1. Vibrator for the clitoris: how to choose
  2. Butterfly vibrator: what is it and what types are
  3. How to use a sex toy
  4. Best Vibrators for Butterfly Clitoris

Rating of the best clitoral vibrators (butterflies) for 2020

Rating of the best clitoral vibrators (butterflies) for 2020

Attention! The article is intended exclusively for persons who have reached the age of 18!

Many women cannot get an orgasm from traditional sex. A clitoral vibrator can help solve this problem. As a rule, stimulating the clitoris helps a woman get great pleasure.

Vibrator for the clitoris: how to choose

Most of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are embarrassed to come into contact with their feminine principle, which is a huge problem. Women need to understand that they have every right to enjoy and enjoy their own bodies. It is worth considering the fact that masturbation helps to increase muscle sensitivity and can fill a woman with sexual energy. Therefore, do not take it as something shameful.

Today, there are many devices that help you explore your own sexuality, but the most successful option would be a vibrator. If this word causes even a drop of embarrassment, then you should not pay attention to it. Forget about imaginary inhibitions and take the first step towards learning about yourself. The first thing a girl will face along the way is the question of how to choose the right device. Having sex with a man, such difficulties do not arise, because a woman gets it with a “tool” in the kit and it is almost impossible to change it, but with a toy everything is completely different. There are a huge variety of options, and which one to choose depends only on the girl's preferences.

There are several types of toys, each of which differs in the way of use. When choosing a device, you should pay attention to your hidden desires. Try to understand yourself and consider the following nuances:

  1. Method of use. The first thing to decide on is the way to use the device. What will he become? Assistant during sex with a real partner or secret “lover” who will always be at hand?
  2. Tool type. Today, the choice of devices for the clitoris is very large, which allows you to give free rein to your imagination and choose the one that suits you. So, for example, vibrating panties, butterflies or vibro bullets will give incredible pleasure to someone, while others will prefer a massager, a toy in the form of a rabbit, a clothespin or a device with a clitoris attachment.
  3. The presence of a variety of functions and a way to control the toy. If we talk about the functionality of the device, then everything here directly depends on its cost. The more expensive the toy is, the more modes and speeds it has. Device management also depends on its price category. In cheap models, the speed is adjusted using buttons, while more expensive ones can be controlled using an application installed on a smartphone.
  4. The form.The shape of the device can be varied. This applies not only to the working surface, but also to the one with which the hand contacts.
  5. Manufacturer. When choosing a device, you need to understand that you can buy a quality product only from a trusted manufacturer.

Butterfly vibrator: what is it and what types are

This kind of satisfaction adaptation is familiar to many. It allows you to get an orgasm without direct penetration. It is a strap-on, which is located on the straps. The device got its name due to its unusual shape, repeating a butterfly. It can be used as a toy during sex with a partner or for self-satisfaction. To start using the device, it is attached to the perineum so that a special process is located on the clitoris and select the speed using a special remote control.

With remote control

Such sex toys are gaining more and more popularity. They help the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity to get incredible pleasure and can have a variety of forms. The device on the remote control can be used not only for its intended purpose. It can be immersed in the body to get the best experience. The toy has the function of changing the speed, which allows you to reach the peak of pleasure.

There are several types of control of such a device:

  1. Portable. The remote control is connected to the toy with a cord.
  2. Remote. The remote control is a device that has nothing to do with the vibrator.
  3. Smartphone control. Some models of the vibrator can be controlled using a dedicated app.


This toy is capable of affecting several erogenous zones at the same time. Stimulates the clitoris with a special small horn. There are several variations of this sex toy:

  1. Clitoral-vaginal. It is made in the form of a phallus with a small branch. This vibrator is used to stimulate the G-spot.
  2. Clitoral-anal. This vibrator is designed in the shape of a butterfly and has an anal chain or a thin plug that allows it to be used for anal stimulation.

How to use a sex toy

This toy, like many others, is used by women for pleasure, which is possible due to its effect on the clitoris. Using the clitoris device is very simple:

  1. Read the instructions. Verify correct operation by enabling each of the declared features.
  2. Clean the vibrator with a special cleaner.
  3. Lubricate the toy and clitoris with lubricant. In this case, you should choose a water-based product.
  4. Place the vibrator on your body so that the process reaches the clitoris.
  5. Turn on the toy and increase its speed gradually.
  6. After using it, wash the vibrator under running water using soap.

The best vibrators for the butterfly clitoris

The device is one of the most useful sex toys. It will help you not only to know your body and get pleasure, but also to significantly increase your sensitivity.

Throbbing butterfly

This design can be called a truly luxurious sex toy. It has a spiral-shaped trunk, a flexible butterfly-shaped process, wide functionality and is painted in a beautiful pink color. Its main difference from other models is the presence of a reciprocating function. It is thanks to her that this vibrator is able to give incredible sensations. Controlling the toy is very simple. Modes are switched by pressing the buttons located at the base of the toy. This sex toy will appeal to even the most demanding women. She will give you great pleasure and a stunning orgasm.

For sensitive stimulation, a soft gel vibrator is ideal. The pronounced head with a smooth surface will give unique sensations, gently penetrating the vagina. This toy will definitely appeal to connoisseurs of streamlined lines.

The surface of the vibrator is covered with small pimples.They will allow every woman to get incredible pleasure while masturbating using this toy.

The process, the function of which is to stimulate the clitoris, is located at the very base of the vibrator. Stimulating this organ will increase arousal, and the sensations during masturbation will be brighter than ever.

Another positive characteristic of this vibrator is the reliable protection of all contacts. This allows it to be used even in the bathroom.

Thanks to the convenient arrangement of the buttons, it is very easy to select the desired mode. Select the appropriate vibration level with a slight movement of your hand and continue to follow the path to the highest point of pleasure.

  • reliable protection of all contacts (can be used in the bathroom);
  • soft gel vibrator;
  • the presence of a reciprocating function.
  • not found.

Butterfly 765010

High-Tech fantasy has a number of distinctive characteristics that set them apart from other toys. They have the function of rotating the trunk and a process that stimulates the clitoris. The toy has 8 modes that can be easily controlled using small buttons located on the handle.

It's not just a soft device, it's ultra-soft! And this is far from its only plus. The toy is equipped with 6 rows of beads and can move at different speeds. Thanks to this feature, you can get a unique experience. The dolphin located on the device performs the function of stimulating the clitoris.

The blue hi-tech vibrator features balls that stimulate the intimate muscles and a scion that is used to massage the clitoris. The toy has a smooth head for easy penetration and multiple vibration modes for incredible enjoyment. This toy will allow you to experience all types of orgasm.

The control is carried out using two wheels that regulate the vibration of the head and the process that stimulates the clitoris. Rotation of the head is switched on separately - using a button.

TPR, from which the toy is made, is a hypoallergenic material that does not emit toxins. It is easy to operate and of high quality. The device can be mounted on any smooth surface. This is possible thanks to the powerful suction cup. The toy is supplemented with metal balls arranged in several rows. They significantly increase the stimulating effect and allow you to experience the full range of sensations.

  • the vibrator is distinguished by the presence of balls;
  • the toy has a smooth head;
  • hypoallergenic material.
  • not marked.

Butterfly 884001-4

Men often compare the clitoris to a flower. And every beautiful flower needs its own butterfly. This adorable winged minx will caress any flower and will be able to delight it with her sensual touches. With the help of several straps, the toy is firmly attached to the hips and caresses the clitoris with its wings, like a butterfly. The gentle vibration of the body and the sensual touch of the paws will make you reach the peak of arousal and experience an orgasm in a few minutes. The device is made of high quality silicone. We recommend using a water-based lubricant for maximum comfort.

  • good fastening;
  • gentle vibration of the body and sensual touch of the paws.
  • not marked.

Butterfly 884001-3

The product is fastened with panties that can be adjusted. Put them on, adjust the size and position the butterfly so that it is on the vagina. Thus, the toy will cover not only the clitoris, but also the labia. The material used to make this vibrator is completely safe and does not provoke the development of allergic reactions. A distinctive feature of the toy is the presence of powerful vibration, which will give an unforgettable clitoral orgasm. It is worth noting the fact that the tail, located on the toy, will gently tickle the anus, it will enhance the sensations during its use. Works on batteries, and is controlled by a remote control.

The device is small in size. Its length is 7 cm, and its width is only 10 cm. The vibration is adjusted using the buttons located on the control panel. It is made of gel material, and for its comfortable use it is recommended to purchase the lubricant on water again.

  • gel quality material;
  • the presence of powerful vibration.
  • not marked.


This toy will allow you to get a lot of pleasant sensations without any effort. It is ideal for intimate games and can be used during foreplay. In this toy, the vibration intensity is independently adjustable. For the manufacture of this model, high quality silicone is used, which indicates the safety of its use. The vibrator is battery operated. It is 8 cm long and 6 cm wide.

  • the vibration intensity is independently regulated;
  • high quality silicone.
  • not marked.

Butterfly Stimulator

This toy is a clitoral stimulator and is attached to the body with elastic straps. It is made of purple silicone and has a very small dimensions: 5.5 × 5 cm.

The butterfly is ideal for an intimate massage and will train your muscles. The toy is controlled using a remote control. The main feature of this model is the use of a material that is characterized by increased vibration conductivity. This allows you to feel vibration not only at the place where the vibration mechanism is installed, but also over the entire surface of the toy. The remote control operates on conventional AA batteries.

  • convenient remote control panel;
  • hypoallergenic material.
  • not marked.

Eroticon Butterfly

This clitoral stimulator will give every woman a sensual and vivid orgasm. It not only stimulates the clitoris, but also massages from the inside. In this case, the vibration intensity is selected independently. The fastenings in this toy are made in the form of panties. They have a universal size that can be adjusted with straps. The vibrator is controlled by a remote control.

  • remote control;
  • besides arousal, the effect of massage.
  • not marked.

Rotating Vibrator

Rotating Vibrator is ready to give pleasure at any time of the day or night. It is ideal for G-spot stimulation thanks to its curved shaft. But that's not all. Thanks to the presence of a clitoral stimulator, the toy will give incredible sensations. Its gentle vibration helps to achieve orgasm in a short time. Rotating Vibrator has 10 vibration modes and 3 barrel tip rotation modes. The material from which it is made is hypoallergenic and does not contain phthalates.

  • 10 modes;
  • the device is easy to use.
  • not marked.

The clitoral vibrator is a stimulator that helps you to have pleasure with pulsation and vibration. It is important to choose the right toy for maximum enjoyment.