1. Why does the body need calcium?
  2. Daily rate
  3. Which one is better absorbed
  4. Rating of the best vitamins with calcium for children and adults
  5. The best calcium vitamins from the budget price range
  6. Conclusion

The most effective calcium supplements for adults and children in 2020

The most effective calcium supplements for adults and children in 2020

If we compare the human body with a building, then trace elements will be the building blocks for it. One of the most weighty and necessary for full functioning trace element is calcium. If, suddenly, it turns out that there is not enough of it in the body, then this will affect the condition of bones, nails, hair and, of course, teeth.

But, before prescribing a course of calcium preparations for yourself or your child, do not forget to consult a doctor, because an excess of a substance in the body is also harmful. There should be a measure everywhere. And only when the doctor prescribes calcium intake, you can study the rating of quality vitamins to choose the most suitable complex for you.

Why does the body need calcium?

The benefits of this mineral are so great that it helps a person even before his birth, or rather contributes to the birth of a child. How does this happen? The fact is that the tip of the sperm, directed to the egg, has a tip of calcium and it is thanks to it that it penetrates into the coveted shell. And as soon as the baby is born, this element is also required for his development, and he receives it from the mother's breast milk.

Calcium is one of the main elements for the "construction" of our skeleton. But the substance easily leaves the human body when natural processes such as sweating or bowel movements occur. If after this additional intake of the microelement into the body is not provided, then the withdrawal of calcium from the bone tissue begins.

As a rule, after 35 years of age, people experience bone loss. There is a natural aging process, the element is removed from the body slowly, but constantly, and as a result it can come back to haunt health problems. For example, the arrival of diseases such as osteoporosis or arthritis does not bode well.

In modern megacities, the level of air pollution is high, in some places radioactivity is increased, which is fraught with cancer.Calcium ions also play a beneficial role here, as they resist the deposition of strontium in the bone tissue.

In addition, calcium should be commended for helping in the digestion process, participating in the work of digestive enzymes, resisting allergic reactions, regulating blood pressure, creating conditions for normal blood clotting and normalizing the functioning of the brain.

10 facts about calcium - in the video:

Daily rate

Our body cannot make calcium. We get it exclusively with food or in the form of drugs.

For different categories, there is a different consumption rate of the trace element.

  • Babies receive their micronutrient requirement (about 200 mg) with their mother's milk.
  • Children under three years old need about 500 mg. Children under eight - preferably up to 800 mg.
  • Teenagers under 13 are advised to take up to 1300 mg.
  • The norm for adults is 1000 mg.

An adult can get his norm of an element by drinking a liter of milk, but at the same time he will be provided with extra calories, will receive an excess of saturated fat and milk sugar. You can try to get your dose of the substance with the help of sesame or poppy seeds, which are rich in calcium, but the gastrointestinal tract may react badly to this, because everything is fine in moderation. That is why it is often easier to get your daily allowance with the help of special drugs.

So, for example, being an avid lover of the healthiest dairy products, the consumption standard can be safely reduced by half.

Which one is better absorbed

Pharmaceuticals offer an abundance of calcium-containing preparations, and you can get confused when thinking about which company is better to choose and which one will be maximally absorbed.

The most important thing is to understand that calcium intake must occur simultaneously with vitamin D, otherwise there will be no sense. It is vitamin D that is the conductor of calcium in the human body, it allows the intestines to absorb the microelement and ensures its full absorption by the bone tissue.

Medicines that contain calcium can be divided into three types:

  1. Monopreparations. These are means where the trace element is found without additives (calcium carbonate, calcium lactate, calcium citrate and others)
  2. Combined. These products include vitamin D, which is very convenient, as it eliminates the additional purchase of the element.
  3. Multivitamin. These are preparations containing a whole complex of vitamins.

To find out which company is better to buy the drug, study our rating of quality medicines with calcium.

Rating of the best vitamins with calcium for children and adults

11th place. "Calcium glucanate"

These tablets are designed to compensate for the lack of minerals in the body, reduce intoxication, fight inflammation and resist allergies. It is better to take "Calcium glucanate" when the meal has already been completed, and at the same time, do not forget that after chewing the tablet, you should drink a glass of water. Admission is allowed for children from 3 years old. Suitable for pregnant and lactating women. Price: about 200 rubles.

Calcium glucanate
  • Large area of ​​application;
  • Treats various diseases;
  • Restores the balance of an element.
  • May cause constipation;
  • Forbidden with a tendency to thrombosis.

About the benefits of the drug in pediatrics:

10th place. "Complivit Calcium D3"

The vitamin and mineral complex "Complivit Calcium D3" is very popular with customers. These vitamins are recommended by dietitians to stimulate calcium and phosphorus metabolism as effectively as possible. They are made in the form of fruit lozenges, which are chewed or absorbed during meals. Calcium content - 500 mg. Suitable for people over three years old. It is better for pregnant women to refrain from taking such a drug, and if they do, then only with the permission of a doctor. Average price: 250 rubles.

Complivit Calcium D3
  • Relieve symptoms of osteoporosis;
  • Replenish the lack of Ca or D3;
  • Cost.
  • The manifestation of allergic reactions is possible;
  • There are contraindications.

9th place. "Kalcepan"

For women who want to alleviate the symptoms of osteoporosis and regulate the hormonal background that has changed after the fortieth birthday, the combined substance with calcium "Calcepan" is suitable. It contains not only Ca, but also various herbal extracts, as well as microelements B2, B6, D3 and C. The form of release is in the form of pills. Cost: about 450 rubles.

  • Due to the rich content of the drug, calcium metabolism is normalized;
  • Takes care of the beauty of hair and skin;
  • Helps to synthesize collagen;
  • Restores bone tissue.
  • Not suitable for children.

8th place. "Vitrum Calcium + Vitamin D3"

"Vitrum Calcium + Vitamin D3" can be called a family complex, as it is suitable for different age categories and will be equally good for children (except for the age of up to 8 years), women, men and the elderly. The drug perfectly compensates for the lack of Ca and establishes the full functioning of calcium metabolism. The average price is 250 rubles.

Vitrum Calcium + Vitamin D3
  • Containing both Ca and D3;
  • Serves for the treatment of osteoporosis;
  • Suitable for elderly patients.
  • Children under 12 years of age are prescribed only after consulting a doctor;
  • There are contraindications;
  • For kidney disease, use is prohibited.

7th place. "Kalcemin Advance"

The combined vitamin and mineral composition of the drug is designed to compensate for the lack of vitamin D3 and improve the condition of the musculoskeletal system. Calcemin-Advance tablets have an oblong shape and pink color. The active ingredients contain 500 mg of calcium and 200 IU of vitamin D3. It is prescribed in cases when it is necessary to replenish the supply of a trace element, as well as for the therapy of the musculoskeletal system and for the treatment of osteoporosis. The approximate price depends on the form of release of the tablets and varies from 400 to 900 rubles.

Kalcemin Advance
  • Suitable for teenagers;
  • Quickly compensates for the lack of an element;
  • Enhances nail growth.
  • Unacceptable for urolithiasis;
  • Age limitation;
  • There may be individual sensitivity.

6th place. Calcium D3 for children, manufacturer "LUMI"

This vitamin and mineral complex has proven itself as an additional source of calcium and vitamin D, and is well tolerated by children. The course of taking the drug quickly replenishes the calcium deficiency, which ultimately contributes to the full growth and development of the child, strengthens the bones, and has a beneficial effect on overall well-being and learning ability. The drug is recommended for children from 3 years old. It is produced in granules for preparing a suspension, in sachet bags of 2.15 g. Price in pharmacies is about 8-9 rubles per 1 sachet bag.

Calcium D3 for children, "LUMI"
  • convenient packing: one sachet at a time;
  • pleasant taste that the child likes;
  • price.
  • possible individual intolerance to the components of the product;
  • age restriction (from 3 years old).

5th place. "Calcium D3 Nycomed"

Having studied the recommendations of consumers, we place "Calcium D3 Nycomed" on the fifth place in our rating of quality drugs. It is a vitamin and mineral complex containing both Ca and vitamin D3. It is available in the form of round snow-white tablets with mint or citrus flavors. Its main purpose is to regulate the exchange of micronutrients and eliminate their lack. Suitable for children over 3 years old, teenagers and adults. Dosage 500 mg of elemental calcium. The average package price is 285 rubles.

Calcium D3 Nycomed
  • Improves the appearance of the skin;
  • Fights brittle nails;
  • Suitable for the prevention of osteoporosis;
  • Normalizes the activity of the heart.
  • Not suitable for small children;
  • There may be an allergy to the ingredients.

4th place. "Calcium Sandoz Forte"

The French drug "Calcium Sandoz Forte", which is a combination of macro and microelements designed to stimulate phosphorus-potassium metabolism, has proven itself well. Outwardly, they are white effervescent tablets with a subtle citrus aroma. Dosage of 500 mg of ionized calcium. Suitable for adults and children from 2 years old. The price is 330 rubles.

Calcium Sandoz Forte
  • It has proven itself well in osteoporosis of various origins;
  • A good helper in case of allergic reactions;
  • Liquid form of application, suitable for patients with swallowing problems.
  • Stool problems are possible;
  • Migraines may occur.

3rd place. "Multi-tabs Baby Calcium"

If you have a small child from 2 to 7 years old, then the package "Multi-tabs Baby Calcium" will be a wonderful option for a balanced combination of vitamins. This drug ensures proper bone formation, helps to strengthen tooth enamel and prevent insidious caries. Before using, be sure to consult a doctor. The average price is 500 rubles.

Multi-tabs Kid calcium
  • Variety of tastes;
  • Wonderful composition;
  • Like children.
  • Allergies are possible;
  • Price.

2nd place. "Vitacaltsin"

The composition of the drug includes the active substance calcium carbonate. Prescribed to patients suffering from hyperacidity of gastric juice and associated gastrointestinal diseases. Designed to neutralize hydrochloric acid, and thereby reduce the acidity of gastric juice. Also indicated for use in osteoporosis, childhood rickets, caries and other health problems. It costs about 100 rubles.

  • Wide range of applications;
  • Affordability;
  • Efficiency.
  • Allergic reactions may occur;
  • Difficult to find on sale.

1 place. "Kalcemin"

Often consumers ask themselves the question, what is the difference between Kalcemin and Kalcemin Advance? The answer is simple. The difference lies in the amount of the trace element. In Kalcemin it is half as much, only 250 mg. This has a definite advantage, since when a person consumes a decent amount of dairy products per day, a large dosage of Ca is completely useless for him. Besides, "Kalcemin" can be used by children from 5 years old. The duration of the course of admission is determined by the attending physician. The price varies from 300 to 900 rubles, depending on the number of tablets.

  • In case of problems with the gastrointestinal tract, it ensures the assimilation of the Ca element;
  • Helps to slow down the process of bone destruction;
  • The condition of hair, nails and skin improves.
  • May cause nausea and vomiting;
  • Allergic reactions are possible.

The best calcium vitamins from the budget price range

5th place. "Calcium gluconate" manufacturer Pharmstandard-Leksredstva

A universal drug for children from 3 years old and adults in the form of tablets with the active ingredient calcium gluconate - 500 mg, due to which muscle contraction is improved in muscular dystrophy / myasthenia gravis, and vascular permeability decreases. Potato starch, talc and calcium stearate monohydrate (about 2 g) act as an auxiliary substance.

The taken pill stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and increases the production of adrenal; has a moderate diuretic effect.

The average cost is only 33 rubles.

Calcium gluconate "manufacturer Pharmstandard-Leksredstva
  • The number of tablets in the package;
  • Stored for a long time - 5 years;
  • Suitable for children and adults;
  • Budgetary;
  • In free access.
  • There are contraindications.

4th place. "Calcium D3 for children" in a dosage of 400 mg manufactured by Kvadrat-S

Biological active supplement for strengthening bones in children from 3 years old, compensates for the deficiency of calcium and vitamin D3. Product in the form of round chewable tablets with natural orange flavor.

Important! It is not recommended to use the drug for babies suffering from diabetes mellitus, overweight, individual intolerance to components that have a violation of carbohydrate metabolism. In this regard, it is necessary to consult a doctor before purchasing.

For the effectiveness of dietary supplements, the course of administration should last 1-2 months, the daily rate is 2 tablets.

The average price is 47 rubles.

Calcium D3 for children "in a dosage of 400 mg manufacturer Kvadrat-S
  • Beautiful packaging;
  • New;
  • Available without a prescription;
  • Affordable price;
  • Chewy like candy.
  • Lack of taste;
  • Fast consumption.

3rd place. "Supravit Calcium + Vitamin C" by Kendy Pharma [/ box]

The drug for adults over 18 years old in the form of effervescent tablets, readily soluble in water, used as an active biological food supplement, provide an additional source of vitamin C and calcium.

Convenient use: 1 tablet is diluted in 200 ml of drinking water with meals 3 times a day. However, there are contraindications that limit the duration of admission or do not allow it at all. These include: individual intolerance to the components, pregnancy, breastfeeding and phenylketonuria.

The middle price segment is 84 rubles.

Supravit Calcium + Vitamin C »manufacturer Kendy Pharma
  • Delicious;
  • Effective;
  • Convenient sealed packaging;
  • Suitable as a preventive measure against colds;
  • The duration of the course is no more than 3 weeks;
  • Value for money.
  • It is recommended to consult a doctor;
  • Fast consumption.

2nd place. "Arnebia Calcium + Vitamin D3" manufacturer Nutrilo

Effervescent tablets in a sealed capsule for strengthening bones, are a source of calcium and vitamin D3. They are used as dietary supplements, have a rich mineral composition, which has a beneficial effect on the formation of strong bones and teeth, maintaining the health of the gums. The drug is responsible for the stable work of the heartbeat and the transmission of nerve impulses. Calcium lowers cholesterol levels and prevents cardiovascular disease.

It is forbidden to take people with individual intolerance to the components, pregnant and breastfeeding.

Directions for use: 1 tablet per 250 ml of cool water, with meals, 1 time per day. The duration of the course is no more than 1 month.

The cost of the goods is 89 rubles.

Arnebia Calcium + Vitamin D3 »manufacturer Nutrilo
  • Convenient shape;
  • Delicious;
  • Affordable price;
  • Quite good quality;
  • Economical consumption;
  • Ease of use.
  • A slight powdery aftertaste remains on the tongue;
  • Side effects in case of overdose;
  • Contraindications.

1st place. "Calcium D3 500 mg" manufacturer Kvadrat-S

Biologically active food supplement with the active ingredient - calcium carbonate, developed in the form of chewable tablets for children aged 7 years and older. The composition also includes other substances: vitamin D3, sucrose, talc, calcium stearate, potato starch, natural flavoring (several flavors: orange, lemon, mint).

Usage: one tablet 2 times a day with meals with a course duration of up to 2 months or more (if necessary). Adults take 1-2 tablets in the same sequence.

The average price is 100 rubles.

Calcium D3 500 mg "manufacturer Kvadrat-S
  • Large volume;
  • Suitable for adults;
  • Various tastes;
  • With a chewy effect;
  • Ease of use.
  • An allergic reaction is possible.


Trace element Ca plays a key role in human health. It is important that there is a full-fledged intake into the body, because then many troubles that entail diseases will disappear. But, saturating yourself with a vitamin, you should not forget about sports, since without physical activity, the performance will be low.

How to take calcium supplements correctly - in the video: