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Ranking of the best 10 "- 29" TVs in 2020

Ranking of the best 10

Choosing a good TV quickly is never easy. There are many popular models around, advertising of various brands is replete with everywhere, assuring that it is their product that is the best. The opinions of acquaintances also often distort the original desires of the buyer - having made a purchase on the advice of a friend, you can buy a completely inappropriate thing, since everyone has different preferences. It is for such cases that the ratings of the best TVs with a diagonal of 10 "- 29" inches are created, where you can choose a product according to your own taste and get acquainted with its characteristics.

How to choose a TV?

If you decide to get a new TV, then you can satisfy the need by a simple trip to an electronics store. Polite consultants will pay attention, suggest a certain model, will not let you doubt the correctness of the purchase, and the wallet will be emptied into several large bills in a short time. Along with a large-scale acquisition, doubts about the correctness of the choice will come. Maybe disappointment.

Oftentimes, they decide to buy a TV spontaneously. This is caused either by the premature "death" of the old, or by the fact that there is nothing to watch TV series on at the dacha, or by discounts shouting from advertising. Spontaneity in decision-making is not always good, because in the store it turns out that there are not enough funds, and you really want a premium model. Then the gift of persuasion of employees will go into action and result in an unplanned loan. This will not please everyone.

If the above does not suit you, you can take the choice more seriously. For example, surf the Internet in search of the desired model, familiarize yourself with the ratings of high-quality devices, correlate desires and capabilities, determine the amount that you are ready to spend painlessly and choose the functions that you would like to see in the product.

Or go to, where all the brands and models of the best manufacturers available for sale are collected, you can compare products with each other, find out the price and study offers for your city and region.

average price

The cost of a TV set depends on a whole range of factors - diagonal, type of screen and matrix, how wide the viewing angle is, what connectors are in the model and how many there are, whether the colors are bright and how high the contrast is. Affects the cost and which price segment the model belongs to: budget, medium or premium.

For comparison, the average price is:

  • Budget - up to about 25,000 rubles;
  • Middle category - from 40,000 rubles;
  • And Premium - from 90,000 and above.

By the way, it is not necessary to look for a quality copy only in the premium segment. Among the most budgetary LCD TVs, you can also find a perfect picture and a good build. Just read our rating.

Top 10 "- 29" TVs Rating

Moving on to the rating of the best TVs according to consumers for 2020. Let's start from 10th place, and then gradually come to the first.

10th place - BBK 22LEM - 1056FT2C

The appearance of the TV is quite simple, made entirely of plastic, but not very thin.On the back there is a standard mount version for hanging the TV on the wall.

USB and HDMI connectors for connecting a variety of players. HDMI version 1.4. There is no WI-FI support, but there is a connector for a wired headset and a PC, that is, connecting a computer will work without problems.

The maximum possible number of channels is no more than 1100. There is teletext and stereo sound support. Two speakers are located at the bottom of the case, the sound power is 10 W, the sound is clear.

The diagonal of the screen is 21.5 inches, which is about 55 cm. A good resolution is 1920 by 1080. The aspect ratio is 16: 9. LED backlighting has several modes: standard, home and soft. Contrast 4000: 1, all colors are impressive, pixels are not visible. Three broadcasting standards are supported: DVBT, DVBT2 and DVBC.

There is a sleep timer and child protection. And also the timeshift function, which will allow you to record the channel and save it later to USB or hard disk.

The device weighs 2 kilograms, the power consumption is low, only 36 W. Dimensions with stand: 510x340x165 mm, without stand: 510x307x75 mm. Perfect for the kitchen.

Model BBK 22LEM - 1056FT2C can be purchased at a price of 7,170 rubles.

BBK 22LEM - 1056FT2C
  1. Appearance;
  2. Convenient menu;
  3. Channel recording capability;
  4. Price.
  1. The speaker fails at maximum volume;
  2. No Wi-FI support.

9th place - HARPER 19R05-30

Thin, high quality, lightweight and compact TV. The bezels around the display are very thin. Perfect for the kitchen, it is possible to fix it on the wall, or put it on the table. Very stable.

There is an anti-reflective coating, the diagonal of the screen is 19 inches, the aspect ratio is 16 to 9. The resolution is HD 720p HD, the quality of the transmitted picture leaves a pleasant impression. There is LED backlighting of the screen along the edges of the display - type Edge LED.

There is stereo sound and a headphone jack, standard 3.5mm. Sound power 14 W, sounds juicy and voluminous.

There is no WI-FI support, but there are USB and HDMI inputs. There is a PC audio input.

There are three supported television broadcasting standards - PAL, SECAM and NTSC.

The picture is good, the speakers produce high-quality sound, and does not wheeze even at high volumes. You can connect a flash card and pause the channel when needed.

It does not weigh much, only 2.5 kilograms.

You can buy HARPER 19R05-30 at a price of 9,615 rubles.

HARPER 19R05-30
  1. Sound quality;
  2. Picture;
  3. Convenient to use;
  4. Design;
  5. Functional.
  1. No Wi-FI support.

8th place - Fusion FLTV-30B-100

Inexpensive LCD TV with a diagonal of 28 inches, simple appearance and budget class. The aspect ratio is 16: 9 and the Edge LED backlight uses white LEDs built into the edges of the LCD.

The screen resolution is 1366 × 768, it is quite enough for watching channels in standard quality and movies on DVD. HD resolution - 720p HD, the picture is clear, no reflections are visible.

There is stereo sound, the speaker system consists of two speakers. The sound power of 10W ensures loud, clear sound.

Brightness is high. A good level of brightness is very important when the room is bright, if it is low, the image will be blown out. The dynamic contrast ratio is 80,000: 1, which means that in a bright frame, the backlight will automatically increase, and in a dark frame, it will decrease.

The maximum viewing angle is 176 degrees, from any part of the room you can see what is happening on the screen. The types of inputs in the device are AV, component, VGA and HDMI x2. The front side panel has a USB port and a 3.5 headphone jack.

The device does not support Wi-fi. Weight is 4.05kg.

The model was released in 2017.

You can purchase it at a price of 7,775 rubles.

Fusion FLTV-30B-100
  1. Sound;
  2. Functional;
  3. Appearance;
  4. Picture;
  5. Ease of use.
  1. Inconveniently located connectors on the back of the case;
  2. No WI-FI.

7th place - Orion PT50 ZhK100 TsT

A good model for the kitchen with a diagonal of 19.6 inches. The aspect ratio is 16: 9, the display resolution is 1366 × 768, and the HD 720p resolution, the color reproduction is good. No blurring and screen flare. The model has LED backlighting, Edge format

Brightness in Orion is good, 200 cd / m2, colors are natural. Dynamic contrast ratio is 60,000: 1. The viewing angles are good, 170 degrees, even looking from the side of the screen, there is no distortion.

TV signal reception is supported in three bands: DVBT MPEG4, DVBT2 and DVBC MPEG4.

The sound power is 6 W and the speaker system with two speakers does not sound loud enough. There is no wi-fi support. Provides all popular multimedia formats. An audio input for headphones is provided.

Supports AV, VGA, HDMI and USB input ports. The power consumption of the device is low, 36 W.

Orion PT50 ZhK100 CT is very light, weighs only 1.5 kg.

The year of creation of the Orion PT50 ZhK100 TsT model is 2017.

You can buy a TV at a price of 5,920 rubles.

Orion PT50 ZhK100 TsT
  1. Price;
  2. Weight;
  3. Viewing angles;
  4. Menu;
  5. Ease of management;
  6. Bright screen;
  7. Functionality.
  1. Quiet sound;
  2. No wi-fi support.

6th place - BBK 20LEM1056T2C

The second inexpensive model from BBK in the ranking of popular TVs. Of course, it does not pretend to be a home theater, but it has a good screen with a diagonal of 19.6 inches and an aspect ratio of 16: 9.

The resolution is HD 720p, you can't find fault with the image quality, you can see everything perfectly. Good viewing angles, 178 degrees.

Suitable for a bedroom well, weighs little, is stable. The glossy screen does not glare.

Sound power 10 W, speaker system consists of two speakers. There is stereo sound, you can hear it well, but sometimes it starts to wheeze slightly at high volume.

Inputs for connecting various players: AV, audio x2, component, VGA, HDMI, USB. The front and side panels contain HDMI and USB connectors.

There is a jack for a wired headset, a sleep timer and child protection, but there is no WI-FI support. The power consumption of the device is small at 36 W.

The model is very light in weight, only 1.9 kg.

BBK 20LEM1056T2C
  1. Image quality;
  2. Control;
  3. Weight;
  4. Viewing angles;
  5. Price;
  6. Availability of protection from children.
  1. No wi-fi;
  2. The speaker creaks at high volume.

5th place - Orion PT55ZhK140CT

Lightweight and compact LCD TV at an attractive price. The diagonal of the screen is 21.5 inches, and if translated into centimeters, it turns out - 56 centimeters. 1920 x 1080 pixels make up the screen resolution, and 1080p Full HD provides high-quality images and no defects. The LED backlighting on the edges of the display is in Direct LED format, in which white light LEDs are located behind the screen and are symmetrically distributed over its entire area.

There is stereo sound, NICAM stereo sound is supported, the speaker system consists of two speakers, and the sound power is 4 W. There is a headphone jack. But with all this, the sound is weak, for comfortable viewing you need silence - it is unlikely that you will be able to cook and watch.
A wide viewing angle of 178 degrees, everything is visible from any position.

Support for popular broadcasting standards: DVBT MPEG4, DVBT2 and DVBC MPEG4.

All popular multimedia formats are supported.


Inputs for connection: component, VGA, HDMI and USB.

The USB connector is on the right side. Orion PT55ZhK140CT has a SCART connector. WI-FI is not supported, but there is a sleep timer, child protection and the ability to hang the TV on the wall.

Weight is only 2.8 kilograms.

The release date of the model is 2017.

You can buy Orion PT55ZhK140CT at a price of 6890 rubles.

Orion PT55ZhK140CT
  1. Cost;
  2. Image quality;
  3. Screen size;
  4. Convenient remote control;
  5. Weight.
  1. Faint sound;
  2. There is no WI-FI.

4th place - LG 27TK600VWZ

Stylish design with thin edges - this is exactly the LG LCD TV.
The diagonal of the screen is 27 inches or 69 centimeters. The aspect ratio of 16 to 9, the good display resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and Full HD 1080p allows you not to worry about the quality and smoothness of the image, and calmly enjoy a clear picture. Edge LED backlighting,

The image brightness is high - 250 cd. m2, 3000: 1 contrast ratio, wide viewing angles of 178 degrees. There is support for NICAM stereo sound, a 3.5 mm headphone jack and a speaker system from two speakers. The sound from the speakers is loud, spacious and of high quality. Hearable even at high ambient noise levels. Powerful sound - 10W, 3D surround sound is provided.

Supported TV broadcasting standards: DVB-T MPEG4, DVB-T2, DVB-C MPEG4, DVB-S and DVB-S2. There is no teletext.

Inputs for connection: AV, component, HDMI, USB and independent TV tuner.

There is an interesting option "Picture in Picture", this is a mode in which two images are shown on the screen at once: the main one - in full screen and the secondary one - in a small window.

There is a sleep timer and the ability to mount on the wall. The power consumption of the TV is 32 W.

Dimensions are modest, weight 4.3 kilograms.

  1. Picture-in-Picture function;
  2. Image brightness;
  3. Viewing angles;
  4. Convenient menu;
  5. Interface.
  1. No Wi-fi;
  2. Lack of teletext.

3rd place - LG 22MT58VFPZ

A good model of LCD TV with stylish design and IPS matrix.
The diagonal of the matte screen is 22 inches or 56 cm if translated into centimeters. The aspect ratio is 16: 9. The display resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels and support for 1080p Full HD will provide a high-quality picture, LED backlighting in the side edges of the Edge LED screen. The display is equipped with an IPS matrix, which has a positive effect on the image transmission quality.

There is high-quality NICAM stereo sound, surround sound and a headphone jack. The speaker system consists of two speakers. Powerful 10W sound. The TV can be heard clearly, but not loudly.

You can choose a standard sound mode, or select a separate one - "speech", "music" or "movies".

In the channel settings, you can add your favorite frequencies to your favorites, group them into lists and select the country and type of broadcast.

All popular television standards such as PAL, SECAM, NTSC; DVBT MPEG4; DVBT2; DVBC MPEG4; DVBS and S2 are supported. Teletext built in.

Inputs for connection: AV, component, VGA, HDMI, and a USB connector on the side panel. There is CI + support to watch paid content, for example NTV + and the "picture in picture" option.

Can be hung on the wall, weight 2.8 kg.

The year of release is 2016, but in 2020 the device is popular among those who choose budget devices.

The model can be purchased at a price of 10,585 rubles.

  1. Color rendering;
  2. Matte screen;
  3. Viewing angles;
  4. IPS matrix;
  5. Design.
  1. Channel switching slowly;
  2. Quiet sound;
  3. The control panel is inconvenient.

2nd place - LG 22LH450V

One of the leaders in the opinion of buyers among LCD TVs in terms of price and quality.

Diagonal in this model is 21.5 inches, aspect ratio is 16: 9. The availability of Full HD 1080p and 1920 × 1080 resolution will allow you to enjoy good movies and TV shows.

There is LED backlighting in the EdgeLED format, an IPS screen matrix. There is stereo sound and two speakers, which are responsible for the sound quality.

LG 22LH450V is an excellent model for a summer residence and a country cottage, good viewing angles will allow you to see the screen from any part of the room.

Supports all popular broadcast formats such as DVB-T MPEG4, DVB-T2 and DVB-C MPEG4.

The sound is clear and voluminous, with a power of 10W, all popular multimedia formats are supported.

Inputs for SCART connections, HDMI and USB connector on the side panel of the device, Wi-fi is not supported, there is a child protection function and a sleep timer.

The LG 22LH450V weighs 2.9 kilograms, not too heavy.

The model was released in 2016 and is in demand among buyers who choose a tandem of quality and reasonable prices.

You can buy LG 22LH450V at a cost of 10 490 rubles.

LG 22LH450V
  1. Brightness;
  2. Viewing angles;
  3. Quality;
  4. IPS matrix;
  5. Slim body;
  6. Surround sound;
  7. CI + connector.
  1. Bulky power supply;
  2. Lack of 3.5 headphone jack;
  3. Inconvenient remote control.

1st place - Samsung T27H390SI

The winner of the rating is Samsung T27H390SI, it is he who leads in the number of positive reviews, and satisfied customers.

The large 27-inch screen beckons to stay at home and watch a couple of videos from You Tube, which is quite possible, because here you can find Smart TV, Wi-Fi (to great joy), and the nimble Tizen operating system. Full HD 1080p is also there, where without it.

Wide viewing angles of 178 degrees will not miss what is happening on the screen. Brightness and contrast (300: 1) are high. No blurring of the image was noticed.

Support for all popular broadcasting standards DVB-T, T2 and C MPEG 4 and multimedia formats - mp3, jpeg, mpeg4 and mkv, will not let you get bored and expand the range of entertainment.

Samsung T27H390SI supports DLNA function, which means that all compatible electronic devices can be combined with each other to exchange information and multimedia files.

The TV weighs almost 5 kilograms - 4.7, to be precise.

The model was released in 2017, and still leads the list of popular ones. Considering the cost and high-quality assembly, it can be attributed to the premium segment.

You can buy Samsung T27H390SI at a price of 16 142 rubles.

Samsung T27H390SI
  1. There is wi-fi;
  2. Smart TV;
  3. Image quality;
  4. Nice interface;
  5. Intuitive menu;
  6. Nimble OS;
  7. Anti-reflective coating;
  8. Design.
  1. There is no wall mount included.


The rating is completed, the winners have been announced, and the conclusions have been drawn
For convenience, the most important characteristics of the products participating in the rating are collected in the table below:

ModelBBK 22LEM-1056 / FT2CHARPER 19R0530Fusion FLTV-30B100Orion PT50ZhK100TSTBBK 20LEM1056T2C
Brightness180 cd / m2180 cd / m2220 cd / m2200 cd / m2180 cd / m2
Screen diagonal21.5 "(55cm)19 "(48cm)28 "(71 cm)19.6 "(50cm)19.6 "(50cm)
Screen resolution1920x10801366x7681366x7681366x7681366x768
HD Resolution1080p Full HD720p HD720p HD720p HD720p HD
Stereo soundthere isthere isthere isthere isthere is
Acoustic systemtwo speakerstwo speakerstwo speakerstwo speakerstwo speakers
WI-Fi supportis absentis absentis absentis absentis absent
Dimensions (without stand)510x307x75 mm435x286x132 mm643x393x86 mm455x275x65 mm462x273x76 mm
Dimensions (with stand)510x340x165 mm435x286x132 mm643x423x146 mm455x310x165 mm464x307x140 mm
Weight2 kilograms2.5 kilograms4.05 kilograms1.5 kilograms1.9 kilograms
Wall mountthere isthere isthere isthere isthere is
release date2018 year2018 year2017 year2017 year2018 year
Price7 170 rubles9 615 rubles7 775 rubles5 980 rubles6 220 rubles
ModelOrion PT55ZhK140CTLG 27TK600VWZLG 22MT58VFPZLG 22LH450VSamsung T27H390SI
Brightness200 cd / m2 250 cd / m2 200 cd / m2 200 cd / m2 250 cd / m2
Screen diagonal21.5 "(55cm) 27 "(69 cm) 22 "(56 cm) 21.5 "(55cm) 27 "(69 cm)
Screen resolution1920x1080 1920x1080 1920x1080 1920x1080 1920x1080
HD Resolution1080p Full HD1080p Full HD 1080p Full HD 1080p Full HD 1080p Full HD
Stereo soundthere isthere isthere isthere isthere is
Acoustic systemtwo speakerstwo speakerstwo speakerstwo speakerstwo speakers
WI-Fi supportis absentis absentis absentis absentthere is
Dimensions (without stand)512x317x50 mm635x401x90 mm 508x316x75 mm 508x317x53 mm 625x379x53 mm
Dimensions (with stand)512x350x162 mm635x401x90 mm 508x410x198 mm508x347x131 mm 625x467x138 mm
Weight2.8 kilograms4.3 kilograms3.1 kilograms3 kilograms4.7 kilograms
Wall mountthere isthere isthere isthere isthere is
release date2017 year2018 year2016 year2016 year2017 year
Price6 669 rubles14 770 rubles10 585 rubles10 490 rubles16 840 rubles

The combination of reasonable price and quality will help to find a good TV even for the owner of a low budget.

Each of the reviewed models has a balanced set of features and a lot of positive customer reviews, while the negative points are not so significant and are the personal opinions of users. After all, everyone has different tastes and it is impossible for everyone to like it unanimously.

On the official website of each of the presented brands, you can always read more about the products or refer to, which always has up-to-date prices, truthful reviews and easy navigation.