1. How to choose a phone repair service?
  2. How to choose a laptop repair service?
  3. Criterias of choice
  4. Rating of repair shops for phones and laptops in Yekaterinburg
  5. What to do if water gets into the phone or laptop?

Rating of phone and laptop repair shops in Yekaterinburg in 2020

Rating of phone and laptop repair shops in Yekaterinburg in 2020

Every owner of a smartphone or laptop is faced with breakdowns of his favorite gadget. Do not be upset, because breakdowns are a common phenomenon, and only a few manage to avoid them. Therefore, below are tips for choosing a service center, as well as a rating of high-quality phone and laptop repair shops in Yekaterinburg in 2020.

How to choose a phone repair service?

Among the huge number of workshops that repair mobile devices with a high level of skill, choosing the one that will subsequently become the best is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. It is important to know what to look for and what indicators to be guided by.


To find out which service is best in the immediate vicinity, a great option is a walk on the World Wide Web. Today is the age of modern technologies and the Internet, in particular, therefore each self-respecting service center has its own website or group on a social network. On such sites, the reviews of those who have already contacted the workshop are posted. In the same place, they become familiar with information about services and prices.

A dedicated workshop is ideal!

The user is lucky if he finds an establishment that is an activated repair point for mobiles from a particular manufacturer. First of all, these centers repair the gadget for free, provided that the person has a valid warranty. The second advantage is that if replacement parts are needed, they will be original.

Speed ​​and peculiarity of work

Service centers often check the smartphone at the moment when the client arrives. This is a wonderful occasion, which makes it possible to immediately find out the reliable price of the repair and the deadline for the completion of work. In addition, diagnostics are usually free if the customer decides to fix the device in this workshop.

When choosing a service, artisans are often asked what level of difficulty they can handle. If in the manager's response there are words only about elementary repairs, which are actually done independently, then it is preferable not to trust an expensive model to these employees. But it is worth noting that the too low cost of fixing the device also seems suspicious.


Any repair of smartphones in Yekaterinburg is accompanied by a guarantee for the work done.However, it can be different, because it is influenced by many factors, such as the device model, the complexity of the repair and the center's approaches in particular. It is worth being guided by a simple formula: the longer the warranty period, the higher the chances that the mobile is repaired reliably.

How to choose a laptop repair service?

There are many ads on the network for the repair of such devices. In addition, a large amount of similar information is found on city streets, in newspapers, magazines, and so on. At first glance, it seems that nothing is easier than handing over a laptop for repair. You just need to find the first ad that comes across, dial the number and immediately make an appointment with the master.

It's great if the company the user called is reliable. And if a person knows nothing about workshops? There are a number of complexities that lie in wait for the client when choosing the right company.

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The most popular difficulties that arise when choosing:

  1. A master is an intermediary who does not personally repair gadgets, but sends all products to another company. Of course, choosing such a "service center", a repaired laptop will have to wait for a long time, in addition, a person will overpay at the price for the "help" of an intermediary.
  2. The organization carries out activities only in specific types of repairs. The presence of narrowly focused companies makes the choice a little difficult for people. It is necessary to call the workshop manager, tell about the reasons for the device failure, and only after that ask if the center employees are able to help in the situation. Alas, many organizations do not write in the ads about the profile of the repair.
  3. The company only takes laptops from certain manufacturers for repair. Of course, if such information is not written in the ad, there is the potential for wasted time.

The most common causes of laptop breakdown

Below are the most common laptop breakdowns and possible solutions.

  • The device does not turn on. The most common breakdown. Alas, this reason most often promises the failure of microcircuits. This often happens due to the lack of systematic cleaning of the gadget.
  • Poor image visibility. If the matrix is ​​broken in the product, then the only way is to replace it. In such cases, it is highly discouraged to carry out such work on your own; it is best to contact a service center.
  • The keyboard does not work. If the keys do not function in the device, then there are two exit methods for eliminating them - repair or replacement. But despite this, experts recommend making a diagnosis before making a decision. The fact is that in some cases it is enough to replace a few keys.
  • The laptop is warming up. The first symptom of a clogged cooling system. Most often this happens due to the fact that there are pets (wool) near the device, the gadget lies on a fleecy surface, the device was included in the bag. Therefore, in order to prevent overheating, it is necessary to periodically clean it, and also carefully monitor the disconnection of the device before transportation.

Criterias of choice

Most often, organizations write very little information about themselves in newspapers, advertising spots on the streets, and on most Internet bulletin boards. Often this is just a couple of lines of general information, so it is better to choose those ads in which a lot of information is written in a narrow form. Bad example: Laptop repair. We are waiting for your call! Good example: Laptop repair. Reliable and high quality. We provide a guarantee. We will come home. Using the latest example guarantees the best opportunity to find a company with skilled craftsmen. A lot of information is found about a certain company, if there is its name or address on the network. For example, a list of services, reviews, price list, and so on. This is a great advantage, which makes it possible to shorten the time of choosing the right service center.

Rating of phone and laptop repair shops in Yekaterinburg

Below is a list of organizations that, according to many reviews and recommendations, are the best in the ECB.

Service network for the repair of equipment "Apple" - Pedant

Pedant is a colossal nationwide network of Apple-branded repair shops. All employees were trained in an individual school, and 144 branches are located throughout the Russian Federation. Repair is carried out using the latest equipment, in a short time and with high quality. The service center provides services for:

  • Change of surface elements and body;
  • Replacing batteries;
  • Operating system diagnostics and stabilization;
  • There are also additional accessories for the iPhone.

One of the features is that you can come to the service center by appointment, and simple breakdowns are eliminated in front of the client in a matter of minutes. All parts and spare parts are absolutely original, because the company cooperates with the manufacturer and provides a guarantee for its work.

Average price - ranges from 150 rubles and above.

  • Original spare parts;
  • Full range of renovation works;
  • Fast delivery times.
  • Repair of Apple equipment only.

"MT Service"

Authorized partner of many popular manufacturers, such as:

  • Microsoft and Apple;
  • Samsung and Nokia;
  • Sony and ZTE.

This status guarantees the availability of exclusively original spare parts for devices. The company provides a wide range of repairs for phones, laptops, iPods and other devices. The workshop has its own Call-center, the ability to track the status of the order on the website, as well as a guarantee for the work performed. In addition, if the user's device is under warranty, then this is where it will be repaired absolutely free of charge. All employees of the organization have been properly trained and have certified qualifications.

The average price is from 250 rubles and more.

  • Authorized partner of many famous brands;
  • You can leave a request for repair online;
  • Original spare parts and warranty.
  • Inexpensive prices.
  • Not detected.


The company is engaged in the repair of computers and laptops. The list of services is quite wide and includes:

  • Diagnostics and configuration of a laptop, software;
  • Improving device performance;
  • Repair of any complexity.

The first laptop diagnostics is carried out in front of the client. In the event that, in order to find out the reason, it is required to check the gadget on more accurate equipment, the diagnosis is delayed for about 3 days. The company issues a guarantee for a period of 3 months. The organization also has a home visit service, which is completely free.

The average price is from 300 rubles and more.

  • Original spare parts;
  • Repair of laptops and tablets of any complexity;
  • A guarantee for any job.
  • Not detected.


A workshop that is authorized by a large number of well-known brands (ASUS, LG, Sony and so on). The organization is equipped with all the necessary equipment for high-quality repair of smartphones, laptops and other household appliances. The employees of the company constantly improve their own qualifications, go home. Also, the service center has a courier service. The company tries to make repairs in the shortest possible time and this is helped by the presence of its own warehouse with a good stock of components. The organization provides a guarantee for all work performed.

The average price is 150 rubles and more.

  • Replacement devices are offered for the duration of the repair;
  • Prompt execution of orders;
  • Ability to apply online.
  • Not detected.


The company has many years of experience behind it in the field of repairing various devices, as well as its own warehouse where the components are stored, which allows it to perform work in a short time. The prices for spare parts are very adequate, and the employees are trained and regularly improve their qualifications, which guarantees a high-quality repair. All spare parts are original, guaranteed for a period of 3 months. In addition to repairing gadgets, the organization offers customers various accessories and regular promotions.

The average price is 600 rubles and more.

  • Display replacement and other work is carried out in front of the client within 15 minutes;
  • Budget prices;
  • Warranty and promotions.
  • Not detected.

What to do if water gets into the phone or laptop?

The cause of the breakdown is not always eliminated after a while. For example, every owner of a modern gadget is simply obliged to know how to protect the device if water gets into it. Below is a small instruction.

  1. Dispose of water and remove battery. If possible, it is best to disassemble the gadget into explicit parts. In a situation where a person does not feel confident in the normal disassembly of the product, without causing damage to it, it is better to leave this matter to qualified specialists.
  2. Dry your smartphone or laptop. In this case, the ideal option is a hair dryer, which is turned on at a low temperature regime.
  3. Assemble the gadget and turn it on. Even if these easy actions brought a visible result, it is not recommended to use it right away. It would be nice to postpone its operation for several days or take it to a service center for diagnostics.

The tips given above are not at all a 100% guarantee of an excellent repair, since everything lies in the cause of the breakdown. If possible, it is better to immediately contact the workshop and entrust the case to professionals.