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Best Sony TVs of 2020

Best Sony TVs of 2020

The person who comes home after work wants to rest and relax. Watching your favorite programs easily helps with this. At the same time, the choice of a TV should be taken seriously, because at the moment the market for technical devices is oversaturated.

The Sony brand is known for more than just TVs. Initially, the company positioned itself as a phone manufacturer, but then there was a change in direction. The Japanese corporation produces technical devices in absolutely all price segments. We'll take a look at the offerings of Sony TVs in each one.

How to choose a TV

Before buying, you should understand what diagonal is needed. To do this, determine the location of the future unit. It is important to maintain a healthy distance from the couch to the screen so that your vision will not be overstrained. The larger the diagonal, the further the TV should be.

Manufacturers offer models with Smart TV. Having supplemented the functionality with voice control, at the exit the buyer gets almost a personal computer. Such devices are convenient and, as a rule, have high-quality characteristics in terms of resolution and reproduction.

Models without Smart TV are suitable for unassuming people who do not need another computer in the house, and the purpose is to watch their favorite programs. These devices have standard functions in the form of timer shutdown, as well as child protection. Since 2012, the basic digital television standard is DVB-T2, which is present in all device models.

Best of the cheapest

The list includes four options with a budget of 17,000 to 39,900 rubles. The selection was built based on the overall product rating and user reviews. In addition, the models released two years ago have already established themselves in the market.

Sony KDL-43WF805

Not bad in its segment, 2018 LCD device with a diagonal of 42.5 inches or 108 cm.There is built-in Edge LED-backlighting.

The screen format assumes an aspect ratio of 16: 9, a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The manufacturer awarded the brainchild of Full HD 1080p and HDR. It is convenient to watch TV: the picture is of good quality, the viewing angle of 178 ° allows you to be slightly to the left or to the right of the screen.

A rather weak Motionflow XR processor with a frequency of 400 Hz is used. Installed 2 speakers, giving surround stereo sound at 10 watts. If you suddenly switch from one channel to another, AVL will automatically adjust the volume.

The user has the ability to control the device using his voice. Smart TV will allow you to use the KDL-43WF805 as a computer. You can also connect your phone to work with the Android operating system.

There are 2 independent TV tuners, which makes it possible to watch picture-in-picture. You can record interesting programs on a flash drive. Childproof, sleep timer are present. The unit weighs 9.4 kg without stand, 9.9 kg with stand. The mount type is VESA with a size of 200x100 mm. Average price: 39,990 rubles.

Sony KDL-43WF805
  • build quality;
  • sharp image;
  • fast internet.
  • there are few applications available in the Play Market;
  • weak processor.

Sony KDL-40RE353

A budget model with an average size of 40 inches or 102 cm.

The screen with an aspect ratio of 16: 9 has a Full HD resolution of 1080 p. The 1920x1080 resolution allows you to watch high quality video content. Compared to 4K, the TV shows worse, but the price is 4 times cheaper.

Stereo sound, surround, from two speakers produces a power of 10 watts. Average quality - little bass, but through the 3.5 mm input, users solve the problem by connecting good acoustics. Processor based on Motionflow XR at 100 Hz.

There is no possibility of parallel viewing of 2 channels - the number of independent TV tuners is limited to one unit. You can record your favorite video to a USB drive. Since there is a headphone input, the user can watch movies without disturbing households with unnecessary noise. The device supports any audio and video formats: MP3, WMA, MPEG4, Xvid, MKV, JPEG.

Some buyers have noticed a slowdown on the TV, for example, after tuning in TV channels. The problem is solved only by rebooting the device, after which the downloading of photos, icons, etc. begins much faster.

This model does not provide Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Smart TV, but there is a built-in FM radio. Therefore, it is suitable for those who are not ready to overpay for modern functions or have a TV set-top box on Android. The backlight is used by Direct LED, so the image appears on a white background.

Childproof lock and sleep timer are included as standard. KDL-40RE353 is installed on the legs or hung on the wall using fasteners. TV weight with stand 6.9 kg, without - 6.5 kg. Compared to the larger models, the KDL-40RE353 is lightweight. Average price: 29,990 rubles. Warranty: 1 year.

Sony KDL-40RE353
  • 3.5 mm input;
  • light weight;
  • price.
  • slows down after prolonged use;
  • flimsy stand;
  • little bass in the sound;
  • one USB output.

Sony KDL-32WD603

A small device with a diagonal of 31.5 inches or 80 cm. Comes with a metal stand.

The manufacturer has provided a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees, so the model is suitable for any room, especially in the kitchen and bedroom. This is where customers spend a lot of time and are forced to look at the screen with their heads turned.

The colors are rich and natural, the contrast is sufficient. Most users note the ease of perception and the absence of fatigue in the eyes after a long time watching programs. Although the manufacturer only promises HD quality instead of the more expensive Full-HD, the image quality is excellent.

It will be incorrect to compare the KDL-32WD603 model with a regular smartphone, because on the second device it will be faster to find a video in YouTube and watch it. When the technology is turned on, the software automatically starts updating applications, and the process cannot be canceled. Thus, the first couple of minutes, the equipment will not be in working order. In addition, typing the name of the video on the remote control is not as fast as on the phone keypad.

The remote control is inconvenient for its rectangular shape - most users take it on the other side. The sound is average and suitable for an area of ​​20 m2, larger rooms will require separate speakers. As an input, there is USB 2.0 instead of 3.0, which causes confusion among buyers. The computer mouse and keyboard may not be detected when connected. Bluetooth is not provided in the model.

Smart TV is generally convenient, but occasionally buggy. Interconnection with the phone is supported. Channels switch quickly without black screen. The model is suitable for placement in the kitchen, because it has standard functions and Wi-Fi support. It is possible to record movies on a USB flash drive, as well as set an alarm.

If you don't think that KDL-32WD603 will replace a desktop computer, users definitely recommend this model. Average price: 23 990 rubles

Sony KDL-32WD603
  • bright colours;
  • good contrast;
  • clear picture.
  • applications are not updated;
  • inconvenient remote control.

Sony KDL-32RD433

The model is practically an old man, because it was created in 2016.A device with a diagonal of 32 inches or 81 cm, during this time he managed to collect a circle of loyal customers.

Users note decent image quality for this price. The resolution of 1366x768 pixels and the HD format allow you to watch any movies on the big screen. The sound quality is average, the power of 10 W from two speakers is quite enough for a bedroom or living room. There is surround sound. The viewing angle is 178 degrees and the backlight is Direct LED.

Smart TV and Wi-Fi are not provided here. But you can connect the CAM module and enjoy digital TV. Among the functions available are child protection, a sleep timer, the ability to record video to a USB flash drive.

At a budget price, the KDL-32RD433 offers excellent build quality. Backlash, squeaks and other problems are absent. You can hold the device on a stand, the total weight in this case will be 5.5 kg. The option of hanging the device to the wall is also admissible - without the stand, the weight will become 4.9 kg.

Some buyers report a slowdown in the device. Obviously, the 200Hz Motionflow XR processor isn't powerful enough. For example, when you press the Guide button, a restart occurs, and when you try to turn off the TV, the ward freezes. However, these cases are isolated and are solved by contacting the service center or updating the software. Average price: 17,000 rubles.

Sony KDL-32RD433
  • high-quality assembly;
  • picture;
  • lightweight and thin;
  • good sound.
  • does not play all files;
  • the stand does not tilt;
  • the quality of the console;
  • inconvenient menu.

Average by price

This includes models priced from 60,990 to 69,990 rubles.

Sony KD-55XF7005

Nice and large TV on two legs with an aspect ratio of 16: 9 and a screen resolution of 3840x2160. Created in 2018, the operating system is embedded Linux. The diagonal of the screen is 54.6 inches or 139 cm.

It uses 4K UHD, HDR and Direct LED backlighting to provide uniform light support around the edges without bleeding in dark scenes. Picture brightness 350 cd / m22 and a contrast ratio of 3300: 1 give a comfortable image without eye strain.

With a large diagonal, the weight of the device without a stand is 16.2 kg, with a stand - 17.4 kg. The manufacturer has thought of a comfortable screen size for perception and the use of less load on the brackets when placing the TV.

The sound from the two speakers is average in quality and produces 20 watts. Users do not have enough surround sound. The defect is corrected only by purchasing a home theater. Together with the large diagonal, there will be no need to even go to the cinema - SONY will replace paid sessions.

Smart TV provides stable operation at good speed thanks to 200Hz Motionflow ™ XR processor. Users can switch channels using the remote control, as well as control the equipment with their own smartphone.

You can pause TV broadcasts and record your favorite show on a USB drive using the TimeShift function. The stuffing includes standard chips of modern technical means: FM radio, sleep timer and child protection.

When connecting the wires to the device, they will hang down from the side, since this is the side of the connectors. A certain inconvenience is experienced by users who expect to hang the TV on the wall. Average price: 69,990 rubles.

Sony KD-55XF7005
  • weight;
  • uniform illumination;
  • sorting channels on a computer;
  • convenient menu;
  • build quality;
  • image quality;
  • reading by the player of all formats.
  • sound;
  • location of connectors.

Sony KD-49XF7077

Compared to its giant cousins, this 2018 model is quite suitable for a small room. The diagonal is provided here 48.5 inches or 123 cm.Dimensions are average: device width 110.1 cm, height 64.5 cm, depth 27.9 cm.

A high-quality picture is provided by 4K and HDR resolution with the number of pixels 3840x2160. On the screen with an aspect ratio of 16: 9, watching TV is comfortable, there is no feeling of stretching of the image. Responsible for productivity is the Motionflow XR processor with a frequency of 400 Hz.

The model has a Smart TV, and periodically the built-in computer slows down.This manifests itself in the long loading of pages and the slow operation of the browser as a whole. The operating system is installed Android. Control is available via phone and tablet.

The application store contains a small number of programs available for download, which is also not always convenient. Wi-Fi is stable.

Pure 20W sound is provided by two surround speakers. Naturally, it is not necessary to compare with an online cinema, but the manufacturer guarantees average performance. Also, the TV is equipped with a volume leveling technology, which will help out with a sharp channel change.

Buyers love the large number of connectors on the panel. So, there are HDMI, AV, USB outputs. Thus, you can easily insert a USB flash drive and record your favorite movie while you are away. Standard chips include a sleep timer, FM radio, child protection, and the ability to combine home devices into one network.

You can put the TV on the metal legs that come with the kit and fit the model in appearance - the weight of the device in this case will be 12.6 kg. It is also possible to hang it on the wall without the stand. The KD-49XF7077 will "lose weight" by 600 grams and will weigh exactly 12 kg. Average price: 60,990 rubles.

Sony KD-49XF707
  • high-quality image;
  • functionality;
  • build quality;
  • convenient control;
  • stable;
  • a large number of USB and HDMI inputs.
  • few applications to install;
  • slow browser.

Sony KD-49XF8096

A neat TV in metallic colors on a bottom stand, created in 2018. It has a diagonal of 48.5 inches or 123 cm in size. The aspect ratio assumes 16: 9 parameters.

The backlight is Edge LED, which is worse in quality than Direct LED. Pleasing with a good viewing angle - 178about... Screen resolution 3840x2160 and 4K HDR. When playing a widescreen picture, there will be black bars at the top and bottom of the frame, but this is not the case in full screen mode. Matrix type used TFT IPS. In comparison with the VA matrix, the KD-49XF8096 model wins.

The stuffing uses a Motionflow XR 400 Hz processor. There is a Smart TV, which is controlled by a remote control and a voice. The operating system is installed Android. There are very few download applications available in the Play Store. You can record your favorite programs directly to a flash drive, since there is a TimeShift mode.

The manufacturer has increased the amount of internal memory up to 16 GB, which sets the model apart from other cheaper options. The player supports all possible formats, among which the most popular are MP3, MPEG4, WMA, JPEG.

The device can stand on a stand or be mounted on a wall. Weight with stand 12.9 kg, without it 12.2 kg. Average price: 69,990 rubles.

Sony KD-49XF8096
  • clear picture;
  • individual settings;
  • beautiful view;
  • stylish design;
  • natural image.
  • plastic stand;
  • no smoothness in wide format;
  • few applications available;
  • inconvenient sorting of channels;
  • the gap between the matrix and the display;
  • headphone jack on the back;
  • inconvenient remote control.

Premium segment

The list includes three models costing from 119,000 to 170,000 rubles.

Sony KD-65XF9005

It is a large rectangular TV set on special supports. The model is new and released in 2018 and consumes 292 watts.

The diagonal is 64.5 inches, which is equivalent to 164 cm.The screen is wide and low, the aspect ratio is 16: 9. On the back panel there are connectors for HDMI, AV, USB flash drive, headphones. From communications, the device supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The signal processing speed is fast.

Responsible for the image quality is the resolution of 3840x2160, which is suitable for viewing ultra-high quality content. The LED backlight is installed behind the screen using Direct LED technology. The picture is good, the Dolby Vision standard, HDR 10 makes the colors rich, and the reproduction is easy to understand. The speakers are ordinary, they give a pleasant sound.

The manufacturer has provided a brightness of 500 cd / m22in which you can watch your favorite shows even in the dark. A contrast ratio of 6000: 1 gives a good display of dark colors. So, for example, black is almost black.There are small flares around the edges in light gray scenes, but only the OLED screen can save from this, which is not here. The model also provides a progressive scan and a viewing angle of 178 °.

The device has a built-in SMART TV. Thus, the user can download programs and use various services right on the screen. The operating system is provided by Android. Some note a slight slowness in the filling.

The built-in memory contains 16 GB of free space. The user can record movies from the screen directly to a USB flash drive. The device supports DLNA: you can connect all supported devices to your home network - phone, tablet, TV. Wireless connection can be established using Miracast function.

The functionality includes a sleep timer, child protection and voice control. Weight without stand 24.5 kg, with stand 25.5 kg. Most users consider the legs to be unsympathetic, so mounting to the wall becomes the way out. The most inconvenient thing about the model is the remote control. It can be taken upside down in the dark, the nearby buttons are often confused. To get into the IR range, you must clearly aim the remote control.

Average price: 119,000 rubles. At the same time, almost all users agree that the KD-65XF9005 is the best TV in a given segment.

Sony KD-65XF9005
  • fast and stable wi-fi;
  • juicy colors;
  • high index of dynamic scenes;
  • large diagonal;
  • beautiful picture.
  • inconvenient remote control;
  • unattractive legs;
  • sometimes the android slows down.

Sony KD-55XF9005

An attractive, slim-bezel TV created in 2018 with a large diagonal of 54.6 inches or 139 cm. The width-to-height ratio is 16: 9, the screen is elongated and narrow. Provides HDR and 4K UHD resolution at 3840x2160 pixels.

Sounds are reproduced with a power of 20 watts in stereo sound using two speakers and NICAM technology. Feels average, three-dimensional picture requires at least the level of a home theater. The user can play any file formats on the TV - MP3, WMA, MPEG4, Xvid, DivX, MKV, JPEG.

Image quality is excellent, brightness is 600 cd / m22 and 6000: 1 contrast ratio give vivid color reproduction. In addition, automatic brightness is adjusted. There are no glare or spots. The model has a viewing angle of 178 °, which allows you to watch TV from the side without losing color quality. There is a light sensor.

Motionflow XR 1000 Hz processor. The operating system is Android, SMART TV is available to the user. The latter sometimes freezes, so in these cases the TV is rebooted. If you work with an Android-based phone, the connection will be simple, with iOS, buyers have overlays.

It is possible using the TimeShift function to stop the playback of the program and continue watching at any time. From the moment it stops, the program will be written automatically to the USB drive. It is recommended to watch movies not from a flash drive, but from an external hard drive - so the tape will not jam.

The TV has a built-in Direct LED backlight, child protection, sleep timer. Control is carried out through the remote control and voice. All available gadgets are connected using DLNA into one network. Weight without stand is 18.2 kg, with stand 19.1 kg. The user can either hang the TV on the wall or use the legs. Average price: 132,490 rubles.

Sony KD-55XF9005
  • deep black color;
  • perfect image.
  • inconvenient remote control;
  • smart TV slows down;
  • jams video from a flash drive and when viewed online;
  • inconvenient leg design.

Sony KD-65XE9305

Our rating ends with a large TV in black with a metal stand. The model was created in 2017, so some users have already noted the quality of the Sony brand. There will be something to admire - a diagonal of 65 inches or 165 cm.

The picture with a resolution of 3840x2160 pixels is clear and the colors are natural. Black is displayed as a natural black, which is most noticeable when watching movies at night.

Due to the edge LED backlighting, there are small flares along the contour, which are visible when switching applications and a static gray-white picture, as well as when the TV is turned on. Otherwise, this detail is completely hidden from the eye by local dimming.

Video materials in 4K or Ultra High Definition resolution are pleasant, bright and realistic to watch. The viewing angle is 178 degrees. The device plays all available file formats, including pictures. Powerful 1000Hz Motionflow ™ XR processor delivers fast performance.

The sound quality is up to the mark, 60 W of power is enough for a large room, since the KD-65XE9305 has 6 built-in speakers with a subwoofer. There is good surround sound, so you don't have to buy an additional home theater.

The built-in Smart TV computer runs on Android. No slowness detected in the browser. Wi-Fi and voice control are present. The app store offers a small selection of software to install. The solution will be to download the necessary programs to a USB flash drive, but not all options may work.

Most users note the convenience of using the remote control. However, you should know that it is desirable to direct it towards the sensor. In this case, switching will occur instantly.

The biggest drawback is the weight of the device, which is 38.2 kg without the stand and 42.4 kg with the stand. The rest of the buyers are satisfied with the model, and minor flaws are compensated by numerous advantages. Average price: 170,000 rubles.

Sony KD-65XE9305
  • picture quality with high detail;
  • fast video processing;
  • voice control;
  • many speakers;
  • convenient remote control.
  • flashing on the screen;
  • heavy;
  • few apps in the store.

TV Specifications

The table below shows the main capabilities of the devices, which are convenient to navigate when choosing. The Sony brand likes to use the Android operating system, less often Linux in the stuffing of their devices. In terms of backlighting, the choice falls on both Direct LED and Edge LED.

Diagonal, d.48.564.554.66532
BacklightEdge LEDDirect LEDDirect LEDEdge LEDDirect LED
Opera. systemAndroidAndroidAndroidAndroid
Weight without stand, kg12.224.518.238.24.9
Average price, rub.6999011900013249017000017000
Diagonal, d.42.54031.554.648.5
BacklightEdge LEDDirect LEDDirect LEDDirect LEDEdge LED
Opera. systemAndroidLinuxLinux
Weight without stand, kg9.46.54.916.212
Average price, rub.3999029990239906999060990

Sony TVs are of high quality and reasonable prices from 17,000 rubles. The stores offer models for every taste and wallet - with and without SMART TV, with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. The larger the diagonal and weight of the device, the more impressive its cost becomes. Having determined for yourself the most important selection criteria, in the manufacturer's line it is quite possible to choose a suitable option for a budget, middle or premium class.