Combination locks do not require a constant key, which is easy to lose. Their scope is growing every day, as is the popularity of various models. And this is not only locking the front doors of houses, entrances or technical rooms. Combination locks protect suitcases, safes and bicycles left in the parking lot.

Device advantages

The mechanism, like a regular lock, is used to guard a specific object. How is it different from a key device? The code model does not have a keyhole, and it cannot be opened with special master keys, which allows you to preserve a person's property.

A product with a code has the following advantages:

  • reliability - opens only by dialing a combination of several numbers known to the owner;
  • vandal-proof - resistant to mechanical damage and breaking;
  • durability - all parts are made of high quality steel;
  • frost resistance - withstands sudden changes in temperature and prolonged cold;
  • anti-corrosion - the body is made of stainless steel, which makes it possible to use it even at high humidity;
  • lack of a key - you can not be afraid of losing it and you do not need to constantly carry it with you;
  • group use - opening by several people who know the code.

Features of the structure of the mechanism

The combination lock device includes a locking block. A cipher is set on a code receiver or dialer in the form of a disc, number buttons or several turntables.

A special control system (on electronic models) or features of a mechanical device check the correctness of the code and allow you to open the lock. The electronic locks have a power supply unit and a backup power supply system.

Varieties of code devices

Depending on the modification, the locks are:

  • by the method of installation - overhead, mortise, hinged;
  • in shape - lever or cylindrical;
  • by the way of locking - with one dial, with several turntables, push-button;
  • by device type:
    • Mechanical - it is not possible to open it with a master key, but there is a big drawback. If the user has forgotten the code, then opening the lock will bring problems. More often, these are simple mounted models that are suitable for gates, bicycles, suitcases, it can be latched in one motion;
    • Electromechanical - Robust devices contain mechanical and electrical components. The oversized mechanisms require an electricity supply to operate; they are suitable for warehouses or gates of large companies. Expensive models are installed in a mortise or overhead method, and if there is a power outage, the lock can be opened with an ordinary key;
    • Electronic - devices with an electronic control unit open after setting the desired combination on the display. Mounted cheap models are easy to break and cut. Overhead, more expensive mechanisms also have an increased level of security. The most expensive mortise models have the highest burglary protection and reliability. But their installation requires special tools and professional skills.

How to choose the right combination lock

Variety in price and many types of modifications make choosing the right mechanism somewhat difficult. Before buying, it is important to take into account several basic selection criteria - how valuable is the object that needs to be preserved, the features of the operating conditions of the mechanism - is there a supply of electricity, features of the external environment, how much does the model cost.

Small attachments, which can be supplemented for convenience with a long cable, are usually used when flying on a suitcase, for the safety of bicycles, scooters. It is better to use such locks for outbuildings - garages, sheds, closets. Usually, there may be no electricity in the premises, moreover, simple models do not require complex installation, they are quickly mounted and removed.

Complex crossbar locks are distinguished by their cost. The case opens and there are code knobs inside, with the help of which passwords are reassigned at home. By rotating the discs, a sequence of numbers is established that opens the lock.

The service life of the device reaches 15 years. At the same time, forceful hacking, the possibility of drilling or removal with a stethoscope is close to zero. All protective functions are performed reliably, and the device is designed in such a way that the owner can close the doors from the outside and from the inside.

To protect residential buildings or office premises, electric cut-in devices are used for the safe. Standard mechanical constipation, for the most part, has already been studied by criminals and can be opened with ease, especially when there is time for it. In addition, there are fewer moving parts in electric models, which reduces the likelihood of breakage.

However, if you choose a mechanical type mortise lock, give preference to disk models, not push-button ones. Over time, the buttons begin to sink, the effectiveness of pressing decreases, and the lock breaks. If such a lock is installed in a multi-storey building with high traffic of people, the buttons are gradually erased, and the lock code is easily determined from them.

Electronic door models have another advantage. The control panel can be located away from the main locking unit. It is difficult to hack what is not clear where it is and it is not clear how it works.

Modern electronic models are equipped with touch panels. Their disadvantage is that a constant current source is required. Such locks are most often installed in apartments and offices.

How to install a lock

Depending on the characteristics, the combination locks are installed in different ways. Some require tools, professional skills or even a call from a specialist, others require a little free time and a drill.

  • Surface-mounted type - simple installation with fixing the control unit body to the door. On the jamb there is a counter block with crossbars for locking the door. Everything will take about half an hour.
  • A mortise mechanical lock will take longer. First, a pencil or marker is marked with a place where the body and fasteners will be located. Recesses are prepared with a chisel and a drill. After that, all parts are installed.
  • Electronic mortise lock - first, you will need to do the same as installing a mechanical model. In addition, you need to connect the control unit to electricity.

Study the accompanying documentation carefully. It prescribes the features of the operation and installation of a particular model. If there is no necessary information on how to install the mechanism, do not invent your own technique, study the manufacturer's or authorized dealer's website.

We have compiled detailed ratings of popular types of combination locks. They will help you make the right choice among a wide assortment, tell you what to look for and which device is better.

The question of where to buy a quality product is very individual. When ordering from an online store, code locks will cost less. However, it is worth remembering that it is better to purchase goods from a trusted seller. If the mechanism breaks down, it can be exchanged or returned with minimal financial losses.

Rating of quality overhead code constipation


The mechanical model is very popular and is installed in many entrances of high-rise buildings, closed institutions and territories. It can be located both on the right and on the left side of the door leaf. From the outside it is unlocked by pressing a specific set of numbers.

A convenient opening lever is located inside. When the door is closed, a single bolt enters the grooves, automatically locking it. Weight is only 1250 grams, dimensions - 58 * 98 * 175 mm. The cost is 989 rubles.

  • can be ordered online;
  • simple construction;
  • installed on any door;
  • supports over 1000 encoding options;
  • low price.
  • buttons wear out over time.

Selock Code 25A

The vandal-proof body is made of galvanized metal material. The mechanical model is installed both on the street - on entrances, wickets, gates, and on the doors of internal premises. Withstands temperatures from - 40 ° C to + 50 ° C and high humidity up to 85%.

According to buyers, the universal device is mounted with a screwdriver and a drill on left-side and right-side doors. Suitable for metal or wooden doors. The code changes quickly when needed. From the inside, the lock is closed with a pinwheel. According to customer reviews, the mechanism is simple and reliable. The cost is 4500 rubles.

Selock Code 25A
  • simple model;
  • does not depend on external conditions;
  • durable body.
  • buttons deform over time;
  • cannot be opened with a mechanical key.

Rating of popular electronic combination locks

Selock Keypad

The electronic device is suitable for installation on metal and wooden doors and operates autonomously from 4 AA batteries. The service life of the kit, according to the manufacturer's description, is 10 months. In case of a critical decrease in charge, the device begins to warn with a beep when opening.

The housing is protected by a galvanized coating and withstands all weather conditions. You can open it using the code typed on the panel, key fob, control panel. Device with night blocking function and siren warning.

The small mechanism can be easily installed with a minimum set of tools on left and right side blades. The set includes step-by-step instructions in Russian. It describes how to change the code, how to install the mechanism with your own hands and the rules of care. The average price is 14,500 rubles.

Selock Keypad
  • high autonomy;
  • three types of keys;
  • weatherproof enclosure;
  • extended functionality.
  • high price.

Kaadas K9

The electronic model is suitable for any type of door - right-sided, left-sided, metal or wooden with a thickness of 38 to 90 mm. The control unit supports Bluetooth and Z-Wave communication protocol and is controlled by a touch screen.

The lock opens with a 6-12 digit code, a fingerprint (up to 100 users), a card (100 people), a mechanical key, a smartphone. The steel body is complemented by a tempered glass touchscreen. The model is distinguished by ease of installation and reliability of the three transom mortise part. The cost is 35,900 rubles.

Kaadas K9
  • easy installation;
  • three crossbars;
  • several types of keys;
  • the possibility of mass use;
  • durable body.
  • high price.

Rating of popular mortise locks

Selock Code 20B

The mechanical model in an anti-vandal case is suitable for metal and wooden doors. It can be installed on the front door, street gates. The device can withstand operating temperatures from -40 ° C to + 50 ° C.

Installation of the lock does not require professional skills and tools. Installed on both the right and left side of the door. It can only be opened with a password consisting of 4-8 digits. The weight of the mechanism is 1200 grams, the dimensions are 16 * 42 * 142 mm. The price is 4500 rubles.

Selock Code 20B
  • vandal-proof housing;
  • does not rust;
  • easy installation;
  • withstands difficult external conditions.
  • buttons deform over time.

Selock Code 20S

Double-sided locking involves the installation of code panels on both sides of the door. It opens only by typing a cipher, which can be changed if necessary. The code includes 4 to 8 digits.
Installed on both street and interior doors. It is convenient to use for gates, since you cannot open it by sticking your hand through the bars. The small body is made of zinc alloy and can withstand large temperature fluctuations. The cost is 6000 rubles.

Selock Code 20S
  • easy installation;
  • second code panel;
  • stainless steel body.
  • buttons are deformed;
  • for recoding, you need to open the case.

Rating of quality bicycle combination locks

Anti-theft lock, art.427

Inexpensive anti-theft model is a strong metal cable in a plastic sheath, locked by a code mechanism. The chain is 88 cm long, which allows you to attach a bicycle with it and prevent a criminal from stealing it. 4 coded discs securely store the desired combination of numbers. The cost of a bicycle lock is 493 rubles.

Anti-theft lock, art.427
  • low price;
  • simple mechanism;
  • long cable.
  • not.

HRS Security Rope 02

U-shaped anti-theft novelty is made of durable metal. The dimensions of the case are 40 * 120 * 220 mm, the weight is only 850 grams. Coded using four rotating discs. The inner space of the body is additionally protected by a cover. The cost is 1,700 rubles.

HRS Security Rope 02
  • robust construction;
  • protective cover for the code mechanism.
  • high price.

Rating of quality padlocks with a cipher

Standers, ZAM / steel

A small, popular model with three code discs for personal lockers or utility rooms. Dimensions are 14 * 41 * 43 mm, weight - 120 grams. Made of copper, aluminum and zinc alloy. The hinge is made of durable chrome-plated steel. The case does not have a key hole, so the lock is difficult to break. The cost is 253 rubles.

Standers, ZAM / steel
  • budget model;
  • reliable case;
  • the ability to convert.
  • small diameter of the bow.

MasterLock One 1500 IEURDWHI

The attachment from the French manufacturer weighs 200 grams, the case width is 55 mm, the diameter of the hardened steel bracket is 7 mm, and the length is 27 mm. The metal body is coated with white lacquer for long-term use. The safe mechanism has a patented closing technology. A secret combination is displayed on the only disc. The cost is 600 rubles.

MasterLock One 1500 IEURDWHI
  • varnish coating for protection;
  • modern closing technology;
  • reliable case.
  • small bow.

Tips for the care and use of the code mechanism

  • Change the code from time to time, about once every 6 months.
  • Be sure to change the code after repairs carried out by hired workers, if the code is lost, after the tenants leave the rented housing.
  • Try to remember the code, not write it down. If fixed on paper, keep records out of reach.
  • Before changing the electronic lock, be sure to disconnect the power supply.
  • Mechanical components should be looked after as usual - lubricated and not clogged.
  • Even the best models require regular maintenance as recommended by the manufacturers.
  • Do not make your own changes to the design, strictly follow the step-by-step installation instructions and do not carry out repairs yourself. In case of malfunction, contact a repair shop.

Follow these simple recommendations, keep your code in strict confidence, and then the combination lock will protect your home or other property as much as possible.