1. How to choose a camping gas stove
  2. Travel gas hob with collet cylinder connection
  3. Models compatible with household gas cylinders
  4. Stoves with two food options
  5. Portable gas hob with ceramic hob

Rating of the best hiking (tourist) gas stoves for 2020

Rating of the best hiking (tourist) gas stoves for 2020

When we imagine a hiking trip or a weekend trip to nature, romantic images always appear before our eyes: a fire crackles, a fragrant field porridge is slowly cooked on it in a pot, and a kettle whistles nearby. However, in reality, everything is often different: there is not always good firewood at the parking lot, the wind blows out the fire or the rain that has suddenly started floods. Romance is replaced by a bad mood from the inability to cook dinner.

In such cases, a portable gas stove becomes a real lifesaver. It is convenient and easy to cook, boil water and even heat the tent on it. Tourist tiles are an indispensable assistant not only for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts, but also for families with small children or residents of summer cottages. After all, she perfectly helps in the event of a power outage, when the opportunity to use the electric stove is lost.

How to choose a camping gas stove

Let's briefly tell you what points you should pay attention to when buying a travel portable tile:

  • nutritional feature;

It means from which cylinders it works. There are several options: from disposable with a collet connector to household with connection through a flexible hose and reducer, or with the ability to connect both types.

  • power;

The optimal power is considered to be 1.5-2 kW. It is enough for cooking for 2-3 people at a time.

  • gas consumption;

Most often expressed as the number of grams of fuel consumed per hour. It is especially important to pay attention to this parameter for devices powered by disposable cartridges.

  • dimensions and weight;

This point is especially important if the trip is on foot and you have to carry all the accessories yourself.

  • the dimensions of the hob;

You need to pay attention to what is the maximum diameter of the pan. At the same time, do not forget about small dishes, for example, a Turk. Often, the design of the grill does not allow placing a Turk on it and you have to buy an additional divider.

  • piezo ignition;

Convenient function that ignites a fire in a burner without matches. It must be remembered that in damp conditions it can fail.

  • wind protection;

Most often it is represented by a metal ring that protects the burner and fire from the wind. In some cases, this function is performed by a cover.

  • equipment;

Different manufacturers complete their products differently.Most often, the kit includes a case for transportation and storage. Models with universal power supply have a nipple adapter. Some companies even supply flexible hoses. Cylinders, regardless of their type, are always purchased separately.

In our rating, we divided all the considered slabs into subgroups:

  • powered by disposable replaceable collet cylinders;
  • compatible with household gas cylinders;
  • with two connection options;

and highlighted as a separate item

  • models with ceramic hob.

Travel gas hob with collet cylinder connection

This type of device operates from disposable cans with a mixture of propane and butane, which are connected to the plate by a collet connection. Of the advantages of these devices, it is worth highlighting the availability of replaceable batteries and the convenience of their use - no additional hoses, adapters, and other devices are needed. The main disadvantage is uneconomical gas consumption. One canister is enough for a maximum of 1.5 hours of burning at maximum flame. But, according to experienced tourists, this is not so little. Indeed, in order to boil a 1 liter kettle, only 6-10 minutes is enough.

Energy GS-200

Single-burner gas stove, which is convenient to take with you on a hike and to the country. It differs in small dimensions, which when folded are 11x10x8 cm. For ease of transportation, a cover is provided. It is important to remember that it is made of soft material and is not able to protect the device from mechanical damage during transportation. Collet connection. This is also a plus, since almost all cylinders of this type are suitable, and a minus. The disadvantage is that some of the users experience some difficulty in joining. Also, some note the gradual wear of the joint, which leads to gas undercutting. Overall, the GS-200 is comfortable and easy to use. As noted in the reviews about it, it fully works out its value.

Price: from 530 rubles.

Energy GS-200
  • compact and lightweight;
  • Compatible with most collet disposable cylinders;
  • case included;
  • ease of use;
  • cheap.
  • some users experienced difficulties in attaching a gas cartridge;
  • the can is attached directly to the tile, which can cause it to heat up;
  • no wind protection;
  • sharp flame regulator;
  • the fragility of the structure is noted.

Energy GS-300

The portable model Energy GS-300, rich in positive feedback from users, is indispensable not only on a hike, but also at home in the absence of electricity or gas. Initially, the manufacturer impresses with the presence of a suitcase for easy storage and transportation. The second advantage that users have repeatedly noted is the convenience of collet connection of a replaceable cartridge with a mixture of propane and butane. A special place is provided for it in the case where it is firmly fixed. The regulator allows you to control the strength of the flame, which is also very convenient and saves gas. In addition, the device is equipped with a piezo ignition. For proper operation and to prevent overheating of the stove, the diameter of the cookware should not exceed 21 cm.

Price: from 975 rubles.

Energy GS-300
  • included - a plastic case for comfortable transportation of the device;
  • convenient collet connection;
  • uniform flame;
  • ignition with a piezoelectric element;
  • powerful;
  • stable.
  • not found.

Energy GS-500

One of the most popular models among users. What attracts attention, first of all, is the stainless steel surface, which is easy to clean after cooking. Its next advantage is the presence of a wind shield - a metal rim around the burner, which is very helpful when using the stove outdoors. Although some users note that this wind protection does not help in strong winds and you need to put the device in a quieter place. Powered by a replaceable cartridge with a mixture of propane and butane, for which a recess is provided in the body. Collet connection. Equipped with piezo ignition and flame level regulator.For ease of transportation, the manufacturer has provided a plastic case, although a little flimsy.

Cost: from 1090 rubles.

Energy GS-500
  • the top panel is made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean;
  • there is a windscreen that ensures continuous fire burning in the open air;
  • suitcase for transportation;
  • suitable for large dishes;
  • reliable and stable;
  • solid build.
  • wind protection does not always cope.


Convenient and reliable portable cooker from a South Korean manufacturer. Collecting information about this device, we were faced only with positive feedback from the owners. First of all, they note the thoughtful connection with the battery. A compartment with a lid in the body is provided for a disposable cartridge. Collet connection. Another important advantage is the presence of the "Spark" mode, thanks to which the fire is ignited without matches. In addition, users note the presence of a carrying case in the kit, although they note its flimsy.

Price: from 1150 rubles.

  • Comes with a case for storage and transportation;
  • "Spark" mode for ignition without matches;
  • stable;
  • it is convenient to use on hikes, in the country, even in an apartment in the absence of electricity (if an electric stove is installed).
  • not found.


A very compact model from TOURIST: width 25.6 cm, depth 20.5 cm. Despite its small size, it perfectly copes with its intended purpose - cooking. It has a fairly large power (2.1 kW) with a lower gas consumption (132 g / h) than similar products. Most users highlight the stainless steel surface, which is easy to clean of trapped food. Also note the simplicity and ease of use. The tile is equipped with a piezoelectric ignition.

Cost: from 2020 rub.

  • stainless steel body, which is easy to clean after use;
  • there is a windscreen;
  • small and lightweight;
  • there is a piezoelectric ignition;
  • you can adjust the strength of the flame.
  • not found.

Below you can see the technical characteristics of the models with a collet connection.

SpecificationsEnergy GS-200Energy GS-300Energy GS-500TOURIST CAMPING GURU TS-250TOURIST LOTOS PREMIUM TR-300KOVEA TKR-9507-С Ceramic
power, kWt22.
Fuel consumption, g / h100155155152132125
Number of burners111111
Flame level regulator++++++
Piezoelectric ignition++++++
Dimensions in working order, cm20x20x11.534x28x11.534.3x27.5x8.534x28x11.325.6x20.5x10.233.5x25.5x8
Weight, kg0.

Models compatible with household gas cylinders

This type of gas appliance is convenient when you need to cook large amounts of food. They are more economical because liquefied gas from household cylinders is consumed more slowly. Indispensable for summer residents or villagers, as well as on long trips. However, on foot, they are inconvenient, because they carry significant weight.

GEFEST PGT1 modification 802

Reliable and easy-to-use gas stove from the Belarusian company GEFEST. Outwardly, it resembles a reduced version of the cooker of this manufacturer, but with one burner. It works from liquefied gas from cylinders (1-5-2-V GOST 15860-84). The connection is carried out using a flexible hose and clamps that are included in the kit. At the same time, individual craftsmen adapt it to work with disposable containers of gas, but this is at their own peril and risk. The body has a heat-resistant coating (enamel) that can withstand long-term operation. The containers stand firmly on the curly lattice, provided that the plate is installed on a flat surface. It should be noted that the manufacturer gives a 2-year warranty for its product.

Price: from 720 rubles.

GEFEST PGT1 modification 802
  • connects to a large gas cylinder;
  • the set includes a flexible hose and clamps for connection;
  • 3 modes (gas shut off, low fire and high fire);
  • stable;
  • robust construction.
  • no piezo ignition.


The only two-burner model from TOURIST in our rating. The presence of 2 burners expands the possibilities of its use: the cooking process is faster, you can cook 2 dishes at the same time. However, this advantage also has negative sides - the diameter of simultaneously used dishes cannot be more than 21 cm. It is equipped with a lid that perfectly protects the flame from the wind in open areas. In addition, a plastic case with a handle is included for storage and carrying. Powered by a household propane cylinder with a volume of 5-50 liters. It should be noted that neither the hose nor the reducer are included in the package and must be purchased separately. In general, users are satisfied with the quality of the tile, although it was not without negative reviews.

Price: from 2490 rubles.

  • the cover serves as a windbreak in the field;
  • 2 burners;
  • convenient and smooth flame controls;
  • stable.
  • the package does not include a hose and a reducer;
  • not suitable for bulky dishes;
  • no piezo ignition.

The table shows the technical parameters of both models.

power, kWt1.552
Fuel consumption, g / h123160
Number of burners12
Flame level regulator++
Piezoelectric ignition--
Dimensions in working order, cm17x19.5x9.543x24x8
Weight, kg11.9

Stoves with two food options

The versatility of the connection makes these plates more in demand among buyers. They combine the advantages of the previously reviewed devices.


Another option for a tabletop gas stove that can be used both in the field and in the kitchen. By design, it is completely similar to the previous ones. The only difference, and at the same time its advantage, is the presence of an adapter for a remote cylinder in the configuration. Thus, it can operate both from a removable disposable cartridge with a collet connection, and from a large remote, connected to it through a flexible hose. A reliable and durable device shows itself in operation. Maximum vertical load up to 15 kg. The burner is closed and produces a ring-shaped flame. A plastic case is provided for storage and transportation.

Price: from 1335 rubles.

  • the set includes a connecting adapter for connecting a larger external cylinder;
  • piezoelectric ignition;
  • withstands a load of up to 15 kg;
  • stable;
  • case for transportation and storage.
  • some users note defects in the assembly.


Camping gas stove with the ability to work from both a collet and a household cylinder, for this, a special connecting adapter is included in the package. "FRIENDSHIP" is clear and easy to use. The body is made of cold rolled steel and painted in high gloss black paint. Aluminum hob. A compartment with a lid is provided for a removable cartridge. Equipped with piezoelectric ignition and flame control.

Cost: from 1500 rubles.

  • 2 food options;
  • the set includes a fitting (adapter);
  • additional nozzles on the burner, which speeds up the temperature set and cooking;
  • there is protection from the wind;
  • good value for money.
  • some buyers note the flimsy of the design.

KOVEA TKR-9507-P Portable Propane

Reliable and easy-to-use portable tile from the South Korean company KOVEA. The principle of operation and design are similar to the previous models. It, like the others, has a flame level regulator and piezoelectric ignition. Below we list the advantages: it can work both from a disposable, replaceable collet cartridge, and from a household propane cylinder. For this, the manufacturer has enriched the complete set with a connecting adapter. In this case, the flexible hose and the reducer will have to be purchased separately. Another plus of some buyers is the presence of additional nozzles in the center of the burner. According to them, due to this, water boils faster than on similar stoves with a conventional burner design.It is impossible not to mention the build quality, which is also excellent and has no complaints from users. However, a positive model from all sides costs almost 2 times more than its counterparts from other manufacturers.

Cost: from 2540 rubles.

KOVEA TKR-9507-P Portable Propane
  • the ability to work from a removable collet and from a household gas cylinder with a volume of 5-50 liters;
  • the set includes an adapter;
  • reliable and solid assembly;
  • additional nozzles in the center of the burner speed up cooking and boiling water;
  • durable carrying case.
  • not found.

In the table you can see the technical characteristics of these plates.

SpecificationsFOUNDER PF-GST-N10 Black
Piktime FRIENDSHIPKOVEA TKR-9507-P Portable Propane
power, kWt2.522.2
Fuel consumption, g / h150150160
Number of burners111
Flame level regulator+++
Piezoelectric ignition+++
Dimensions in working order, cm33.5x25.5x833.5x25.5x837.6x31.8x9.8
Weight, kg1.71.41.8

Portable gas hob with ceramic hob

In this sub-item, we have identified 2 models - one powered by a collet cylinder, the second with 2 connection options. The only reason why we did not include them in the previous points of our rating is their burners, which, unlike all previous ones, are made of ceramics. As a result, they work significantly differently from stoves with conventional aluminum burners. Their main advantage is the ability to use them for heating, for example, tents. Let's consider them in more detail.


The tabletop model SOLARIS PLUS TS-701 is a great assistant both in the kitchen and in the field. Its most important difference from the devices discussed above is the burner material. It is made of ceramics, from which all the following advantages follow. The gas in it burns not with the usual tongues of flame, as in ordinary burners, but inside and above its cylindrical honeycomb. This heats up the entire surface of the cooking zone, which heats up a larger area on the bottom of the pan. This heating system will reduce fuel consumption without losing efficiency. In addition, this model has the ability to work from disposable collet and from external household cylinders. An adapter is provided for the latter option. Note that the tile is equipped with a safety valve against overpressure, but still, when using a large cylinder, it is better to connect it through an external reducer. Piezo ignition and flame regulator are present.

Cost: from 2700 rubles.

  • thanks to the ceramic hob, heats the water faster, which leads to less gas consumption, and can also be used for heating;
  • not blown out by the wind;
  • works from removable and household cylinders;
  • the kit includes a fitting;
  • equipped with a windscreen;
  • maximum load up to 15 kg;
  • economical gas consumption (135 g / h and 110 g / h depending on the power used).
  • it is not allowed to get liquid on the burner, because may cause its failure.

KOVEA TKR-9507-С Ceramic

Another model with a ceramic burner, but from KOVEA. It has all the same advantages as the TOURIST SOLARIS PLUS, which are associated with a ceramic hob. It is practically not blown out by the wind, it heats up better and keeps warm. It should be noted that its gas consumption is even lower, only 125 g / h. However, at the same time it only works with replaceable collet cylinders. Equipped with piezoelectric ignition and flame control.

Price: from 2890 rubles.

KOVEA TKR-9507-С Ceramic
  • ceramic hob;
  • economical gas consumption;
  • can be used for heating;
  • reliable assembly;
  • not blown out by the wind.
  • in comparison with TOURIST SOLARIS PLUS works only from a collet cartridge;
  • expensive.

Below are the technical parameters of TOURIST SOLARIS PLUS and KOVEA TKR-9507-C

SpecificationsTOURIST SOLARIS PLUS TS-701KOVEA TKR-9507-С Ceramic
power, kWt1.851.5
Fuel consumption, g / h135/110125
Tank connectioncollet / hosecollet
Number of burners11
Flame level regulator++
Piezoelectric ignition++
Dimensions in working order, cm33x29.2x10.133.5x25.5x8
Weight, kg1.451.51

The ability to cook food in nature without unnecessary lengthy preparations makes your vacation more comfortable and saves time and effort. Whether you're out in the countryside for the weekend or on a long camping trip, a portable gas stove will come in handy. And let the fire burn for romance.