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Top Braun Blenders 2020 with Pros and Cons

Top Braun Blenders 2020 with Pros and Cons

A modern housewife cannot do without a blender in the kitchen, because this assistant can replace several devices at once and greatly facilitate the cooking process. Today, there are thousands of options on the market for different tastes, colors and price tags. The German company Braun is considered one of the best firms producing blenders with great functionality. This article provides a ranking of the best models from this company.

Submersible models

6th place - Braun MQ 5035 WH Sauce

Braun MQ 5035 WH Sauce is made in Poland and its average price is 4030 rubles.


  1. Blender. The MQ 5035 WH Sauce has a plastic body with a rubberized handle in white and gray. On the body there are two buttons - on / off and turbo mode. The speed control wheel, located above the buttons, can be easily switched with one hand for comfortable operation without unnecessary movements. A big plus is the silicone coating, thanks to which the hand will not slide over the body during operation.

The EasyClick system is used to attach the attachments, which provides an easy tool change. The handle itself is specially designed to fit any type of hand.

  1. Working nozzle. The main nozzle is made of high-quality metal in the immersion part and plastic in the area of ​​attachment to the handle. Stainless steel knives have opposite ends. This helps to optimize chop quality and reduce suction.
  2. Chopper. It has a 0.5 l measuring beaker and the knives are also made of stainless steel. On the edges of the bottom, on the outside of the glass, there is an elastic band that prevents sliding along the surface during use.
  3. The whisk is neatly shaped for quick results when whipping, beating or kneading. The manufacturer promises that the use of this whisk will make the preparation of homemade desserts instantaneous, although user opinion says that the speed is not high enough for this.
  4. The 0.6 L plastic beaker is BPA-free and has graduated marks.

The Braun MQ 5035 WH Sauce has 750 watts of power and 13,500 rpm. These characteristics are suitable for simple use, but this does not exclude a quick and high-quality result. In general, this model is considered comfortable and with a good work result. Suitable for chopping nuts, meat and baking, baby food or cocktails.

Braun MQ 5035 WH Sauc
  • quick results;
  • dishwasher safe;
  • comfortable handle;
  • easy and smooth gear shifting.
  • small chopper volume;
  • when using a chopper, sometimes the contents are poured out;
  • not a convenient storage system for the device;
  • not suitable for ice picking.

5th place - Braun MQ5045

Blender Braun MQ5045 is made in white and gray colors. Country of origin - Romania. The average price is 6260 rubles.


  1. Blender. On the body of the blender there are two buttons, turbo mode and on / off, as well as a wheel for switching speeds, which in this model are 21. The body has a rubber insert so that your hands do not slip during operation. Its design makes it easy to use with one hand.
  2. The shredder with a volume of 1.5 liters made of plastic has an additional handle and a rubber footboard. Ingredients are loaded inside, a blender is connected and you can safely grind products, holding by the handle.
  3. The mill has a volume of 350 ml and is made of plastic.
  4. Grinding attachment. The standard chopping attachment is made of stainless steel in the sinker and plastic in the attachment to the blender.
  5. The whisk is also made of stainless steel with a plastic attachment part.
  6. A 500 ml beaker is graduated and made of BPA-free plastic.

The power of the model is 750 W and 13500 rpm. This model is suitable for users who do not require a lot of functionality from a blender.

Braun MQ5045
  • it is convenient to hold the blender while working;
  • quality work;
  • anti-slip rubber footboard;
  • the possibility of breaking ice.
  • small set of nozzles;
  • small corolla;
  • it is impossible to work with only one hand.

4th place - Braun MQ 775

Braun MQ 775 was produced in Romania at the end of 2018, its average price is 5 929 rubles.

The package includes:

  1. Blender. The main part of it is made of plastic in black. There is only one button on the body for switching speeds and turning on / off. The speeds change according to the Smart Speed ​​technology, as the pressure increases, so does the power. In this case, all speeds are reset with one touch, turning off the blender. The attachments are attached using the EasyClick system, the attachment can be easily removed without unnecessary jerks and jerks, according to the same system, the attachment is put on the blender handle. The surface of the handle is made in such a way that it fixes it, avoiding slipping at different operating speeds.
  2. Chopping knife, it is also made of stainless steel and the ends are bent in opposite directions for good chopping results.
  3. Two graters, they are made of high quality steel and are used for grating vegetables or other product. The package includes two graters of different sizes.
  4. The shredder is large, looks like a grater, but has only one sharp hole. Good for shredding cabbage.
  5. Dough kneading attachment. It is a pair of stainless steel hooks.
  6. The whisk, like all immersion parts, is made of stainless steel. The nozzle has a special design that helps avoid splashes when whipping.
  7. The glass for using attachments has a volume of 1500 ml. With this glass, the above mentioned attachments are used, and an additional hole in the lid of the glass for adding food ensures a clean operation without opening.
  8. The 0.6 liter beaker is made of special BPA-free plastic.

Braun MQ 775 is not only a blender, but also a kind of food processor. Its power is 750 W and the rotational speed of the blades is 13300 rpm. The owner of this blender is provided with 10 stepless speeds. It is perfect for the kitchen of the hostess who loves to make different desserts or just delicious dishes.

Braun MQ 775
  • dishwasher safe;
  • child lock is provided;
  • special spout for adding food.
  • a small amount of vegetables or other food can get stuck between the lid and the nozzle;
  • some say it is inconvenient to use one button.

3rd place - Braun MQ 785 Patisserie Plus

The Braun MQ 785 Patisserie Plus is a modification of the Braun MQ 775. They have the same technical characteristics, but the 785 Patisserie Plus has more functionality. The average price of such a model is 7,650 rubles.


  1. Blender. The handle of the Braun MQ 785 Patisserie Plus blender is similar to the Braun MQ 775 - there is one button on the body that adjusts the speed. In general, the blender itself is made so that the hand will not slip and it is convenient to work at any power.
  2. Basic nozzle with a knife. Made entirely of stainless steel, no plastic base for attaching to the handle.
  3. Grinding bowl, 350 ml, BPA-free and equipped with anti-slip rubber sole.
  4. A large chopping bowl is provided for using the knives to shred ingredients. Its volume is 1.5 liters. The lid has an additional opening for adding food, this helps to avoid splashing during operation.
  5. The measuring cup is designed for a volume of 0.6 liters and has graduated scales for liquids.
  6. The dough kneading attachment is made of plastic with two blades and fits on a 1.5 liter chopper.
  7. Four graters. The first is for shredding into strips, the second is for coarse slicing, the third is for fine slicing and the fourth is for medium slicing. These attachments fit in a 1.5 liter bowl.
  8. A stainless steel whisk suitable for whipping. The immersion part of the whisk can be easily removed from the plastic base for convenient cleaning of the nozzle.

The power of the 785 Patisserie Plus is 750 watts and the high-speed mode is 13300 rpm. The user is given a choice of 10 speed modes, everyone can choose the power that is suitable for a given job and change it by changing the pressure on the button.

Most owners are satisfied not only with the work of this model, but also with the ease of use.

Braun mq 785 patisserie plus
  • blocking the blender;
  • comfortable body;
  • almost silent motor;
  • a lot of attachments;
  • compactness.
  • location of the lock button;
  • not everyone is suitable for the speed switching system;
  • the quality of whisking does not correspond to the manufacturer's promises.

2nd place - Braun MQ 5077 Buffet +

The Braun MQ 5077 Buffet + blender model is produced in Romania and is considered one of the best of this brand. The average price is 7469 rubles.


  1. The working unit has two buttons - turbo mode and on / off. Above there is a speed control wheel, they are in the model 5077 Buffet + 21. The silicone insert prevents hands from slipping during operation. In the lower part there are two buttons of the attachment attachment system, their presence allows you to easily remove or put on tools.
  2. The immersion head is made of stainless steel with a plastic top for attachment to the mechanical block.
  3. The whisk also has a plastic part with an attachment mechanism to the working block. A big plus is the ability to remove from the immersion part for washing.
  4. The mash attachment is made of special plastic and is suitable for mashing any vegetables.
  5. The slicing knife is made of stainless steel in the form of a disc and the Knife is put into a bowl - a food processor in special plastic inserts and slices vegetables in the form of French fries.
  6. The kneading attachment is also made of plastic and is used in a food processor.
  7. The measuring cup of this model, as in all blenders of this brand, is made of special plastic that does not contain BPA and its volume is 600 ml.
  8. bowl - food processor. The 1500 ml food processor is designed for use with almost all attachments. In the lid, in addition to the hole for connecting the blender, there is also a special neck for loading ingredients.
  9. Two attachments - graters. Two grater knives are used in the processor bowl and have sharp blades. One knife is used for coarse graters, the other is for smaller sizes

The power of this device is 750 W and 13500 rpm. Thanks to its functionality, this model helps to prepare any kind of food - soups, pastries, and even French fries. Its versatile design will perfectly fit into any kitchen and will become an indispensable assistant for both the professional and the beginner in the cooking process.

Braun MQ 5077 Buffet +
  • comfortable handle that prevents the hand from slipping at any speed;
  • dishwasher safe;
  • a disc for cutting slices in the form of French fries;
  • convenient speed change system;
  • easy change of attachments;
  • the presence of a turbo mode;
  • great functionality.
  • you need to constantly keep your finger on the button, which is not always convenient;
  • no ice pick;
  • not a convenient storage system.

1st place - Braun MQ 5177 Buffet +

In terms of functionality, the Braun MQ 5177 Buffet + is similar to the MQ 5077 Buffet +. One of the main differences is the color, as the model in question is produced in black. The price is from 8490 rubles. Country of origin - Romania.


  1. The blender is made of plastic with rubberized areas to prevent your hands from slipping during cooking.Above there is a wheel for changing the speed, and there are 21 of them in this model. The body also has buttons for turbo mode and on / off
  2. The chopping attachment is completely made of steel, no plastic attachment insert. The mounting structure is built into the metal part. The nozzle knives are bent in opposite directions in different blades.
  3. The mash nozzle is made of plastic. A plastic knife with two curved blades is attached to it.
  4. The kneading attachment is also made of plastic in the form of a knife with two long hook-shaped blades.
  5. The whisk is made of steel with a plastic base for attaching to the blender. The whisk is suitable for whipping or beating.
  6. Food processor. The food processor-style bowl is made of plastic with a rubber sole - anti-skid. The lid of this bowl, in addition to the part for connecting the blender, has a throat for loading products with a pusher. This helps to avoid splashing and stoppage during chopping or other work. Its volume is 1.5 liters.
  7. The French fries cutting disc has a plastic base with a steel blade. It is used in a place with a bowl in the form of a food processor. The attachment can be used not only for slicing potatoes, but also for other vegetables.
  8. Two stainless steel graters of different sizes are made in the form of a wavy rectangle. They are inserted into a special plastic disc.
  9. The shredder is made similarly to graters and is also inserted into a plastic disc. Has one hole - a blade.
  10. The 600 ml plastic beaker is BPA-free.

The blender has a power of 750 W and a speed of 13,500 rpm. Most of the users of this model speak positively about the work. With its help, you can cook a large number of dishes, quite sharp knives and a large number of various attachments contribute to this.

Braun MQ 5177 Buffet +
  • many different attachments;
  • easy nozzle change system;
  • a disc for cutting French fries;
  • large selection of speeds;
  • dishwasher safe;
  • throat for loading products with a pusher.
  • not very convenient to store;
  • ice cannot be crushed.

Stationary models

Among the stationary blenders from Braun, there are two models: JB 3060 and JB 5160.

Braun JB 3060

Blender Braun JB 3060 is produced in the Czech Republic in two colors, white and black. The average price is 5830 rubles. The body is made of plastic, and the 1750 ml grinding bowl is made of glass. The package includes 4 knives in the form of a rose.

In general, the blender is suitable for both ice crushing and meat grinding. It is quite stable and easy to use. There are 5 speeds and a turbo mode to choose from. Easy to clean.

Braun JB 3060
  • easy to wash;
  • does not take up much space;
  • grinds well;
  • there is a reverse mode;
  • there is a special throat for loading products;
  • crushing ice;
  • removable stainless steel knives.
  • small cord length;
  • noisy model;
  • great weight.

Braun JB 5160

Braun JB 5160 is also produced in the Czech Republic, the average price is 9490 rubles. The blender is made of plastic and glass silt. Has 11 speeds and a glass with a volume of 1600 ml. In the kitchen, it is a great helper in chopping, mixing and splitting ice.

Braun JB 5160
  • large selection of speeds;
  • drain tap;
  • there is a blocking - a fuse;
  • compact storage;
  • pulse mode.
  • high price;
  • there are leaks.


Blenders from Braun are considered to be of high quality and convenient in terms of price. Although all models are produced in other countries, they are strictly controlled and manufactured according to German technologies. To select the most suitable model, you can use the comparative table of technical characteristics.

Submersible models:

Technical characteristics1st place - Braun MQ 5177 Buffet +2nd place - Braun MQ 5077 Buffet +3rd place - Braun MQ 785 Patisserie Plus4th place - Braun MQ 7755th place - Braun MQ50456th place - Braun MQ 5035 WH Sauce 
Power750 W, 13500 rpm750 W, 13500 rpm750 W, 13300 rpm750 W, 13300 rpm750 W, 13500 rpm

750 W, 13500 rpm
Controlmechanical, number of speeds: 21, stepless speed controlmechanical, number of speeds: 21, stepless speed controlmechanical, number of speeds: 10, stepless speed controlmechanical, number of speeds: 10, stepless speed controlmechanical, number of speeds: 21, stepless speed controlmechanical, number of speeds: 21, stepless speed control
Additional modesturbo mode, grater, slicing disc, puree nozzle, dough nozzleturbo mode, grater, slicing disc, puree nozzle, dough nozzleturbo mode, grater, slicing disc, kneading nozzlegrater, slicing disc, kneading attachmentturbo mode, ice pickturbo mode
Chopperyes, volume 1.5 lyes, volume 1.5 lyes, volume 1.5 lyes, volume 1.5 lyes, volume 1.25 lyes, volume 0.5 l
Millernotnotyes, volume 0.35 lnotyes, volume 0.35 lnot
Beakeryes, volume 0.6 lyes, volume 0.6 lyes, volume 0.6 lyes, volume 0.6 lyes, volume 0.5 lyes, volume 0.6 l
Whisk for beatingthere isthere isthere isthere isthere isthere is
Body materialplasticplasticplasticplasticplasticplastic
Immersion materialmetalmetalmetalmetalmetalmetal
Power cordcord length 1.2 mcord length 1.2 mcord length 1.2 mcord length 1.2 mcord length 1.2 mcord length 1.2 m

Stationary models:

SpecificationsJB 3060 JB 5160
Power800 watts1000 watts
Controlmechanical, number of speeds: 5, stepless speed controlmechanical, number of speeds: 11, stepless speed control
Additional modepulse, turbo modepulse, ice pick
Body materialplasticplastic
Jug materialglassglass
Drain cocknotthere is
Ingredient holethere isthere is
Power cordstorage compartment, cord length 1.1 mstorage compartment, cord length 1.1 m

Many users only speak positively about each model of this brand, which confirms the leadership of this company.