1. A bit of history
  2. Criterias of choice
  3. Rating of the best models

Rating of the best sex dolls for men for 2020

Rating of the best sex dolls for men for 2020

Attention! The article is intended for readers over 18 years old!

Sex dolls have been used since ancient times. In those days, they were rather crude statues, stuffed animals and even body parts of animals. It is also interesting that in the last century Adolf Hitler himself drew attention to these toys for adults. He described in detail what a sex doll should be for a soldier of his army. A lot of time has passed since then, and the sex industry has managed to step forward. Today manufacturers can offer the buyer such dolls that will surprise even the most sophisticated person.

A bit of history

Dolls for adults appeared at a time when such materials as rubber and silicone were not known to mankind. They were made of wood, which was covered with leather, and made of fabric, stuffing figures with fluff. They were not particularly popular, because in a patriarchal society it was very easy to find a partner for sex.

In ancient times, slavery flourished everywhere. And this meant only one thing - anyone could grab a peasant woman they liked and use her as he pleased. Prostitutes were also popular. Anyone could buy the love of such a girl. At the same time, the prices were such that even the poor could afford such a luxury.

In the modern world, finding a sexual partner is not the most difficult task. However, many representatives of the strong half of humanity do not seek to enter into a relationship and want to find a woman who would be ready to satisfy his needs and not demand anything in return. Such a partner can be a sex doll.

Criterias of choice

Modern manufacturers offer men a huge selection of sexual devices that differ significantly from each other. When choosing such a girlfriend for yourself, you need to pay attention to some of the nuances:

  1. Functional. A product with a low cost will not have wide functionality. There will only be one hole in it, and it can get bored very quickly. Manufacturers of intimate goods are ready to offer men products that will be as similar as possible to real women and have many functions. Of course, they will cost a lot, but in this case, the man has something to pay for.
  2. Appearance. Appearance directly depends on its value. The more expensive it is, the more attractive it is. What appearance the bouncy girlfriend will have depends only on personal preference. Some people will be quite satisfied with an ordinary, inflatable bobblehead, while others will need a realistic model.
  3. Quality. When choosing a product, you should pay special attention to how well it is made. Even if you have chosen a budget option, pay attention to the seams and surface. They should be even, and there should be no leaking glue on the surface.

Pay attention to what material the artificial partner is made of. It should not give off an unpleasant odor. This indicates that during the production, a material was used that contains toxic substances. The use of such a toy can be hazardous to health.

Selection for realism

Modern manufacturers are ready to offer men products that are incredibly similar to a real person.Now these toys can change their position, make erotic sounds and even blink. Surprisingly, 10 years ago, lovers of sex toys could not even dream of this. Now such models are very common. Of course, you will have to pay more for them than for an ordinary, inflatable doll, but the possibilities of such a doll are much wider.

When choosing a doll by its appearance, it is worth considering some of the features of the proposed options:

  1. Inflatable. The model requires a minimum amount of space, is easily transformable and is cheaper than other options. You can use it at any time, and all you need to do is just inflate it. Perhaps, if we are talking about an inflatable doll, one cannot fail to mention that its appearance is very unsightly. In addition, such a doll will not be able to change its position and, most often, has only one hole for entry.
  2. Silicone. Such models look much better than inflatable ones. They are pleasant to the touch, have an attractive appearance, can change the position and can be supplemented with a vibrator, which enhances the sensations received during use. Of course, this option is also not without its drawbacks. To store such a girlfriend, you will need more space, and its price is quite high.
  3. Animatronic. The model can be called the best artificial girlfriend. She knows how to move, make sexual sounds, blink and take any position. It is based on a mechanical skeleton. From above it can be coated with both silicone and latex. Alas, there is no need to talk about the availability of such dolls. Their price is quite high, so not everyone can buy them.

The latter version is made only in America and Japan. Moreover, their price is incredibly high. One such doll can cost up to several thousand dollars. This is what makes animatronic models elite.

Rating of the best models

Sex toy companies have always experimented with different kinds of materials to create realistic devices. Each manufacturer has one goal - to create a toy that would be as similar to a real person as possible and to do everything possible so that it could replace a real partner for a man.

The most popular material for manufacturing has always been and still is silicone. However, its price is quite high. This became the reason for the search for new material, which would be no less high quality, but more accessible. This material is thermoplastic elastomers (TPE). Today, they are used to make sex dolls as often as silicone, which makes these toys affordable for everyone.


An inflatable doll named Alicia is ready to give a man pleasure at any time of the day or night. It has three tight holes, each of which will help a man to “let off steam” and get incredible sensations. Alicia is always ready for new adventures and will never refuse to get pleasure.

  • quality material;
  • safe;
  • pleasant to the touch.
  • not found.

Pipedream Ultimate Fantasy Dolls Carmen

Beauty Carmen is an incredibly exciting, graceful and temperamental model. Her brown eyes scream that she is insanely aroused and ready to conquer new sexual heights. Carmen has a wonderful figure. Her perfect breasts, chiseled waist and lush hips will delight any man, while her plump lips and tight vagina will satisfy even the wildest fantasies. You can only dream of such a girlfriend, because she is not only incredibly beautiful, but also silent.

Carmen is perfection itself. This and many other dolls produced by this manufacturer are made with great care. The creators do not miss even the smallest details and use high-quality materials, which allows them to create the most realistic dolls.

The beauty is not too tall, her height is only 165 cm, the joints are mobile, the fingers are graceful, the lips are elastic, and the vagina is very realistic.It can be put in any position, which allows you to realize all, even the most intimate, fantasies.

  • attractive appearance;
  • quality material.
  • not found.

Gabriel1M1 natural growth, Sinthetics SINTGAB1M1

High quality materials are used for manufacturing. She, or rather he, because this is a male doll, is made of platinum silicone, which is distinguished by its high strength and is often used in life-size production. The material is completely safe, it does not cause allergic reactions, does not emit potentially hazardous substances and does not exude an unpleasant odor.

The Gabrielle doll's skin is not only very elastic and silky, but also elastic. In addition, his body will quickly become warm after contact with hot water, light, a blanket, or body.

The model can move as the owner needs. A high-tech skeleton made of durable material allows the device not only to take the desired position, but also to maintain it for a long time.

The model has not one, but two functional holes, which you can use the way you want. With him you can enjoy both oral and anal sex. The sizes of the holes were determined by experts through a series of physical tests, so you don't have to worry that their size will not fit. The manufacturer did everything possible to make the closeness with this toy as realistic as possible. They were able to minimize not only the stretching effect, but also virtually eliminated the fart sound that can be heard when using similar toys.

The product can be called the most realistic and beautiful artificial man. And for this it is worth saying thanks to the manufacturer, because he does everything possible to make his dolls look as attractive as possible and give people only pleasant sensations.

This model is ideal for single people or those who don't have time to create real relationships. Gabriel will fulfill all desires and agree to even the dirtiest games, I do not demand from anything that a real man could ask for.

  • high quality material and completely safe;
  • high-tech skeleton, made of durable material.
  • not found.

Shemale Miss Demeanor

The product is distinguished by its attractive appearance. Miss Demeanor has a perfect waist, a voluminous face, silky soft hair and a male genital organ in the lower body. Hide her cock under her skirt and take it off during foreplay. This will keep the intrigue and get new sensations.

The lips of this doll are slightly open, the chest is large and elastic, the waist is chiseled, and the legs are incredibly slender. Her penis is always on alert, and the anus will receive the owner of the product at any time. The beauty will give many unforgettable evenings and will delight you with an incredible orgasm again and again.

Femininity and masculinity are perfectly combined. The product has a natural size and 3 entrance holes, each of which is ready to give pleasure at any time of the day or night.

Kit includes pump and repair kit. The toy is sold in individual cardboard packaging.

  • attractive appearance;
  • the perfect combination of masculinity and femininity.
  • not found.

Butch Beginner Doll

This handsome man is always ready for erotic adventures. It is life-size and is suitable not only for women, but also for men who want to try something new.

It is not recommended to completely fill the doll with air. It is enough to fill 90% of the container. Otherwise, during use, the pressure in it will be too great.

After use, the product must be rinsed in warm water with a special product. We recommend using a soft cloth for cleaning. This will prevent damage to the surface of the toy. After the doll is washed, it should be rinsed with clean water and wiped dry using a lint-free towel.

  • is of life size;
  • pleasant to the touch material;
  • does not contain harmful impurities and odor.
  • not found.

CyberSkin TLC Vibration Carmen Luvana Inflatable

Of course, the model cannot be called an exact copy of Karmen Luvana, but one cannot fail to note the fact that the vagina and ass of the toy are an exact copy of the celebrity's charms. CyberSkin was used to create the toy. Thanks to this material, the body of the product is incredibly realistic and pleasant to the touch. Carmen will give a lot of sensations, and the vibrating egg, which is controlled by the remote control, will help you reach the peak several times.

It differs not only in its natural size, but also in that it has a removable masturbator, which can be used not only with the doll, but also separately from it. The kit includes a vibro bullet, which is controlled by a remote control and runs on two batteries.

  • created in the image of an actress who gained her fame thanks to filming in porn films;
  • the set includes a vibration element, the speed of which can be adjusted;
  • 3D testicle;
  • the vagina is incredibly realistic and made of cyber skin;
  • the breasts of the product are very large, the nipples are rather hard.
  • not found.

Dolls-X Jennifer ToyFa

Jennifer is ready for any sexual adventure. She can have fun with one or several men. In this case, you do not have to persuade her for a long time, you just have to inflate.

Be sure you will not be bored with this toy. She is ready to please any man with a sexy body and give a lot of pleasure. The main difference between the product is that its face looks as realistic as possible, the doll has an excellent figure. Her large, elastic breasts will not leave indifferent any man.

Jennifer is a short doll. Her height is 155 cm, and the figure corresponds to the parameters of 80 × 60 × 80. The product can be supplemented with inserts (vaginas), which can give incredible sensations.

  • there are inserts (vaginas);
  • realistic product;
  • great appearance.
  • not found.

Julietta luxury

Juliet is a submissive and incredibly attractive girl. She is ready to reincarnate, wearing one of the wigs that come with her, please with the softness of her skin, let her play with her elastic ass and beautiful breasts.

At the disposal of the owner of the product will be not only an elastic vagina, but also a tight anus. The depth of each hole is 17 cm, which is more than enough for pleasure.

But this is not all that this beauty can attract. Her breasts can only be envied! She is big enough, firm, with hard nipples. Its shape will be able to excite every man, and two holes will help release steam and reach the peak of pleasure.

  • beautiful shapes;
  • quality material.
  • not found.

Erowoman / Eroman Valeria

If you were looking for the perfect partner for erotic pleasures, then Valeria is what you need. She is ready to realize any fantasy and is not able to refuse intimacy. Valeria is ready for any adventure. She will make every evening unforgettable and will give you the opportunity to enjoy not only vaginal, but also oral sex.

The product has an additional function - vibration mode. By turning it on, you can have incredible fun and reach the peak in minutes. The genitals of the toy have a ribbed surface and are distinguished by realism, which became possible due to the fact that they are made of cyber skin. The doll's body looks no less natural. The chest, neck and head of the toy are made of quality material, which makes them incredibly pleasant to the touch.

  • complete pump;
  • 2 vibrating eggs;
  • Remote Control.
  • not found.

Gopaldas Sex doll Ivanna Russian Lover

Russian beauty Ivana is incredibly realistic. She has large, beautiful breasts and a great figure that can attract the attention of any man. The blonde is always ready to please with good sex. She will fulfill any desire and give a lot of unforgettable sensations.All that is required is to choose a suitable posture and be ready for new sensations.

  • the product is very realistic;
  • quality;
  • safety.

Choosing a sex doll is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. There are a lot of selection criteria, but the most important of them is how well the toy is made. A poor quality sex doll can be harmful to your health. Uneven seams can leave scratches on the skin, and toxic material can trigger the development of allergies and other undesirable conditions. It is worth paying attention to the cost of the toy. A doll that is too cheap, as a rule, looks extremely silly and ridiculous. She is not capable of causing arousal, and even more so, she will not be able to give you what you expect from her. Therefore, it is better to pay attention to models with a cost below average. Having paid for them once, you can enjoy playing with them for a very long time.

If we talk about the best sex dolls, then those toys that are produced in the USA, Japan and in some European countries are considered as such. When choosing such a girlfriend, do not forget about the main thing - you should not try to save money. Such an attempt can be a sad, intimate experience.