1. How to choose a quality stew
  2. How to cook stew with your own hands
  3. Review of the best brands of canned meat for 2020

Rating of the best brands of canned meat (canned meat) for 2020

Rating of the best brands of canned meat (canned meat) for 2020

Stew is a favorite product of summer residents, fishermen and tourists. Savvy housewives always have a couple of jars in reserve in case they need to prepare a delicious dish in a matter of minutes. Canned meat is always popular due to its delicate taste, nutritional value, and the possibility of long-term storage. Plus, it's a ready-to-eat product. Many manufacturers supply canned meat products to the modern market, but not all of them are equally tasty and healthy. A rating of the best brands of stew for 2020 will help to avoid mistakes when choosing.

How to choose a quality stew

Some housewives master the skill of cooking stew on their own at home. Ready-made canned meat can be bought at any grocery store, large supermarket, or ordered online in an online store. When buying, it is advisable to take into account the selection criteria, pay attention to the brand, follow important recommendations in order to know what to look for first.

Criterias of choice

To buy a quality product, it is important to consider the selection criteria:

  • organoleptic characteristics - color, smell, taste, consistency, - the color should not be too bright, different from the usual boiled beef or pork, the broth is yellow or yellow-brown, the smell of the dish should correspond to boiled meat with spices without unnecessary aromas, the consistency of high-quality stew does not resemble porridge, meat pieces and broth with fat are clearly distinguished in it;
  • safety - the finished product should not contain any impurities and extraneous ingredients, the addition of thickeners, emulsifiers, dyes, antioxidants makes canned food hazardous to health;
  • composition - according to GOST, the stew consists of natural pork or beef (not by-products: blood vessels, lymph nodes, connective tissue, cartilage) with spices (salt, black pepper, bay leaves, onions); antibiotics, soy isolate, starch, added by unscrupulous manufacturers, significantly reduce the cost of production, but at the same time reduce the nutritional value of the product;
  • the amount of meat and fat - according to GOST, the mass fraction of fat is allowed no more than 17%, meat - not less than 56% (for grade I), 58% (for grade II), protein must be at least 15% if these indicators deviate from the standard , you should think before buying such a product;
  • type of canned food - depending on the raw materials used: pork, beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, when choosing it is advisable to proceed from personal taste preferences.

Features of packaging and labeling

Some manufacturers produce canned meat in 0.5 liter glass jars.But traditionally, two types of cans are used made of different materials - tin or aluminum:

  1. high (net weight 338 g);
  2. flat (net weight 325 g).

When using cans with a key to open, the popularity of canned meat is increased due to the convenience and ease of use. The label can be paper or lithographic, in the latter case the cans are coated with a special anti-corrosion compound.

The marking carries basic information:

  • type and name;
  • manufacturer;
  • date of manufacture;
  • grade of raw materials;
  • mass fraction of protein, fat, meat;
  • type of manufacturer.

When buying a product from an unknown company, especially an inexpensive one, it is advisable to carefully study the label and markings in order not to give money for a fake or outright marriage.


Here are some tips from experts and buyers to help you choose a quality product that is affordable:

  1. Carefully read the label: the name should not contain the word "stew", all products manufactured in accordance with GOST are called "stewed beef (pork)".
  2. Pay attention to the indication of the mass fraction of meat: there should not be an addition "on the bookmark" - this is a trick of unscrupulous producers indicating the amount of beef or pork before the boiling process, after heat treatment this figure will be much lower.
  3. Do not buy a product in the labeling of which there is no designation of the type of meat or the number of the document according to which the product is manufactured.
  4. Be sure to look at the composition indicated on the label: in the first place should be beef (pork), and not soy protein, water or fat.
  5. It is preferable to buy canned food made in livestock regions, where it is beneficial for the manufacturer to use local natural raw materials, rather than imported Australian kangaroo meat.
  6. According to buyers, it is better to choose the product of popular large companies, and not small unknown one-day firms, which have little concern about the quality of the goods.
  7. Before buying, study reviews, a place in the rating of quality products, consumer test results to clarify quality data, find out where to buy, how much a good product costs.
  8. Despite the long shelf life, it is necessary to choose a fresher product, do not use expired canned food in food in order to avoid poisoning.
  9. When preparing homemade stew, act strictly according to the recipe, follow all the steps step by step, do not violate the rules of conservation.

How to cook stew with your own hands

Many people prefer homemade stew, because in this case there is a one hundred percent guarantee of the quality and naturalness of canned food, in the preparation of which selected tender raw materials are taken. All that is required for this is an autoclave, glass jars and lids for them, pork or beef, spices.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Prepare ingredients and containers.
  2. Put meat and spices in jars up to the hangers, roll up the lids.
  3. Load prepared jars into the autoclave.
  4. Prepare according to the instructions for the autoclave.
  5. Remove cans, store in a cabinet or refrigerator.
  6. Delicious natural homemade stew is ready!

Review of the best brands of canned meat for 2020

Consider what proven brands exist that have been producing high-quality tasty canned beef and pork for several years, which are in the greatest demand among buyers in 2020.

Beef stew

Yoshkar-Ola meat processing plant

Inexpensive products of excellent quality with excellent taste from natural meat. Beef stew of the highest grade is sold in a flat tin can of bright yellow color, on a paper label with yellow and red letters, which makes it recognizable among analogues of other companies. There is no key on the cover, the marking contains all the necessary reliable information. The composition contains only natural ingredients, without synthetic preservatives and improvers.Opening the jar, you immediately feel the rich aroma of real beef, the contents are lumpy, with a small amount of transparent broth without lumps and solid fat, easily separated from the meat and the walls of the jar. There are veins, but very few. When cooked, it goes well with any side dish, you can simply use it hot. Spices in moderation, beef is not overcooked, soft and tender.

Average price: 203 rubles for 325 g.

Stewed beef Yoshkar-Ola meat processing plant
  • large soft pieces;
  • reliable labeling information;
  • moderately salt, pepper, bay leaf;
  • real beef taste;
  • little broth;
  • no chemical smell;
  • inexpensive.
  • no key.


Stewed pork of Belarusian production, popular in our country, meets the requirements of the standard of this product category: physical, chemical, organoleptic indicators are normal. The company has its own website, an online store, where a full range of products with detailed descriptions and photos are displayed. The product is produced in a can of shatterproof material - high tin with a key. Canned food is completely safe, has a delicate taste, spices do not interrupt the aroma of meat. The content is lumpy muscle tissue without impurity of offal, well cooked, easy to chew, the fibers are soft, but without the feeling of porridge in the mouth. There is very little broth, it is fragrant and tasty, pleasant yellow-brown color, transparent. The marking contains truthful information that corresponds to reality. The product has a high mass fraction of protein, good nutritional value. The company systematically pleases consumers with novelties: stewed beef with chili and cardamom.

Average price: 168 rubles for 338 g.

Beef stew Grodfood
  • own online store;
  • good organoleptic characteristics;
  • a lot of pieces, little broth;
  • affordable price;
  • true labeling information;
  • delicious product;
  • high protein content;
  • convenient bank.
  • a lot of salt.

OMKK Premium

The customers immediately liked the novelty of the Orsha meat-packing plant. It has everything that makes beef stew in its own juice tasty, tender, juicy: selected first-class raw materials, natural spices, no preservatives and no extraneous chemicals. Clearly defined pieces from 30 to 50 g are used, which eliminates the looseness of the meat block. Available in cans of 325 g, 525 g. Shelf life 3 years, after opening the can, the contents must be used within 24 hours. It has a slightly astringent aftertaste due to an overabundance of spices. The rest of the product is delicious, which is confirmed by numerous reviews.

Average price: 217 rubles for 325 g.

Stewed beef OMKK Premium
  • a lot of muscle tissue;
  • excellent organoleptic characteristics;
  • naturalness;
  • high protein content;
  • safety;
  • little fat and connective tissue.
  • astringent taste.


The domestic manufacturer pleases with a quality product made in accordance with GOST. Consumers note the good consistency of the contents, without foreign additives, tendons, films. The meaty taste and aroma are rich and pleasant. The congealed broth in the form of a delicious jelly with pieces of bay leaf, becomes transparent when heated. A lot of muscle tissue is put in, which corresponds to the standards of GOST. The label contains full information:

  • manufacturer;
  • food, energy value;
  • composition;
  • mass fraction of fat and meat;
  • protein content;
  • shelf life.

Average price: 250 rubles for 325 g.

Stewed beef Mikoyan
  • correspondence of price and quality;
  • composition without synthetic components;
  • excellent taste;
  • pleasant consistency;
  • product safety.
  • no key on the cover.

Pork stew

Honest product

Canned meat of Russian production from the Bryansk PC "Rus", which confidently declared itself on the market several years ago, enjoys unchanging popularity.Now it is a well-recognized brand loved by many consumers. For the manufacture of products, only chilled pork of the highest and first grade is used, therefore there are no veins, cartilage, pieces of blood vessels in the finished product. All pieces correspond to GOST - not less than 30 g. The latest equipment of the meat processing enterprise allows strict control of the technological process at absolutely every stage, from the preparation of raw materials to the release of the finished dish. Uses 525 and 325 g cans with a handy key for safe opening. The mass fraction of meat is at least 59%.

Average price: 169 rubles for 325 g.

Pork stew Honest product
  • safety;
  • high quality;
  • great taste;
  • lack of synthetic components;
  • natural spices;
  • dense, well-defined pieces of meat block;
  • affordable price.
  • not.

Yoshkar-Ola meat processing plant

Stewed pork from this manufacturer is distinguished by good organoleptic characteristics: it has a pleasant aroma, rich meat taste that is not interrupted by spices, a lumpy consistency with a dense meat block, frozen jelly broth. For the manufacture of products, pork of the first grade is taken, chopped into pieces for more than 30 g. The company has established itself in the Russian market as a conscientious reliable supplier of stew made from natural meat raw materials without abuse of synthetic ingredients.

Average price: 166 rubles for 325 g.

Stewed pork Yoshkar-Ola meat processing plant
  • safe by all standards;
  • organoleptic indicators are normal;
  • tasty and satisfying;
  • no extra components identified;
  • affordable.
  • a lot of connective and adipose tissue.


The Kaliningrad manufacturer has established itself on the positive side due to the high quality of stewed pork presented in supermarkets and online stores. Affordable prices, the use of natural raw materials, high-tech equipment in production buildings make the products of this brand popular. It is increasingly chosen by those who like to whip up delicious meat dishes. Consumers note a high proportion of meat in each jar, a small amount of fat and broth, aromatic spices, and a moderate amount of salt. Safety is guaranteed by the absence of chemical components: emulsifiers, thickeners, preservatives. Vegetable protein is not used in production either, which provides the smell and taste of real pork. There is a small part of the connective tissue in the content, mainly these are rather impressive pieces of meat, formed into a dense meat block. The jar is equipped with a convenient key, which allows you to quickly open it without a special knife for can lids.

Average price: 189 rubles for 325 g.

Stewed pork BARS
  • natural ingredients;
  • production according to GOST;
  • a dense block of meat from pieces of muscle tissue;
  • meat and fat content 69%;
  • excellent organoleptic characteristics;
  • safe product;
  • goes well with any side dish and as a separate dish;
  • affordable price;
  • sold everywhere.
  • the salt content is slightly higher than the norm.


The product of a well-known Belarusian manufacturer is in constant demand. Everything is perfect in this stew: from a convenient tin can with a key to the amazing taste and aroma of beef, the meat of which, dense and juicy, takes up most of the container. When heated, delicious dishes are obtained, similar to freshly cooked stewed meat. Moderately added spices enhance this impression. The only drawback of the brand is the partial content of pieces of arteries, films, veins in the total mass. However, they are quite suitable for food, do not spoil the taste, and are perfectly chewed.

Average price: 215 rubles for 325 g.

Pork stew Grodfood
  • key for opening;
  • a lot of meat;
  • perfect balance of spices;
  • juicy taste;
  • the meat is firm, but not dry;
  • chews well;
  • affordable.
  • connective tissue comes across.

There is a large number of stewed meat on the market with its own advantages and disadvantages. Which one is better to buy, everyone chooses independently. The proposed rating with a description of the main characteristics, the average price, the weight of the can will help determine which stew beef and pork is better.