1. Beauty standards in the modeling business
  2. Choosing a modeling agency
  3. Matchmaking methods at casting
  4. Areas of modeling activity
  5. Model agencies in Yekaterinburg

Rating of the best modeling agencies in Yekaterinburg in 2020

Rating of the best modeling agencies in Yekaterinburg in 2020
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Every year the list of the best modeling agencies in Yekaterinburg is updated with new institutions. A person of any gender and age can become a model and participate in a fashion show. To do this, you must have special external data. Until a few years ago, few were very successful in this business. However, these days there is a huge number of modeling agencies, including in Yekaterinburg, and future models really have plenty to choose from!

Beauty standards in the modeling business

Fashion trends are changing very quickly. The same can be said for stereotypes. Once the so-called classic type was in fashion. After that, the most stylish people were considered to have an alien appearance. At first, the designers preferred fiery red hair. The next trend was short hairstyles for men.

Any couturier has individual preferences regarding the external data of models, which can constantly change. The need for fresh types increases every season. That is why cooperation on an ongoing basis in this business is very rare. The positive side of this phenomenon is the constant search for new models by agencies.

Choosing a modeling agency

It is not difficult to check the quality of the professional suitability of such an institution. If it turns out that the agency is hiring absolutely everyone, most likely, the recruitment is in order to provide such types of services as an escort.

Mandatory questions, what to look for during the interview in order to avoid mistakes when choosing:

  1. how popular the models released from this agency have become;
  2. how often they can be seen on glossy covers or catwalks.

Employees of modeling agencies with a solid rating are divided into:

  • personnel teaching beginner models;
  • working with fashion models on an ongoing basis;
  • specializing in high-paying models representing the agency.

Each stage of training is supervised by dedicated staff - administrators and managers. To advance your career in the future, you need to work with professional teachers who can develop an individual style.

Other important selection criteria are how much the training costs, the workload of the models, and also what kind of events they take part in.

If an aspiring model wants to achieve long-term success in a chosen area, rather than showing inexpensive garments and budget catalogs, you should not contract with a dubious organization. Participation in these types of advertising campaigns at the very beginning of your career path can negatively affect your future career prospects and professional reputation.

Almost all major cities have branches of international agencies or other independent organizations that can offer people with attractive external data lucrative contracts. After reviewing the advertising posts, you can see that almost all of them are guaranteed instant career advancement, popularity and high fees. However, even if prepayment is not required initially, you should not immediately agree to a contract and sign a contract.

When getting a job in one of these representative offices, you need to familiarize yourself with the history of its creation. You should also make sure that the company has been operating for at least a year, has a positive reputation, good reviews on forums and in the media. If the institution changes its location every month, there is no need to contact such an agency. It is also not recommended to start a modeling career in conjunction with an institution that opened not so long ago, about which there is no information. To compare all the available options, you need to sign up for an interview with several agencies at once. After visiting each of them, conclusions can be drawn about which institution best meets the individual criteria by comparing the advantages and disadvantages.

Matchmaking methods at casting

Most customers prefer certain types and select models based on their own criteria. Nevertheless, most agencies try to focus on generally accepted beauty standards when selecting them.

The main requirement for the model is a natural appearance. Hair should be of a natural shade, nails should be painted with colorless or flesh-colored varnish. In addition, the skin condition must be perfect. Regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle are also prerequisites to excel in this craft.

Interesting fact. In European and Asian countries, the selection conditions are more stringent. In addition, contestants receive rejections much more often than in our country.

Areas of modeling activity

After completing specialized courses, the following professional classes become available:

  • shooting for advertisements of popular brands;
  • participation in shows, demonstration exhibitions of goods;
  • television filming, music videos, filming;
  • photoshoot.

Auto demonstration

You can choose one of three fashion trends:

  1. Runway model. This type of activity is considered the highest paid.
  2. Fashion model. At such auditions, the primary selection criterion is the presence of an individual type.
  3. Promo model. The main task of such activities is the presentation of commercial products, holding festive events and exhibitions. Best for beginners.
  4. Fitness model. Shooting on sports topics, training and health improvement activities.

Fitness model man

Model agencies in Yekaterinburg


It is part of the international network of model schools. Founded in the northern capital of Russia. A branch in Yekaterinburg was opened in 2015. The concept of the training program is a step-by-step type of training model, in the process of which it becomes a professional and an in-demand person. Classes develop self-confidence, teach how to correctly present emotions and reveal individuality. Castings are held regularly. The teachers themselves organize fashion shows and image shoots. The school cooperates with many designers, photographers, foreign celebrities, magazines, TV programs, film studios. The lowest age of enrollment is four years. There is no age limit for adult students. The course can be completed in seven months, taking lessons once a week, or in three months, attending lessons twice a week. The cost of one month of training is about 7,000 rubles.


In the adult and junior teaching departments, a number of disciplines are taught:

  • the skill of the actor;
  • stage speech;
  • rhetoric;
  • self-presentation;
  • plastic;
  • female art of visage;
  • podium step;
  • etiquette;
  • posing for the camera;
  • description of the foundations of psychology.

Catwalk step

All students can show their potential by walking the catwalk during the show. In addition, at the end of the training, everyone is given a corresponding certificate and a photo poster for memory.

The model school has the following contacts: Yekaterinburg, st. Mamina-Sibiryaka, 126, ☎ phone number: + 7- (343) -287-17-71. Permanent work schedule: from 11:00 to 20:00.

The art of visage

  • is in the TOP of the best international modeling schools;
  • personality development of the model;
  • improving acting skills;
  • good reviews about the institution;
  • improvement of stage speech;
  • experienced teachers;
  • cooperation with many famous people and publications;
  • enrollment in the children's department from the age of four;
  • no age restrictions for adults;
  • two options for scheduling the course;
  • material is taught to teach self-presentation;
  • development of plastics;
  • the art of visage is taught;
  • there is a compartment for men;
  • etiquette is studied;
  • podium step classes;
  • knowledge on the subject of psychology is given.
  • expensive training.

Queen's Models

The school promotes models of various types, whose age is from 12 years. The chance of successful casting does not depend on height or weight. The main condition on the basis of which the selection is made is a memorable image and attractive external parameters. Models learn many professional skills. In the classroom they teach:

  • defile;
  • posing for the camera;
  • the skill of the actor;
  • stage speech;
  • plastic;
  • the art of visage;
  • dietetics.

Queen's Models logo

The cost of classes is 5.000 rubles per month.

The agency is located at: Yekaterinburg, st. Generalskaya, 3, office 323. ☎ Phone: 8- (343) -552-50-02. You can read about how to leave a request on the official website.

  • a modeling agency is looking for various types;
  • non-standard external parameters are allowed;
  • training on the podium step for women;
  • posing for the camera is taught;
  • there is a teenage department;
  • acting skills;
  • put on stage speech;
  • development of plastics;
  • give advice and practical how to do makeup;
  • dietology is being studied.
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Dream Fashion Studio

The modeling agency was created by a team of professionals in the fashion industry. After reviewing the portfolio, you can see a lot of photo samples for both regional and federal magazines. The company takes an active part in advertising campaigns and fashion shows. Famous designers, boutiques, photo studios and renowned photographers collaborate with Dream Fashion Studio. The main priorities of the agency's activities are improving the quality of work and exchange of professional experience. The company's international focus makes it possible for models to build a career in other countries. This school is considered one of the best in the city.

The cost of training per month is 4.000 rubles per month.

Address: Yekaterinburg, st. Belinsky, 108, 16th floor, office 239. ☎ Free consultation by phone: 8-932-129-38-38.

  • professional team;
  • a sponsor with active external activities;
  • cooperation with many famous people and brands;
  • the popularity of models who have completed the courses;
  • there are male and female departments;
  • The agency's photo models have good career prospects abroad.
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Fashion one school

The model school is part of the Fashion One Model Management international agency. Professional training level. Highly qualified teachers. Here they give knowledge in all the disciplines required in modeling. Thousands of models who graduated from this school have built successful careers abroad. The selection of vacancies for students is carried out in the learning process. The manager of the company is responsible for this. In the shortest possible time in the learning process, the model acquires a beautiful posture and an expressive look.After each photo session, the resulting images are included in the portfolio. At the end of the training, a certificate of completion of the model courses is issued. To do this, you need to attend classes weekly for three months. The whole course costs about 13,000 rubles.

School address: st. Karl Liebknecht, 22, office 210a. ☎ Phone: + 7- (961) -766-13-67.

Fashion One School logo

  • is a branch of an international agency;
  • professional education;
  • there is a department for children;
  • high qualification of teachers;
  • safe career prospects for girls;
  • the opportunity to find a job while studying;
  • starting a career for teenagers;
  • improving self-presentation skills;
  • replenishment of the portfolio with high-quality photos.
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Style Academy "NikA"

The school specializes in promoting models, organizing show programs and showing stylish collections. Teachers quickly teach the ability to defile beautifully, walk in heels and maintain posture. The psychology and etiquette courses teach you how to be in good relations with others. Training in acting and choreography, where you can develop plastic. At the image courses, experts will help you decide on your own style. In the design class, an introduction is given on how best to combine wardrobe items with shoes and accessories, in accordance with the latest fashion trends. Posing courses will show you how it is natural to work for the camera. Photo sessions are also held. Prospects in the future lie in the demonstration of modern clothing brands, filming in catalogs, participation in fashion weeks. Due to the small number of groups, each of the students can receive private lessons. You can have a home interview for free. The cost of completing the courses is about 13,000 rubles.

Address: st. Moscow, 70. ☎ Phone: + 7- (343) -328-11-29.

Fashion show

  • the school itself promotes the models;
  • the opportunity to participate in show programs;
  • quick training in the art of fashion shows;
  • there are courses in psychology and etiquette;
  • participation in fashion shows;
  • acting courses;
  • department for children;
  • there is a design class;
  • image courses;
  • training to work with the camera;
  • there is a branch for guys;
  • conducting photo sessions;
  • affordable average price of courses;
  • the best references from former students;
  • the presence of career prospects.
  • not found.

There are several modeling agencies belonging to well-known international organizations in the city of Yekaterinburg. Before choosing the best option for starting a career in the modeling business in terms of the price of the courses and the quality of teaching, it is recommended to get a general idea by visiting at least some of them. By making a comparison after the interviews passed, you can successfully start moving up the career ladder in this area. Upon completion of the courses, each student is issued a corresponding certificate. In addition, in the process of training, future models make up a portfolio of the best pictures taken during professional photo sessions.