1. Why is it required
  2. How to choose a device for measurement
  3. What exactly is measured, functions
  4. Rating of the best blood glucose meters for price and measurement accuracy
  5. Rating of the best budget blood glucose meters for 2020
  6. Modern meters

Rating of the best blood glucose meters for price and measurement accuracy in 2020

Rating of the best blood glucose meters for price and measurement accuracy in 2020

Modern special glucometers are required to measure the level of sugar in a person's blood, which makes life much easier for everyone with diabetes. Such measuring structures are quite simple to use, their dimensions are very small, and their main importance is to quickly find out the sugar level, which is required for the treatment and regular monitoring of a patient with diabetes.

Why is it required

A home-made, convenient and compact blood sugar measuring device is a must for every diabetes patient. Most of these devices are designed for those with type 1 diabetes, that is, for insulin-dependent people. In such patients, immunity destroys all beta cells in the pancreas, such cells produce insulin for the human body to work.

Due to this disease, cells will have autoimmune destruction, and then an insulin deficiency will form, so that metabolic processes will function much worse. It is for those who have such a disease that special devices have been created that can be used professionally in a hospital or at home.

The device is also called a personal biochemical analyzer, which is required to determine glucose levels, as well as cholesterol and other indicators in a person. Such a glucometer is used to accurately monitor the condition of a patient diagnosed with diabetes; such a product is relatively inexpensive and convenient.

If a person has type 1 diabetes, then he needs to regularly measure sugar readings up to 5 times a day. If a person does not yet know how to choose such a device correctly, then he first needs to count how many times a month and a day a test strip will be required, which is important for determining the amount of consumables.

How to choose a device for measurement

There is no ideal device, since each person has personal opinions about which devices will have the best characteristics. To choose a device for yourself, you need to determine what features should have a blood test device.

First, you need to choose a measurement method, of which there are exactly two types. These are photometric devices that determine sugar based on the color of the dough, and there are also modern electrochemical products, where an electrical and chemical updated method based on measuring the strength of currents is used.It is this very last method that is more convenient, since a special test zone is used here and it is no longer necessary to determine the color of the test strip by eye, as in the first case.

What exactly is measured, functions

Modern instruments can still measure the conversion of ketone bodies to determine diabetic ketoacidosis. The main thing here is to measure the level of glucose and ketones, although there are few such structures today. The best models also have voice signals where each result is scored, which is important for those with low vision.

Modern devices will also differ in such a moment as the minimum volume of a taken drop of blood, and this is of great importance. It is advisable to take into account the time taken to measure, the best devices can give a result in 5-10 seconds. If you still do not know how to choose a device for measuring sugar, then consider such details as the manufacturer, whether you need an invasive device or not, the time for the test, the dimensions of the structure and the weight. Having bought a measuring product that suits you, you can easily and boldly go to work or leisure in 2020.

When choosing a glucometer for diabetics, the memory of the product is of great importance, that is, the recording of the number of measurements for further accounting and analysis. The best devices can record all measurements after and before meals, and they also keep statistics on groups. It is advisable to buy a device with auto-coding, as well as where there is a connection with a common calculated center of the PC for keeping an electronic diary.

To be sure of the accuracy of the purchased home appliance, you need to use a control solution and also take a test measurement when purchasing the product. For home use, you can choose almost every type of device, but here consider not only how much the product costs, but the quality of its work.

Rating of the best blood glucose meters for price and measurement accuracy

OneTouch Select Simple

Today there are a large number of devices for measuring glucose levels required for the diagnosis of diabetes. The OneTouch Select Simple is convenient and easy to use and is ideal for diagnosing and monitoring human blood sugar levels.

A distinctive feature of the design is the absence of buttons, it is enough to insert a test strip and bring it to a drop of blood, and the machine will do the rest itself. It is sold in a special box with a convenient case, where the product itself, a jar of test strips, and a syringe pen are located. There is also a special double bottom, where you can store lancets, cotton wool for work.

The dimensions of this device are compact, it is easy to hold it in the hand, and the screen here occupies only a third of the body. The numbers with the blood test results at the screen are large, so this is a model for old people, as well as those with poor eyesight.

The design is made without buttons, the screen is unique here, and the puncture of the finger is painless. If the sugar level is critical and high, a special sound signal is emitted. The handle for quick skin piercing is comfortable and painless, in addition, there is an adjustment of the puncture depth, which depends on the roughness of the skin.

OneTouch Select Simple


  • Device type: for glucose analysis;
  • Measurement method: electrochemical;
  • Measurement unit: standard;
  • One test lasts 5 seconds;
  • Required to measure 1 μL of blood;
  • Product weight 43 grams;
  • Dimensions of the device: 86x51x15.50 mm;
  • Battery: CR2032;
  • General set: starting;
  • Test strips in the complex: ten;
  • The battery is enough for 1000 determinations;
  • Hematocrit 30-55%.
  • Convenience;
  • Ease of obtaining analysis;
  • Excellent quality kit;
  • For self-testing;
  • There are no buttons here, which is very convenient;
  • There are beeps at a certain sugar level;
  • Accuracy;
  • Saves measurement results;
  • The analysis requires a minimum of blood;
  • There is a handy fountain pen for working.
  • There is no long-term memory in the device;
  • Taking blood is not so easy, although painless;
  • The durability is not always as great as indicated;
  • The battery does not last long and this is a serious disadvantage;
  • Sometimes, but there is a marriage;
  • There are few negative reviews.

Bottom line: OneTouch Select Simple is an excellent device for measuring blood sugar, the design is made without buttons, indicates the glucose level quickly, and the functionality of this device is ideal. Such a fashionable and popular model is easy to use, thanks to it, you can quickly determine the sugar level at home. The cost of the model is reasonable, the average price is only 729 rubles on the Internet, although it is more expensive in the city.

How to work with the device - in the video:

Accu-Chek Mobile

The state-of-the-art Accu-Chek Mobile device is made for measuring sugar levels, is one of the most high-tech and the best in the world. Such a special convenient glucometer is unique, there is no test strip, but there is a special cassette for 50 measurements. The test cassette needs to be inserted into the device only once, in order to then take 50 measurements, which is convenient.

Also, there is no coding, this design has no equal, since it is more convenient than many others. A special handle for quick skin piercing is not located in a separate case, but is fixed on the side in the area of ​​the body, this is a normal position more convenient to use.

To make yourself a skin piercing, you no longer need to enter the pen, bring your finger to the device, press the button and you're done. The handle has a special place where the drum with 6 lancets is inserted. The depth of the skin puncture is easily adjustable here, for this there are as many as 10 levels and you can choose a parameter even for babies. The product has a large memory capacity, so that you can work with large sizes of statistical data. The device belongs to the photometric type, differs in the quality of work.

Accu-Chek Mobile


  • Product type: iodometric;
  • Measurement with a glucometer;
  • No coding;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • Battery: 2 AAA;
  • There is a memory function in the device;
  • Plasma calibration;
  • The test takes little time;
  • There is an alarm clock.
  • There is a connection to a PC, which is very convenient;
  • The device is in Russian;
  • No measuring strips;
  • The lancet is a built-in type;
  • Remembers the device up to 2000 tests;
  • The result will be in a matter of seconds;
  • There is an alarm clock for notification;
  • Reports can be made over a ninety-day measurement period;
  • 50-year guarantee.
  • The price of the test cassette is high;
  • The shelf life of the cassette is short;
  • The price of this device is great;
  • It is required to purchase large cassettes for 50 measurements;
  • Test cassettes will cost more than regular test strips;
  • There were practically no downsides to the network.

Bottom line: Accu-Chek Mobile belongs to the latest generation of devices, the device is convenient and there is no coding of test strips for measurement. An interesting special new approach to measurements used here was recently proposed, the manufacturing technology of the device is unique, and blood collection will be painless.

The cost of the model is 3,650 rubles today, the price is high, but the workmanship is excellent, and the measurement itself will be simple and quick, so the device can be easily used to measure the sugar level outside the home.

Bioptik Easytouch GCU

This is a multifunctional monitoring system, similar to another similar EasyTouch GCHb device. In addition to precise control over the content of glucose and cholesterol, the device also allows you to determine the level of uric acid. Such data will be important for diabetes, gout, as well as salt deposition and other diseases. The device is distinguished by the quality of manufacture, as well as such an important indicator as the accuracy of all measurements. It is often used both in healthcare institutions and at home.

For analysis, it is enough to apply a drop of blood to the test strip and the result will be displayed on the general screen after 6 seconds. The multifunctional special system EasyTouch GCU can only be used with test strips from the same company, and if there are others, the results will be incorrect.

With such a unique system, every diabetic will be able to do the analysis himself at home. To save measurement data, there is a special memory here, which is very convenient for monitoring the sugar level. The analyzer can be purchased in a set with 10 test strips for sugar, 2 strips for cholesterol, 10 test strips for urea, this product is perfect for senior citizens.

Bioptik Easytouch GCU


  • Technology: electrode biosensors;
  • Screen: LCD 35x45 mm;
  • Weight: 59 grams;
  • Dimensions: 88x64x22 mm;
  • Battery: 1.5V (AAA);
  • Battery life: 1000 measurements;
  • Calibration is based on blood plasma;
  • Time for analysis 6 seconds;
  • Memory capacity 200 results;
  • For a sample, 0.8 μl of blood is taken;
  • Capillary whole blood is used.
  • The price of the test strips is reasonable;
  • Small size;
  • Minimum weight;
  • Sugar, cholesterol and urea can be measured;
  • Available;
  • Very easy to use;
  • There are starter test strips;
  • The result is accurate;
  • Guarantee;
  • Gives the result in 6 seconds.
  • The device is relatively simple, but seems too clever at first;
  • A clear analysis is not given with all tests;
  • Accuracy is good, but worse than in laboratories;
  • There is a strong discrepancy in the results;
  • A drop of blood should only be full-weight, which is of great importance for measurement;
  • It may take longer than indicated for the measurement;
  • There are disadvantages, but they are few.

Bottom line: The ideal analyzer for measuring the level of sugar, cholesterol, uric acid, the product is the optimal solution for analysis at home. The kit consists of a device, 10 test strips, a pen for safe lancing, as well as a lancet, a battery, this device is compact and can be easily carried with you. The cost of the product is 4500 rubles, but the price may depend on a particular store.

Satellite Express

The Satellite Express apparatus is accurate and is responsible for the reliability of all the results of determining the sugar level. It clearly meets the requirements of measurement accuracy, which has been confirmed by clinical studies. The main advantages of such a product are the maximum ease of use and convenience. For one measurement, a small drop of 1 μL of blood is taken, and test strips can be bought individually wrapped at a low price. A special capillary strip will draw the required blood volume by itself.

The manufacturer and developer of the domestic meter is ELTA Company LLC, which is familiar to many and has long been producing goods with the Satellite trademark. Over the years, the company has released a number of express products, has won respect in the country and neighboring countries. Such a device meets all world characteristics, is distinguished by such advantages as accuracy and durability. Satellite Express has long been recognized and recommended by endocrinologists worldwide. Thanks to the device, self-control for diabetes will be as convenient and affordable as possible.

blood glucose meter Satellite Express


  • Product type: blood sugar level measurement;
  • Measurement: electrochemical;
  • Unit: mmol / l;
  • Calibration: by blood;
  • Testing is fast;
  • A blood test requires 1 μL;
  • Total weight: 60 grams;
  • Dimensions: 97x53x16 mm;
  • There is a memory function in the device;
  • Total memory capacity: 60 measurements;
  • The instruction is in Russian.
  • The price of the test strip is affordable;
  • Each special test strip is packaged separately;
  • The product can withstand even frost down to -20C;
  • Accuracy;
  • All that is required for measurement is in the Satellite Express set;
  • Convenient handle for the scarifier;
  • A very small drop of blood is required;
  • Ease;
  • The quality of the product is excellent;
  • Speed;
  • The screen is large and comfortable.
  • The measuring device is not connected to a PC or phone;
  • Lack of large packages;
  • Convenience in keeping an electronic diary is minimal;
  • The case is rather large and it is inconvenient to carry it with you;
  • The product is not the best for piercing the skin;
  • The quality of the test strip is not always perfect;
  • The body is weak;
  • There are few downsides to the network.

Bottom line: Satellite-Express is a convenient portable blood sugar concentration meter, the device makes it easy to do the analysis yourself. The quality of the analysis will be the same as in research medical centers. The device is easy to use and its price is reasonable. The cost of this modern device Satellite Express is 1133 rubles.

Video instruction for working with the device:

Contour Plus

Thanks to the special device Contour Plus, you can regularly monitor the sugar level at home. The determination accuracy is high here, which is associated with the technology of multiple assessment of a drop of blood for sugar. Due to its characteristics, the product is used even in polyclinics for the treatment of patients with diabetes.

Special laboratory tests were made, so that the accuracy of this device was as close as possible to medical rigorous checks, that is, the deviations will be minimal. The functionality installed here will suit every person. It does not even require encoding, which will appeal not only to adults, but also to children.

The set consists of a product for measuring, lancets for skin puncture, a comfortable cover. For the sample to be tested, venous or capillary blood is used here, only 0.6 μl is sufficient for an accurate result.

This test result will be immediately visible on the display, the numbers in the meter range up to 33.3 mmol / liter. The device has a memory for 250 tests, where the date and time of testing will be indicated, the device itself is compact and weighs only 47 grams. Its size makes it easy to carry around in your pocket and take blood sugar measurements wherever you want, at home or at work.

blood glucose meter Contour Plus


  • Device type: blood glucose meter;
  • Measurement: electrochemical type;
  • No coding required;
  • Unit: mmol / liter;
  • Plasma calibration;
  • Testing will take 5 seconds;
  • Requires two 3 volt lithium batteries;
  • Battery capacity is enough for 1000 measurements;
  • Memory function for recording the result;
  • Memory capacity 250 measurements;
  • There is a calculation of the average result;
  • A special connector for communication with a PC, which is very convenient.
  • Special storage bag;
  • Convenient design shape;
  • Lightness and ease of use;
  • Affordable cost;
  • The accuracy of the result will be high thanks to unique manufacturing technologies;
  • You do not need to dial the code;
  • A pack of test strips lasts for a month or more;
  • Multi-pulse technology is used;
  • There are different modes of operation;
  • German assembly model, great quality.
  • There is practically a minimum of negative reviews on the network and this is true;
  • Performance is not the same as the best products;
  • Sometimes there is marriage.

Bottom line: This modern device has been sold since 2008, thanks to the technologies used here, the design is considered one of the best. A person can easily get low and high rates in the last seven days. The cost of the product is 820 rubles, the device is distinguished by the quality of work and is durable. These models are cheap and made using unique technologies.

How to work with the device - in the video:


The Diakont glucometer is a special device for measuring sugar levels at home. Diacont is a domestic manufacturer whose glucometers are inexpensive and will differ in quality. Such a device has won the attention of many citizens who need to get a blood sugar test every day. Has numerous excellent reviews from users who have bought this product for a long time and have used it for a long time. The control here is convenient and simple, so that both old people and children can use the meter.

To use the device, you only need to install a test strip, here you don't even need to enter a code. The cost of the product is reasonable and attracts many citizens, and each test is cheap. Test special general strips can be bought in a set that costs 350 rubles.

The display here is a high-quality liquid crystal, where all the data is displayed in large letters.250 measurements will be saved and records are made recently, in addition to this, the device still shows average statistical data. The accuracy of the device is great, as evidenced by numerous positive reviews, and the indicators will be the same as for special laboratory medical devices.

blood glucose meter Diacont


  • Affordable prices;
  • Test strips are cheap;
  • Accuracy;
  • The design is beautiful;
  • The display has large characters;
  • Requires 0.7 μl of blood;
  • Total memory for 250 analyzes;
  • No coding;
  • The battery lasts for a year of work;
  • Measurement of electrochemical type;
  • Plasma calibration.
  • The cost of the device is affordable;
  • Ease of use;
  • There is only one control button;
  • The quality of the result is shown in numbers and a smiley;
  • Accuracy 95%;
  • Statistics for every seven days;
  • Voice control function;
  • The convenience of use;
  • Excellent construction;
  • The result is always accurate;
  • Set with a handy bag.
  • Rarely, but marriage occurs;
  • Accuracy is not always perfect;
  • Beeps too loudly at high and low levels;
  • It is not always possible to get it in city stores;
  • Sometimes it breaks down after 6 months;
  • The needles are not as thin as required for painless analysis;
  • Service centers are not everywhere in cities;
  • There are few negative reviews on the net.

Read more about the advantages of the device in the video:

Bottom line: The Diakont device is highly accurate, the screen is large and very comfortable, it works without coding, and blood can be taken from the palm and even from the lower leg and thigh. With one special battery, 1000 measurements can be taken, there is a calendar and a clock on the screen, the design is suitable for the visually impaired and the elderly. The cost of this inexpensive product is 650 rubles, where the price depends on the store. When you buy this product, read the description and the certificate first.

B.Well WG-72 Voice

The modern B.Well WG-72 Voice is a device designed specifically for those with vision problems. There is a voice guidance with a choice of volume level, and the display is very large and comfortable. The set consists of a meter, an automatic lancet device, and ten sterile lancets, a cap, 10 test strips, a case, and two batteries. This device is quite convenient and easy to use, and the device is not expensive. This handy special new product doesn't even require coding and has been developed by experienced technicians.

The blood test is painless and takes only 7 seconds, and for this only one drop of blood will be taken. This precision measuring instrument has a memory for 450 measurements, and the test strip is automatically removed at the push of a button. There is a built-in calendar and clock in the device, as well as a number of additional functions, such as average score, PC connection and others. The device features a combination of the best technology and stylish design.

B.Well WG-72 Voice


  • Product type: blood sugar analysis;
  • Measurement: electrochemical method;
  • No coding;
  • Plasma calibration;
  • The test lasts 7 seconds;
  • Required volume: 0.7 μl of blood;
  • Weight is 80 grams;
  • Batteries 2 AAA;
  • There is a memory function in the product;
  • The function of calculating the average result.
  • Stylish design;
  • Build quality;
  • The volume is adjustable, there are 7 volume levels;
  • Voice guidance;
  • Auto extract test;
  • Large display;
  • Clear design;
  • The device easily makes a blood test;
  • For measurement, the method of reaction of sugar with a reagent is used;
  • The device belongs to high quality products.
  • Voice acting is not complete in the device;
  • It is not immediately clear where to apply the blood;
  • The accuracy is poor;
  • Sometimes it breaks down after 6-8 months;
  • Marriage is rare, but it does happen;
  • There are few downsides to the network.

Bottom line: This device measures blood sugar, the device is often used by patients with diabetes. If you keep regular control over sugar, then your life will be full and active. Such a modern device costs 2,270 rubles, and if the product is bought in a city store, then the price will be even higher.When you buy this device in a store, first find out if it has been tested in medical laboratories.


The Omelon universal apparatus was developed by the best Russian scientists, and work on its manufacture took a long time. Such a meter has positive excellent characteristics. The device has all the required elements for testing, the device has quality licenses and is officially approved on the world market.

This product is convenient and simple, besides, it can save all the results made before. Differs in workmanship, works without blood sampling and has a compact size, and its weight is minimal, such data are important for every person.

Omelon B2 is a common bloodless measuring product on the Russian market, thanks to this design, a person can easily monitor his health. The shelf life of the product is long and will be able to work without failures for 5-7 years, and the manufacturer's warranty is 2 years.

The measurement is accurate, and the error will be minimal, in addition, the memory of the last analysis is stored here. The source for the general power supply here is an AA battery, of which there should be four pieces. Sugar and blood pressure tests will be indicated in digital form on the screen, today this device is used both in hospitals and at home, the device is universal and has no analogues in the world.

glucometer Omelon


  • Pressure measurement range 30-170 mm;
  • General error 0.4;
  • Sugar measurement range 2-17 mmol / l;
  • Stores one test in memory;
  • The operating mode is set in a maximum of 10 seconds;
  • Weight 0.5 kg;
  • Dimensions 155x100x45 mm;
  • Average service life 10 years;
  • It is required to store at temperatures up to 40C;
  • Measurement of sugar levels without blood sampling;
  • Profitability;
  • Multifunctionality.
  • Additional pressure is measured;
  • Saving money, since there are three devices in one product at once;
  • Affordable price;
  • Convenient to use;
  • Quality;
  • Additional costs will no longer be required;
  • Painless;
  • Product quickly date the result;
  • Durability of functioning;
  • Service support for maintenance, repair;
  • No test strips, which is convenient.
  • The design is not so high-quality anymore;
  • Results may vary and are not always accurate;
  • It is best not to use close to electronic devices, which degrades accuracy;
  • There are complaints that it measures sugar poorly.

Bottom line: The Omelon device is comfortable and gorgeous, its dimensions are compact, the case is shock-resistant, and the digital screen with large signs. An automatic tonometer and simultaneously a blood sugar meter without piercing a finger is not cheap, its price is 6480 rubles, where the cost depends on the store, as well as the type of product.

Rating of the best budget blood glucose meters for 2020

Accu-Chek Performa

If you need to constantly monitor your blood sugar level, then the Accu-Chek Performa glucometer is the ideal assistant in this matter. The design is designed to be as convenient as possible for conducting tests: two control buttons that do not need to be pressed during testing, a display with large numerical indicators, allowing even a visually impaired user to view the data. The main feature of the device is that no coding is required before starting new packaging of tests, which will not allow you to get confused in the numbers of codes.

The device is suitable even for babies, as it requires a very small amount of blood for analysis and its receipt is practically painless.

Values ​​are calculated quickly, the amount of memory is large, where it is scheduled when, what time and before or after a meal the analysis was carried out. The alarm will remind you of the need to donate blood. The small size allows you to take the device for travel or use for regular wear.


  • Type: electrochemical;
  • Dimensions (centimeters): 9.4 / 5.2 / 2.1;
  • Net weight: 59 grams;
  • Battery: CR2032;
  • Memory: 500 measurements;
  • Required blood volume for measurement: 0.6 μl;
  • Time for 1 research: 5 seconds;
  • Calibration of the result: by plasma;
  • Features: calculating the average result, marking food intake, alarm clock, autonomous shutdown, the ability to connect to a personal computer, the function of storing the results, sound warning for users with poor eyesight.
Accu-Chek Performa
  • Ease of operation;
  • Convenient;
  • Makes a very small hole on the finger without pain, the wound heals quickly;
  • Hygienic;
  • Takes measurements quickly;
  • Accuracy of readings;
  • Lack of encoding;
  • Unlimited strip validity after opening;
  • Large display;
  • Instructions in Russian;
  • Inexpensive.
  • Consumables cost;
  • Devices with defects come across: inaccuracy of readings, short service life (after the expiration of the warranty, it immediately breaks down).

Bottom line: according to the technical base, the device is not bad and only costs 560 rubles. It is as comfortable to use as possible, does everything quickly and painlessly, but only if you are lucky. Otherwise, the buyer may be disappointed, since these models are found with defects - a large error in the readings.

Contour TS

Another model of a blood glucose meter from a Japanese manufacturer at an affordable price. The lack of programming simplifies the design, while making it more reliable. The vehicle circuit does not require inserting a code chip, manual programming, thereby improving the quality of indications in a long period.

The blood sample can be taken from several places: the tip of the finger, palm, or forearm.


  • Parameters (centimeters): 7.1 / 6 / 1.9;
  • Net weight: 56.7 grams;
  • Test time: 5 seconds;
  • Blood for one measurement: 0.6 μl;
  • Memory capacity: 250 measurements;
  • Measurement of glucose: mg / dl or mol / l;
  • Battery: CR2032;
  • Plasma calibration;
  • No coding required;
  • Possibilities of the device: finding the average result, automatic shutdown, connection to a PC, memory function.
Contour TS
  • Measurement speed;
  • Test strip price;
  • No calibration required when changing strip lot;
  • Memory function with date and time;
  • Convenient operation;
  • Equipment;
  • Compact dimensions.
  • A few users complain about a large error in the measurement accuracy.

Bottom line: a multifunctional, universal (in terms of blood collection) device for only 770 rubles. It works efficiently, quickly, has a good package bundle, but there is one small caveat - there were models with inaccurate readings, although a huge number of users are delighted with the device.

IME-DC Prince

The German manufacturer introduces the IME-DC PRINCE device for determining the level of glucose in capillary blood. According to experts, this blood glucose meter is one of the best in this segment on the European and world markets. Based on modern biosensor technology, it provides high-precision measurements and ensures ease of use.

The model is used for in vitro diagnostics. The visual perception of the data is facilitated by the large numerical parameters displayed on the large LCD screen. The accuracy of measurements practically reaches a 100% result - 96%. The device is widely used both in everyday life and by doctors in many clinics in Germany and the world.

The delivery set includes: an instrument, a battery, 10 strips for dough, a pen and replaceable lancets for lancing, scarifiers, a storage case and an instruction manual in Russian.


  • Measurement methods: biosensory, glucose oxidase;
  • Software: Diabass;
  • Size (centimeters): 8.8 / 6.2 / 2.2;
  • Net weight: 56.5 grams;
  • Battery: 3V lithium;
  • LCD: 3.3 / 3.9 cm;
  • Working temperature: 14-40 degrees;
  • Memory: for 100 results with date and time;
  • Blood required for one measurement: 2 μl;
  • One battery is enough: for 1 thousand measurements;
  • Accuracy: 96%;
  • Time to complete one cycle: 10 seconds;
  • Measurement range: 20-600 - mg / dl; 1.1-33.3 - mol / l;
  • Test Strip: IME-DC PRINCE;
  • Cable: RS232;
  • Warranty period: 2 years.
  • Coding: automatic;
  • Blood calibration;
  • Features: saving data, self-shutdown after 1 minute of inactivity, connecting to a personal computer, counting the analysis time, autonomous determination of the correct installation of the test strip, warning about a critical temperature, spontaneous checking of the ambient temperature and the entire system, the appearance of symbolic prompts during the analysis.
IME-DC Prince
  • Value for money;
  • Reliable;
  • Very easy to use;
  • Equipment;
  • Compact;
  • Software;
  • Automated;
  • Takes measurements quickly;
  • Large display;
  • Large, easy-to-read characters;
  • Functional.
  • Test strips are difficult to reach.

Bottom line: the ideal blood glucose meter for a low cost will delight any owner. It has huge functionality, capabilities and high accuracy. The average cost for a product is 800 rubles, but there is one problem - it is not as easy to find test strips as we would like.

Which blood glucose meter did you choose?

Modern meters

Modern measuring devices for monitoring sugar levels today can be bought without problems in city shops or on the Internet. Such products are definitely suitable for self-control and measurements at home. To use the device, you do not need to have much knowledge and experience, and the result will be fast and reliable.

You need to choose such a device for yourself individually, taking into account your age, needs, lifestyle and type of diabetes. The price of the product and its dimensions, the accuracy of all analyzes, as well as additional functions, such as sound accompaniment, measurement memory and others, are of great importance here.

With such a device, you can easily see the dynamics of the disease and, accordingly, compile an electronic diary for further analysis of the disease. There is a large selection of these devices, which will differ not only by the manufacturer, but also by the volume of blood drawn and data such as the speed of the result.

The device for determining glycemia must be accurate, since a person's life depends on reliability. The volume of blood required for analysis is small, usually 0.3-2 μl is enough for measuring sugar levels.

If you still do not know which company will have the best product, then first look at the rating of companies and this is the main selection criterion, and also clarify whether you can trust the readings of the product. When you buy yourself a high-quality excellent device, your health will be saved, so you can safely go on vacation in 2020.