1. Reasons to go to a gastroenterologist
  2. The best gastroenterology clinics in Yekaterinburg
  3. Service cost comparison table

Rating of the best gastroenterology clinics in Yekaterinburg in 2020

Rating of the best gastroenterology clinics in Yekaterinburg in 2020

Almost every city dweller, whose pace of life is constantly accelerating, faced problems with the digestive system. Quick snacks, lack of diet, alcohol, smoking, large quantities of coffee, chronic stress, as well as an unfavorable environmental situation - all this ultimately affects the functioning of the digestive system and general well-being.

Diagnostics, prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases is dealt with by the direction of medicine - gastroenterology, a department of which is located in almost every medical center. The best gastroenterological clinics in Yekaterinburg will be discussed below.

Reasons to go to a gastroenterologist

As mentioned above, gastroenterology deals with the treatment of diseases of the esophagus, stomach, liver, pancreas, duodenum, colon, gallbladder. To prevent serious consequences, you need to be attentive to your body and pay attention to symptoms that seem insignificant at first. The most common manifestations of gastrointestinal tract pathologies include heartburn, nausea, belching, appetite disturbances, heaviness and pain in the abdomen, stool disturbances, flatulence, etc. Each of these manifestations can be a symptom of the disease. The earlier it is diagnosed, the more likely it is to avoid complications and transition to the chronic phase. The most frequently diagnosed diseases of the digestive system: gastritis, colitis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, gallstone disease, hemorrhoids, etc.

At the appointment with a gastroenterologist, the patient's anamnesis is collected, attention is paid to his lifestyle, eating habits, past diseases. Also, the doctor, by palpation of the abdominal cavity, identifies the localization of pain sensations, checks for pathological seals and an increase in the size of organs. Additionally, if necessary, such hardware studies as abdominal ultrasound, gastroscopy, colonoscopy, MRI, CT, etc. can be prescribed. I would like to note that in order to make it easier for specialists to diagnose diseases and prevent their complications, it is important not to self-medicate, which in most cases is not only not benefits, but can also cause irreparable damage to health. As a prophylaxis of gastrointestinal diseases, experts recommend following simple rules: a balanced diet, adherence to a drinking regime, moderation in the use of alcohol, fatty and spicy foods, as well as regular physical activity, normal sleep and the absence of stress. Compliance with these points will allow you to maintain the health of not only the digestive tract, but also the whole organism.

Below we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the list of clinics providing gastroenterological care in Yekaterinburg.The recommendation directly from these medical centers is based on real feedback from patients of these institutions about their work, as well as after comparing the qualifications of doctors and the technical equipment of clinics.

The best gastroenterology clinics in Yekaterinburg

UMMC Health

Address: st. Sheinkman, 113 (main branch)

Phone: ☎ +7 343 317-20-61, 317-15-64


Working hours: Mon-Fri: 08: 00-20: 00; Sat, Sun: 08: 00-17: 00

UMMC Health is a modern clinic built according to European standards. It includes 8 branches, which cover about a hundred medical areas, including gastroenterology. A gastroenterologist can be consulted in 4 branches: mainly on the street. Sheinkmana, 113, family clinic on the street. Malysheva, 102B, polyclinic on the street. Bazhova, 183, as well as in the clinic on the street. Sheinkman, 128.

The branches of the UMMC Health Center receive 12 gastroenterologists. Among them there are doctors of the highest category, candidates of medical sciences, as well as active associate professors of the department of faculty therapy and geriatrics. The clinic's gastroenterologists specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of the following diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT): gastritis, peptic ulcer, cholelithiasis, pancreatitis, dysbiosis, ulcerative colitis, viral hepatitis B, C, etc., as well as cysts, tumors, abscesses. At the initial appointment, the patient's history is collected and examined. Also, all the tests, duodenal intubation, ultrasound, necessary for making the correct diagnosis are prescribed. If necessary, additional endoscopic examinations are prescribed.

  • the versatility of the institution: if necessary, you can go through related specialists and pass all the necessary tests and go through all laboratory tests in one building;
  • high level of service: administrators on each floor, no client is left unattended;
  • timely reception;
  • no queues;
  • availability of a pediatric specialist in gastroenterology;
  • highly qualified doctors.
  • very small parking;
  • some visitors note the slowness of the administrators;
  • high prices for services;
  • the clinic's website does not provide a full price list for the medical services provided;
  • rare cases of misdiagnosis and incorrect treatment.

Center of medical support "Healthy family"

Address: st. Fucik, 3

Phone: ☎ +7 343 363-09-34


Working hours: Mon-Fri: 08: 00-20: 00; Sat: 09: 00-18: 00; Sun: 09: 00-16: 00

The Healthy Family Center is focused on working with the whole family. It offers convenient reception times on weekdays, weekends, and public holidays. Particular attention is paid to families with children. A cozy play area allows parents to undergo a medical examination without fear that the child will be left without attention. Continuous professional development of specialists working in the center, modern methods of diagnosis and treatment, as well as the latest equipment make this medical center in demand among many residents of the city.

There is one gastroenterologist at the clinic. You can make an appointment with him by phone or by filling out an online application. The specialist diagnoses and treats a large number of gastrointestinal diseases, including diseases of the esophagus and stomach, gallbladder, pancreas, and liver. At the initial examination, the doctor collects anamnestic data by interviewing the patient, visual examination of the condition of nails, hair, skin, oral mucosa. A palpation method is also used to determine the severity of the symptoms. If necessary, additional studies are prescribed: phagogastroduodenoscopy, colonoscopy, etc.

  • continuous professional development of doctors at courses, conferences, seminars;
  • increased duration of admission to patients, which allows you to get acquainted in more detail with the characteristics of each patient;
  • cozy atmosphere and pleasant atmosphere inside;
  • reasonable prices for medical services;
  • patients who underwent the EGD procedure note the professionalism of the specialist who performs it.
  • not always accurate work of operators and administrators: cases of absence of recording an appointment, inconsistency with specialists, etc.;
  • no parking.

CMT clinic

Address: st. Serov, 45

Phone: ☎ +7 343 300-89-02


Working hours: Mon-Sat: 08: 00-20: 00; Sun: 08: 00-18: 00

The Clinic of Modern Medical Technologies is a multidisciplinary medical center, where specialists from more than 25 directions provide medical services. There is also a separate children's clinic.

In the department of gastroenterology, 4 specialists-gastroenterologists are receiving appointments, two of them are doctors of the highest category and candidates of medical sciences, and one is an acting assistant professor of the department of faculty therapy of USMU. In addition to gastroenterologists, the department employs an endoscopist, coloproctologist and anesthesiologist-resuscitator. A full diagnosis of the disease and its successful treatment is achieved thanks to the high qualifications of doctors, as well as with the help of modern endoscopic equipment. The newest equipment of the center allows the doctor not only to see pathological neoplasms, but also, if necessary, remove them.

  • highly qualified doctors in the field of gastroenterology and endoscopy;
  • personal interest of doctors in the health of patients;
  • consistency of work of operators, administrators and doctors: no overlaps in the recording, queues, reception delays, etc.;
  • pleasant interior of the clinic;
  • there is a pediatric gastroenterologist;
  • patients note the professionalism of the specialists who performed the EGD procedure;
  • the opportunity to undergo gastro- and colonoscopy under general anesthesia.
  • it is difficult to find a place to park a car;
  • rare cases of misdiagnosis.


Address: st. Kraulya, 44

Phone: ☎ +7 343 223-14-08, 385-00-01

Address: st. Ural workers, 55b

Phone: ☎ +7 343 307-75-64, 385-00-01

Address: st. Shefskaya, 97

Phone: ☎ +7 343 321-43-11, 385-00-01

Address: st. Chekistov, 5

Phone: ☎ +7 343 369-62-32, 385-00-01


Working hours: Mon-Sat: 08: 00-20: 00; Sun: 08: 00-16: 00

"Chance" is a multidisciplinary medical center with great capabilities in the field of laboratory diagnostics, endoscopic examinations, and drug treatment. In addition to outpatient treatment, it is possible to stay in a hospital.

There are 4 branches of gastroenterology, except for the hospital on the street. 40 years of October, 51. There are organized an appointment with 5 gastroenterologists. Among them are doctors of the highest category, a candidate of medical sciences and a hepatologist. They are assisted in the diagnosis and diagnosis by two endoscopists, ultrasound doctors and a proctologist. The well-coordinated work of related specialists allows us to accurately diagnose diseases even in the early stages and successfully treat them.

  • you can make an appointment with a doctor by leaving an online application on the institution's website;
  • one patient is given at least 30 minutes;
  • several branches in different parts of the city;
  • during the EGD procedure, discomfort is minimized due to the professionalism of endoscopic doctors;
  • diagnosis of helicobacteriosis by the respiratory method;
  • reasonable prices for medical services provided;
  • the ability to pass all the necessary tests, undergo ultrasound and other examinations in one building.
  • cases of mismatch of prices for services in the price list on the institution's website and in reality;
  • isolated cases of rudeness on the part of wardrobe staff, security guards and administrators;
  • the test results do not always come on time.

New hospital

Address: st. Factory, 29

Phone: ☎ +7 343 355-56-57, 302-36-26 (calling a doctor at home)


Working hours: Mon-Fri: 07: 30-20: 00; Sat: 08: 00-18: 00; Sun: 08: 00-16: 00

The new hospital is a full-cycle medical association. It includes outpatient and inpatient departments, centers of narrow specialization, pharmacies.The doctors of the medical center diagnose and treat almost all diseases known to medicine. In this they are assisted by specialists in hardware and laboratory diagnostics, who use the latest equipment and techniques in their work.

In the "New Hospital" 8 gastroenterologists and 2 endoscopists deal with gastrointestinal diseases. Registration is possible both by phone and on the clinic's website.

  • it is possible to call a doctor at home;
  • patients note the professionalism of specialists during the EGD procedure;
  • high assessment of the professional qualities of gastroenterologists by their patients;
  • has its own free parking.
  • overlays in the record;
  • warn about the cancellation of the reception in less than an hour;
  • it is difficult to find the right office;
  • lack of customer focus on the part of receptionists, administrators.


Address: st. Blacksmith, 83

Phone: ☎ +7 343 305-99-69


Working hours: Mon-Fri: 07: 30-20: 00; Sat: 08: 00-18: 00; Sun: 08: 00-16: 00

URO-PRO is an international medical center, which carries out diagnostics and treatment in the following areas: urology-andrology, proctology, endocrinology, dermatology, gastroenterology, endoscopy and ultrasound diagnostics. The effectiveness of treatment primarily depends on the correctness of the diagnosis. For this, the clinic attracted specialists of the highest category and candidates of medical sciences, who use expert class medical equipment in their work.

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract are dealt with by one gastroenterologist, to whom you can sign up by leaving an online application or by phone. He diagnoses and treats diseases of all digestive organs. At the initial appointment, the doctor asks the patient in detail about the characteristics of his diet, lifestyle, past diseases, etc., palpates the abdomen. All this allows you to draw up an overall picture of the disease. Based on the results of the preliminary examination, the patient can be sent for apparatus and laboratory studies to clarify the diagnosis. If necessary, consultations are held with related specialists.

  • cozy atmosphere;
  • anonymity during treatment;
  • free parking for patients;
  • payment by installments for treatment;
  • polite and customer-oriented staff;
  • doctors are professionals in their field;
  • 20% discount on abdominal ultrasound for all gastroenterologist patients.
  • rare cases of patient dissatisfaction after visiting the doctors of the clinic.


Branch addresses: st. Tveritina, 16; st. Rhodonite, 1; st. Cherepanova, 28; st. Syromolotova, 12; st. Bardeen, 31; st. Soviet, 42; st. Repin, 52

Phone: ☎ +7 343 254-66-66


Working hours: Mon-Fri: 08: 00-20: 00; Sat: 08: 00-17: 00; Sun: 09: 00-16: 00

Harmony is a modern multidisciplinary medical center. It includes 7 branches in different districts of the city, a laboratory, an operating unit with an inpatient stay, a children's department, and a department of assisted reproductive technologies.

7 gastroenterologists (including 2 pediatric specialists) and 3 endoscopists work in the gastroenterological direction in the branches of the clinic. In their work, they use Japanese expert-class endoscopic equipment to diagnose gastrointestinal diseases. It is this, thanks to the high definition of the image, that allows the specialist to see even the smallest changes in the structure of the mucous membrane. In addition to the standard FGS procedure, expert esophagogastroduodenoscopy is used to diagnose gastrointestinal diseases, which is performed only under anesthesia. This procedure uses chromoscopy (mucosal staining), which makes the visualization of the internal organs clearer and more detailed.

  • there is a children's gastroenterologist;
  • 13C-urease breath test for Helicobacter Pylori is performed;
  • polite staff;
  • the EGD procedure is carried out calmly, without unnecessary discomfort thanks to the professionalism of the endoscopists and the nurses assisting them.
  • rare cases of inconsistencies in the recording and inconsistencies in prices with those indicated on the site;
  • parking problems.

Service cost comparison table

Name of serviceUMMC HealthHealthy familyCMT clinicChanceNew hospitalURO-PROHarmony 
Initial consultation1850-450012001100-350010001900-260013001450-1600
Secondary reception1600-2200950900-30009001680-230010001300-1400
Reception of a pediatric gastroenterologist1300-1200---1350
Videoesophagogastroduodenoscopy without biopsynot indicated170030001600275020002500
Videoesophagogastroduodenoscopy with biopsy3100295037002500302032003250
Video colonoscopy 4500380040003700450040004000

A large number of medical centers allows each resident of the city to find a suitable one both in terms of location and in its price category. In the list, we have indicated the most popular clinics and those that have received the most positive reviews among their patients.