1. What is an action camera and what is it for
  2. Best stabilizers for action cameras
  3. Best gimbals for Go Pro
  4. Best gimbals for action cameras from China
  5. How to choose a stabilizer for an action camera

Ranking of the best gimbals for action cameras for 2020

Ranking of the best gimbals for action cameras for 2020

If you do a social survey and find out where people are more likely to meet with cameras, the answer will be - "everywhere." In fact, now pictures can be taken with various gadgets - from an ordinary web camera installed on a laptop to professional video and cameras, the prices for which are about 10 thousand dollars. If you are interested in how to get smooth and good images at the lowest cost, then our list of the best stabilizers for action cameras will help you.

What is an action camera and what is it for

People want to achieve "cinematic" quality and smooth images on budget devices. Of course, in most modern models, optical or electronic stabilization is installed, but it does not give a positive effect.

In this situation, a special device helps out - a stabilizer. There are many types of such gadgets, but devices with three-axis stabilization are considered to be the best. The meaning of their action is very clear: the camera is fixed in a specialized latch, which, for its part, is installed on the hinge system.

The articulation system can be electronically controlled or easily reversed to its original position by gravity and counterweights. Therefore, no matter how the rack wobbles (whether it's a custom hand, a bicycle handlebar, or even a car body), the image will be smooth.

Many well-known video bloggers regularly make videos using only an action camera and a stabilizer, which speaks of their effectiveness and popularity. It remains only to figure out how to choose a reliable device, which will help our rating of quality stabilizers.

Best gimbals for action cameras

Mijia Smartphone Handheld Gimbal

This model is made of heavy-duty aluminum alloy, which has been precision machined on CNC machines, so that all elements are close to each other, ensuring the utmost durability during shooting. The device is equipped with high-precision sensors and an auto-servo system with feedback, which, in combination with the LOS stabilization algorithms, makes it possible to “filter” the smallest camera vibrations in real time. All this ensures the creation of high-definition images and videos, even when filming extreme sports activities.

The design features and intelligent stabilization algorithms make it possible to shoot from any position: vertically, horizontally, suspended or tilted.At the same time, at any time it is possible to smoothly and without jerking to change the mode to another.

The case is made in an ergonomic form factor, thanks to which the stabilizer is practically felt in the hand, which makes interaction with the device as simple and convenient as possible. The control elements are located so that there is free access to them. The retention ring included in the basic kit allows you to shoot from the most original angles for great results.

Average price - 6 700 RUB.

Stabilizer Mijia Smartphone Handheld Gimbal
  • triaxial stabilization system;
  • many shooting modes;
  • fits comfortably in the hand;
  • easy to manage;
  • high capacity battery.
  • not detected.

Zhiyun Evolution

This is the latest generation model for action cameras and is made using innovative technologies in the field of electronic stabilization systems.

In particular, this applies to Evolution motors, which are equipped with feedback detectors with an encoder-controller, due to which it was possible to achieve smooth operation of the motors without vibrations and jerks.

Average price - 8 900 RUB.

stabilizer Zhiyun Evolution
  • 100% support for GoPro Hero 3/3 + / 4 cameras and devices from other manufacturers, whose products are comparable in size to GoPro;
  • several operating modes, including full tracking, horizon fixing and direction control;
  • viewing angle in all axes is 3300;
  • autonomy of about 12 hours;
  • Comes with a dedicated cord to power your GoPro from the gimbal's batteries;
  • the presence of a 3.5 mm video out for connecting an external display via AV;
  • joystick for manual control of camera rotation and tilt angles;
  • hole with a diameter ¼ on the bottom of the stabilizer for mounting on a monopod, tripod or using extension cords.
  • not detected.


The rating continues with one of the most inexpensive stabilizer models, whose availability is due to the absolute lack of electronics. The product weighs 968 g and is made of aluminum used in aviation. The device works thanks to simple mechanics: there is a two-axis hinge and a specialized counterweight aimed at the bottom point, which keeps the camera in a horizontal position.

The gimbal can be folded down, making it much easier to move. The handle of the model is made of rubberized material, so it feels comfortable in the hand. The camera is attached using the usual 3 ¼ connector for gadgets, which allows you to install various devices compatible, for example, with any version of GoPro.

The manufacturer also allows the installation of reflex cameras, the weight of which does not exceed a kilogram. If the user decides to buy this stabilizer, then he should know that before use it is necessary to carry out a configuration, which includes the parameter of the "shoulder" length and the weight of the weight.

Average price - 8,000 RUB.

stabilizer STEADICAM
  • the ability to shoot regardless of the weather;
  • does not need charging;
  • working time is not limited.
  • does not always fulfill the assigned tasks.


The mechanical gadget is followed by an electronic type stabilizer from the best Chinese manufacturer. Xiaomi mobile devices... The product has a relatively non-standard appearance for this segment of gadgets, since it is not equipped with a handle. This means that it will be very uncomfortable to use it without a monopod, tripod or other clamp.

Users will also be pleased with the usual 3 ¼ mount type, which, on the reverse side, guarantees extremely compactness. The type of stabilization is naturally three-axis. Thanks to a special application, it is possible to choose between 3 operating modes:

  1. Pan Mode - the camera is set in one position during the movement along the axes.
  2. Lock Mode - fastening along a rotating axis. This mode is useful for those who like to shoot panoramic videos and photos.
  3. Pan and Tilt Mode - all axes are disabled.The camera is stabilized and looks forward.

It is possible to control the approach and indicate the direction of shooting remotely, since the device rotates at an angle of up to 360 degrees. There are no problems with the duration of the work. The stabilizer has 2 batteries of lithium-polymer type, the autonomy of which is about 2-4 hours of operation, but it all depends on the specific shooting mode.

Average price - 5,000 RUB.

stabilizer XIAOMI YI
  • support for cameras line YI;
  • compactness;
  • lightness;
  • easy to use;
  • rich functionality.
  • only Xiaomi devices can be connected without auxiliary adapters.


This is the fifth best stabilizer on the list, whose main plus is affordability. Sjcam is one of the favorites in the action camera industry. Alas, only devices from this manufacturer are formally supported. On the flip side, this also has a number of advantages: the SJ7 Legend and S16 gadgets can be controlled directly from the gimbal thanks to dedicated keys, which is very comfortable.

The stabilizer changes the recording mode, starts shooting, and also changes the orientation and operating mode of the gimbal. The dimensions of the product are quite impressive, the handle is heavy, but despite this, the device feels comfortable in the hand, although it weighs a little more than its rivals. It is worth noting the impressive autonomy due to the synchronous use of 2 cast batteries, the capacity of which is 2000 mAh (each).

Average running time is 13 hours. In the comments, users praise the model for the presence of a solid case for moving the gimbal. With such a case, you don't have to worry about the integrity of the device.

Average price - 10,000 RUB.

stabilizer SJCAM GIMBAL
  • excellent stabilization;
  • good autonomy.
  • not detected.

Best gimbals for Go Pro

Electronic gimbals designed for action cameras have long overcome the brink of something incredible and deserve high demand. Recently, 2-axis devices have been replaced by 3-axis ones, the power of the products has increased, and the excess wires are hidden under the case. Here are the best gimbals for Go Pro cameras according to users.

GoPro Karma Grip

Designed for extremely smooth footage, this 3-axis model is compatible with GoPro HERO6 / HERO5 and HERO4 with the purchase of a dedicated frame. The device eliminates shocks, vibrations and other defects during dynamic shooting. The gimbal is suitable for manual shooting, but can also be attached to equipment with a mounting ring.

The control elements are located right under the thumb, and the battery status indicator is located right there. The stabilizer has several operating modes for different scenes and implementation of any operator's concept. The model is calibrated in automatic mode and is powered by an integrated battery, which will last for 1 hour 54 minutes. continuous shooting.

The battery has fast charging support.

Average price - 24,500 RUB.

GoPro Karma Grip
  • high quality stabilization and assembly;
  • charges the camera while the gimbal is in operation;
  • interact with camera modes directly from the grip;
  • ease of use;
  • fashionable appearance.
  • not detected.


This electronic model offers smooth and balanced footage as it operates on 3 axes for synchronized stabilization. This stabilizer can be considered universal due to its basic type of fixation. This device will be an excellent choice for beginners and inexperienced operators, as well as for professionals.

With this model, you can get a beautiful shot that will not be damaged by noise, wobble, jerky and jelly effect.The design has a practical form factor and stands out from the competition with its lightness, so that the operator's hand does not get tired during the long filming process, for example, a sports competition, a music video, an event, etc.

This gimbal can be worn on a helmet as the handle can be easily and quickly detached from the device body. This model will be an excellent companion for shooting when riding a bike, snowboard, motorcycle, etc. If the battery is fully charged, it will last for 4 hours of continuous shooting.

Charging the battery fully takes 2.5 hours. Through the PU, the user can remotely control the operation of the device and monitor the frames through the OLED screen. The handle has a rubber base that protects the hand from slipping, thereby guaranteeing maximum contact between the hand and the device in various scenes.

The limiting viewing angle is 2920.

Average price - 21,000 RUB.

stabilizer REMOVU S1
  • comfortable operation;
  • lightness;
  • high image quality without defects;
  • rich equipment;
  • uniform, sharp, flicker-free and fluctuating image.
  • not detected.

Beholder MS-Pro

The key advantage of this model is its lightness. The body of this gimbal is made of high strength aluminum, making it weigh only 700 g. The device can handle cameras weighing less than 1.2 kg, so 3-axis hygroscopic brushless motors balance most mirrorless cameras.

The stabilizer is powered by a Li-Ion battery, which is 100% ECO safe. The start key and battery status display are backlit. This structure can also be fixed to a tripod with a screw. All this guarantees high quality shots without shaking or wobbling.

Brushless motors fully align the frame when turning and tilting, so this device is often used by athletes to capture runs. The quick release platform allows you to quickly and safely fix the camera and also quickly remove it. There is also a USB slot for charging mobile devices or GoPro video cameras.

Average price - 39 800 RUB.

stabilizer Beholder MS-Pro
  • smooth panoramic stabilization system;
  • the latest generation AlexMos engines can handle cameras weighing less than 1.2 kg, which covers almost the entire mirrorless niche;
  • there is an OLED screen on the handle, with which the operator can monitor the battery status and set the recording mode;
  • many working modes;
  • can work up to 10 hours without recharging.
  • not detected.


Zhiyun company made the expected breakthrough at one time, demonstrating the Z1-Rider2 suspension, which expanded the field of use of such gadgets. Now you can get smooth images anywhere on the Go Pro. The developers did not skimp on materials at all, because they equipped the stabilizer in a reliable, but at the same time, lightweight body.

Comfortable to the touch, the comfortable handle hides 2 18350 batteries. The support has an ON / OFF button that cannot be accidentally touched. There are 3 buttons for control, located under the thumb.

The filling of this model is really powerful for this price segment. It handles both sharp jumps and minor shakes with ease. This is realized as smoothly, efficiently and quietly as possible. If we talk about fixing, then the creators have foreseen everything. The device is equipped with two formats for ¼ and Go Pro accessories.

Average price - 10,000 RUB.

stabilizer ZHIYUN Z1-RIDER2
  • suitable for a bicycle;
  • excellent electronics performance;
  • three-axis.
  • not detected.


This is a 3-axis electronic stabilizer based on motors without collectors. This stabilization technology is actively used in the professional drone filming industry. It is also widely used for portable stabilizers of various devices, including heavy ones.The device is fully compatible with Go Pro. It is also used for handheld shooting in one position and for creating videos underwater, in the air, etc. The highly informative OLED screen shows:

  • the mode currently used in the camera;
  • gimbal mode;
  • battery charge;
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection.

The developers have added a specialized application FY Settings for increased comfort. It provides remote control of control and also allows automatic calibration.

Average price - 14,000 RUB.

stabilizer FEIYU G6
  • better stabilization quality;
  • Suitable for underwater and panoramic shots.
  • not detected.

Best gimbals for action cameras from China

If you need to shoot freehand, then a specialized gimbal for an action camera from China is an excellent choice. Below are the best devices in this segment that can be ordered on AliExpress.

Wenpod GP1 +

This stabilizer will be the best purchase for any operator. The fact is that it has its own rotating display with a diagonal of 3.5 ″, which significantly improves the recording quality. With this device, user can record video in panorama mode (3600).

It is one of the cheapest stabilizers on the market.

The battery capacity is 900 mAh, which is enough for 2 hours of continuous recording, and due to support for fast charging, the battery is fully restored in 30 minutes.

Useful information! The weight of the device is about 400 g.

Average price - 7,000 RUB.

stabilizer Wenpod GP1 +
  • availability;
  • rich functionality;
  • high strength aluminum body;
  • 360-degree shooting mode;
  • lightness.
  • not detected.

DJI Osmo Mobile

The model is characterized by high reliability of assembly and the quality of materials used in the manufacture. The appearance of this gimbal has been designed in accordance with the latest fashion trends. The device makes it possible to put into the base holder not only a phone, but also a camera, for interaction with which you need to purchase a special adapter.

The advantage of this model is the support for time lapse recording with phased camera rotation. Control is carried out using the trigger, which is located on the rear panel of the gadget. When it is clamped, the position of the functioning device is fixed. The model comes with an elegant storage case. The manufacturer also provides a wide range of accessories.

Average price - 17,000 RUB.

DJI Osmo Mobile gimbal
  • control by gestures;
  • collapsible design;
  • fast rotation.
  • to fix the camera, you need to purchase a special bracket.


This is a 3-axis gimbal with a gimbal method of the main mechanism. The model has a brushless motor that makes almost no noise, which allows users to make high-quality videos. This stabilizer has an impressive list of modes: for extreme conditions, powerful shaking and one hundred percent axle locking.

The gadget operates by means of two batteries with a capacity of 900 mAh (each). It is difficult to calculate the autonomy of work, since it depends on the selected mode. Full charge time is 1.5 hours. Weight with battery is approximately 400 g.

Average price - 9,500 RUB.

stabilizer AFI A5
  • ease of use;
  • lightness;
  • suitable for the amateur.
  • only 3 axles;
  • relatively high cost.


This gimbal model is suitable for shooting panoramic shots. The gadget is configured manually, since the device comes with a counterweight. For a more competent setting of parameters after configuration, you need to use a program that can be downloaded by reading the QR code on the package. Circular shooting assumes full 360-degree rotation of the device. When adjusting the viewing angle, there are 2 options to choose from:

  1. 75 degrees.
  2. 150 degrees.

There is a mode of instantaneous angle change by 100 degrees during horizontal recording.The functionality of the stabilizer is guaranteed by the battery, the autonomy of which is approximately 5 hours.

Average price - 29,000 RUB.

stabilizer FY FEIYUTECH G360
  • rich functionality;
  • pan;
  • powerful battery;
  • great build.
  • despite the merits, high cost.

ViewFlex Tripod PTZ

It is a 3-axis gimbal that provides the ability to record in four directions. The comfort of use lies in the instant change of the recording orientation using a specialized rotation algorithm. Calibration type - automatic, there is no manual mode. The handle device makes it possible to use the device using other equipment, as well as fix it on different recording devices. Two 1050 mAh batteries (each) guarantee the gimbal's work for 3 hours.

There is LED backlighting.

Average price - 23,000 RUB.

stabilizer ViewFlex Tripod PTZ
  • lightness;
  • automatic calibration;
  • good solution for a car.
  • high price.

How to choose a stabilizer for an action camera

It is up to the user to decide which of the presented models to buy, but it is recommended to be guided when choosing only the future purpose of the camera itself. The point is that it is difficult to answer the question: "Which firm's model is better?" If you need to record indoors, then you can generally take only a tripod. For a full-fledged mode of operation, an electronic 3-axis stabilizer with motion control would be an acceptable option. It is important to take into account the multi-functionality factor.

There are products that are designed only for the Go Pro segment of cameras, and there are models with a universal hand gimbal for devices weighing about 4 kg. Other selection criteria allow for constructive use. Most often, the more compact the device, the higher the price, but also has improved functionality.

In conclusion, it should be noted that each of the models presented in the rating has advantages and disadvantages, most of which are caused by difficulties in the software, so the user will need some time to figure out the configuration