professional ones, up to 6 liters. from.

Which company is better

Today, there are a huge number of products from European brands on the chainsaw market. Quite a few models of the highest class are presented at the corresponding cost. But there are budget, inexpensive chainsaws that are in demand among users, despite their lower reliability. The best chainsaw manufacturers:

  • Stihl. A German saw brand that is the global market leader in this segment. It was this company that first introduced the electric saw. Today the manufacturer supplies chainsaws for any class plus a special line for rescuers. The original products of the company are of the highest quality and reliability. Price range from 17-50 thousand rubles, depending on the class of the model.
  • Husqvarna. A brand from Sweden, whose history began more than 300 years ago. It is the largest manufacturer of garden equipment in the world and offers chainsaws of all grades. However, the company's products are quite expensive and those who want to purchase a budget model of a chainsaw should not consider the goods of the Swedes.
  • Emak. Chainsaws of this concern from Italy are known under the brands Oleo-Mac and Efco. High-quality devices that are in great demand among foreign users, they are not so popular with us and are present in the price range from 14 to 40 thousand. rubles depending on the class.
  • Kioritz Corporation.A Japanese corporation that markets chainsaws under the Shindaiwa and Echo brands. At the moment, in the post-Soviet space, you can purchase products under a second name. Chainsaws are produced for the household and semi-professional class in the price range from 11 - 70 thousand rubles. As a rule, the brand's products are compact and lightweight, for which many users fell in love.
  • Dolmar. A German brand that has proven itself in the electrical appliance market. They produce semi-professional and professional-grade products that cost from 25,000 rubles.
  • Champion. A Russian company that is new to the market and has existed for about 10 years. Chainsaws are produced at factories in China and, thanks to this, have rather pleasant prices, 6-20 thousand rubles, for household tools.
  • Patriot. A brand from the USA that has been on the market for almost half a century. Produce products for renovation, garden maintenance and home. The chainsaws of this company belong to the economy segment and are sold in the price range of 6-15 thousand rubles. However, due to the low cost, one cannot expect high-quality devices. Users note the rapid wear of the chains and the short engine life. However, for occasional home use, these chainsaws are a great option.
  • Partner. The company from Sweden, the main direction of which since its foundation has been the production of professional tools for forestry. Later, an additional line appeared for gardeners and summer residents. It supplies budget models of good quality at a cost of 6-15 thousand rubles.
  • Hyundai. Concern from South Korea, which has become widely known for the production of cars. He also supplies gardening equipment and chainsaws to our market. The popularity of chainsaw models is explained by the reliability and power of their engines, as well as prices in the range of 10-20 thousand. rubles. Among the shortcomings, one can note the massiveness, small selection and implementation of the device case from simple plastic.
  • Huter. A brand from Germany that supplies electrical and garden equipment. The company offers a rather narrow assortment in the price range of 5-8 thousand rubles.

Rating of quality chainsaws


A model from the household class of chainsaws, which, in terms of its characteristics and quality, is practically at the junction with the semi-professional class. The assembly of modern models is carried out in Chinese factories under strict quality control. It copes well with almost any household tasks, is easy to use. Decent mechanisms for starting and stopping the motor. Thick oil works best.

Average price - 11,000 rubles.

  • Excellent power;
  • manufacturer's reputation;
  • engine reliability;
  • ease of use.
  • The carburetor requires tuning;
  • It is better not to use universal oil, as it leaks.

STIHL MS 180-14

A very popular model of the chainsaw, which has a large number of advantages over other household-class chainsaws. It is very easy to operate, and due to its light weight it is comfortable for the hands, replacement parts can be purchased at a very reasonable price, ideal for simple gardening work.

How much does it cost - 12,000 rubles.

  • Weight - 3.9kg.;
  • comfortable;
  • available spare parts;
  • reliability.
  • Bad startup;
  • small fuel and oil tanks.


If you are considering buying an inexpensive but good saw, then you should pay attention to this model. The device can be used not only for sawing small knots, but also for large diameter firewood. Thanks to the parameters of the chain pitch, the chainsaw also has a rather low vibration, so there is no need for an additional anti-vibration function.

Price - 6600 rubles.

  • Capacious tank;
  • cost;
  • high power;
  • good equipment;
  • simple construction;
  • easy start at any temperature.
  • Unsatisfactory plastic quality;
  • weight 5 kg;
  • poorly secured gas trigger;
  • no fuel and oil level indicators.


One of the best semi-professional saws in terms of reliability and quality. Despite its light weight, it has a 3.2 hp engine. An ergonomic handle and snap fastening of the lid provide quick access to the candle and filter. There is a fuel level indicator, markings are thought out for the direction of felling trees.

Price - 19,500 rubles.

  • Low fuel consumption;
  • easy start-up even despite long downtime;
  • tangible power reserve.
  • The cost of the saw itself and its components.


One of the best options for home and construction work in the class of semi-professional chainsaws. Despite the rather high cost, the model is in great demand among users. This is due to the huge number of functional characteristics in its equipment. Among them, low vibration with strong power. Automatic brake for instant chain stopping in case of strong jerks, and the carburetor is equipped with a balanced float chamber. There is also a carburetor heating mode for the winter period, it is possible to stretch the chain without using tools and there is an elastic damper for the starting device, thanks to which you can not be afraid of breaking the cable.

Price - 23,300 rubles.

  • Convenience when cutting;
  • powerful engine;
  • wide functionality, including additional options;
  • moderate gas mileage.
  • Bus length;
  • not very convenient starting device;
  • cost.


Great for home and semi-professional use. Particular attention should be paid to the entire delivery set - the OREGON chain and bus, there is a file for sharpening the chain and a steel comb.

Price - 9000 rubles.

  • Powerful engine;
  • ease of maintenance and operation;
  • the air filter does not require replacement, as it is made of nylon mesh;
  • ergonomics;
  • anti-vibration;
  • economical fuel consumption.
  • Weight;
  • high oil consumption for chain lubrication;
  • no decompressor;
  • there is no need to dream of silent work.


A professional model of a chainsaw with an extended tire - 90 cm.Despite the fact that this model is more massive and quite expensive, users note that the saw has a good resource, which compensates for the inconvenience and makes the product even more reliable and of high quality.

Price - 71,000 rubles.

  • It performs well when cutting hard wood;
  • ergonomic;
  • high-quality basic elements.
  • Cost;
  • great weight.


Another model for professional use with a tire length of 90 cm. Centrifugal air purification prevents rapid filter contamination, and anti-vibration reduces the inconvenience of vibrations during device operation.

Price - 51,000 rubles.

  • The cost is lower than that of similar competitors' models;
  • high performance;
  • well functioning vibration protection.
  • Noisy;
  • heavy.

Makita DCS6401-50

Great for sawmilling, bar length 81 cm, total weight 7 kg. The device is designed for continuous operation for a long time, therefore it also has an impressive tank volume - 890 ml and a well-thought-out anti-vibration system. In winter operation, heating mode can be activated by moving the corresponding flap. Also, an important system in a chainsaw is variable filtration, which helps protect the engine from dirt, dust and moisture penetration into it.

Price - RUB 29,000

  • High power;
  • elongated tire;
  • anti-vibration;
  • heating the carburetor;
  • variable filtering.
  • The decompression function is ill-conceived.


A device for simple household needs. The engine power is 1.6 hp, so the saw cannot cope with heavy loads, but it is quite capable of sawing off an unnecessary piece of board or a branch on a tree in the garden. Bar length 35 cm, chain in pitch 3.8 inches, vibration is acceptable. Needs additional cleaning after use.

Price - 8800 rubles.

  • Cost;
  • simplicity and reliability of the design;
  • Oregon bus and chain;
  • there is the possibility of adjusting the oil supply;
  • no problems with starting at low temperatures.
  • The casing is poorly thought out - quickly clogged with sawdust.

Which is the best to buy a chainsaw depends on the future conditions of its operation. If the saw will be used from time to time for sawing logs and pruning branches on garden trees, then you should give preference to simple budget models of household class with small power and dimensions. For large volumes of work, it is better to consider more professional chainsaws, which will be able to work for a longer period of time and grip larger diameters of work material.

Which chainsaw did you like?