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Rating of the best male masturbators for 2020

Rating of the best male masturbators for 2020

Attention! This article is strictly for those over the age of 18.

Spring is a period when hormones hit the head and prevent the representatives of the stronger sex from concentrating on work. Devices such as male masturbators can help manage stress. Especially for lovers of such toys, a list of the best men's products has been compiled. Each of them will help not only to diversify intimate life with a permanent partner, but also to satisfy yourself on your own, relieving the accumulated tension. From this list of sex toys, every man can choose the option that suits him.


A masturbator is a device that is designed to provide pleasure by stimulating the male penis. It can be used both for self-gratification and during intercourse with one or more partners. The device can be of different shapes. It can be built-in and have a comfortable body, or it can look like a small tool that fits perfectly in your hand. To get the most out of using such a toy, you need to choose it correctly.

Male masturbators are sex toys that are becoming more and more popular. Representatives of a strong half of humanity are looking for new ways to help diversify intimate life, expand boundaries and get new sensations. In this case, the device is an excellent solution. It is specially designed to please the man.

Products can be designed to provide a variety of sensations. Using different models, you can experience vaginal, oral or anal penetration. In addition, there are models that have a heating function, voice guidance and rotation. All these features will help diversify the process of getting pleasure.

Some of the models that modern stores offer are able to help you feel what you experience during real intercourse. This is achieved thanks to the materials from which the toys are made. They perfectly imitate human skin. Other toys can offer you very unusual types of stimulation. They can have different surfaces, unique functions and the ability to vibrate during use. The main thing to pay attention to is the way of use. The masturbator can only be used as directed. In this case, during its use, you must use a special lubricant. With it, you can feel the most pleasant sliding and prevent the appearance of abrasions on the penis, which can cause a lot of unpleasant sensations.

Most men decide to purchase a male masturbator in order to get new sexual sensations. Self-masturbation will allow every man not only to experience great pleasure, but also to learn how to control the moment of ejaculation, which will increase the duration of sexual intercourse with a real partner.

What to look for when choosing

When choosing a device for men, you need to pay attention to some nuances. This will help you choose the model that meets all your needs and is the perfect fit for your pleasure. When buying such a gadget, answer yourself the following questions:

  1. What is a masturbator for? Products can be of different types. Depending on the type, they are used for different purposes. So for example, if the goal is to train sexual performance, then you should buy the device that is designed for this. Usually, such devices look as realistic as possible and are characterized by high intensity of stimulation. If you want to feel something new and unusual, then the masturbator, which has the function of vibration and heating, would be the ideal option.
  2. What material is used to create. You should pay special attention to what material the device is made of. A lot depends on it, including the method of maintenance of the device, the simplicity of its maintenance and service life. This suggests that you should not choose a too cheap device. Such a device will not be of high quality. If you want to get a really good device, then choose models that are made of silicone or cyber leather. At the same time, when choosing the latter, pay attention to the fact that they should not contain phthalates.
  3. What size to choose. The masturbator must fully match the size of the penis. Only in this case will he be able to provide comfortable stimulation. Before making a purchase, you need to measure your dignity and familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics of the selected device.

When choosing such a sex toy, pay attention to the following features:

  1. Is the chosen device disposable or reusable? Reusable devices are disassembled, they must be thoroughly cleaned of all kinds of contamination.
  2. What shape does the entrance hole have? It can be in the form of a mouth, vagina or anus.
  3. What is the structure of the device? It can be smooth, ribbed, and have different shapes.
  4. Are there any add-ons for the selected device? The masturbator can be supplemented with a suction cup, vibration or rotation.

Method of use

How to use the product, you can understand after carefully reading the instructions, which, as a rule, are attached to each device. To get the maximum pleasure, you must follow all the rules of use:

  1. Before first use, the product must be thoroughly washed with soap and warm water, and treated with any disinfectant.
  2. For a more realistic feel, warm up the product before use. Do it in any convenient way.
  3. Don't forget to get a special lubricant for comfortable use. It should be applied over the entire surface of the product.
  4. If the instructions indicate that the ingress of semen inside the product is undesirable, wear a condom.
    Use only as directed. Remember that there can be no exceptions to this rule.

Rating of the best devices

Modern men are increasingly starting to use masturbators. These adaptations allow not only to diversify the intimate life of a man, decorate moments of loneliness, but also to increase the duration of sexual intercourse with a partner. Below we will find out about the best products that will help add zest to the gray days and experience incredible sensations.

Pulse III Duo

This masturbator is ideal for those men who are experiencing some erection problems. The manufacturer has created a completely new category of male vibrators and called these devices “gibrators”.

The product is a device with two vibrators located separately from each other. One vibrator is in the case and the other in the case.This allows you to enjoy this toy not only alone, but also in the company. Controlled by a remote control. With it you can adjust the vibration intensity. This device is ideal for those men who have erectile problems due to some kind of injury. The pulsation that comes from the device makes a man an erection and helps to feel all the sensations that he experiences during sex.

  • which includes two vibrators;
  • controlled by a remote control;
  • the vibration intensity is adjusted.
  • not found.

Fleshlight pilot

The company that makes these masturbators is a leading manufacturer and offers buyers the best gadgets for maximum enjoyment. The toys offered by this company are comfortable and varied. The range includes both conventional masturbators and those devices that are designed taking into account all the anatomical features of the human body. One of the simpler sex gadgets is Flight Instructor. It has an attractive appearance, small size and can be installed in a shower cabin.

  • attractive appearance;
  • small size.
  • not found.

Kiiro titan

Kiiro's Titan was developed for men who want to learn how to masturbate and have a goal of increasing their sexual performance. Vibrators, which are located in two rows, intensively stimulate the intimate area, and the special technologies built into this device allow you to use it both during playback of 3D films and during erotic games. The main feature of this device is that it can be used for remote sex. The only condition is that the other person must have a Fuse vibrator.

  • can be used for remote sex.
  • not found.

Egg Tenga

It is impossible not to mention this brand when it comes to the best masturbators for men, because it is thanks to these devices that the manufacturer has become incredibly popular. Each gadget that is produced by this manufacturer has many different functions. Some masturbators have the function of changing the temperature, in others the tightness can be controlled.

The product is small in size, but it can give you a huge amount of pleasure. On the inner surface there is a relief pattern that enhances the sensations that a man feels while using the toy.

The toy's small size makes it ideal for travel use. It does not take up much space and fits easily into a pocket or even a fist. You can use this device both for self-gratification and in order to diversify your sex life with a regular partner.

High quality, elastic, thermoplastic elastomer is used for the manufacture of the device. It can be stretched to a large size and take on a variety of shapes. This material is considered the safest, quickly takes on body temperature and delivers only pleasant sensations during use.

When choosing this sex toy, keep in mind the fact that it is intended for single use. One thing, if you take good care of it and use a high quality water-based lubricant, you can extend its shelf life.

  • small in size;
  • safe material;
  • quickly takes on body temperature.
  • intended for single use.

With vibration and heating

Satisfyer is a German manufacturer that is known to all fans of vivid sensations. The Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration, which was released by this firm, impressed even porn actor Rocco Siffredi.According to Rocco himself, with the help of this toy he was able to get the brightest orgasm in his life.

The product has an excellent design. It looks stylish, modern and fits well in the hand. The main difference between this device is that the vibration it emits actively affects the glans of the male penis, which delivers incredible sensations. In addition, the device has a heating function. The product can be heated up to 40 degrees, which significantly improves the received sensations and allows you to experience a bright orgasm.

The toy is controlled using buttons located on the body of the device. A full charge of the battery that powers the toy is enough for 60 minutes of continuous operation. It is charged using the supplied cable. It takes just 3.5 hours to charge.

  • great design;
  • the device has a heating function.
  • not found.

Talk Dirty Rotobator with rotation and voice guidance

The product will delight you not only with the vibration function, but also with the ability to massage the penis. She does this using soft brushes that can rotate. But that's not the only thing a masturbator is capable of. During use, you will hear sounds that will increase your arousal. The set includes cock rings.

The product has 7 controlled vibration modes and voice guidance, turning on which you will hear moans that will increase the level of arousal. To turn on the voice guidance, you need to press just one button.

The model will allow you to experience maximum pleasure. It is incredibly elastic, and therefore it can be used by all men, regardless of the size of the penis. The inside of the product is covered with soft spikes that stimulate the male intimate organ and give an incredible sensation. The model has 7 adjustable rotation modes and the function of adjusting their direction. Control is carried out using buttons located on the device body. When the device is completely discharged, you can charge it using the special cable that is included in the kit. This will save on the purchase of batteries.

  • incredibly elastic;
  • 7 adjustable rotation modes;
  • function of adjusting their direction.
  • not found.

Discovery Surfer

It is a vacuum pump with pumping, which is carried out in automatic mode. The device can be called one of the most necessary devices that every representative of the strong half of humanity should have. Regular use of this unique device will help not only to enjoy, but also to keep a man's health for years to come. In addition, this device will help improve erection, which will delight your partner.

Before you start using the toy, you need to put on a special attachment and lubricate the device with lubricant. It is important to note that this device must be positioned correctly. The pump should be over the scrotum and close to the body. The device is controlled using buttons located on the body. With their help, you can control the modes and choose the one that suits you.

  • regular use will help not only to enjoy, but also to keep a man's health for years to come.
  • not found.

Lovetoy (A-Polymer)

It has a very realistic look, made in the form of a lush female ass and made of cyber leather. Using the device, you can experience incredible sensations. It is distinguished by sensuality, and the material from which it is made is incredibly pleasant to the touch. The entrance hole is decorated with labia and its surface is embossed, which improves the feel during use. It has one opening for the entrance - a vagina, and its dimensions are 21 × 15 × 8 cm.

  • realistic look;
  • incredibly pleasant to the touch.
  • not found.

Lola Toys Satisfaction Sweet Pussy

The device looks like a female vagina. It is made of Neoskin material, which is able to give an incredible experience due to its similarity to the human body. The inner surface of the toy is embossed. This is what allows you to feel soft and sensual stimulation of the penis. The material is quite elastic, which allows absolutely all men to use the toy, regardless of what size their dignity has.

It is quite simple to care for the product. The hole that is intended for penetration is through. This makes it easier to clean the masturbator. In addition to the main hole, the device has another one, which is designed for a vibro bullet. It is worth noting that this model can be used both independently and in time of attendance with a partner. The main thing is not to forget to lubricate it with a water-based lubricant, which will provide glide penetration.

  • material similar to the human body;
  • the surface of the toy is embossed.
  • not found.

FleshLight Girls Anikka Albrite

The model is distinguished by its tenderness, naturalness and is able to imitate touching the skin of a young girl. Before you start playing with this device, it must be treated with a special lubricant, which must be made on a water basis.

To improve the feeling of using this toy, it is recommended to heat it with hot water. And after use, the device should be thoroughly washed.

  • the material is soft, natural and able to imitate touch.
  • not found.

How to care

For the product to serve for a long time and give maximum pleasure, it is important to take proper care of it. Devices need proper care:

  1. It is important to clean the product regularly and correctly. Remember, regular toilet soap cannot be used on a masturbator. This requires special tools that are gentle to the material and are not capable of damaging the surface of the toy. Do not forget that toys must not be turned inside out.
  2. After rinsing, the device must be dried. This can be done with a regular hair dryer or special tampons.
  3. The outside of the toy should be regularly treated with an antibacterial agent.

The masturbator should be stored in a place that is not exposed to sunlight. In this case, the temperature should not exceed 36 degrees Celsius.