1. How to deal with mold
  2. How to choose a reliable remedy for mold
  3. Ranking of the best bathroom mold removers

Ranking of the best bathroom mold removers for 2020

Ranking of the best bathroom mold removers for 2020

High humidity, impaired air circulation in the bathroom can lead to the appearance of black mold - the most dangerous type of fungus. It is impossible to put up with this problem, it is advisable to start the fight against an undesirable "neighbor" in a timely manner, because not only the aesthetic appearance of the premises will gradually suffer, but also the health of the inhabitants of the house.

Consider the rating of quality tools for removing mold in the bathroom for 2020, note what to look for when buying, how to avoid mistakes when choosing.

How to deal with mold

The omnivorous ubiquitous mold is a special type of fungal growth that spreads a huge number of harmful spores. At first glance, there is no threat in this phenomenon. But is it really so?

Why is mold dangerous?

From an aesthetic point of view, the external decoration of the room is damaged: gray, greenish-brown deposits, a scattering of black dots on the walls and ceiling of the bathroom are a rather unpleasant sight. A specific unpleasant odor appears in the room, which does not disappear when ventilated.

But the main danger lies elsewhere. Mold spores contain over a hundred allergenic and toxic compounds that, if inhaled, pose a real threat to human health and life. Once in the body, they destroy the immune system, cause pulmonary, allergic, skin diseases, and oncology. In some cases, the defeat of fungal spores becomes the cause of death of a person.

The causes of mold

There are several main reasons for the appearance of a colony of harmful mold:

  1. Insufficient air circulation. A bathroom is rarely planned with a window or a vent for ventilation. Therefore, stale, stale air is not uncommon here. Check the operation of ventilation and hoods. In such rooms, it is not recommended to install thresholds so that there is a gap between the door and the floor for the passage of air masses.
  2. Excessive moisture level. Taking hot baths, leaking plumbing, constant washing, frequent use of the premises for its intended purpose leads to the appearance of condensation on mirrors, walls, floors, and other surfaces. From here, one step to the emergence of a colony of fungi.
  3. Relative warmth. Comfortable living conditions and rapid reproduction of molds are provided by an air temperature of +20 degrees.
  4. Insufficient heating. With poor heating, walls, floors, ceilings can freeze through, which favors the development of mold.
  5. Construction flaws. More often this is the use of low-quality floors for waterproofing. Moisture permeates the wall material, which promotes spore dispersal.On the first and last floors of multi-storey buildings, this is caused by improper waterproofing of floors in the presence of damp, unheated basements, leaking roofs.

Mold removal steps

The first signs of the appearance of an unwanted neighborhood:

  • musty smell;
  • peeling paint, wallpaper;
  • black, gray blotches on surfaces;
  • deterioration in the well-being of people living in the apartment.

Cosmetic removal of stains in moldy areas will have no effect. In order for the fight against a harmful misfortune to be effective, and not to constantly remove the appearing placers of the fungus, at the first stage it is advisable to destroy the source - high humidity, for which normal air circulation is established.

The second stage is mechanical removal: to clean the affected area, while slightly protruding beyond the boundaries of the lesion. Scrape off the paint, gouge the seams between the tiles with a special tool, remove the wallpaper. The main thing is that there are no traces of plaque left. Sometimes you have to remove all the finishing material to the base of the wall.

Further, it is appropriate to apply an antiseptic agent with antifungal effect to the area to be treated. The principle of using drugs has features, it is important to study the instructions in advance. After the time specified by the manufacturer, treat the surface with a stiff brush.

After that, dry the room with a heater, fan. Reapply the paint, wipe the tile joints, glue the wallpaper. It is better to use primers, putties, glue with antibacterial properties. All brushes, rags, washcloths, gloves used for cleaning must be thrown away.

Traditional methods of removing mold

Mold in the bathroom can be fought with proven folk remedies:

  • hydrogen peroxide - apply undiluted, be sure to remove after 10 minutes so as not to discolor the surfaces;
  • baking soda - with a concentrated solution of 2 tbsp. rub the areas with the fungus on a glass of water, you do not need to rinse off - the soda is completely safe;
  • a mixture made by hand from 2 tablespoons boric acid, 3 tbsp. vinegar 9%, 3 tbsp. hydrogen peroxide, 100 ml of water - in a heated form, treat the surfaces without rinsing, the result will be noticeable after 20 minutes, and the required components are always available in the household
  • copper sulfate - take 100 g of substance per 10 liters of water, apply in a thick layer with a brush, after 4-6 hours rinse, dry, ventilate;
  • vinegar 9% - not only applied to the affected area, but sprayed in the room so that the spores flying in the air do not fall back on the walls; if the smell of acetic acid is unpleasant, add a few drops of any essential oil to the solution;
  • tea tree oil - strong organic antiseptic, 1 tbsp. mix well on a glass of warm water, spray on the required place, after half an hour rinse with a clean sponge soaked in warm water;
  • any chlorine-containing bleach - in proportions 1: 1 with water, eliminates mold, subject to personal safety measures with indispensable rinsing;
  • ammonia - works on hard, non-porous surfaces: dilute with water one to one, sponge or spray, do not rinse.

At home, you can prepare any of these solutions, but folk experience is not always able to completely get rid of mold.

Prevention recommendations

You don't have to spend money on the constant purchase of special tools if you follow simple tips:

  1. Ventilate the room regularly.
  2. Maintain cleanliness by wiping dry all washed surfaces.
  3. Spray a 9% vinegar solution once a week, treat walls, tile joints, plumbing.
  4. Treat once a month with any oxygen bleach to kill new spores.
  5. Leave the steam-filled bathroom door ajar.
  6. Always wipe off splashed water.
  7. Control moisture levels with a split system with dehumidification, desiccants.
  8. When renovating, use building and finishing materials with antifungal properties.
  9. Give preference to wooden doors and windows. Unlike plastic, they do not impede air circulation.
  10. Remember how to make a solution for treating a bathroom from available tools at home.

How to choose a reliable remedy for mold

The chemical industry provides a wide range of professional products for self-cleaning of mold and mildew in the bathroom. When deciding which product is better to buy so that the treatment is effective, it is advisable to know the selection criteria:

  1. act;
  2. treated surface;
  3. release form;
  4. volume.

Act. Let's consider what household chemicals are harmful to black mold:

  • direct action - for the active destruction of microscopic malignant spores (directly antiseptics);
  • preventive - to prevent the appearance and spread of (paints, putties, primers with antiseptic characteristics).

Surface to be treated. The product packaging always indicates the type of surface for which it is intended:

  • for tiles;
  • for plumbing;
  • for cleaning joints between tiles;
  • for brick, concrete.

Household chemicals for indoor home use are made on the basis of organic (plant) or combined compounds. Aggressive inorganic ingredients are not used in products intended for interior work of any complexity.

Release form. For ease of use, drugs are available in various forms:

  • powder;
  • liquid;
  • foam;
  • suspension;
  • spray;
  • checker-ionizer.

In each case, a separate instruction is given with a detailed description of the stages of using the drug. Each buyer chooses the most convenient form for himself.

Volume. Mold removers are intended for domestic and industrial use. Therefore, they are in small containers of 0.5 - 1 liter or large canisters of 2.5, 10 liters or more. For the treatment of the bathroom, it is preferable to buy the volume that corresponds to the area of ​​the affected areas in the room.

Ranking of the best bathroom mold removers

In the rating of quality products for mold removal, popular models from the best manufacturers for 2020 are presented, providing flawless results, safe, easy to use, affordable, with a description of the advantages and disadvantages.

Lion Checker-ionizer Look

A modern cleaning agent with an innovative formula from a Japanese manufacturer, it is recommended for use even in marble bathrooms. The active action is based on the contained silver ions. It is enough to install a disposable checker on a container with water in the center of the room, after the start of activation, leave for an hour and a half, closing the door tightly. The smoke from the ionizer will evenly penetrate all crevices and corners, killing mold spores. Good ventilation is required after use. Available in two versions:

  1. without smell;
  2. with the scent of mint.

Volume: 5 g (pack of 30)

Average price: 689 rubles

Lion Checker-ionizer Look
  • excellent result;
  • affordable price;
  • ease of use;
  • does not require rinsing;
  • without smell;
  • for any surfaces;
  • quartzization of air;
  • kills any mold.
  • difficult to buy.

Dali Universal antiseptic

The certified product of the Russian company "Rogneda" is used on any surfaces in the bathroom:

  • concrete;
  • brick;
  • plumbing;
  • tile and ceramic tiles;
  • painted surfaces;
  • wallpaper;
  • jambs of doors, windows.

Customer reviews say that the antiseptic removes all types of molds. Despite the aggressive characteristics and specific odor, which is why it is necessary to carry out the treatment in rubber gloves, glasses and a respirator, the antiseptic gives an excellent result.

Volume: 0.6 l

Average price: 150 rubles

Dali Universal antiseptic
  • inexpensive;
  • effective;
  • acts quickly;
  • economical consumption;
  • for any surfaces;
  • kills any mold.
  • acrid smell.

Alpa Fongifluid

An antiseptic created by a domestic manufacturer specifically on the basis of antifungal components is completely ready for use. Internal consumption is 1 liter per 5 sq. M. In order to increase the degree of penetration of the drug into the depth of porous, rough surfaces, they should be sanded and leveled in advance. Does not damage the color and shine of painted, tiled areas. For best results, re-treatment is recommended. After spraying with an antiseptic, mold fungi completely disappear, if the humidity regime is observed, they do not appear in the future.

Minimum volume: 2 l

Average price: 550 rubles

Alpa Fongifluid from mold
  • convenient dispenser gun;
  • good result;
  • mold disappears forever;
  • does not harm glossy surfaces;
  • ready to use;
  • deep impact;
  • economical consumption;
  • correspondence of quality to price.
  • not identified.

Eskaro Biotol

A universal spray from a Russian manufacturer is suitable for treating any surfaces. The popularity of the model is due to the absence of heavy metals, chlorine, mercury in its composition. An odorless product. Before treating heavily affected areas, it is recommended to first clean them with a scraper. Spray the drug from a distance of 30 cm or apply with a sponge, leave for a day, rinse. Repeat the procedure if necessary. One package is enough for 4 sq.m.

Volume: 0.5 l

Average price: 300 rubles

Eskaro Biotol against mold
  • inexpensive;
  • effective;
  • safe;
  • no smell;
  • for any surface.
  • reprocessing is almost always required.


The protective composition of the budget drug of the Russian brand Olympus is intended for the destruction and long-term protection against all types of mold fungi. Sold in containers from 0.5 to 5 liters. in the form of a liquid solution, a thick suspension. The 0.5 liter vials have built-in dispensers for easy, precise application. The product is completely safe: it has no color, no smell, no chlorine, no volatile toxic compounds, no harm to processed materials. Economical: consumption is 1 liter per 5 sq.m.

Volume: 1 l.

The average price is 103 rubles.

Stop-Mold Olympus
  • low price;
  • efficiency;
  • safety;
  • quick results;
  • different forms and volume of release;
  • does not affect the processed materials.
  • not identified.

Domestos Spray

Universal spray of a famous Dutch brand, manufactured in Russia. Perfect for removing mold from plumbing fixtures, washing machines, accessories. Conveniently and quickly using a pistol, it is sprayed onto all hard-to-reach places with a thin layer, after a few minutes it can be wiped off with a damp cloth.

Volume: 0.5 l.

Average price: 230 rubles.

Domestos Mildew Spray
  • convenient form of release;
  • ease of use;
  • fast action; economical consumption;
  • completely destroys fungal spores.
  • the smell of bleach;
  • does not penetrate deep into materials.

Pufas Comet

A chlorine-containing product of a famous German brand, produced in Germany, copes well with mold in the bathroom. The vast majority of those who have used the drug confidently recommend it as one of the best. Works on all materials, showing flawless results in the elimination of harmful spores and stains. To obtain the effect, spray on the desired place using the built-in spray gun, soak, rinse thoroughly after half an hour, since it contains toxic substances.

Volume: 0.5 l.

Average price: 560 rubles.

Pufas Comet from mold
  • high performance;
  • good feedback;
  • instruction in Russian;
  • easy to use;
  • gives quick results;
  • penetrates deep into materials.
  • high price;
  • toxicity.

Neomid Bio Repair

The popular ecological detergent of the Russian manufacturer, according to buyers, is absolutely safe. It does not need to be removed after the disinfection procedure and the destruction of fungal spores. Available as a ready-made solution and concentrate.The first is ideal for domestic use, the second - on an industrial scale, over large areas, severe lesions. Works great on mineral materials:

  • ceramics;
  • plaster;
  • concrete;
  • stone.

During long-term storage, it is not recommended to freeze more than five times in order to prevent the weakening of the action of the active components. The site is irrigated with the drug, after two hours it is removed with a scraper, a stiff brush, and reapplied. It is not necessary to wash off, the liquid does not emit harmful substances, does not pose a danger to humans or animals. The specific smell disappears after use. Does not change the color of processed materials. Prevents mold growth for up to 12 years.

Volume: 1 l.

Average price: 350 rubles.

Neomid Bio Mold Repair
  • excellent result;
  • long-term effect;
  • environmentally friendly;
  • prevents further mold growth;
  • is economically spent;
  • does not require rinsing.
  • unpleasant odor.

Mold in the bathroom is much easier to prevent than remove. If the malevolent guest managed to check in, it is important to start a fight with him in a timely manner, using folk experience or household chemicals for the house. Which company is better, everyone decides for himself. The proposed rating shows how much the best products cost, what advantages they have, what to look for when buying, how to treat surfaces to completely defeat mold.