1. What stimulation gives
  2. Device types
  3. What to look for when choosing: tips and tricks
  4. How to use
  5. Massager care
  6. Top popular models
  7. Where is the best place to buy?
Rating of the best prostate massagers for 2020

Rating of the best prostate massagers for 2020

Attention! The article is intended for persons who have reached the 8th birthday!

The prostate massager is designed to gently stimulate the gland. The procedure can be performed through the perineum or rectum. Medical massagers are sold in specialized chains, and they can also be found among sex toys. Nevertheless, both types of stimulants are successfully used for the prevention and conservative treatment of congestive prostatitis.

What stimulation gives

Most often, the cause of inflammation of the prostate gland lies in the fact that over time, a secret accumulates in its ducts. There are several reasons for this. This disease can occur due to improper metabolism, impaired blood flow, or weakness of the prostatic muscles (atony). In this case, ejaculation does not help to release the ducts of the gland, even regular ones. The device mechanically stimulates the prostate to release ducts and improve metabolic processes.

Doctors recommend a useful device as part of the complex treatment of prostatitis, as well as for its prevention. The massage procedure can be obtained at the hospital, but it is easy to do it yourself at home. In the latter case, it is recommended to opt for a urological massager. There is a wide range of devices on sale in various shapes and diameters. For independent carrying out of the procedure, it is more convenient to use the device with a remote control.

The device not only treats various urological diseases, but also improves the quality of intimate life.

Some users are afraid that after the massage procedure, a transparent lubricant appears. This is a prostatic secretion released, it is evidence of a normal body reaction. If the patient has congestive prostatitis, then the discharge becomes stringy and jelly-like.

Device types

Most of the models of massagers are similar in design: a plastic or metal case and a stable stand. The working part of the device, which is placed inside, has a small diameter and an elongated shape. It is made of silicone.

Massagers with vibration function are on sale. They have several modes. Thus, the patient can choose the level that corresponds to his level of preparedness and the prescribed treatment. Thanks to the vibration, the tone of the gland increases, blood circulation is activated.

Manufacturers also offer male prostate massage apparatus with the ability to regulate the level of heat exposure. With the help of this option, inflammatory processes pass, pain sensations decrease or disappear completely.In most cases, thermal models are powered by electricity, which is why they are often referred to as electrical stimulators. Before using this type of massager, you should consult a doctor, because thermal exposure is contraindicated in severe inflammation and severe pain.

In medicine, magnetic stimulators are often used. They provide a pleasant warmth that is barely felt when exposed. Thanks to the magnetic properties, the secretion stagnant in the ducts is diluted and the outflow of urine is restored.
A new product appeared on the market - a rotary massager for men. Its feature is the rotating nozzle. It works gently on the prostate tissue to stimulate the muscles. The rotating nozzle penetrates into hard-to-reach places, thereby ensuring the study of absolutely all problem areas.

Physiotherapy urological massagers differ in that they have a double effect on the patient. The first of them is vibration massage, and it is complemented by ultrasonic, magnetic or electromagnetic waves. It turns out to be a multi-sided stimulation, and not just a mechanical massage. Thanks to universal devices, puffiness is removed, muscle tissues are renewed, metabolic processes in cells are accelerated. In order to purchase a quality product, you should contact the manufacturer or its authorized dealers. Such massagers are not sold in pharmacies.

What to look for when choosing: tips and tricks

In general, the choice of medical equipment depends, first of all, on medical indications, functionality and cost, respectively, material capabilities. The optimal solution in terms of price, quality and functionality is the compact SmartProst device. Since it has practically no contraindications, with regular use, it has a positive effect on the prostate gland.

If the device is intended for home use (not professional), you should pay attention to compact models powered by a battery.

Advice! It is not worth using massagers that additionally have a thermal effect without a doctor's recommendation. You can only make the situation worse.

The handheld device is easy to use and affordable. In addition, if you involve a partner in the process, the treatment procedure can become an unusual and pleasant prelude to sexual intimacy.
Before buying, you should consult with your doctor, study the offered range, characteristics. And also watch video instructions for use, user reviews.

Since the massager is a medical device, the kit must include instructions for correct use and a manufacturer's warranty.

When not to use

Urology machines are a simple, independent and complementary way to treat prostate problems. But, it is worth remembering that it cannot be used:

  1. With exacerbation of inflammatory conditions, accompanied by high fever and pain. In this case, only medications are prescribed to relieve symptoms.
  2. Hemorrhoids (acute stages, prolapse and appearance of hemorrhoids), the appearance of cracks and painful sensations in the anal area.
  3. Pathological changes in the prostate gland of any nature (malignant, benign).
  4. Urolithiasis disease.
  5. Pain during urination associated with diseases of the genitourinary system.

Before use, you should definitely consult with your doctor. Who will prescribe the number and duration of procedures, recommend brands of massagers.

Important: not worth saving. It is better to choose medical equipment produced by well-known companies. And order on proven specialized sites or in a pharmacy.

How to use

The preparatory stage consists in emptying the intestines (if necessary with an enema).After that, you need to drink about 1 liter of water to fill the bladder. The device tip is disinfected before each use. Lubricant can be used to facilitate tip insertion and reduce discomfort.

Important: only water-based lubricants are used. Oil and silicone will damage the tip material over time.

Then you need to lie on your side, bend your knees and relax as much as possible. Using a massager for tense muscles will cause discomfort and pain.

After that, the tip of the device is carefully inserted about 7 cm into the rectum. It only remains to turn on the device, and the massage will start automatically.

The duration of the first procedure should not exceed 5 minutes. Further, the exposure time can be increased by one minute a day, bringing it to half an hour.

Important: during the procedure, be sure to pay attention to the sensations. There should be no pain or discomfort.If unpleasant symptoms appear, the procedure should be stopped and a doctor should be consulted.

After the massage, the bladder must be emptied. If, in the process of stimulating the gland, there is a sexual desire - it's okay.

Massager care

After each procedure, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse the handpiece with warm water and soapy water to avoid bacteria growth. The massager must be stored in the factory case along with the instructions. If the device is powered by batteries, it is better to remove them after each use.

The massager can be used from the age of 18. But basically, such procedures are prescribed for men after 40, when the risk of pathological changes in the work of the prostate gland is much higher.

Top popular models

The models below are approved by sexologists and urologists. You can buy them in pharmacies and online stores.

Vibration stimulators

Rocks Off Torex

The vibration stimulator of English production is made in a classic style. Its shape resembles a finger, and its small size allows it to be used even by people with small cracks in the rectum. This device is considered one of the best due to its convenient size and performance characteristics.

For the production used medical silicone in dark blue and black shades. This material is often used for this kind of devices, as it does not cause allergies and is very pleasant to the touch. The device's low weight, elastic surface and ease of use have won the attention of consumers.

This unit is very often chosen by men who need high-quality prostate massage. The device is waterproof so you can use it in the shower too.

A special lubricant gel is also attached to the vibrating massager. It helps to apply the massager painlessly and protects against minor injuries to the anus during insertion.

  • medical silicone was used for the production;
  • pleasant to the touch;
  • low weight of the device;
  • elastic surface.
  • not found.

Nexus REVO 2

This device is made in the UK and is popular in the market for similar devices. The weight of the device does not exceed 200 g, and the length is no more than 15 cm. Such dimensions allow using the device without fear of damage to the intestines.

The main advantage of the massager lies in its use when operating in different modes:

  • when vibration mode is off;
  • low vibration level;
  • with strong vibration.

The rotating head of the device can also change the vibration intensity. Rotation speed - up to 35 revolutions per second. This will allow using the massager to successfully remove accumulated fluid in the gland, improve blood circulation and lymph drainage, and reduce inflammation.

The device can be easily charged using a USB cable that easily connects to a laptop or other device. It also charges well from the power bank.

The cover is made of high quality waterproof latex, which does not cause allergies.After use, the device can be washed with a mild detergent and treated with an oil-free gel.

  • different operating modes;
  • good head rotation speed;
  • Made from quality waterproof latex.
  • not found.

Electric massagers

These devices are designed to eliminate various inflammations in the prostate gland by exposing it to a given strength of electrical impulses. Electrical stimulation is used in the last stages of treatment in order to finally get rid of pathological processes and restore the normal function of the organ.

Stimulants are categorized as internal and external electrode devices. The internal ones are inserted directly into the intestines to the desired depth, and the external ones are applied to the pubic region and thus stimulate the prostate gland from all sides, reducing lymph congestion and increasing blood circulation. In medical practice, external and internal stimulants are used both together and separately, it all depends on the degree of the disease and the doctor's prescription.

Shots Electroshock

A universal device with a wide spectrum of action. With the help of electrical impulses and vibration, it significantly improves the condition of the prostate gland and pelvic organs. It can be used both for pleasure in stimulating the anus, and for treating congestion in the gland. The device with regular use can improve libido and increase erection. Thanks to its elastic and velvety surface, the massager will give new sensations and improve health.

Before use, the appliance must be washed with a mild detergent to ensure maximum cleanliness. When introducing the massager, it must be held with the convex side up, so the device will show itself better. Care should be taken not to damage the delicate surface of the skin and intestinal mucous membranes.

5 different modes will help you choose the best one for your individual application. Medical grade silicone is pleasant to the touch and easy to use for any purpose. 2 different electrostimulation modes are triggered only when the ribbed surfaces simultaneously touch the skin.

High-quality assembly and a very quiet motor that operates in 10 vibration modes will help you get special pleasure. The length of the product is 12 cm, diameter is 3.9 cm. With such dimensions, the device is very convenient to use.

USB charging will be an added convenience. Adapter is not included. With a cord, the product can be connected to a computer and charged at any time. The battery can restore a full charge in just 120 minutes. 90 minutes of uninterrupted operation of the device will delight any user.

After use, the product must also be washed with any suitable detergent. Then dry and store in individual packaging. It is not recommended to store the massager together with other devices.

  • USB charging;
  • good battery;
  • 5 different modes;
  • a device with a wide spectrum of action.
  • not found.

Prostata Help MP 1

The vibration function is implemented in this model of the device. The product is recommended for everyone who cares about their health. The small size will allow you to use the product without fear, even for those who have not used such devices before. The length of the product is 9 cm, and the diameter is 2 cm. Such dimensions are convenient for painless insertion and use even when used alone at home.

  • wireless device;
  • small size excludes injury;
  • hypoallergenic material;
  • comfortable shape adapted to the human anatomy;
  • budget price.
  • not found.

High-quality material will not become a source of allergies and irritation of mucous membranes. It also does not absorb odors. Thanks to its smooth surface, the massager can be washed frequently without fear of damaging the device. The clever design is easy to use.

The device is specially designed based on the needs of the man.The comfortable shape will help even a beginner to cope with the introduction to the desired depth. The specially made bend of the massager will allow you to perform the desired effect on the prostate gland and surrounding tissues in order to achieve a positive effect. The device will perfectly cope with the chronic form of the disease. Penetration deep enough by vibration will provide increased blood flow and better drainage of fluid from the prostate gland. The power button is located at the wide end of the instrument for convenient use.

The product runs on batteries, you need to purchase them yourself. Power supply from batteries is more convenient and safe than from the mains and the consumer is not limited by the length of the wire.

There are small protrusions on the surface of the massager for a more pleasant massage procedure. The set includes 4 condoms. Thus, the consumer will be able to better relax during the treatment session. In addition, this design feature also attracts those who want to diversify their sex life and use the device as an intimate toy with or without a partner.

Erotist Second

This electric massager stimulates the P-point, which will allow not only to make a comfortable massage of the prostate gland, but also to get an orgasm. The curved head perfectly stimulates the gland, and the second part acts on the scrotum area. Thus, this device can be used for pleasure and disease prevention.

The device is made of high-quality silicone, which is very pleasant to the touch, does not slip unnecessarily and is able to heat up from the heat of the hands. The electric massager gives such sensations that it is almost impossible to get only from physical stimulation of the organs of the intimate zone.

When using it, remember that you cannot turn on the electrostimulation function in the shower - water is a good conductor of electricity. Therefore, when used in the bathroom, it is better to use only the vibration mode.
To obtain vivid sensations, the product can be used both for personal use and in sexual games with a partner.

  • comfortable shape;
  • quality material;
  • perfectly cope with the chronic form of the disease.
  • not found.

Baile Anal Stimulator

This product can be used for various purposes, both for the prevention or treatment of prostatitis, and as an interesting intimate toy. The length of the massager is 14 cm, diameter is 2.7 cm. These dimensions and a special curved design will allow you to stimulate different zones in one session. The power button is located very conveniently - at the wide end of the product, which will make it convenient to use. The rubberized surface is tactilely pleasant.

In the process of application, it is recommended to use special gels with different functions for the best effect. The head of the device with a small size will provide a high-quality introduction of the massager. The electric massager runs on batteries.

  • will allow you to stimulate different zones in one session;
  • the power button is located very conveniently.
  • not found.

Where is the best place to buy?

You can buy medical equipment from Russian manufacturers in specialized stores or pharmacies. In this case, as a rule, a manufacturer's warranty is provided.

Models from foreign companies can be ordered online, complete with consumables and a set of tips. It is convenient if there is no time to search for the required product in offline stores.

And of course, you shouldn't buy medical equipment in unverified stores, even with a big discount. At best, the device will not work, at worst, it will harm your health.

Prostate massagers are not a panacea for diseases of the male genitourinary system. If there is a suspicion of some kind of malaise, it is better to consult a doctor who will diagnose and prescribe the correct medication treatment. And the massager will help to cope with the disease in the last stages and remove inflammation in the organs.Vibration and electrical impulses are additional factors of treatment, which is carried out in a complex.
When using the massager for the treatment and prevention of prostatitis, it is necessary to carefully monitor hygiene and careful use so as not to injure organs.