1. All the subtleties of drugs for a quick launch
  2. Top aerosol manufacturers
  3. Features of the operation of diesel engines
  4. The starter motor works fine - the car won't start!
  5. Best Quick Start Tools
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Rating of the best "quick start" tools for the engine for 2020

Rating of the best quick start tools for the engine for 2020
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Outdoor parking in winter and only short distances are the worst conditions for a car and its engine, both gasoline and diesel. In the article, we will talk about special means for "quick start" cars, which allow you to start driving on a frosty morning or other critical situations, so that losses are as little as possible, and the car remains in good shape until spring.

All the subtleties of drugs for a quick launch

Aerosol "quick start" will help start the engine of any car, but at the same time, many motorists are wondering whether the drug is harmful to the engine, what consequences its use can lead to.

The form of release of the "quick start" means is an aerosol, which contains:

  • diesters;
  • propane;
  • butane;
  • stabilizers.

In addition, they contain lubricating components that minimize the friction of individual elements at the time of starting the internal combustion engine. According to the assurances of the manufacturers of funds, the tool is safe and easy to use.


  • works in any weather, effective at low temperatures;
  • preparations are tested in harsh Siberian conditions;
  • suitable for emergency starting of all types of engines;
  • suitable for use in other vehicles, machines and devices;
  • ideal for motorcycles, mowers, saws and so on.

How to use special drugs?

  • Before starting work, the cylinder must be shaken, and then the composition must be introduced into the intake manifold or the carburetor (depending on the type of engine power system). The injection is made from the cylinder for a short time (2-3 seconds). The amount of composition during this time will be sufficient to facilitate commissioning.
  • The contents of the can should be sprayed directly into the carburetor, air filter in short portions for a few seconds.
  • After the liquid has been injected, the machine can be started and the internal combustion engine should start working quickly and easily. In the event that the quick start did not work, the procedure must be repeated. If the car does not start a second time, you should stop trying. Most likely, there are problems with the ignition system, spark plugs, wires, ignition distributor, coil.
  • For diesel models with glow plugs, do not wait until they warm up.

Precautions for using funds

It should be noted that the “quick start” spray is certainly a practical and convenient solution, but it should be used only in exceptional cases.

Attention! When using the drug, the main task is to introduce a strictly prescribed amount of the composition. In other words, the amount should not be exceeded. This is the basic rule of thumb.

Ignoring this rule will lead to a breakdown of the car, create a number of troubles, which will entail financial costs, sometimes even very significant.

Many manufacturers of these products talk about their safety, but it is important to take into account that the composition of aerosols is flammable and there is a high risk of detonation, piston rings and pistons may become unusable, valves burn, cylinder liners are damaged, and other breakdowns occur.

Top aerosol manufacturers

Manufacturers of this type of aerosol are constantly creating various unique formulations to minimize all risks while attracting more and more customers. Although the choice of such solutions for a "quick start" is quite wide, one cannot fail to highlight the proposals from the Liqui Moly brand.

The composition is intended for gasoline and diesel automobile engines.

By the way, in the case of diesel ones - before use, it is necessary to disconnect the glow plugs, heating the flanges. The throttle valve must be in the maximum open position (the gas pedal is pressed all the way down). It is important to observe these conditions.

In addition, in addition to Liqui Moly, funds for quick start should be allocated, such as:

  • Mannol Motor Starter;
  • Hi-Gear.

Today there are other solutions on the market, however, as practice shows, it is better to give preference to well-known brands.

This is especially true for diesel fuel, which works somewhat differently than gasoline counterparts.

The fact is that these units have a glow plug instead of a spark ignition, diesel fuel is ignited by compression and heating, and not by a spark on the spark plug. Again, if you use an aerosol to facilitate the introduction of a diesel engine, the fuel may ignite earlier than usual, which negatively affects the life of the diesel engine.

Attention! Easy Start Fluid should not be used on a "more is better" basis. Excessive amounts of flammable compound can lead to shock loading, which greatly increases the risk of serious engine damage.

It is equally important to observe precautions when using it:

  • do not use the spray in other places in the engine compartment, especially for diesel models;
  • glow plugs and heating surfaces must not come into contact with components;
  • when using sprays, it is important to make sure that the remnants of the product have burned out without residue;
  • despite the fact that the use of aerosol for a car starter does not damage the engine, it is recommended to use it in the case of an ambulance car, and not to solve a number of technical problems.

Features of the operation of diesel engines

Like gasoline, they also burn a fuel-air mixture. However, with one big difference: they do not require a spark to ignite the fuel-air mixture, as is the case with gasoline engines, which use spark plugs to create a spark.

Therefore they are called compression ignition engines. The intake air is compressed inside the cylinder, and the compression ratio can reach 25: 1. Due to the compression, the intake air heats up to temperatures between 700 and 900 ° C. After the injection of diesel fuel, it ignites due to the high temperature inside the cylinder.

In the cold season, car owners of cars with this type can face difficult starting conditions. During a cold start, the intake air is extremely cooled, as are the pistons and cylinders, which are additionally powered by the air / fuel mixture.Therefore, at temperatures close to zero and below zero, it is very likely that the compression of the intake air will not result in the temperature required to initiate ignition. In this case, it simply won't start.

It is worth noting that modern diesel engines protect themselves from severe frosts, at least until a certain point. They are fitted with various types of "safety" devices, such as: electric fuel filter heaters.

In the case of a car equipped with an older diesel engine, the list of problems contributing to winter start-up difficulties is much longer. We will give some tips on what to do in cold weather and what measures should be taken to avoid this kind of trouble.

One of the most common reasons why the motor does not start in cold weather is a faulty battery. There is nothing to be done about temporary battery failure, but you can always “borrow some electricity”. This requires connecting cables (always carry with you!). There are various products on the market. When buying, you should focus on cable thickness and workmanship. It is also worth checking the connection of the cable core with "pliers" - an unsuccessful combination of both elements causes large voltage drops and, as a result, lower efficiency at start-up.

The use of modern ester preparations for starting diesel and gasoline engines will provide fast ignition at low temperatures, high humidity and after long periods of inactivity. Such special tools can be used in any weather. This prevents the battery from overloading and discharging, and it can be used in both cars and trucks, as well as tractors and chainsaws.

However, starting with borrowed current does not always give a tangible effect. "Self-launch" - can help and ... harm.

An aerosol assistant can be used. Unfortunately, "self-starting" can do a lot of damage and should only be used as a last resort, as previously stated.

Dangerous properties

What is dangerous in the aerosol if it gets into the air filter housing or directly into the intake manifold?

Of course the broadcast! It is an extremely flammable substance that, when combined with air, forms an explosive mixture. It's easy to imagine what would happen if an explosion occurs in the intake manifold or the air filter housing. In extreme cases, the engine could be seriously damaged. On the other hand, we strongly advise against starting the car out of “pride”. Of course, this is possible if the battery is not discharged. Engage third gear, accelerate the car to about 30-40 km / h and engage the starter before slowly releasing the clutch. Then we avoid the critical moment of "breakage" - this is due to the large forces arising in the piston-crank system. Failure to follow the "starter" method can lead to a break in the timing belt. Then the cost of repairs is in the thousands.

It is worth using preventive procedures, because all of the above methods of starting a diesel engine may be ineffective if the temperature drops below -20 degrees Celsius. This can cause wax to fall out of the diesel and clog the fuel filter. Therefore, before the onset of severe frosts, a depressor should be added to the fuel, that is, an additive that lowers the pour point of diesel fuel.

Sprays are substances that lower the temperature of the wax in the fuel. Mechanics recommend using only well-known brands. Parking heaters are excellent protection for diesel engines against starting problems on a frosty day. This is a 230 V powered heater installed in the engine block or in the cooling system. Additives that increase the fluidity of crude oil at low temperatures should be used for preventive purposes only.

Of course, drugs from reputable companies should not be harmful.However, do not add gasoline or denatured alcohol to the fuel. This type of "modification" of diesel fuel in winter reduces the service life of the injection pump and the injectors themselves. Samostartu "use only as a last resort. The product can damage the air filter, intake manifold and even the engine.

The starter motor works fine - the car won't start!

There may be many reasons for this.

  • There is no fuel in the tank. Many drivers work in reserve until the last minute. It may turn out that in this case the red line is crossed.
  • Defective fuel pump. It can also get out of order when we often ride in reserve! Submerged electric fuel pumps have fuel cooling. If it is not enough, they overheat and fail. And sooner or later their life ends. The fuel pump will often warn you that this is bad, but in many cases the driver can ignore it. In the event of an impending malfunction of the fuel pump, the engine may stall from time to time, and from time to time while driving, there may be jerks.
  • Failure of the fuse responsible for its operation, or failure of the relay. The fuse and relay box is located either under the hood or under the dashboard. Replacing fuses is easy - every driver should have a complete set of fuses with them and also know what a working fuse looks like and a blown one. Replacing the relay should also not cause serious problems for the average driver. In the case of fuel pumps, the contacts sometimes fade. A chemical spray is suitable for cleaning the contacts.
  • On cars with gasoline engines, starting problems can be caused by damaged ignition cables (high voltage cables). They are also consumables.
  • In cars with diesel engines, the problem of inability to start can be caused by damage to the glow plugs. Candles are designed to heat the combustion chamber to the desired temperature. When one or more spark plugs fail, the diesel / air mixture does not ignite. What to do? Self-diagnosis and replacement of glow plugs is a risky business, especially with new, thin and very expensive plugs. Twisting them will entail enormous costs.
  • Too low rpm in frosty weather in diesel engines. In this case, the battery may be too weak. It also happens that the problem lies in the engine software. The ECU allows the engine to start when it reaches the correct speed. This can be a problem after a frosty night.
  • If charging the battery doesn't help, the problem might be in the software. Then only a specialized workshop will come to the rescue, which will interfere with the engine software and reduce the number of revolutions required to start the engine.
  • The problem can also be a damaged grounding cable, that is, the one that connects the negative pole of the battery to the car body. If there is corrosion or tarnishing on the metal mesh, the starter motor cannot reach the correct speed.

So, here are some tips on how to start a car without damaging it:

  • Turn the key to the ignition position (charge and oil pressure lamps must be on). If the vehicle is equipped with a secondary automatic alarm, it must be disabled. You need to unlock the immobilizer.
  • Set the gear lever to neutral and, together with an assistant, try to accelerate the car to several kilometers per hour.

But even if the driver has followed the advice above and the car's engine won't start, self-starting can help. But only if the starter moves the engine crankshaft. Often, when the battery is low and the starter and motor are used properly, the engine spins up, but does not start. Then you can use self-launch, but this needs to be handled very carefully.

Attention! These types of agents usually consist of a mixture of ether, propane-butane, light gasoline, and lubricating additives. Therefore, you need to be extremely careful when using them. They are extremely flammable and explosive, so when they enter the combustion chamber, they explode under the compression in the cylinder itself, so they are ideal for situations where, for example, the spark is weak. And when the car "catches up" with self-starting, it can start running on gasoline.

Best Quick Start Tools

For vehicles with petrol fuel


The aerosol is suitable for vehicles with gasoline and diesel engines. It contains a large amount of essential oils, due to which, even at low temperatures and high humidity, it will be possible to drive a car engine.

Release form - aerosol.

Volume - 400 ml.

Price - 149 rubles.

ELTRANS quick start
  • suitable for all types of engines;
  • effective;
  • affordable price;
  • simple application;
  • well sprayed;
  • normal volume;
  • provides easy starting of a cooled car.
  • it is important to take precautions;
  • observe the dosage.


The drug is designed for quick and easy starting of a car. In conditions of low air temperatures, as well as with dubious fuel quality, it is an indispensable thing in the trunk of every car. It can be used in cars with diesel or gasoline engines, as well as in tractors and other special equipment.

Release form - aerosol.

Volume - 520 ml.

Price - 560 rubles.

Manufacturer - Russian Federation.

RiMET quick start
  • noticeable result;
  • good volume;
  • after use, the motor starts easily and quickly;
  • does not lose its effectiveness even when candles get wet, in conditions of severe frost and high levels of humidity;
  • significantly reduces the load on the car battery and, in general, on the ignition system;
  • its use reduces carburetor freezing;
  • has a protective function of the car engine against rapid wear;
  • does not damage the motor.
  • cannot be used in cars with diesel engines when the glow plugs are on;
  • a little expensive.


A special preparation will allow you to quickly and easily start the cold engine of the "iron friend", regardless of the type of engine.

Release form - aerosol.

Volume - 312 ml.

Price - 490 rubles.

  • quality;
  • result;
  • does not lose its qualities even when used at air temperatures below 54 ° С;
  • works in high humidity conditions;
  • can be used in all types of engines;
  • after use, the upper part of the car's engine cylinders is covered with grease, thereby protecting the cylinder group from damage when starting;
  • significantly reduces battery discharge;
  • has a beneficial effect on the car starter;
  • simple application.
  • a little expensive;
  • small volume;
  • not suitable for use in cars with diesel engines with an automatic spark plug heating system;
  • may cause irritation and drowsiness.


The product is intended for quick start of gasoline and diesel engines. Facilitates engine starting at low temperatures, high humidity, low fuel quality. It is used in cars, trucks, buses, tractors and commercial vehicles.

Release form - aerosol.

Volume - 450 ml.

Price - 319 rubles.

  • Excellent value for money and quality;
  • convenient volume;
  • prolongs battery life;
  • does not lose effectiveness in high humidity conditions;
  • copes with the problem of driving the motor at low temperatures;
  • suitable for different types of motor.

good effect on auto starter.

  • not.

Mannol "MotorStarter 9669"

A German drug that has proven itself on the positive side. Due to the special composition, a quick start of the engine of a "wintering" car with minimal side effects is guaranteed.

Type - aerosol.

Volume - 450 ml.

Price - 360 rubles.

Mannol "MotorStarter 966
  • Effect;
  • ease of use;
  • Includes a long tube for easy access to the application;
  • provides easy starting of a cooled engine.
  • it is important to take precautions;
  • observe the dosage.

Preparations for cars with diesel fuel


A special preparation for a quick start of any vehicles with diesel engines. It will facilitate the start of the car engine quickly and easily. The drug begins to act within five seconds.

Release form - aerosol.

Volume - 335 ml.

Price - 194 rubles.

ASTROhim quick start
  • efficiency;
  • affordable cost;
  • high result regardless of the volume of the car engine;
  • contains ethers;
  • reliability;
  • high results at low temperatures;
  • high air humidity does not reduce the effectiveness of the product;
  • well reduces starting wear;
  • reduces the risk of critical battery discharge;
  • minimizes the load on the starter and saves fresh ignition from excessive load;
  • use of the drug to exclude dry friction at the time of start-up.
  • not found.

LIQUI MOLY Diesel Fliess-Fit

The drug prevents the growth of paraffin crystals in diesel fuel during vehicle operation in winter, and also ensures reliable operation of the car at temperatures down to -31 ° C.

The use of aerosol will provide quick start-up in frosty weather, economical consumption and reliable operation.

Release form - antigel.

Volume - 250 ml.

Price - 506 rubles.

LIQUI MOLY Diesel Fliess-Fit
  • high result;
  • does an excellent job with the main function;
  • concentration;
  • low consumption of the drug;
  • mixes well with diesel fuel;
  • performance of diesel fuel up to -50 ° C;
  • promotes quiet operation of the car;
  • protective function;
  • allows you to start a car in frost;
  • high price.

LIQUI MOLY MultifunktionsadditivDiesel

Aerosol preparation for easy starting of diesel engine in harsh winter conditions. It can be used for express diagnostics of the power supply system. The product contains lubricating additives that exclude micro-seizures of the cylinder-piston group during start-up.

Type - aerosol.

Volume - 490 ml.

Price RUB 399

LIQUI MOLY MultifunktionsadditivDiesel
  • good volume;
  • affordable price;
  • guaranteed result;
  • contains ether;
  • provides easy starting
  • does not lose its qualities even at low temperatures;
  • does not lose its properties in high humidity conditions;
  • has a protective function of the car engine against rapid wear;
  • does not damage the motor.
  • not.


Today, for many, a car is no longer a luxury, it is, first of all, comfort and time saving. Of course, timely care, the use of special products (aerosols, additives, special chemicals) will allow the car to work for a long time without interruptions. The tips in the article will certainly help you choose "quick start" drugs for starting the motor, as well as learn all the intricacies of using such drugs. Happy shopping and easy start!