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Rating of the best pipe benders in 2020

Rating of the best pipe benders in 2020

Pipe benders or profile benders are professional equipment specially designed for bending pipes into arcs. With the help of machine tools, it is easy to bend pipes without the appearance of kinks, cracks or any other deformations of the material.

Electric tube benders are used on an industrial scale when manual labor takes too long. For household needs, a manual model is perfect. They are distinguished by their compact size, reliability and ease of use. Today we will list the best pipe benders for 2020.

Best pipe benders in 2020

Smart & Solid BendMax-200 - the best manual pipe bender for profile

In our rating, the BendMax-200 model occupies the first line. The tube bender is designed to work with square or rectangular parts. The main advantage is that it is made of durable steel. This allows the device to serve as a key element during profile bending under heavy loads. Crank handle, made using plastic winding. This improves the quality of the grip between the person and the tool during operation.

The bending is performed using a mechanical drive. It is carried out in a phased manner. The tool can be used without being secured to a workbench. Ideal for profile and cast square bending. If problems arise with the pipe bender, the body can be easily disassembled by unscrewing all existing bolted connections. The screw is also secured with two nuts and can be easily loosened if necessary. During the clamping of the workpiece during operation, it is pressed into the notch. The device is not very convenient to use as it weighs 23 kg.

The instrument went through a large number of experiments, during which the high quality of the product was confirmed. A large number of users and experts note the ease of use and reliability. An additional powder coating is also noted, due to which the tool is reliably protected from corrosion.

The cost of the Smart & Solid BendMax-200 pipe bender varies from 13,000 to 16,000 rubles.

Smart & Solid BendMax-200
  • the body is made of durable steel;
  • comfortable handle with plastic wrapping for more convenient rolling of parts;
  • hardened steel is used on the rollers;
  • work is carried out without fixing on the workbench;
  • the case is easily disassembled;
  • the pipe bender has small dimensions - 230 x 440 x 460 mm;
  • copes even with thick wall sections up to 2 mm;
  • also suitable for steel grade St3.
  • completely unjustified cost of 13,000 rubles;
  • when twisting a thin rod, it is inconvenient to use a screw drive;
  • during the clamping of the workpiece, it can press into the notch;
  • weighs 23 kg.

Smart & Solid BendMax-300 - the best rough bender in the price category up to 20,000 rubles

The second line of the rating, oddly enough, is occupied by another pipe bender from Smart & Solid. The tool has a robust construction. For the manufacture of parts, the manufacturer used the same steel as for the previous model - 42-48 HRC.

The model is made for work with sections 15x15 to 40x40 mm. The pipes must be square. In this case, the wall thickness can be larger than that of the previous model, that is, up to 2.5 mm. Bends pipes, the dimensions of which do not exceed 50x30x2 mm, they are also called profile. With the condition that you remove the fixing washers from them from the adjustable rings of the side mandrels.

The device is protected against corrosion. Top covered with a special coating that prevents moisture from entering the surface and inside. The manufacturer worked this moment perfectly and covered the pipe bender with two layers of zinc and powder paint. In this case, the device will last for many years without breakdowns and additional expenses for getting rid of metal from rust.

The average score in various markets is 4.5 points. This suggests that the pipe bender is appreciated for a large number of presented characteristics, they fully justify themselves. Buyers, in most cases, note the reliability and ease of use.

The cost of the Smart & Solid BendMax-300 model varies from 18,000 to 22,000 rubles.

Smart & Solid BendMax-300
  • use of zinc and special powder for corrosion protection;
  • takes a greater wall thickness than the previous model;
  • high marks on all kinds of online markets;
  • buyers note reliability and ease of use;
  • made of durable steel.
  • the main one - the cost is over 18,000 rubles, not everyone can afford to buy a device;
  • tool weight 27 kg.

STELS 18115 - the best hydraulic pipe bender for water supply and heating

The third line of our rating is the STELS 18115 pipe bender. It is used for laying water pipes or heating. It is considered the best in its class. Conclusions based on user and professional feedback. A special case is provided for it, made of plastic. Because of this, it is convenient to carry. Also works with parts of different sizes. This function is provided by the holes with the possibility of rearrangement. They are for rollers. Additionally, the set includes special shoes.

The drive on the tool is hydraulic. It helps the master to make the required number of knees in a short period of time. The device works without a possible attachment to the workbench. It does not overload or break at high loads. Has compact dimensions - 540 x 530 x 190 mm.

The device is protected against corrosion by coating with a special powder. It is applied in a dense layer, looks like a polish varnish. Prevents moisture from entering the instrument.

The cost of the STELS 18115 model varies from 7,000 to 10,000 rubles. This is perfectly acceptable for this category of equipment.

STELS 18115
  • compact size of the device;
  • made of durable steel;
  • the best of representatives of pipe benders for water supply;
  • rod force is 8 tons;
  • acceptable cost for its category;
  • the ability to work without restraint;
  • to return the extended element to the reverse position, springs are provided;
  • small tool size.
  • with its size, the device weighs a lot - 25 kg;
  • when bending, you cannot see the degree of inclination, since this scale is absent;
  • can bend the pipe to a right angle.

Blacksmith ETB40-50HV Best Electric Model for Artistic Forging

The fourth line in our rating is taken by the Blacksmith ETB40-50HV pipe bender. It is designed to do a lot of work. Everything operates on an electric motor and gearbox. The pipe bender has two hydraulic shafts. The rotation speed of each is 18 rotations per minute. This is a good enough figure for a powered device.

The pipe bender is controlled by pedals. It is convenient because the operator's hands are free, and he can easily change workpieces, change edges or angles on the go to give the desired shape.The machine is positioned vertically. He does not need to be fixed in the workplace, he is absolutely independent. The move is done manually. There are two Stop buttons for immediate stop. Some of them are located on a stand, while the other is directly on the body.

The body is coated with a protective powder. It prevents the appearance of corrosion, is laid on the surface with a very dense layer. It does not peel off or break off, so the device will last for many years.

The cost of the Blacksmith ETB40-50HV model varies from 160,000 to 190,000 rubles.

Blacksmith ETB40-50HV
  • rollers for bending of different shapes are universal;
  • takes a maximum diameter of 40 mm;
  • takes a wall thickness greater than the 200 model by half a millimeter;
  • limiters are made of plastic;
  • due to the vertical arrangement, the device does not take up much space;
  • foot pedals make the work process more convenient;
  • hydraulic shafts rotate at a speed of 18 rotations per minute;
  • the machine is fixed to the floor for greater stability.
  • the cost of the pipe bender exceeds the price of 160,000 rubles;
  • during transportation, it is inconvenient to move the device weighing 230 kg;
  • for transportation it is required to hire specialized equipment;
  • works only after connecting to the power grid at least 380 V;
  • the pinch roller is quite heavy, but it has to be moved manually.

SWG-2 RENZA 068-1062 - the best device for bending thick pipes

The fifth line in the ranking of the best pipe benders is occupied by the SWG-2 RENZA 068-1062 device. Designed for bending thick pipes. The frame is designed in such a way that it can accommodate workpieces up to 50 mm. The lever has a special rubberized handle for a more comfortable grip during operation.

Holes for rollers are made in the body. They are designed for more convenient movement of bent pipes. Able to bend a part that is up to half an inch thick. Attached to the bottom are three wheels for moving around the floor without any problems. It does not require a workbench for ease of movement. Does not spoil the part during operation. It has been noticed that some pipe benders break through the walls and thereby completely spoil the part without the possibility of restoration.

The cost of such a model of the SWG-2 RENZA 068-1062 pipe bender varies from 20,000 to 25,000 rubles.

SWG-2 RENZA 068-1062
  • the handle is rubberized for a more comfortable grip between the operator and the device;
  • rollers can be quickly rearranged by means of adjustable locking pins;
  • no need to set up a workbench due to the included tripod;
  • the device is reliably protected from corrosion due to a coating of a special water-repellent powder;
  • the set includes 6 additional attachments;
  • suitable for bending workpieces with a diameter of more than 40 mm;
  • does not affect the quality of the walls and does not violate their integrity;
  • seams are made to high quality standards.
  • rather high cost, starting at 20,000 rubles;
  • the device weighs more than 50 kg and therefore it is inconvenient to transport it;
  • can only bend the pipe to a right angle.

Yato - the most affordable miniature pipe bender

We decided to give the sixth line of the rating to the pipe bender with the lowest price - Yato. It is used to work with soft pipes, the diameter of which does not exceed 10 mm. Able to bend various workpieces: made of aluminum, copper or brass. Unlike previous expensive models compared to this one, it can bend pipes up to 180 degrees. The scale helps to conveniently determine the fold angle.

The device is as light as possible, weighs only 450 g. With its help it is convenient to carry out installation or repair work in hard-to-reach places. Like all other pipe benders, it is reliably protected by an anti-corrosion coating. In this case, the device will last for many years, since water will not get to it, it will not receive any breakdowns due to its small size. An important point - convenient for transportation. It does not take up much space, just put it in the toolbox. Experts and users gave it an honorary rating of 4.6 points. Therefore, it occupies a fairly good position in the ranking.

The cost of this model of the Yato pipe bender is 900 rubles.

Yato pipe bender
  • very low price by the standards of pipe benders;
  • the minimum weight is 450 grams;
  • helps to carry out repair work in hard-to-reach places;
  • reliably protected from corrosion by a special anti-corrosion coating;
  • compact size.
  • the backlash is small;
  • works exclusively with soft pipes;
  • the pipe diameter should not exceed 10 mm.

Stalex TR-10 100308 - the best miniature pipe bender, with an excellent value for money

The seventh place in the ranking of the best pipe benders is occupied by the miniature device Stalex TR-10 100308. It is suitable for use in small production. For example, suitable for a personal workshop. There is a possibility with three diameters of different pipes. There is no need to rearrange the tooling. The frame is made of durable steel. Its thickness is 6 mm.

There are three options for the frame, special cutouts on the rollers are provided for them. High stop for more comfortable clamping. Three holes have been made on the platform, with which the device is attached to the workbench. Able to bend the part 180 degrees. This fact can be considered a big plus, since not every pipe bender has the ability to bend to such a large angle.

Staining is done with a special powder. It protects the surface of the device from corrosion. Therefore, the pipe bender will serve its owner for a long time. Also approved by most buyers and has a quality mark from professional craftsmen.

The cost of Stalex TR-10 100308 varies from 4,000 to 7,000 rubles.

Stalex TR-10 100308
  • the cost of the pipe bender does not exceed 7,000 rubles;
  • the thick bolt is the base on which the die rotates;
  • when working with different pipe diameters, there is no need to change the rollers, everything is installed in the basic configuration;
  • able to bend the part at an angle of up to 180 degrees;
  • a weight of 15 kg will not bring problems during transportation;
  • small dimensions - 610 x 270 x 195 mm, easily fits into a car.
  • short handle, with which it is not very convenient to bend;
  • welding seams are not of the best quality, they should be welded again before use;
  • the holes for fixing are small, only 10 mm, and according to the instructions it is indicated that 12 mm are needed for fixing;
  • the hole located in the center is too close to the die, so problems may arise when working with 32mm pipe.


The article highlights the main types of pipe benders for a more convenient selection of the appropriate one. Most of them do not go out of the category of the middle category, based on the price, and perfectly justify their value. Also, all the tools are selected in such a way that you can easily decide on the material of the product, size and specialization. Choose the option that is most convenient for you.

For each line of the rating, an absolutely unique instrument of its kind is allocated, they are considered the best. Everyone who has used such a tool at least once notes the high quality and ease of use, even if the pipe bender is large and weighs a lot. The purchase should be tailored to individual needs. Maybe you need it for your personal workshop, or maybe for a large production.