1. Tasks, application
  2. What are
  3. Mounting
  4. Rating of the best railing posts for 2020
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Rating of the best railing posts for 2020

Rating of the best railing posts for 2020

Fence posts are used for different purposes by many organizations. Studying the rating of the best fence posts for 2020, it is fashionable to determine the model, the number of products.

Tasks, application

Main functions:

  • restricting access to a specific object;
  • close the entrance, exit;
  • change the direction of the flow of visitors;
  • limit a specific area.


  1. State, private organizations (banks, administrations).
  2. Transport facilities (railway stations, airports, roads).
  3. Sports, cultural enterprises (gyms, stadiums, exhibitions, theaters).
  4. Construction (hazardous areas, unfinished areas).

What are

Fence posts differ in the purpose of use, size, fastening method, material used.


Distinctive properties of portable models:

  1. Easy installation.
  2. Fast installation.
  3. The ability to rearrange at any time.
  4. Low weight.
  5. Can be used indoors, outdoors.

They perform restrictive, protective, decorative functions.

Consist of a column, a base. They have a solid appearance. Material - metal (stainless steel), polished, painted surface.

The base can have an additional weighting agent (structural strength), a rubber circle (protection of the floor surface from mechanical damage).

They are connected with each other with a ribbon, chain, rope (braided, velvet). The tape is located in the built-in cassette, the length can be adjusted. The end of the tape is secured with a clip. There are special hooks for ropes and chains.


They are used for presentations, promotions, exhibitions in galleries. They have a luxurious look and create a festive atmosphere. They are characterized by easy assembly, simple installation.

The posts are connected by decorative ropes and chains. There are options where there are two ropes between the posts. Decorative ropes are velvet (velor) with a smooth surface, braided - several twisted ropes. The length of the ropes is from 1.5 m to 3 m. There is a wide range of colors - red, black, blue, white, yellow. Fastening - carabiner, hooks.

Belt (roller)

Used indoors, outdoors. They restrict access to idle elevators, checkout counters of a shopping center, areas with slippery floors, and direct the flow of customers through an accessible entrance.

There are two types of tape stands:

  1. Floor - metal stands, built-in tape cassettes.
  2. Wall-mounted (tensors) - stainless steel case, clip (fastening to the wall).

Principle of operation - the required length of the tape is pulled out of the cassette (located on the wall, rack), fixed with a special clip on the opposite side.

The tapes are removable. Floor models, tensors are compatible with each other. The width of the ribbons is 5 cm (standard), 15 cm (wide). There is a choice of colors, drawing a company logo.

The exhaust mechanism is designed for 40,000 firing times. The material of the tape is treated with a coating resistant to mechanical damage.


Permanent products are distinguished by the strength of the material, are installed for a long time, have a long term of use.


They are installed along major federal roads, access roads to large industrial enterprises, along city streets. The goal is passive road safety.

Main functions:

  1. Distribution of traffic.
  2. Fencing of repair areas.
  3. Changing the trajectory of the car, does not allow you to leave the road.
  4. Reduced impact force in an accident.
  5. Preservation of health, life of drivers, passengers, pedestrians.

Road barrier fences are made of high strength steel. Covered with several layers of galvanized layer (protection against corrosion, increased service life).

Structures consist of racks, beams, consoles that are bolted.

There are two types:

  • one-way road (11 DO) - installation along roads on both sides, protection against exit;
  • two-way road (11 DD) - located along the dividing lanes of multi-lane roads (more than 4 lanes).

On road bridges, overpasses, barriers are installed - bridge fences (11 MO - one-sided, 11 MD - double-sided).

All structures on the roads must comply with the requirements of GOST (R 52289-2004, R 52607-2006, R 52721-2007, 33128-2014) - application rules, technical characteristics, test methods.


They are used for fencing sidewalks, pedestrian paths. Functions:

  • prevent pedestrians from entering the roads;
  • protection of people from collisions with cars;
  • regulation of road crossings in permitted places;
  • reduction of cases of incorrect parking of cars.

Allocate temporary, permanent types.

Temporary (cones, posts) - are installed during the repair of pavement, direct people along a safe path.

Permanent - are located along the sidewalk, separate sidewalks, roads. There are two types - railing, cruciform. Be sure to comply with the requirements of GOST R 52766-2007:

  1. Material - galvanized metal (protection against mechanical damage, corrosion).
  2. Elements painting (powder, primer).
  3. Convenient installation, use (welded construction, bolted connections).
  4. Concreted flange embedded components.

You can buy pedestrian fences ready-made structures, order individual options according to drawings.


Railings have a protective, decorative function. The main principle is protection against accidental falls from the stairs.

The standard height of handrails is 90-100 cm. Stair railings are made of metal (stainless steel, aluminum), wood, glass panels. A combination of different materials is possible - metal and glass.


Inventory (construction) fences are temporary structures that are installed near the facility under construction. All rules for temporary fencing of construction projects are regulated by SNiP 0.01.01-85 (organization of construction production), GOST 23407-78, group Zh07.

Basic requirements according to GOST:

  1. Installation of protective racks, panels - before starting construction.
  2. The presence of a wicket, a gate - the movement of workers, transport with materials.
  3. The panels are rectangular.
  4. The design is collapsible, with fastening elements.
  5. The distance between the racks is up to 6 m, the length of the panels is 1.2-2 m.
  6. The width of the passage of people on the sidewalk is more than 1.2 m.
  7. Strength of materials.
  8. Stability, reliability of the fence.
  9. The warranty period is 5-10 years.

For their intended purpose, there are three types of fences:

  • security - protection from strangers;
  • protective - protect from injury (front mesh);
  • signal - designation of the boundaries of hazardous areas (signal tape).

The fence has three main components - base, frame, filling.

There are three types that differ in design:

  1. Panel (solid, mesh).
  2. Rack.
  3. Combined (panels with racks).

The price depends on the materials used (metal, slate, plastic, metal concrete), construction, number of elements.


Before installing any type of fence (mobile, permanent), you should decide on the goal, calculate the number of elements, the perimeter of the area.

Mobile racks are chosen taking into account the height of the post, the length (tapes, chains), the base (weighting, the presence of a protective bottom cover).

Stationary types of fencing are installed in several stages:

  • preparatory - planning, site clearing;
  • installation of racks in the ground (depth - 0.6 m, step - 0.2-0.6 m);
  • tubular struts - high rigidity;
  • profiles (corners, channels) - fastening panels, handrails with fasteners, welding;
  • concreting of pillars;
  • fixing panels (protective height - 2 m).

Plastic models differ in budgetary cost, easy installation (without special equipment, do it yourself).

Rating of the best railing posts for 2020

The review of mobile, stationary models was compiled on the basis of reviews of buyers, users of online stores, the Yandex market platform.


Mobile models - options for posts connected by ribbons, ropes, single posts (milestones), large metal panels. Used when dividing flows of people, presentations, restricting construction sites, road repairs, places near exhibits. Easy to assemble, move to the right place.

5th place Milestone 1.2 m (with reflective stripes)

Manufacturer - Russian company TENTMARKET.

High polyethylene post on a stand. Bright orange color, two reflective stripes.

Used to indicate:

  • repair boundaries on the road;
  • detour schemes;
  • fastening tapes, plastic mesh;
  • parking places;
  • mass events (concerts, sports matches).

Material - high density polyethylene. An additional feature is the installation of a lantern.

Withstands the temperature range from -80 to + 80⁰С. Delivery - sets of 10.

Dimensions (cm): height - 120.

Fencing milestone 1.2 m (with reflective stripes) TENTMARKET
  • simple assembly;
  • quick installation;
  • use during the day, at night;
  • withstands low, high temperatures;
  • bright colors;
  • low cost.
  • coasters sold separately.

4th place PR-rack Barrier Classic 09 Silver

Used in museums, theaters, emphasizes the classic interior. High post, polished surface, silver color. The top is decorated with a ball, crown (optional).

Differs in the shape of the stand - a cone "Sombrero", a weighting agent.

Can be used with rope (up to 2 m), rigid lintel.

Material - polished steel.

Dimensions (mm): height - 1.000, diameter - 51, base diameter - 330. Weight - 9.1 kg.

PR-rack Barrier Classic 09 Silver
  • attractive design;
  • stable base;
  • tip selection;
  • universal use.
  • ropes are purchased separately.

3rd place Fence post, floor Barrier with red stretch tape (200 cm)

The manufacturer is the Barrier company (Russia). Laconic design - black product, red stretch tape. Consists of: post, base, cassette holder.

Material - metal (stainless steel), powder coated in black. Holder - cassette - plastic.

Parameters (mm): height - 850, base diameter - 328. Belt length - 2000, recommended to use - 1900.

The metal base has rubber-plastic dampers at the bottom. Fence post It is recommended to combine it with the wall block "Barrier", a similar post.

Fence post, floor Barrier with red pulling tape (200 cm) Barrier
  • discreet design;
  • bright ribbon;
  • stable base;
  • protection of the floor covering;
  • standard sizes;
  • fast assembly, installation.
  • not identified.

2nd place Fence post for fastening the rope, gold plated

Manufacturer - HOZOTDEL company (China).

A column with a top - a "ball", a conical base, upper fastening of rope carabiners. Braided, velvet ropes can be used. Color - "Golden Champagne".

Material - stainless steel, gold plating.

Dimensions (mm): height - 900, pipe diameter - 50.8, base diameter - 310. Weight - 12 kg.

Guardrail post for fastening the rope, gold plated HOZOTDEL
  • presentable view;
  • beautiful coverage;
  • resistant material;
  • stable base.
  • ropes are purchased separately.

1 place Fence posts with a 3-meter pulling tape PSLN-226323

Manufacturer, seller - Rusbarrier company (Russia). Silver post with draw-off tape, round base.


  • column;
  • plastic replaceable coil;
  • tape - length 3 m, width 47 mm;
  • base - weighting agent, decorative disk.

Ribbon color: one-color - green, black, blue, yellow, orange, gray, red, blue. Bicolor - black and yellow, white and red.

Material - stainless steel AISI 304, thickness - 1.5 mm.

Column parameters (mm): diameter - 63, height - 850-1200. Base: diameter - 350, height - 55.

Weight - 10.6 kg.

Warranty - 1 year (rack), 1.5 years (mechanism).

Fencing posts with pulling tape 3 meters PSLN-226323
  • modern design;
  • choice of ribbon color;
  • universal application;
  • floor protection;
  • guarantee period.
  • not identified.


Permanent posts are attached to the floor, road, sidewalk, large posts are concreted. They are used to control buyers in supermarkets, checkpoints, factories.

3rd place Fixed fences SF01-CH

Manufacturer - Turniketoff company (Russia).

Complete set: two chrome-plated vertical posts, two horizontal jumpers. It is recommended to use - adjustment of the exit-entrance, closing access to the places of repair.

Material - chrome-plated steel.

Dimensions (mm): pipe diameter - 50, crosspieces diameter - 25. Height - 1.000.

Stationary fences SF01-CH Turniketoff
  • strength;
  • practical dimensions;
  • easy installation.
  • not identified.

2nd place Wicket door with a mechanical closer (Trade flag) MG01-CH.R

The manufacturer is the Russian company Turniketoff.

Construction - vertical chrome-plated pipe, wicket - the arc turns 90⁰.

The sash is filled with polystyrene, the picture is direction (arrow), prohibition (brick).

Anchoring to the floor with anchors. A decorative cover (mirrored, stainless steel) covers the flange.

Application: passing people in one direction (entrance / exit) - supermarkets, metro stations.

Dimensions (mm): pipe diameter - 50, height - 1.000. Arch: diameter - 76, thickness - 1.5, width - 760. Sash length - 650.

Wicket door with mechanical closer (Trade flag) MG01-CH.R Turniketoff
  • regulates the passage in one direction;
  • easy installation;
  • convenient mechanism for opening and closing the sash;
  • durable material.
  • not identified.

1 piece CARDDEX RT02 fence post

Manufacturer CARDDEX (Russia).

It is used for checkpoints of airports, train stations, enterprises, administrative institutions. Practical design decorates the interior, emphasizes the business style. Product color - nickel-plated.

Construction: two vertical posts connected by two horizontal railings. There are mounting holes at the ends of the rod. Possibility to create any configuration using connecting fittings.

Material - steel, polymer coating (anodized aluminum).

Compatible with STR series turnstiles. Additionally - the use of anti-panic sections with swing doors, quick evacuation of a large number of people.

The pipe diameter is 50 mm. The warranty period is 5 years.

Guardrail post CARDDEX RT0
  • convenient installation;
  • polymer coating;
  • compatibility with other products;
  • application of sections "Anti-panic";
  • 5 years warranty.
  • not found.


Knowing the features of the application, the nuances of assembly, operation, you can buy or rent for a time the required number of fence posts.