1. What are
  2. How to choose
  3. Additional features
  4. Which product should you buy?
  5. Which company is better to buy a mechanical scale
  6. Rating of quality electronic bathroom scales
  7. Top manufacturers of diagnostic bathroom scales
  8. Conclusion

Rating of the best bathroom scales for 2020

Rating of the best bathroom scales for 2020

Floor-standing scales are used to monitor the dynamics of their own weight and assess nutritional status. At home, structures are also used for weighing children, bulky items, and animals. Such a device will be appreciated by those who like to travel, who know firsthand how airlines treat bulky and heavy luggage. Scales for the home are often bought by the fair sex, who are used to monitoring their physical condition from an early age.

What are


The main criterion for choosing such devices is the accuracy indicator. And the electronic scales meet all the necessary requirements of the buyer. In addition to the unusual appearance, there is a separate product category on the market, which is equipped with a number of auxiliary functions. It is this feature that distinguishes electronic products from their mechanical counterparts.

Popular models that belong to the high-tech (medical) category may have the following functionality:

  1. Determination of the proportion of bone tissue.
  2. Calculation of BMI (body mass index).
  3. Revealing the proportion of water.
  4. Air temperature measurement.
  5. Determination of the fatty component.

You should pay attention to the fact that expensive models are equipped with a function that allows you to memorize data and analyze it for each of the family members. Through a simple application, the device will independently recognize people and record the slightest changes. The best devices are very accurate, and the error rarely reaches 100 g.

Also, experts advise paying special attention to models that are able to carry out a comprehensive analysis based on the data obtained and recommend the optimal amount of calories consumed during the day, as well as make up a diet.


Easy to use and affordable devices. They are in high demand due to their load capacity and reliability. Over time, the spring that underlies the design will gradually stretch, leading to an increase in the error rate. However, if a person needs to know only the approximate parameters of something, then this option is considered the most profitable and, at the same time, inexpensive. They are characterized by maintainability, unlike electronic counterparts.

How to choose

Floor products belong to the category of household appliances that are in great demand among modern consumers.In order not to make common mistakes when choosing a device, you should decide in advance on the selection criteria. Goal setting will also play an important role. It should be noted that the same scales can be used for children and adults.

For a newborn child (up to six months), it is recommended to use special children's products (horizontal type), which are equipped with all, without exception, medical institutions. It is noted that they have a minimum error rate.

Accuracy of measurementsFor those who pay special attention to their own weight, the slightest error can have adverse consequences. In this case, preference should be given to electronic devices. Children's models and expensive accessories will reduce the risk of error to a minimum. Mechanical products "lie" by 200-400 g, which is considered an acceptable indicator if the indicator is measured every few days. The cheapest scales have an error of 1 kg.
Maximum loadThe criterion is important when large people will use the product. Conventional attachments can break due to significant stress, resulting in injury. Average units are capable of withstanding a 160-kilogram person (electrical) and 200 kg mechanical. In most cases, these indicators are more than enough. There is a separate product category on the market, which is designed for a weight of 300 kg.
Materials usedThe greatest demand is for plastic products due to the budget price and the compact dimensions of the model itself. Manufacturers focus on the design and colors of household appliances, so the choice can be difficult. A wide assortment will not allow you to quickly decide on the models you like.
The steel platform will look stylish and modern. But it is unpleasant to become barefoot on a metal surface (otherwise the sensor will not work).
Able to amaze with a variety of glass structures. However, such material should be handled with extreme care. Steam makes the surface slippery and should not be used in the bathroom. The rubberized backing will not be superfluous.
Exotic models deserve special attention. A striking example is wood or stone inserts. They are expensive, but they look amazing.
Manual adjustment
Power (for electronic devices)
Structures in most cases should stand on an absolutely flat surface. It is difficult to find ideal floors in the house, so popular models are equipped with a level adjustment function. Otherwise, you will have to spend a lot of time in order to find a flat surface in the room.
The consumption of conventional structures is minimal. The battery can last for several months of intensive use. However, diagnostic devices that are able to determine the proportion of bone tissue in a person will require regular replacement of the batteries, namely once a week.

Additional features

When looking at electronic products in detail, there are many additional features that mechanical products do not have. However, each of the declared functions, which is so necessary in everyday life, in the opinion of most buyers, will be reflected in the cost of the product. Are some programs really necessary? Maybe you shouldn't overpay for something that is not absolutely necessary.

High-tech diagnostic devices can have the following functionality:

  1. A miniature printer or stadiometer can be provided by the manufacturer as auxiliary functions.
  2. The system can audibly detect the percentage of muscle, fat, fluid and bone. A weak discharge will not harm the body, but it will provide accurate data.This functionality will be appreciated by professional athletes, parents of babies, pregnant women and people with cardiac regulators.
  3. Calculation of BMI with subsequent saving of the obtained data.

High-tech novelties can work with a wireless control unit. Thus, it will be possible to control the modes without leaning towards them every time.

Which product should you buy?

  1. For health, sports and medical institutions, it is better to buy electronic devices with an extensive memory unit. They can be equipped not only with a built-in height rod, but also with a small printer. It should be noted that a solid platform is required, and it is made of hygienic, environmentally friendly and safe materials. Among them, metal and glass deserve special attention, which are easy to care for.
  2. For a large family in which they prefer to check the indicators every day, you will need an electronic device with a large memory. The margin of error is 0.5 kg. The body must be made of metal or tempered glass. The automatic shutdown function and the charge indicator will not be superfluous.
  3. Mechanical structures are suitable for home use if the measurement accuracy will not play a special role. An excellent choice for those whose figure is 140 kg or more. If the indicator significantly exceeds the indicated mark, then the device must be equipped with a high-strength base, preferably metal.
  4. Those who continuously monitor any fluctuations in their own weight require a high-tech diagnostic tool. In addition to the total body weight, the device will determine a number of other indicators that will not be superfluous. Fully, such a device can operate on battery power.

Which company is better to buy a mechanical scale


A great budget solution for a large family. The device does not need electrical power supplies. It is based on an easy-to-use mechanism that is quite reliable. The error rate is 1 kg. The permissible load reaches 130 kg. For manufacturing, high-strength plastic is used, the warranty for which is a year, which speaks in favor of such an acquisition. The base can be painted in any colors (white, gray, blue, red and others).

The kit can be purchased at a price of 750 rubles.

scales FIRST AUSTRIA 8020
  • acceptable value for money;
  • design;
  • carrying capacity;
  • it is based on a practical mechanism;
  • the body is made of high-strength plastic;
  • assembly.
  • rubberized feet complicate the process of placing the device on the surface.

Maxwell MW-2656

The modern design in combination with a durable mechanism allowed us to offer the buyer a budget novelty that is in high demand. The data obtained are not very accurate (the error reaches 100 g per kilogram). Weighing the same item several times will not reveal measurement deviations, which can be considered an advantage.

Average price - 850 rubles.

scales Maxwell MW-2656
  • simplicity of design;
  • cost;
  • build quality;
  • strength of materials;
  • variety of colors.
  • significant error.

Medisana 40461 PSD

An excellent unit from a well-known German brand. It is a massive retro-style device equipped with a fairly large dial. A special feature is the presence of a rubberized surface. The total weight of the structure is 3.6 kg, which is a high indicator. Dimensions: 42.5x28.5 cm. Will not take up much space due to the fact that they have a small thickness. A visually impaired person can also see the result due to the massive and convex dial. Able to withstand a mass of 150 kg. The measuring scale has a step of 500 g. A flat surface is not necessary. The result will be accurate.

How much does the kit cost? The purchase will cost 2300 rubles.

Scale Medisana 40461 PSD
  • the ability to order online in a corporate online store;
  • accuracy;
  • sustainability;
  • maximum load;
  • rubberized surface;
  • large icons on the dial.
  • dimensions.


An excellent choice for those weighing less than 120 kg. It should be noted that the manufacturer does not recommend using the design too often for those whose indicator is as close as possible to the declared mark. Otherwise, the mechanism underlying the design will quickly stretch and produce false data. The error coefficient will be 1 kg, which coincides with the divisions of the established scale. Declared dimensions: 26x26x5 cm. Brand warranty - one year. They are collected in the Middle Kingdom.

Cost - 425 rubles.

scales MAYER & BOCH MB-24293
  • numerous positive reviews;
  • price;
  • classic platform (square);
  • ergonomics;
  • non-slip surface (soft silicone);
  • mechanism independent of external power sources.
  • Chinese assembly;
  • the length of the foot should not exceed the mark of 24.5 cm;
  • insufficient measurement accuracy.

Scarlett SC-BS33M042

The model entered the TOP for several reasons. It should be noted that batteries are not required to operate the device. The platform is made of high-strength materials that can withstand a mass of 135 kg. The dial is divided into divisions every 100 g. The accuracy does not differ, however, the error coefficient does not exceed 1 kg. The legs are equipped with anti-slip pads that will allow the structure to be displayed in any room. Results can be converted to pounds (if desired).

High-strength and impact-resistant plastic of various shades is used for the manufacture of the case. A simple and, at the same time, practical unit that will allow you to obtain the necessary information at a reasonable cost.

Average price - 550 rubles.

scales Scarlett SC-BS33M042
  • operational period;
  • installation on any type of surface;
  • cost;
  • several units of measure (pounds and kilograms);
  • a wide range of colors;
  • non-slip foot caps.
  • error;
  • permissible load 135 kg.

Rating of quality electronic bathroom scales


Our TOP is headed by a popular model from a domestic manufacturer. The price of the product is fully justified by the numerous positive reviews from grateful buyers who were lucky enough to purchase a high-quality and reliable device for home use. Dimensions: 30.2x30.2 cm. High-strength tempered glass is used as the main material, which is designed for significant loads (up to 180 kg). It is worth noting that the error is 100 g. The work of the automation is comparable to that of a clock.

Cost - 1500 rubles.

scales REDMOND RS-750
  • ease of care;
  • appearance;
  • large display;
  • the position of the legs does not affect the final result;
  • assembly;
  • impact resistant glass;
  • permissible load.
  • the minimum indicator of the weighed item is 5 kg;
  • lack of backlight;
  • exact result.


The design was included in the list largely due to the optimal ratio of price and quality of the product. For a small fee, the buyer receives a convenient and high-quality device with a small margin of error (100 g). The cost does not in any way affect the quality of the product. The appearance of the structure and the way of data output deserve special attention. The bright and large display will make it possible to see the result even for people with low vision. The backlight will make it possible to see the numbers in the dark and from different angles. To work, you need two little finger batteries. Dimensions: 30x30x2.3 cm. The permissible load is 180 kg.

Price - 700 rubles.

scales BBK BCS3004G
  • acceptable cost;
  • build quality;
  • display of optimal size with backlight;
  • an error of 100 g;
  • comfortable surface.
  • fastidious batteries;
  • paint from glass is quickly erased.

Tefal PP 1110

It should be noted that the maximum user weight must not exceed 160 kg. On the front side there are beautiful patterns that look unusual on a silver background. The liquid crystal display was placed at the top, and this is where the necessary data will come. You need one battery to work. The legs are not adjustable, which for some may be a significant disadvantage. A small lever is used to switch units of measurement. The correct weigh-in place is the key to obtaining reliable data. The surface must be flat, firm and horizontal.

The device is fully automatic. To turn on, a person just needs to stand on them. After a couple of minutes after use, they will turn off on their own. The device is quite accurate, and the coefficient of error is standard (100 g). The system needs 10 seconds to determine the result. A reliable and high-quality unit does not require special maintenance.

Price - 2200 rubles.

scales Tefal PP 1110
  • 2-year manufacturer's warranty;
  • build quality;
  • frequent battery replacement is not required;
  • accuracy of data definition;
  • appearance;
  • dimensions;
  • ergonomics.
  • the base must be chosen correctly, otherwise the mass will be inaccurate.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale

For the manufacture of the product, exclusively high-quality materials were used that look simple and, at the same time, stylish. The surface is painted neutral white. The user will not find anything superfluous on the case. There are no logos and auxiliary inserts. The display is located at the top, but it cannot be seen when it is turned off. The body is made of high-strength non-slip plastic, which makes the device completely safe. The front part has additional protection in the form of tempered glass.

The permissible user weight is 150 kg. For work, you need four finger-type batteries. In the same compartment is a small data format switch: pounds, Chinese or metric. The weight of the structure is 2 kg with dimensions of 30x30x3 cm. You should not turn it on before use, you just need to stand on the work surface. After a few seconds, the device will turn on by itself. A proprietary application is used to synchronize data.

Price - 1100 rubles.

scales Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale
  • several data output formats;
  • synchronization with a proprietary application;
  • ease of use;
  • appearance;
  • practicality;
  • wear-resistant surface.
  • limited functionality;
  • error of 150 g;
  • frequent battery replacement.


Such a model should not be hidden from prying eyes, because the design of the novelty is impressive. The design of the device, thought out to the smallest detail, will perfectly fit into any bathroom interior. The manufacturer preferred a liquid crystal display that displays all the necessary information, including a charge indicator. The surface is made of impact resistant tempered glass. The legs are equipped with rubberized pads. The permissible user weight is 180 kg. The unit will automatically turn off half a minute after the person gets up from the scale. An overload indicator is also present.

Cost - 950 rubles.

scales VITEK VT-1952
  • charge indicator;
  • operational period;
  • bright display;
  • rubberized foot pads;
  • auxiliary indicators;
  • display backlight;
  • the accuracy of the measurements;
  • small weight of the product.
  • own memory is not provided;
  • fragile legs.

Beurer PS 240 Soft Grip

At the top of the precision bathroom scale is a German-made product, and for good reason. The platform of the product is made of rubber coated metal with anti-slip properties.It is soft and has a temperature approximately equal to that of the human body, which makes it pleasant to stand on the device even in the cold season. The measurement accuracy varies within 50 grams.

The device can be used by pregnant women, as it does not have an electric pulse sensor. There is an automatic on and off function, symbol illumination. The maximum permissible load is 180 kg. Buyers note a pleasant-to-touch coating, as well as resistance to mechanical stress. The average price of the device is 2,000 rubles.

Beurer PS 240 Soft Gri
  • high-quality assembly and components;
  • universal design, suitable for any interior;
  • can be ordered from the online store using a photo, which is important during the coronavirus pandemic;
  • high measurement accuracy;
  • can be used by pregnant women.
  • before choosing a mechanism in the store, customers recommend turning it on and checking the operation of the screen - on some copies there are defects in the form of "braking" and "freezing";
  • lack of diagnostic functions, which is an important selection criterion for some buyers.

TVES VMEN-150-50 / 100-A

The review continues with one more Russian-made product, which is intended for use in medical institutions. The manufacturer claims a sample of tare weight from 0 to 20 kg, as well as measurement accuracy up to 50 grams. There is an automatic on and off function.

The device operates on standard AAA batteries in the amount of 4 pcs. The distinctive features include a plastic case, a streamlined shape, and a bright print on the surface of the product. The weight of the goods is 2.6 kilograms, which is why it is inconvenient to carry it with you, and it is recommended to use it as a stationary device for measuring human body weight. Buyers note that the Russian assembly is visible in most elements - the buttons can sink and break, characters can partially disappear on the screen. The average price of a product is 6,100 rubles.

TVES VMEN-150-50 / 100-A
  • high measurement accuracy;
  • convenient form;
  • resistant to scratches.
  • poor build quality, fragile buttons and a short-lived display.

Momert 5878

This is one of the best maximum load weights available on the market - people weighing up to 250 kilograms are allowed. The platform of the device is made of black glass, there are no drawings on the surface. The device operates on three standard AAA batteries. The measurement accuracy is 100 grams.

Additional functions include the presence of automatic on and off, indication of battery charge and overload, as well as glowing screen symbols (measurements can be taken in the dark). The average price of a product is 2,300 rubles.

Momert 5878
  • high value of the ultimate load;
  • universal design;
  • typical batteries.
  • high price with little functionality.

LUMME LU-1329 young grass

The review continues with a novelty made in China, which is significantly cheaper in price. Despite the fact that this model is not the most technologically advanced, it has a minimum set of characteristics that allow the product to be used for its intended purpose (to measure body weight). The platform is made of glass, on top of which there is a bright pattern of green grass (which is reflected in the name of the product).

The mass of the goods does not exceed a kilogram, the measurement range is from zero to 180 kilograms with an accuracy of 0.1 kg. Additional parameters include automatic on and off, indication of the battery charge (one unit of the CR2032 3 V type is used), as well as overload. Buyers note high measurement accuracy and low error, attractive design, practical material of manufacture (does not get dirty). The average price of the product is 530 rubles.

LUMME LU-1329 young grass
  • attractive appearance;
  • inexpensive in price;
  • there is the minimum required functionality;
  • can be ordered online from China with AliExpress.
  • there is no intellectual monitoring of health status.

irit IR-7251

The rating is continued by another representative of Chinese production, a feature of which is an unusual design (round shape with a smiling emoticon in the middle). The product is sold in cardboard packaging, the delivery set includes an instruction manual and a battery.

The product is made of glass (tempered), which at first glance seems fragile, but it can withstand a maximum load of 150 kilograms. Not only the top view is unusual, the bottom view is also noteworthy. The plastic legs are interconnected by metal arcs, and have rubber seals in the place of contact with the floor in order not to leave scratches on it. In order to turn on the electronic scales, just stand on the platform.

Additional characteristics include the presence of a battery charge and overload indicator. Measurement accuracy - 100 grams. The average price is 630 rubles.

irit IR-7251
  • budget price;
  • bright drawing that lifts the mood;
  • high measurement accuracy;
  • can be purchased at any online electronics store.
  • small functionality.

Top manufacturers of diagnostic bathroom scales

Smart scales MINIMI

Our ranking is topped by a high-quality product from the renowned French brand - Noerden. An excellent solution for those who want to get a high-quality product with extensive functionality for a reasonable price. The device will perfectly fit into any interior due to its modern design and very compact dimensions. The gadget belongs to the category of smart scales, for the manufacture of which the manufacturer used durable and high-quality materials. The body is made of impact-resistant tempered glass. The design can have an unlimited number of users.

The device is able to independently track various indicators related to body composition. The system also analyzes the received data through a proprietary application. The device will be a great helper for those who really care about their own health. This is especially true for women who are in an interesting position. It should be noted that the permissible load on the scale is 150 kg.

Measurements carried out by the model:

  1. Hydration level.
  2. Basal metabolic rate.
  3. Muscle mass.
  4. Visceral fat.
  5. Metabolic age.
  6. Body mass index.
  7. Bone mass.
  8. The proportion of body fat.

Also, it will not be superfluous to get a watch of the same brand, with which you can get all the necessary data from the scales. Together with information regarding the user's physical activity, a person can get the most complete picture of his physical condition.

The purchase will cost 2,000 rubles.

Smart scales MINIMI
  • accuracy of readings;
  • speed of processed data;
  • users are automatically detected by the device;
  • the ability to synchronize the scales with a smartphone via Bluetooth;
  • unlimited number of users;
  • a huge number of indicators;
  • batteries are included;
  • a premium product of appropriate quality;
  • the system itself reminds the user that it is necessary to use the scales (take readings);
  • display with bright backlight (data is clearly visible even in the dark);
  • a separate profile will be created for each user;
  • high-strength glass profile;
  • modern design;
  • more than a pleasant cost, based on the designated functionality (models similar in function will cost the buyer 3000-8000 rubles).
  • small platform.

Medisana 40419 TargetScale

High-tech modern floor-standing model. A feature is the specific software that allows you to synchronize the gadget with Apple technology.The top panel is made of non-marking plastic and steel frames (stainless steel), which are designed to make the product more durable. The permissible load is 180 kg. For work, you need four finger-type batteries. The manufacturer provides a number of auxiliary functions, including the ability to calculate:

  1. IMS (body mass index).
  2. Lobes of muscle tissue.
  3. Bone lobes.
  4. Shares of adipose tissue.
  5. Water content in the body (percentage).

This functionality allows athletes to track data over time (graphical change in indicators).

Cost - 9000 rubles.

Scale Medisana 40419 TargetScale
  • individual settings;
  • ergonomics;
  • appearance;
  • the ability to install on any type of surface;
  • synchronization with smartphones and Apple appliances;
  • unlimited number of users;
  • functional.
  • price;
  • small display.

Beurer BG 17

A complete diagnostic complex at a reasonable price. It allows you to easily monitor the health of users. Before the first use, a person will need to enter personal data, including:

  1. Growth.
  2. Floor.
  3. Age.

Based on the data obtained, the system will display information regarding water, muscle and bone tissue, percentage of fat and body weight. The error coefficient is standard and is 100 g, while other indicators are only 0.1%. Permissible user weight 150 kg. To get started, just touch the glass surface with your foot. The vibration sensor is activated and the LCD will turn on. After that, the person stands on the structure with two legs. The data is read instantly and displayed on the screen.

Cost - 1500 rubles.

scales Beurer BG 17
  • value for money;
  • ergonomics;
  • design;
  • optimal error ratio;
  • an excellent solution for those who take care of themselves;
  • accuracy of indicators.
  • display without backlight;
  • easily soiled surface.

Bosch PPW2360

The optimal choice based on numerous reviews from grateful buyers. The value for money is optimal. A number of other parameters should also be noted that are related to user parameters. Internal memory will allow you to save the data of ten different people or a large and friendly family that cares about their health. Analyzer probes appear as two gray circles located on the front of the device. Data collection is based on a weak signal that travels through the user's body and provides the required data.

There are four legs and they are equipped with rubberized tips that do not allow the structure to slide on the surface of the floor covering. In order for the gadget to show real data, you need to install it on a hard and always flat surface. You will also need three AAA batteries. The weight indicator is located near the display. If the indicator, according to the program, does not exceed the established norm, then the numbers will be green. If the indicators do not correspond to the specified parameters, the information will be highlighted in red.

Cost - 4000 rubles.

scales Bosch PPW2360
  • wide functionality;
  • maximum load 180 kg;
  • price;
  • ergonomics;
  • accuracy of measurements;
  • high-strength housing.
  • not identified.

Tanita BC-587

A complete body weight analyzer. Using the device, a person can quickly obtain the necessary information. You will first need to enter basic data. The system independently determines the general condition and issues recommendations. Thus, a person can determine the effectiveness of the chosen exercise or diet. The amount of calories and body fat consumed is also calculated individually. Subsequently, the chosen diet can be adjusted.

The body fat percentage is determined within a few seconds. The results are displayed on a convenient liquid crystal display. It should be noted the amazing accuracy of the device.The internal memory is sufficient to store the data of four different users. There is a guest mode that will not save the data of random visitors. The gadget is designed for users whose weight does not exceed 200 kg. A high-strength glass platform is used as a base.

Cost - 5350 rubles.

scales Tanita BC-587
  • functional;
  • design;
  • data reading speed;
  • ease of use;
  • accuracy of readings;
  • comfortable display.
  • little own memory;
  • price;
  • the beep is too loud and there is no way to make it quieter.


In the process of choosing floor structures, several aspects must be taken into account, including the functionality and type of device. Reviews are also considered an important factor. Mechanical scales are considered less effective, which position themselves as inexpensive and, at the same time, reliable designs. Their measurement accuracy is poor. To control the weight and health of each family member, it is better to use electronic devices. The product has an error of only 100 g. Battery consumption is low due to the fact that they automatically turn off after the next use.

If the buyer has excess weight, preference should be given to models designed for a load of 150 kg or more. It is not necessary that the selected product be all-metal, because manufacturers make structures from high-strength tempered glass, which can withstand not only significant loads, but also mechanical stress. If the user is interested in other vital signs, then special attention should be paid to more expensive and multifunctional diagnostic scales. They are able to calculate not only BMI, but also muscle, bone and fat mass.

Some popular models can independently calculate diets and workouts, however, this requires an active connection to a smartphone.