A dental office or laboratory cannot do without an important tool - a dental micromotor. As a rule, these are hand tools that are used for milling, grinding, polishing work on one of the listed materials: metal, ceramics, plastic and wax. The wide range of products confuses the buyer. In this regard, an overview of the most popular micromotors for dentists and technicians for 2020 is presented with their pros and cons.

General information about the product - selection criteria

Micromotors are electrical tools that are equipped with a special clamp where the workpiece is inserted.

Based on the design features, one can understand what models of micromotors are.

Construction of equipment - detailing of individual sections of the tool

The main parts of the product include the power supply and control unit, as well as the dental attachment / micromotor "E" on which a straight or inclined dental rotary is mounted. tip.

The designs provide the following connectors: for connecting a power cable and a foot pedal, control and display elements.

The dental handpiece is the main part of the micromotor, which is carried out in a separate housing, where the electric motor and collet assembly are placed.

Definition! The collet assembly is an assembled mechanism that is designed to transfer rotation to the tool, secure fastening. It is screwed onto an electric motor. Fastening is provided by a collet type clamp.

Product classification - which is the best dental instrument to buy

All commercial units are divided into two types: brush and brushless.The first (they are also called collector) engines are easy to manufacture due to physical features (primitive adjustment of torque and speed). Distinctive characteristics:

  • budget cost;
  • rotation frequency no more than 40,000 rpm;
  • collector - brush.

The second (they are called brushless) motors have a good technical base, which affects their cost. Due to the absence of rubbing surfaces, the principle of regulation of the speed and torque on the shaft, they have a huge service life and safety margin. The only drawback is that they are practically beyond repair.

There are portable models and adapters according to their configuration. Portable micromotors are fully equipped with the necessary elements (foot pedal, handpiece stand, control unit). The "adapter" requires additional equipment, is necessarily equipped with a motor, and sometimes with several attachments (tips).

Selection tips - what to look for when buying a micromotor

How to choose a dental micromotor. Basic information can be found on the Internet, read customer reviews, view reviews on a particular model. This approach will save time when making a purchase directly.

The second question is where to buy the tool. Portable models are best purchased at Medtekhnika-type stores. This will allow you to visually verify the operation of the device, assess the risks of malfunctions, and secure a manufacturer's warranty.

Photo - "In the dentist's office"

Adapters (they can be with or without light) can be ordered online at any relevant website. At the same time, this approach will save the budget by analyzing the price segment for the same instrument in different virtual stores. The availability of a warranty card for the product from the manufacturer will help to reduce the risks of purchasing low-quality products.

Key parameters to focus on when purchasing a dental motor:

  • number of revolutions;
  • torque indicator;
  • motor type;
  • Control block.

Most manufacturers indicate the maximum number of revolutions per minute that a technician can make. It is worth considering the fact that working at maximum speeds, the product wears out quickly. In this regard, the risks should be assessed, and if 35 rpm is required, then it is better to take a model with a high declared speed.

The performance of the equipment is characterized by the torque. A powerful apparatus must be chosen if you plan to work with hard material. At the same time, it is important that the power is not “lost” at increased loads.

On a note! High-performance engines last longer and overheat less during continuous operation.

As for the type of engine: if the device is necessary for the preparation of hard alloys and gypsum, then it is better to use brushless devices, since they have a narrower specialization.

When choosing a control unit, you need to study which micromotors it is compatible with, since not all are suitable for simultaneous use with brush and brushless devices.

Rating of the best premium dental micromotors for 2020

This category includes the most expensive devices of Russian and foreign production of various technical base and design solutions. These are complete models requiring only a network connection. Top manufacturers:

  • Bien-Air;
  • NSK Nakanishi;
  • "Aveyron".

Model "Prolab Basic" from the manufacturer "Bien-Air"

Purpose: for laboratory stations.

The brushless device in a white and blue ergonomic case is equipped with an autonomous ventilation system and has no sensors. Works in several modes.The handpiece, straight, with a drive, is equipped with a clamp of increased strength and a good anti-vibration system.

Product with foot switch, stand, motor and cable for it. All functions are located on the front of the case. There is an error indication (incorrect operation), the speed is adjusted by means of a rotary knurled handle and a foot pedal. At high speeds, the indicator light comes on.

"Prolab Basic" from the manufacturer "Bien-Air", complete set of goods


A type:station
Dimensions (mm):170/80/30
Net weight:500 g
Vendor code:1700041-001
Tip:PML 1: 1
Performance (thousand revolutions per minute):1-40 - motor, 50 - maximum in both directions
Voltage (V):100/115/230
Power:170 watts
Installation method:desktop
Shank diameter:2.35 mm
Number of motors:one, straight
Control modes:3 pcs.
Guarantee period:12 months
Manufacturer country:Switzerland
By price:76,200 rubles
Bien-Air Prolab Basic
  • effective;
  • powerful;
  • compact;
  • works without vibration and jolts in any modes;
  • easy to install;
  • design;
  • functional.
  • expensive.

Model "MIO MR 230" from the manufacturer "NSK Nakanishi"

Appointment: for dental technicians.

An E-type dental micromotor with a fast-acting motor and a smooth set of speed is powered by direct current. A dust protection mechanism built into the handpiece prevents dirt from entering the bearing, thereby extending the life of the device. The speed is adjusted using the rotary knob, the setting of other functions is carried out using the buttons. There is a light indicator. The connector for the handpiece is located next to the control panel (end part of the structure).

The sales package includes: motor, stand, control unit, pedal tip and instructions.

"MIO MR 230" from the manufacturer "NSK Nakanishi" assembled


A type:brushless
Vendor code:Y140805
Size (centimeters):14.3 - length
Weight:191 g
Voltage (V):120/230
Rotation speed (thousand rpm):3-35
Error:0.02 mm
Rotation frequency:50/60 Hz
Number of modes:5 pieces.
Material:titanium alloy
Manufacturer country:Japan
Average price:38,300 rubles
NSK Nakanishi MIO MR 230
  • easy;
  • compact;
  • reliable;
  • simple control;
  • value for money.
  • not identified.

Model "BM 2.0 ECO" from the manufacturer "Averon"

Appointment: for dental departments.

Design features: the presence of a smart control unit that controls the entire process of work and protects the equipment from various problems.

A dental device in which an external hood starts to work simultaneously with the collector handpiece, removing processing waste from the working area. The rotation speed is stable at any speed conditions when working with metal and ceramics. There is a control panel that is placed on the table. For more space on the working area, the power unit is retracted under the table top.

The device is equipped with a built-in power regulator (soft start), which saves the resource of the connected hood. The set includes a foot pedal. With an automatic shutdown function, the device prevents rapid wear of equipment, consumes less energy, and also monitors the operation of equipment at idle speed.

"BM 2.0 ECO" from the manufacturer "Averon", complete set of goods


A type:drill
Parameters (centimeters):15/15/25
Net weight:2 kg 500 g
Shank diameter:2.35 mm
Current strength:1 A
Power:1100 Wt
Voltage:220 V
Rotation frequency:50 Hz
Adjustment step:1-10 steps
Rotation in both directions (thousand revolutions per minute):1-35
Autonomous shutdown in case of accidental start of the machine:after 10 minutes
Vendor code:10142
Guarantee period:2 years
Manufacturer country:Russia
How much is:21,000 rubles
Averon BM 2.0 ECO
  • affordable price;
  • multifunctional;
  • good components;
  • safe.
  • not identified.

Rating of quality micromotors with control units for 2020

This series includes versatile devices: inexpensive, medium and high price categories from foreign and Russian firms. Popular models belong to companies:

  • Medtorg Plus;
  • Chirana Medical;
  • "Mercury";
  • SOHO.

On a note! Description is given only to micromotors.

Model "DP-5" from the manufacturer "Medtorg plus"

Purpose: for instruments, complete set of portable drills used by doctors and dental technicians.

Set: micromotor + control unit BU-01 24V (description is given only to the engine).

Medical unit with built-in water and air supply. It uses an electronic circuit for regulating engine speed with a system for stabilizing its operation when the load changes. The BEU-01 unit operates on alternating current.

"DP-5" from the manufacturer "Medtorg plus", appearance


A type:therapeutic
Size (centimeters):2.3 by 6.5
Net weight:110 g
Cycle / work:10/4 minutes
Current:3 A
Working temperature:+ 10- + 35 degrees
Pressure:0.25 MPa
Frequency:50 Hz
Power consumption:72 watts
Maximum moment:40 mNm
Rotation frequency:50-40,000 rpm.
Guarantee:1 year
Manufacturer country:Russia
Average amount:15,000 rubles
Medtorg plus DP-5
  • the product is affordable;
  • quality;
  • easily mounted in dental equipment;
  • functional;
  • equipment.
  • not identified.

Model "P2ED 460" from the manufacturer "Chirana Medical"

Purpose: for medical institutions.

Brush motor (without illumination) in a metal case with an internal water supply. Adjustment of speed and fluid is carried out from the installation, the former can be adjusted through the control unit. It is possible to install a tip with a ratio of 1: 5.

P2ED 460 from Chirana Medical, horizontal position


A type:commutable
Product code:104834
Control block:"CHIRANA"
Power:20 watts
Torque:35 mNm
Material:stainless steel
Guarantee period:12 months
Manufacturer country:Slovakia
Cost:23,200 rubles
Chirana Medical P2ED 460
  • productive;
  • reliable;
  • opportunities;
  • internal spray;
  • ease of installation.
  • requires air cooling.

Model "MERCURY 2000" from the manufacturer "Mercury"

Purpose: for use in dental units as a drive for low-speed handpieces when performing dental work.

Air micromotor with internal cooling, without light in a metal housing. The water jet for the bur in the handpiece takes place inside the air motor itself. The minimum rotation speed is 22 thousand revolutions per minute. Each of the modes affects the indicators of consumption of air mass and its pressure.

"MERCURY 2000" from the manufacturer "Mercury", product appearance


A type:pneumatic
Application area:therapeutic and orthopedic dentistry
Maximum rotation speed:27,000 rpm
Air consumption:72 l / min. at a pressure of 392 kPa
4-channel connection:Midwest
Noise level:no more than 65 dB
Number of modes:3 pcs.
Guarantee period:1 year
Material:stainless steel
Weight:90 g
By cost:5200 rubles
Mercury MERCURY 2000
  • from the series "budget";
  • practical;
  • easy to assemble;
  • several operating modes.
  • requires careful handling (do not drop).

Model "СХ235-3" from the manufacturer "SOHO"

Purpose: For low speed dental handpieces with external cooling supply system.

Air micromotor with external water supply with reversible movement function. The flexible connection of the hose to the maximum angle of rotation, during the work with the teeth, does not require pulling the "wire". There is a speed adjustment.

Features: choice of motor - 2 or 4 channels, autoclavable at maximum temperature, connects to all types of low speed handpieces.

"СХ235-3" from the manufacturer "SOHO", oblique view


A type:pneumatic
Vendor code:40100300
Rotational speed:20 thousand rpm
Motor:four-channel "MidWest"
Air pressure:0.3 Pa
Material:Aluminium alloy
Rotation:360 degrees
Allowable temperature conditions:135 degrees
Guarantee:1 year
Approximate scene:10300 rubles
SOHO CX235-3
  • low vibration;
  • affordable price;
  • functional;
  • long service life.
  • not identified.

The best dental kits micromotor + handpiece for 2020

Each represented company differs from other representatives of this category in terms of the products it represents, by its configuration, which affects the total cost of the set. The delivery set may include various types of handpieces with a micromotor, which has an individual technical basis (set by the trade mark). The best suppliers of this year are:

  • Gnatus Equipamentos Medico Ltda;
  • "Saeyang".

Note! Only the engine itself is described in detail, the attachments are listed.

Model "Academic Kit" from the manufacturer "Gnatus Equipamentos Medico Ltda"

Appointment: for dentists.

Ergonomically shaped shaft with rounded lines (metal), equipped with anti-slip grooves and direction of rotation indicator. Autoclaving at maximum temperature is provided.

Accessories: branded backpack, micromotor, handpieces: angular, straight, turbine.

Academic Kit from Gnatus Equipamentos Medico Ltda, delivery set


A type:pneumatic
Vendor code:115060000042
Net weight:110 g
Operating pressure:40 psi
Number of attachments:3 pcs.
Sterilization:up to 135 degrees
Manufacturer country:USA
Average amount:37,000 rubles
Gnatus Equipamentos Medico Ltda Academic Kit
  • equipment;
  • affordable price;
  • reliable;
  • low noise;
  • high torque;
  • ergonomic shape.
  • expensive.

Model "BM40K + BHK" from the manufacturer "Saeyang"

Purpose: for a milling machine.

South Korean-made product in a metal case with a duplicate tip, which is installed on the shoulder of a milling machine, equipped with a VNK collet assembly. Half of the handle is made of plastic with corrugated inserts for fingers, which do not allow the device to slip off the hand during operation. Color: black + silver.

"BM40K + BHK" from the manufacturer "Saeyang", appearance


Vendor code:SDE-BM40K + BHK SET
A type:brushless
Rpm:40 thousand
Milling cutter seat: 20 mm
Torque:7.8 N / cm
Scope of use:dental laboratories
How many in the set:2 pcs.
Guarantee period:half a year
Manufacturer country:South Korea
Cost:40,300 rubles
Saeyang »BM40K + BHK
  • build quality;
  • convenient operation;
  • productive;
  • careful.
  • price.

TOP of the best dental micromotor handles for 2020 from the manufacturer "SAE YANG MICROTECH"

The popularity of models in this category is due to the ease of use. In the price segment, they are inexpensive, consist of two materials (metal + plastic). The handle can be ergonomic, well-designed for comfortable use. South Korean production units.

Model "SDE-H37SP"

Purpose: for use with the Marathon 103 milling machine in dental laboratories, beauty salons, as well as at home.

The accessory is used for grinding, polishing and fine milling of all types of materials, using a wide range of processing tools: burs, cutters, brushes, and the like.

A brush motor is built into the handpiece body, which can be additionally equipped with M 3 Champion, Marathon control units of the N7New or N2 line.

"SDE-H37SP", motor appearance


Product code:S-10199
Parameters (centimeters):2.75 - diameter, 15.46 - length
Weight:218 g
Maximum rotational speed:35 thousand rpm
Torque:2.9 N / cm
Applicable control unit:M 3 Champion
Compatible with machines Marathon versions:Multi 600 DUO and Handy 700
Supply voltage:30 in
Colour:the black
Housing:plastic + metal
Guarantee:6 months
Manufacturer country:South Korea
Cost:5150 rubles
  • widespread use;
  • ergonomic shape;
  • inexpensive;
  • fits comfortably in the hand.
  • not identified.

Model "SDE-BM50M / BHS1"

Appointment: for dentists.

A device without light in a black plastic case, compatible with the Multi 600 and Multi 600 DUO control units, as well as the Handy series: ECO, 700 and 701. In comparison with brush micromotors, the torque is 2-3 times higher, higher speed and quiet Job. The connecting plug, the head of the device is made of metal, the case is plastic with multilevel grooves.

"SDE-BM50M / BHS1" with cable


A type:brushless
Product code:12036
Dimensions (centimeters):15.98 - length, 2.62 - thickness
Number of revolutions:50,000 per minute
Torque:7.8 N / cm
Net weight:238 gram
Guarantee period:6 months
Manufacturer country:South Korea
By price:22600 rubles
  • productive;
  • powerful;
  • silent work;
  • extended service life;
  • value for money;
  • fits comfortably in the hand.
  • not identified.

Model "SDE-BH77"

Purpose: for dental laboratories.

A tip in a thin plastic body and metal inserts: head, rear part of the structure, connecting plug (upper part). Half of the micromotor is straight, the other half (closer to the tip) is tapered and ergonomic. Compatible with the same control units as the “SDE-BM50M / BHS1” model.

Recommendations! According to dentists, this model is ideal for female technicians (ceramists).

"SDE-BH77", appearance


A type:brushless
Parameters (centimeters):9.77 - length, 2 - diameter
Net weight:218 gram
Number of revolutions per minute:60 thousand
Torque:4 N / cm
Colour:the black
Material:metal, plastic
Product warranty period:half a year
How much is:40,000 rubles
  • certified;
  • design;
  • quality;
  • works quietly;
  • long service life;
  • high-performance.
  • expensive.


There are several types of dental micromotors, which are selected primarily for their intended purpose. The cost of models is influenced by their equipment, technical base and material from which the product is made. Expensive motors are made entirely of metal, budget motors can have a plastic coating.

According to buyers, specialty stores are the best place to buy portable copies. Adapters can be purchased from the online store.

Table - "TOP of the best dental micromotors for 2020"

Brand assortment:Manufacturer:Maximum number of revolutions per minute (thousand):A type:Average cost (rubles):
"Prolab Basic""Bien-Air"50station76200
"MIO MR 230"NSK Nakanishi35station38300
"BM 2.0 ECO""Aveyron"35drill21000
"DP-5""Medtorg plus"40therapeutic15000
P2ED 460Chirana Medical40commutable23200
"MERCURY 2000""Mercury"27pneumatic5200
Academic Kit"Gnatus Equipamentos Medico Ltda"-pneumatic37000
"BM40K + BHK""Saeyang"40brushless40300
"SDE-H37SP""SAE YANG MICROTECH"35handle, brush5150
"SDE-BM50M / BHS1""SAE YANG MICROTECH"50handle, brushless22600
"SDE-BH77""SAE YANG MICROTECH"60handle, brushless40000

Note! Based on the tabular data, South Korean micromotors are the sales leaders. This is explained by a wide range of products in different price categories. However, which company is the best product is up to the buyer.