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Ranking of the best credit cards for 2020

Ranking of the best credit cards for 2020

It is difficult to imagine the life of a modern person without loans. Only a few manage to plan their budget in such a way as to cover all needs, including unplanned ones. It is not always convenient to get a loan or an installment plan for a large purchase, and in order to make it easier for a person to make a decision, banks have organized the issue of credit cards, which have a number of advantages over standard credit products.

In this article, we will find out what types of credit cards are, what to look for in order not to make mistakes when choosing, and we will also make a rating of bank credit products with the most favorable conditions.

How to choose a credit card

According to research, every second employed person has a bank loan card. Due to the fact that they have gained such popularity, we will try to understand the variety of their types in order not to spend extra money. According to the promises of banks, all their products have the best conditions, which often does not coincide with reality. Before applying for plastic, you must carefully study its differences from a standard consumer loan. The differences are as follows:

  • Often it is not required to collect a package of documents to obtain a credit card; to obtain it, it is enough to contact the bank branch with an application. The employee will receive and check all the necessary information on his own.
  • Unlike a loan, the card is a renewable service, so that after paying off the debt, you can again buy the necessary goods in installments.
  • When using a credit card, the bank charges not only annual interest, but also charges the cost of its servicing, which is an additional expense.
  • The card most often has a grace period, during which no interest is charged for the use of funds.
  • The functionality of some types of plastic allows you to withdraw cash from ATMs, while a commission is charged as a percentage of the withdrawal amount.
  • A credit limit is set on the card, which cannot be exceeded.
  • Credit card users don't need to stick to a payment schedule. In most cases, the debt is repaid at any time convenient for the client, while the monthly payment must be more than the minimum limit.

Due to the fact that the bank is interested in the client paying off the debt as soon as possible, it sets a high annual interest rate (20-30% or more). The best option would be to pay off the debt during the grace period.In the event of a delay in the next payment, the bank charges heavy fines, and therefore it is recommended to monitor the card debt.

When issuing a credit card, a loan agreement / agreement must be signed, which should be read carefully. Particular attention should be paid to the points that are spelled out in small print. As a rule, they contain the most unfavorable conditions for the client. According to the recommendations of experts, you need to estimate the duration of the grace period (the longer it is, the better, the average values ​​are 60-120 days), the price of service for the year (you should not be led by offers that attract customers with promises of free service for the first year - as a rule, the bank will not leave itself at a loss, and other terms of the agreement may be disadvantageous for a private person).

It is also necessary to assess the credit limit. Its value depends on your needs; for a higher value, additional checks of the user's solvency may be required. According to the advice of bankers, it is not recommended to overestimate this parameter if it is not necessary, since a large amount tends to spend it, and no one needs extra debts.

The interest rate is also subject to assessment. The lower it is, the better for the potential client. Even if you plan to pay off all debt during the grace period, it is worth evaluating this parameter in order to avoid unforeseen unpleasant situations.

Cashback availability. Cashback cards allow you to receive a refund of a small amount of money when purchasing goods in certain stores. Before signing a contract, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the list of stores that support this service. Cashback should not be considered a significant selection criterion, since the system is adjusted in such a way that the stores that provide it do not incur losses, and therefore, goods can be sold at inflated prices to cover the margin.

The status of the card affects the number of additional services that the client receives. Typically, the higher it is, the more expensive it is to service the plastic annually. The most common categories are: Classic, Silver, Gold, Platinum.

Requirements for the recipient of a credit card - these include restrictions on age, income, requests for documents confirming a person's solvency.

It is also worth evaluating the availability of additional services. This criterion is optional, but it is a nice addition to the card. These functions include: online service, the ability to order a card with home delivery, bonus programs, a mobile application, etc.

When choosing which company credit card is better to buy, it is necessary to evaluate all selection criteria in aggregate, since the cost of providing services to a client is formed on the basis of several parameters, and a banking institution will never carry out its activities at a loss for itself. It is not recommended to apply to organizations that give credit to everyone without refusal, including people with a bad credit history, since such institutions most often work according to "gray schemes", and in the event of force majeure and the impossibility of making the next payment, they do not quite apply legal methods of paying off debt. At the same time, interest rates and the cost of annual servicing of such credit cards are an order of magnitude higher than the average price range.

Top credit cards rating

With an interest rate of 10 to 15%

In the banking market, this category includes a small number of credit cards, due to the fact that such rates are not the most profitable for banks.

Opportunity Map from VTB

The review starts with a card from a well-known Russian bank, which has a number of advantages over its competitors: low interest rate - from 11.6%, high maximum limit - 1,000,000, free annual service. A credit card with a cashback function (1.5% on all purchases) allows you not only to spend money, but also to earn it.You will have to pay for the opportunity to receive a refund of part of the amount spent - the service is connected at the bank's office during registration, and costs 590 rubles per year. The grace period is 110 days.

If the user spends 5,000 rubles or more per month, a 5.5% commission will have to be paid for withdrawing cash over 50,000. When cashing in funds up to 50,000 rubles per month, withdrawal is free of charge. It should be borne in mind that when withdrawing cash from ATMs of other banks, you will have to pay a commission of 1%. The bank's clients are given the opportunity to use a mobile application that allows you to control not only the costs of all operations, but also make payments without using a credit card - using the NFC function. Here you can also pay for all necessary goods and services.

  • low interest rate;
  • a convenient mobile application where you can not only track all transactions, but also buy the necessary goods and services;
  • it is possible to connect cashback;
  • free service.
  • for using cashback, you will have to pay a commission of 590 rubles per year;
  • long grace period.

Platinum from Tinkoff

One of the most popular credit cards. According to the issuer, this is its best loan product. You can order a credit card online without leaving your home. Registration is carried out according to the passport with an instant decision. After completing the online application, the credit card is delivered to the place of demand the next day. To obtain approval, you do not need to attract guarantors or provide a certificate of income. The first year the service is free. The maximum limit is 700,000 rubles.

Compared to other similar products, this card has a number of advantages: using money without paying interest for up to 12 months (when buying household appliances, clothes, building materials, and other consumer goods). Using Platinum, you can repay other loans, while the period for using the money without interest is 120 days. For all other purchases, the grace period does not exceed 55 calendar days.

You can replenish your account at any bank, there are no difficulties with withdrawing cash without interest either - you can do this at any ATM. If the client does not use the card, the service fee will not be charged. With constant use, a fixed amount is charged - 590 rubles per year. For convenience, users can download a mobile application in which all types of card transactions are available, as well as around the clock you can get advice in the profile chat. When paying with a credit card in some stores, a cashback of up to 30% is charged on the purchase, which can later be written off.

  • long grace period;
  • you can pay for goods in any online store;
  • inexpensive service;
  • the bank's website has step-by-step instructions for filling out an application for a loan (even the probability of its approval is displayed);
  • a lot of positive customer reviews;
  • budget interest rate.
  • not detected.

100 days without interest from Alfa-Bank

As the name of the product implies, for 100 days after the purchase, the customer does not pay interest for the use of funds. This is true not only for purchases, but also for withdrawing cash for other purposes. The amount of cash withdrawal per month is limited - up to 50,000 rubles. When withdrawing a larger amount, you will need to pay a commission. The interest rate is determined in each case individually, its minimum value is 11.99%. The average annual service cost is 590 rubles.

The maximum limit that can be issued for a loan is 500,000 rubles. After submitting an online application, the credit card is brought home the next day. The courier will bring her in a mask, ensuring a safe distance, which is important during the coronavirus pandemic.For plastic registration, it is enough to fill out the form on the website and attach a copy of your passport to it.

There are three tariff plans to choose from - Classic, Gold, Platinum. They differ from each other in the cost of service, the size of the commission for withdrawing cash, the credit limit and other characteristics.

  • according to buyers, one of the best conditions available on the banking services market today;
  • long interest-free period;
  • low interest rate;
  • home delivery of the card the next day after ordering;
  • there are three different tariff plans to choose from;
  • high credit limit.
  • the interest-free period is not extended after the next purchase.

With an interest rate of 15 to 20%

I want more from UBRD

The Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development is little known in the credit services market, however, the credit card is well known to the population due to the fact that it offers a large number of advantages to its owner. The cash limit is 700,000 rubles, it is calculated individually for each user. The grace period is 120 calendar days, during this period you do not need to pay interest for the use of funds. After the grace period expires, the interest rate is 17%, which is not expensive compared to the offers of other banks.

In addition to the basic features, the client can also withdraw cash up to 50,000 without paying commissions and interest. If the user makes purchases with a card in the amount of 15,000 rubles per month or more, the annual service is free. The user learns about the price of the next payment from the SMS message that comes in advance. When buying any goods, 3% of the cost is returned to the card in the form of a cashback. For the convenience of using a credit card, you can download and install a mobile application on your smartphone, with the help of which card transactions are monitored and managed.

The bank's website has detailed instructions on how to order a card. In order to get plastic on hand, you must leave an online application on the website or in the mobile application. After filling in the required fields, you can immediately see the proposed amount limit. For those who have an account in "State Services", registration will take much less time. 15 minutes after submitting the application, the user will learn about the decision made on it. If it is positive, a bank employee will contact him, who will agree on all the accompanying nuances, and also agree on the place and time of plastic delivery. Delivery is made free of charge to a place convenient for the client. If desired, the card can be collected at any branch of the bank. If home delivery is chosen, the courier will bring it and transfer it in a manner that is safe in terms of the epidemiological situation.

  • free home delivery;
  • fast registration;
  • there is a mobile application where you can find out how much a particular operation costs;
  • free and competent consultations of bank employees on any issues.
  • the amount of cash that can be withdrawn without commission is limited.

110 days from Raiffeisenbank

As the name implies, the grace limit for this product is 110 days. During this period, there is no need to pay any commission to the bank, not only for the use of funds spent on payment for goods and services, but also for withdrawing cash from an ATM. Unlike competitors' products, the amount of cash out without commission on this credit card is not limited.

The minimum interest rate is 19%, the maximum is 29%. This value is determined by the bank on an individual basis. The cost of an annual service when paying with a card in the amount of 8,000 per month or more is free of charge, otherwise the bank charges a commission of 150 rubles per month. The credit limit is 600,000, the amount is determined depending on the client's solvency.The bank offers a novelty in servicing the card - you can connect the SMS notification service. It will cost 60 rubles per month (when receiving information from a mobile application, the client is informed for free).

Credit cards can be replenished through ATMs of partner banks free of charge; when depositing funds through a bank branch, a commission of up to 100 rubles may be charged.

  • long grace period;
  • there is an SMS notification;
  • not the highest interest rate;
  • cash withdrawals are not limited in amount.
  • small credit limit.

Universal card from the Asia-Pacific Bank

The following conditions are offered for the product: an interest-free period - 120 days, the interest rate starts from 15%, service is free, cash is withdrawn without charging a commission. The main advantage of this plastic is its free maintenance and release into circulation. The bank requires the first purchase to be made within 90 days after the card is issued to the user, otherwise it may be canceled.

All transactions made using this account will be credited with cashback. For the convenience of users, you can choose the appropriate type depending on your needs. There are 4 categories to choose from: "Home and Repair" (the maximum cashback amount is 1,000 per month, 5% of all transactions are returned), "Autocard" (only 10%, of which 5% - to pay fines, use of taxi services etc., and 5% for the purchase of spare parts and car repairs, the limit is 1,000 per month), "Entertainment" (visiting public places - restaurants, cafes, etc., as well as payments made in catering establishments), " All inclusive "(maximum - 2,000, cashback up to 2%). When making payments in other categories, cashback is not credited.

At the end of the grace period, the amount owed must be repaid in full, equalizing debit and credit. The disadvantages of the product include paid cash withdrawal - a commission of 4.9% of the amount + 300 rubles is charged. Until October 31, 2020, there is a promotion, according to which the commission for cash withdrawals is not charged within 30 days after the card is issued. Cash withdrawal limit per day - 150,000, per month - 1,000,000.

The interest rate is set individually, depending on the client's solvency, and varies from 15% to 28%.

  • favorable conditions for cashback;
  • long grace period;
  • free service.
  • unfavorable conditions for cash withdrawals.

With an interest rate of 20% or more

Cash-back from Citibank

The card offers a high percentage for the use of funds - from 20.9%. In order to receive plastic, the borrower must reach the age of 22, be a resident of the Russian Federation, live and work in one of the major cities (the list of which is published on the institution's website). The minimum income must be 30,000 rubles per month or more. To complete an application, you must come to any bank branch, write an application, submit a passport and a document confirming monthly income (not required if you have a loan agreement with City Bank, or when using a salary card of this institution), as well as one of the documents to choose from (account statement in the Pension Fund, documents for the car, passport).

For new customers, special conditions are offered - during the first 90 days, cashback is 10% (while its total amount should not exceed 1,000 rubles per month). In addition, the cashback earned during the month is credited with additional remuneration of up to 20% if goods or services for 10,000 rubles or more were purchased during this period.

The bank sets the credit limit on its own on an individual basis, for new clients it cannot exceed 300,000 rubles. Subsequently, the limit can be increased to 3,000,000. The grace period is 50 calendar days.Annual maintenance for the first 365 days is free.

  • a credit card can be obtained by persons without credit history;
  • it is possible to issue an application without certificates, according to a passport;
  • there is a mobile application with which you can track your account status online;
  • high percentage of cashback.
  • you cannot issue a card using an online application;
  • the use of money is expensive in the case of a contract on general terms.

Classic credit card from Sberbank

Compared to competitors' products, the conditions for this credit card are not the most favorable: the grace period is 50 calendar days, the amount limit is 600,000 rubles (on standard terms - 300,000 rubles). The interest rate ranges from 23.9 to 25.9%. Annual service, SMS notification of all operations performed is free of charge.

Of the features, you can also highlight the accrual of bonuses "Thank you" (when paying for goods or services from partner organizations), they can pay up to 30% of the purchase price. Cash withdrawals are made with a commission, the minimum percentage is 3, the maximum is 4, while the commission must be at least 390 rubles per transaction. You can withdraw no more than 150,000 rubles per day. All information about the operations performed is reflected in the Internet banking or in the mobile application. If the client is late for the next payment, the bank will charge a penalty of up to 36%.

You can apply for plastic by filling out a special form through Sberbank online, while registration will take no more than 1 minute. If a potential client is served in this bank (has a salary or debit card, and periodically uses them), he can receive automatic approval for issuing a credit card. After the application is completed, within a short period of time, the user receives an SMS message with information about the status of the application, and, if approved, you can pick up the plastic at the nearest bank branch. Home delivery is missing.

A number of privileges are offered to cardholders, including discounts at stores such as Lamoda,, Gett Premium and others. There is no commission for using the mobile application and Internet banking.

  • special conditions for holders of salary and debit cards of Sberbank;
  • quick registration of the application;
  • a small number of requirements for a potential client.
  • small grace period;
  • high interest rate;
  • small limit on the amount.

Card Credit Plus from Credit Europe plus Bank

This product is a payment card that allows overdraft. For purchases with the card, bonus points are awarded in the amount of up to 5% in the following categories: catering, buying clothes and shoes, using the services of beauty salons, as well as children's entertainment centers. For payment for goods and services in other categories, cashback is charged up to 1%. Bonus points are awarded only for purchases made with credit funds; when using your own, there will be no cashback.

Plastic supports the function of one-touch payment using smartphones, smart watches, etc. The product participates in the bank's "Purchase by installments" promotion - depending on the purchase amount, the payment grace period ranges from 2 to 12 months.

To issue a credit card for an amount of up to 350,000 rubles, it is enough to present a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, if the limit is exceeded, you will need to provide one of the following documents: a certificate in the form of 2-NDFL, an account statement at the issuing bank, for individual entrepreneurs - a tax return. The card is issued in the presence of the client at any branch of the bank within a few minutes. To obtain a credit card, the following conditions must be met: work experience of at least 3 months at the last place of work, permanent residence in the territory of the Russian Federation; it is also required to provide 3 phone numbers to the banking institution (one - from the place of permanent work, 2 - for contact with the client).

For those users who periodically travel abroad, you need to know that they are required to notify the bank about it 1 calendar day in advance, otherwise account transactions may be blocked. There is no commission for cash withdrawals abroad. Annual maintenance is free. The grace period is 55 days. The interest rate is 29.9%.

  • the ability to withdraw cash abroad without a commission;
  • fast registration;
  • you can buy goods in installments without interest.
  • plastic is not delivered to your home, for registration you need to go to a bank branch;
  • high interest rate.


When choosing a credit card, you need to carefully study the conditions offered by banks. Many of them in their promotions focus on certain advantages, while keeping silent about the significant disadvantages.

It is worth remembering that the bank, issuing a credit card, expects to make a profit, so no matter what the client is promised, he will in any case bear the costs, be it payments for annual maintenance, interest for late payments on the next payment, or a commission for withdrawing cash. When issuing a credit card, and thinking about whether to buy another product on credit, it is worth remembering the popular saying "We lend someone else's money, but give our own."

We hope that our article will help you make the right choice!