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The best dye for gray hair - 2020 top ranking

The best dye for gray hair - 2020 top ranking

A woman is beautiful at any age. However, almost every one of us strives to retain youth by caring for the skin of the face, hands and hair. It is the latter who are able to upset a woman with a silvery sheen. Gray hair. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is observed not only in adult women, it can manifest itself at any age, due to stress or illness. Only special dyes for gray hair can return the hair to its previous look and hide the "silver", the best of which in 2020 will be described below.

About gray hair

There are a number of factors in the appearance of gray hair, usually associated with endocrine and genetic problems, which are considered a sign of a general wilting that occurs in both sexes. It is believed that this difficulty can come to you only at a certain age, although gray hair can appear at 19 or 30 years old. Graying begins with a lack of melanin, that is, the hormone of hair color, each person can produce it in different quantities and in its own unique rhythm. Due to the lack of hormone, some have to paint at an early age, while others only in old age.

The most realistic and convenient way to paint over is a special paint. Do not pull out gray hair as it is useless.

Read more about the causes of gray hair in the video:


Gray hair can only be decorated by a man, but for a woman this will be a terrible problem and she will need to urgently take appropriate measures. The color and shade of the paint should be chosen according to taste preferences with the obligatory concern for health. If you decide to buy paint, then you should approach its choice as responsibly as possible. You can also use gels, foams or varnishes, only this serves as a short-term coloring, which creates light beautiful shades. It is recommended to buy good persistent products with high-quality special dyes, thanks to which the color will last for a very long time, only all the advantages and disadvantages of the selected product must be taken into account.

Coloring recommendations:

  • First, prepare the means and tools for dyeing, it is better to put on an old T-shirt, take the gloves that are usually included in the kit;
  • Before using paints, do an allergy test as indicated in the instructions;
  • Apply the dye according to the instructions, and if required, wet your hair first;
  • Use the paint from a new, just opened tube, since staining with the remains of old paint leads to the fact that the shade will already differ from that indicated in the package;
  • Be aware that the staining result may be different if there was a staining with extracts and henna one month before.The same goes for the transition from artificial colors to natural formulations;
  • It is recommended not to dye and curl at the same time, let the hair recover a little after dyeing the structure;
  • If you liked one tone, then immediately write down its number so that you do not have to guess in the store further;
  • Make sure to use conditioners and good shampoos before and after coloring to preserve the radiance and leave a healthy tone.

Beautiful and thick long hair is every woman's dream, but if you have gray hair, it is better to use safe modern dyes. Be aware that natural remedies, basma and henna will be almost useless here. Natural dyes cannot color 100%, moreover, they are quickly washed out, so this procedure will have to be repeated over and over again. Use only permanent special paint formulations. It is enough to use good paints once every 5-7 weeks and even less often, it is recommended to periodically make more homemade masks to strengthen.

The best paints for painting gray hair

L'Oreal INOA Carmilane

This dye is characterized by persistent gray-hair coloring, while oxidation occurs without ammonia. This product uses ODS (Oil Dye Delivery System) technology. Among the ingredients are many nourishing, they penetrate deep into the hair, which guarantees them smoothness and pronounced shine. The series includes a range of red shades. Each of them differs in brightness and depth. The manufacturer guarantees 100% coverage of gray hair with careful application and exposure for 35 minutes.

L'Oreal INOA Carmilane Persistent Color
  • The composition does not contain ammonia;
  • Pigments are able to penetrate under the cuticle;
  • Full shading of gray hair;
  • Hair shines, becomes more obedient in care;
  • Professional product, easy to mix before application.
  • 6 shades in total, all in a red color scheme;
  • The price is for the dye only.

The cost of 60 ml of the product is from 950 rubles.

L'Oreal Paris "Excellence"

Long-lasting cream color recommended by the manufacturer, including for dyeing gray hair. The composition has a creamy structure, which ensures ease of application. In addition to the coloring agent itself, the kit includes a serum that must be applied to the hair before coloring. After staining and completely washing out the paint, a balm should be applied to the hairs, the task of which is to restore elasticity and strength to the hair. The balm is also included.

НL'Oreal Paris "Excellence"
  • Persistent result;
  • A complete set of care products for complex coloring and care;
  • Gloves and applicator included;
  • Hair looks healthier after dyeing;
  • With careful application, the gray hair is completely painted over.
  • The composition is not perfect, including ammonia.

The cost of L'Oreal Paris "Excellence" is from 340 rubles.

Matrix Dream Age Socolor Beauty

Matrix is ​​one of the best paint for coloring, it contains ammonia, albeit in very small quantities. If you have a desire to give your hair the most beautiful and stylish color, then this tool is perfect. The cost of the product is not high, it will ideally help you fight gray hairs. There is one drawback - the palette is quite small and is only 17 shades, although among them you can easily choose what you need. This tool will be able to quickly and beautifully cover the entire structure of the hair, as there are special unique substances for coloring.

Thanks to special modern dyes, you will get a multi-reflective beautiful color with the desired shade. The innovative colorant used here gives the hair the perfect shade with bright, beautiful pigments. In the manufacture of products of this company, Pre-Softening technology is used, which is a unique method to restore healthy look and brightness to hair. The tool perfectly stains gray hair, even if the hair is cut or broken.

Matrix Dream Age Socolor Beauty
  • Even dyes split and broken hair;
  • Dyes strands very quickly;
  • Low ammonia content;
  • The cost is reasonable;
  • Persistent shade;
  • Contains ceramides and various healing oils;
  • The formula is excellent;
  • Created using innovative technologies;
  • Bright shades;
  • Is a professional dye;
  • Great for home painting;
  • Can be used for capricious hair;
  • Sparing action;
  • Gives softness;
  • Assessment of the world's best experts;
  • Classification: professional composition.
  • Only 17 shades;
  • May dry a little;
  • After painting, more thorough care is required.

Cost: 420 rubles for 90 ml. facilities.

Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Absolutes

This is a modern paint for painting gray hair, reviews of which on the network are mostly only the most positive. It should be noted that this unique product is made only for mature women whose gray hair is due to age-related changes. If gray hair appeared not due to age-related changes, but due to illness, stress or improper nutrition, then it is better to buy other dyes. It contains vitamin B7, which protects your hair from loss of color pigment. Be aware that Schwarzkopf is not a universal remedy, as it is not suitable for every woman.

The composition of this dye provides a beautiful shine, prevents the loss of coloring pigments and protects hair from the environment, and this is a very important quality. Protection and persistent painting are the main advantages of the product. The cost, of course, is not low, but the general color palette is large enough, so that you can easily choose the desired shade for yourself.

Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Absolutes
  • Maximum coverage;
  • A coloring pigment with penetration is used;
  • It is fixed for a long time;
  • There are lipid carriers in the paint;
  • Can restore structure;
  • Protected from external factors;
  • There are many different shades;
  • Availability;
  • Clear concealment of gray hair;
  • High pigment content;
  • Care for curls and scalp;
  • HD technology is used;
  • There is a special vitamin complex;
  • Pure perfect tone guaranteed;
  • Improved quality;
  • Contains biotin;
  • Schwarzkopf is a well-known and proven company many times over.
  • For mature adult women only;
  • The price is high;
  • After staining, you need to use a balm or mask;
  • It is not always possible to find your color;
  • After 1-1.5 months, it is required to re-paint.

Paint cost: 595 rubles for 60 ml.

Estel De Luxe Silver, Estel Professional

Estel's modern products are professional cosmetics that are ideal for care and are among the most fashionable in the world. Estel Professional De Luxe was created on the basis of a special chromoenergetic complex and can be ideal for thin, weakened hair. The cream paint is quite persistent and has special care formulas, gives a special brilliant shine, an even shade and cashmere softness. The total palette already has 140 shades, in addition there is an additional line for lightening and highlighting.

This is one of the modern unique dyes for women's hair made by a well-known company and can quickly remove gray hair from you. According to reviews on the network, this composition can easily eliminate all problems, even if you have 70% or more gray hair. Not every coloring composition can cope with this yet, although there is one drawback here - in the palette there are mainly only dark tones. The ammonia content is quite high here, so it is difficult to consider the product safe. Coloring is best done by an experienced craftsman who can paint according to all the rules, and then make another restoration of the structure. Refers to professional cosmetics.

Estel De Luxe Silver, Estel Professional
  • Perfectly paints over;
  • Easy to use;
  • Makes hair soft and silky;
  • Provides perfect care;
  • Easy to dispense;
  • Will not dry out;
  • The tone lasts a long time;
  • Beauty and naturalness;
  • Uniform color;
  • For primary and secondary staining;
  • Versatility;
  • For all hair types;
  • Contains a special pigment;
  • Does not damage the structure.
  • Contains a large percentage of ammonia;
  • There is a lot of wrong information on the web;
  • There were complaints that the remedy does not always last long.

The average cost of paint is 325 rubles per 60 ml.

A master class on painting gray hair using this paint - in the video:

L'oreal Professionnel Majirel

Serves for hair coloring, reviews from users are mostly only positive, the price of cosmetics is quite high, but this is compensated by the ideal coloring effect. The quality of this cosmetic product is unique, moreover, it can be used even with very strong gray hair. Promotes growth and strengthens, quickly regenerates, so that the hairs become more beautiful, denser and more elastic. Thanks to this paint, you will not only paint over your silvered strands, but also give your curls an amazingly beautiful shade, as well as restore damage along the length. Majirel is an iconic specialty formula with a wide range of shades that will enhance your personality and style.

The uniqueness of Professionnel Majirel lies in the composition, where there are many different components to restore the structure of each hair on the head. L'oreal is ideal for those who love experimenting with color, and besides, this tool can be used quite often. This is a unique modern anti-aging excellent double action color created in the best laboratories in Europe. Majirel paints perfectly, has impeccable shade quality and color versatility.

L'oreal Professionnel Majirel
  • Color enhancement;
  • Great durability;
  • Beautiful shade;
  • Protects the structure;
  • Strengthening;
  • Impeccable quality;
  • Perfect coverage;
  • Rich palette;
  • 100% painting is given;
  • Clarity of texture;
  • Versatility;
  • Restoring the structure;
  • Softness;
  • Dazzle brilliance;
  • Contains a special composition;
  • There is a microkeration polymer;
  • Multidimensional unique composition.
  • Overpriced;
  • Finding paint is not easy;
  • There may be a slight ammonia odor.

The cost of a tube for one-time staining is 970 rubles.

Londa color

If we talk about the best and most persistent compositions for hiding your gray hair, then we cannot fail to say about the Londa Color paint, which paints over perfectly, and very easily and quickly. The most important selection criteria here are a safe quality dye and a well-known professional company Londa, time-tested. The company has recently released a unique line of modern cosmetic products for coloring, it is distinguished by a large palette, efficiency in painting gray hair, and the presence of additional useful properties. There is one problem here - after dyeing, there is a need to carry out additional hair protection.

In combination with Londa, there is a special balm, which must be evenly distributed immediately over all hair before the coloring base is applied. This paint and the balsam used in tandem have a number of advantages, among which the fact that the complex provides ideal protection and helps to improve the structure. The tool easily and quickly penetrates with its components into the very depths of the hairs, and thanks to this they become rich and very beautiful. Londa Color will make the hair structure smooth and silky, although one pack of balm does not last long and this is its only significant disadvantage. Perfect coloration is ensured, the color is very bright, and the product itself is easy to use and almost odorless.

Londa color
  • The color is vivid;
  • Perfect result;
  • Persistence;
  • There is no smell;
  • Gives shine;
  • Ease of use;
  • Washes off poorly.
  • Small selection of shades;
  • Balm consumption is high;
  • It is better not to use metal objects when painting;
  • No brush included.

The average cost of paint is 395 rubles.

Garnier nutrisse creme

The active components of this paint have the ability to quickly and deeply penetrate the structure, providing general strengthening. This is one of the best quality cosmetics, which is distinguished by juicy and bright colors, besides, the palette is large here. The paint is used quickly and easily, has a wonderful consistency, can perfectly envelop all hair and moisturize it.

The composition of the paint contains ammonia, however, the smell of this product is very fragrant and light. Differs in deep color, contains fruit oils and unique various substances to obtain durability and beauty. Perfectly and effectively protects the hairs, providing them with the required substances, and thanks to avocado oil, the product gives shine and softness. It is easy and quick to apply and has a fruity fresh scent, so coloring is already a pleasure.

Garnier hair dye
  • Penetrates deep into the structure;
  • One of the best paints;
  • Easy to use;
  • The smell is very pleasant;
  • Gentle action on curls;
  • Effectively paints over;
  • Firming and moisturizing;
  • Bright colors;
  • The hair becomes alive and healthy;
  • Mixes well;
  • Softness and shine;
  • The product fits perfectly;
  • High-quality coloring.
  • There is ammonia, albeit in small quantities;
  • Washes off quickly, does not last long;
  • The color may not be uniform.

Packaging with paint will cost 440 rubles.


Modern paint for coloring Palette is quite stable and of high quality, it contains very small amounts of ammonia, as well as vitamins and various oils. The ideal composition provides high-quality and gentle care for the curls, the product is convenient and lightweight during coloring, the palette is quite large. Each woman will be able to choose for herself exactly the shade that suits her best, the cost of this product is more than affordable and is equal to from 165 rubles. Judging by all the reviews, the composition paints over the gray hair perfectly, and the result from this procedure will delight at least 4 weeks or more.

Ideal for those who decided to reincarnate and hide their gray hair. The company's experts have developed unique paint formulas containing selected special ingredients. All ingredients are distinguished by a gentle unique effect, the composition of the product is really perfect and colors the curls great. With such paint, you can easily and very quickly get the desired color and high-quality beautiful shade that will last long enough. The paint additionally has a protective effect. Refers to universal remedies for all hair types. Made in Germany in two sizes: 50 and 115 ml.

  • The result will be perfect;
  • Qualitative beautiful coloring;
  • Hair beauty and health is provided;
  • Natural brightness;
  • Does not cause allergies;
  • Affordable cost;
  • Easy to use;
  • Lasts a long time;
  • Poorly washed off;
  • Shimmers beautifully in the light;
  • Ideal for reincarnation, hides gray curls;
  • No pungent aroma.
  • Do not use metal objects to stir the product;
  • All gray hair is not painted over;
  • There may be a slight burning sensation of the scalp;
  • It can dry.

This is one of the cheapest paints in this rating, the cost is from 165 rubles.

Selective Professional

This is a professional modern paint made by a well-known company with more than 35 years of history, the production of which is located in Italy. This type of paint has long been loved by many hairdressers for its reliability, stability, and gentle attitude. Selective has a rich palette, which already has more than 100 colors and shades, its main feature is compliance with the data indicated on the packaging, so you will not have any unpleasant surprises with the choice of shades. The color range will precisely satisfy all the requirements of a modern woman and will suit any type and type of hair.

This gentle, wonderful product does not contain ammonia, which is the main reason for the deterioration of the quality of curls. The dye is enriched with unique natural ingredients, and this will add shine and shine to your curls. The paint contains gentle chemical elements, unique proteins of various cereals, fatty acids, beeswax, as well as vitamins and various minerals.Ideal for coloring, as it evenly covers your hair and masks it perfectly. Another interesting point is that this composition will last for a long time (for ammonia-free products), and this is evidenced by many positive reviews on the Internet.

Selective Professional paint
  • Uniform coverage;
  • Many positive reviews on the web;
  • Pleasant aroma;
  • Beautiful colour;
  • Lasts a long time;
  • Minimum harm done;
  • Does not contain ammonia;
  • Volume 100 ml;
  • Contains a complex of minerals and vitamins;
  • Proteins of cereals, fatty acids in the composition;
  • 100% painting is given;
  • The quality is excellent;
  • Saturation;
  • Does not spoil the structure;
  • The brightness is perfect.
  • Washes out easily after 3 weeks;
  • Too strong adhesion.

The cost of this paint is from 435 rubles.

Wella koleston professionals

Made in Europe, this modern paint is a professional product. Has a rich bright color, shine and a very beautiful shade, gives your curls a deep and bright beautiful glow that will last long enough. Differs in a rich general palette, the product contains an improved type of formula that will make hair rich, vibrant and beautiful. The color with such a paint turns out to be quite persistent and intense, the composition of the product is very high quality and has a mild effect on human hair.

Wella koleston professionals
  • Consists of natural substances;
  • The ingredients used here are active and the safest;
  • The formula is unique;
  • Saturation, beautiful shine;
  • Versatility;
  • Does not harm the hair structure, gives protection against environmental influences;
  • There is a beautiful overflow of shades;
  • Achieving the desired color is very simple and easy;
  • Good volume;
  • Lively color.
  • Can only be purchased from a professional store;
  • The kit contains nothing but the paint itself;
  • The clarifier must be purchased separately;
  • No gloves included.

The cost of a tube with dye is 480 rubles.


Combines unique, healing and beneficial herbs and essential oils. It contains oil from the Macvis shrub and other plants, as well as innovative pigments for rich color of gray and bleached hair. The composition contains many unique formulas to soothe and improve the structure, the product forms delicate textures, provides softness and shine. It is distinguished by fruity interesting notes in the aroma, there are very few coloring pigments, but they can easily penetrate into the hair, the paint can be held for a long time, providing optimal coloring and durability. Contains many active ingredients required to provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action, which protects after staining and adds beauty.

Farmavita paint
  • Has a delicate texture;
  • Provides softness and shine;
  • Balance of color;
  • Aroma with fruity notes;
  • Contains unique herbs;
  • Essential oils of the Makvis bush and others;
  • Oils and herbs will have a healing effect;
  • Innovative pigments are used for coloring;
  • The color is very rich, clear;
  • Optimal coloration;
  • Persistence;
  • Healing effect for hair;
  • Anti-inflammatory action;
  • Perfect protection.
  • The product has poor washout properties.

The cost of the funds is different, from 168 to 372 rubles.

What paint do you like?

Gray hair - there is a solution

Modern paints are an excellent and, most importantly, an effective way to hide "silver in your hair" from others. However, it is worth remembering when choosing a paint that success depends on a number of factors:

  • The composition matters: more aggressive ingredients in the composition will give a lasting color, but worsen the quality of the hair, natural pigments will protect, but wash out faster.
  • Whatever durability is declared by the manufacturer, it is important to remember that gray hair will wash off the color faster than normal hair.
  • It is possible to paint over gray hair 100% with even the best paint only with careful application, so it is better to use the services of a hairdresser or, alternatively, simply with the help of another person. It is impossible to perfectly distribute the composition through the hair by itself.
  • Focusing on prices, pay attention to whether a thinner is included in the kit, or it must be purchased separately. This happens very often when using professional dyes.

So, if you do not plan to make gray hair a highlight of your image, then the market for modern dyes is ready to help in solving this problem. Choose a product based on our recommendations, let your hair be beautiful!