1. Selection features
  2. Appearance
  3. Which is better to buy
  4. Which company is better to buy sliding shower doors
  5. Rating of quality swing shower doors
  6. Conclusion

Rating of the best shower doors for 2020

Rating of the best shower doors for 2020

Both wide glass partitions and shower doors are in great demand all over the world. It should be noted that such products look great in the bathroom. Thus, it will be possible to preserve the existing volume of the room, to make the design original and unusual. Over time, glass products do not deteriorate from regular exposure to moisture and temperature extremes. To maintain aesthetic properties, frequent, but not long-term care will be required. It is understood that glass shower doors are fixtures that are installed in a special niche at the bottom of the shower. They have nothing in common with the shower.

Selection features

A modern manufacturer is able to offer several modifications of glass partitions and doors. When choosing, one should take into account not only the general design of the room, but also its quadrature. German quality has long been considered the standard in the world of plumbing, the cost of goods from Germany is several times higher than the domestic product. However, the modern market is able to offer no less high-quality models of shower doors and at a lower cost.

Before you buy your favorite partition, it is recommended to pay special attention to the mechanism responsible for closing and opening doors. This fixture is considered a weak point in the installation. The best designs are expensive, but they will last for more than a dozen years.

What are they? Conventionally, all shower structures can be divided into several categories. They can be made in the form:

  1. Stationary partitions.
  2. Pendulum.
  3. Sliding structures.
  4. Rotating elements.
  5. Folding fixtures.
  6. Swing leaves.

In each case, experts will advise which shower door is better to buy for the bathroom. Many factors will be taken into account, among which the dimensions of the room being equipped, the family's budget and the taste preferences of the buyer will play a key role. Next, we propose to consider the main types of shower structures in more detail.

Stationary partitions made of glass

Stationary fences are able to effectively shield the shower area from the rest of the bathroom fixtures. The positive characteristics include a long service life of the installation, as well as a practical door locking mechanism. The probability of breakage is low, which contributes to a longer service life of the entire structure. Among the disadvantages is the inability to retain heat, which spreads throughout the room.

Pendulum doors

The pendulum mechanism is very often used at home. It is assumed that the product will move along the rails located on the pallet. Movements will be directed towards and away from yourself.In this case, the frame does not need to be installed. Fastened from one side (on the vertical axis). Significant disadvantages include the high cost of the unit, including those of Russian production.

Sliding structures

Such products work on the same principle as the wardrobe. For the comfortable movement of glass panels, horizontal rails are used. Among the advantages it should be noted:

  1. Compact dimensions. No additional or free space is required. Such manipulations can be carried out independently using the step-by-step instructions attached by the manufacturer.
  2. Versatility. They can be used not only to isolate the shower area (without a tray), but also the toilet and the bathroom.

Among the significant disadvantages is the presence of a roller mechanism, which quickly breaks down. Before you buy a similar model, you should check all key mechanisms for serviceability. At the same time, it is recommended to give preference to proven brands. The greatest demand is for German-made products, thanks to their reliability, durability, safety and modern appearance.

Rotating elements

Such structural components are the most voluminous and complex of all the previously described installations. This system can only be installed in spacious rooms. The standard width of the web will be 80-120 cm. The fixation is carried out by means of magnets, which are mounted on the side movable profile. Do-it-yourself installation is possible, however, you should first calculate not only the dimensions of the installation, but also the radius of opening the doors. In the process of moving, they should not touch other plumbing elements.


Such devices are made of clear or frosted glass. They function according to the accordion principle. Dimensions vary depending on the characteristics of the room being equipped. They are rarely found in free sale, since their cost is much higher than their usual counterparts. The positive characteristics of the novelty include:

  1. Aesthetics.
  2. Ease of use.
  3. Do-it-yourself installation.
  4. Compact dimensions.
  5. Operational period.
  6. Made to order.
  7. A variety of colors and shades.

Swing products

The classic model, which is most often used when arranging a shower. It should be noted that a lot of free space will be required for normal operation. The flaps should open and close freely. The features of such a purchase include:

  1. Practicality. Complex mechanisms and fasteners are not used.
  2. You only need to buy handles and loops.
  3. Versatility. Installation is possible both near the shower and the bathroom.
  4. Acceptable cost. Most of the models can be classified as budgetary.
  5. Huge assortment. More details can be found in numerous online stores and specialized retail outlets.
  6. The ability to order online the model you like with subsequent home delivery. There is no need to puzzle over how to deliver glass of an unusual shape or non-standard size from the store safely home.


Glass shower partitions can amaze everyone not only with their appearance, but also with their functionality. Corner, semicircular, expensive and cheap, they can update the style of any room. Regardless of the shape chosen, they will become a key element of the bathroom. After purchasing glass structures, you can turn the shower room into an exotic place or a scene from the underwater world, due to high-tech UV printing of images of any complexity.

You can make a real piece of art out of glass by sandblasting the material used. Frosted or transparent glass will help to emphasize the minimalistic look. Also, the surface can be colorless or patterned.However, in order not to make a mistake when choosing, first you need to consider the available types of fastening of auxiliary fittings.

Such a glass fence is considered an excellent solution for small rooms, which are often found in Soviet buildings and city apartments. It allows not only to save free space, but also to make the existing plumbing more functional. There is no need to install impractical partitions to reduce usable space.

The world's best manufacturers use only high quality raw materials and practical fittings. Among the unique performance characteristics should be highlighted:

  1. Modern design style.
  2. Various ways to decorate.
  3. Simplicity of the upcoming installation work.
  4. The ability to fill non-standard openings.
  5. Long operational life.
  6. Lack of mold and mildew due to the resistance to microbes of the raw materials used.
  7. Environmental friendliness.
  8. Aesthetics.
  9. High strength of both tempered glass and triplex.

Modern glass partitions are often found in interiors. Due to their inherent unique characteristics and laconic appearance, they are in great demand all over the world.

Triplex and tempered glass

Modern shower partitions are made of two practical and, at the same time, high-strength materials - tempered glass and triplex. We suggest considering the materials in more detail.

TriplexIt is almost impossible to damage the material or break the structure. Consists of two sheets that are glued together with nitrocellulose. An excellent choice for those with small children. The negative aspects are the insufficient transparency of the surfaces.
Strained glassThe production technology involves the alternation of powerful heating and subsequent extreme cooling of the raw material. Thus, the manufacturer has managed to achieve a high impact resistance of the product. If such glass is developed, then it will crumble into small pieces, which reduces the risk of serious injury, based on numerous photos on the network.
It should also be noted that the best world brands additionally cover the surface with a tinted or transparent film, which will not allow the glass to crumble into fragments.

Which is better to buy

Structurally, the most popular options are swing and sliding doors. The former are divided into two-leaf and single-leaf. The choice should be based on personal preference, family budget and the size of the bathroom. The conditions of use should be as comfortable as possible. Before you buy a similar design, you should familiarize yourself with the following parameters of the popular model:

  1. The presence of fasteners and auxiliary clamps.
  2. The type of profile used.
  3. Applied mechanism for opening and closing the leaves.
  4. Thickness of glass elements.
  5. Width and height of the product.

Most modern models can be installed on the floor, in a special niche or pallet. However, you can come across a design that provides for installation in only one of the above methods. You can adjust the width of the doorway using the profile design. Key elements are made of tinted, frosted or transparent glass, which can be additionally decorated with patterns. If the bathroom and toilet are a single complex, it makes sense to buy glass that does not show through even after getting wet.

In order for the movement of the partitions to be as smooth as possible, you should take care of the presence of gas lifts in the kit. They also act as obstacles and prevent sudden hits.

Which company is better to buy sliding shower doors

Ravak BLSDP2-120

The overlap is installed in a pallet or a special niche. The main blade is 6 mm thick and is made of high strength tempered glass.The structure will survive both minor and moderate mechanical shocks. The base is completely transparent, but has a special coating that prevents the formation of streaks after the water droplets dry. The height of the product is 195 cm, which is considered an acceptable indicator. It fits perfectly into the opening of 117-120.5 cm. The width of the entrance will be 0.5 m. Their orientation is universal. In the kit you can find an aluminum profile with a chrome plating.

How much is? The kit can be purchased for 34,000 rubles.

Ravak BLSDP2-120
  • protection against splashes and streaks;
  • thick tempered glass;
  • height 195 cm;
  • universal orientation;
  • does not need special care;
  • functionality;
  • long service life;
  • safety;
  • possibility of self-installation.
  • installation is not possible without a threshold;
  • completely transparent coating, which not every customer will like.

Aquanet Pleasure AE60-N-120H200U-BT 120

The mounting width of the popular model is 118-122 cm, with a height of 200 cm. The main material is 8 mm thick tempered glass blades. In addition to being resistant to mechanical damage, they do not form sharp corners when dropped, which makes them safer. The sliding mechanism is reliable, according to most buyers. The aluminum profile facilitates quick installation, without any hassle. The base is matte black. Initial review showed that the flaps close and open smoothly and without difficulty (sticking). A small pallet or a special niche is used for installation.

The set can be purchased at a price of 21,600 rubles.

Aquanet Pleasure AE60-N-120H200U-BT 120
  • high quality profile;
  • acceptable height;
  • smoothness of movements;
  • orientation is universal;
  • strong and thick baffle;
  • long service life;
  • high quality of the materials used.
  • completely transparent coating, which should be noted before buying.

GoodDoor Latte WTW-TD

This is not a model, but a complete collection of shower doors. The width of the canvas can be 150-170 cm, with a standard height of 185 cm. The main raw material used is “grape” glass with a thickness of 0.5 cm. A feature is the presence of a semi-matt and slightly rough surface, which vaguely resembles water droplets. It should be noted that based on numerous reviews of satisfied users with the purchase, water drops do not linger on the glass, but gradually flow down.

This became possible due to the presence of a special impregnation. The material is hardened and meets all required quality standards. The silicone seal is located at the bottom of the opening to prevent dripping from entering the room. The set includes an aluminum profile (anodized), which can be mounted both in a niche and in a pallet. Self-tapping screws are not needed.

Average price - 18,000 rubles.

GoodDoor Latte WTW-TD
  • textured tempered glass;
  • ease of installation work;
  • high-strength profile from the manufacturer;
  • anti-drip coating;
  • two sashes;
  • optimal combination of price and quality.
  • the pallet is purchased separately.

Shower door to niche Good Door Latte WTW-140-C-WE

The perfect solution for a wide niche. The door leaf is made of high-strength tempered glass (0.5 cm), which is attached to an aluminum profile. The presence of an electrophoretic coating deserves special attention, which makes the surface smooth and protects the material from corrosion. Double rollers are responsible for quiet and smooth running. The opening width will be 570 mm. There is protection against leaks in the form of silicone seals. A magnetic lock is responsible for complete tightness, which tightly joins the profile with the key element during the closing process.

The price of the kit is 17,500 rubles.

Shower door to niche Good Door Latte WTW-140-C-WE
  • parameters: 140x185 cm;
  • entrance width 65 cm;
  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty;
  • domestic brand;
  • anti-drip coating;
  • universal orientation;
  • high-strength profile provided by the manufacturer;
  • slight adjustment of the width is allowed (a few centimeters);
  • installation is carried out on the floor or pallet.
  • transparent canvas.

Shower door for niche Weltwasser WW800 800S2-140

A quality product from a renowned German manufacturer. To install the structure, you will need a pallet or a pre-prepared area on the floor. With a width of 140 cm, the height of the canvas reaches 195 cm, so before buying it will not be superfluous to take the necessary measurements. The entrance width is 59 cm, which is considered an acceptable indicator. Tempered high-strength glass with a thickness of 0.8 cm is used as the main material. The elements consist of one section, which may not be liked by some.

Price - 12,000 rubles.

Shower door for niche Weltwasser WW800 800S2-140
  • universal orientation;
  • acceptable dimensions;
  • several installation methods;
  • the ability to independently configure individual parameters (width);
  • German quality;
  • profile adjustment 4 cm;
  • modern appearance;
  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty.
  • the canvas is completely transparent;
  • difficult to find in domestic stores (it is recommended to order a model online from the manufacturer's website).

Rating of quality swing shower doors

River Suez 80

Our rating is headed by a quality product from a renowned domestic manufacturer. The doors are matt and tinted, 800 mm wide. High-strength tempered glass 0.5 cm thick is used as a raw material. In operation, the model is recognized as completely safe. A design feature is the ability to open the doors not only outward, but also inward, which makes their application universal. The brand does not declare any restrictions on installation work, and one person can cope with the designated tasks. The chrome-plated aluminum profile, equipped with a durable mechanism, is responsible for the reliability indicator of the product. If necessary, the width can be manually set +/- 2 cm.

Average price - 12,000 rubles.

River Suez 80
  • open in both directions;
  • universality of application;
  • the possibility of self-installation;
  • shockproof raw materials;
  • width adjustment;
  • standard dimensions;
  • several designs.
  • installation exclusively in a niche.

Weltwasser WW600 600K2

The collection from the renowned brand is represented by canvases for shower partitions 80-120 cm wide, which allows you to equip an area of ​​any shape and size. High-quality sashes that are characterized by increased wear resistance. Glass with a thickness of 0.8 cm is used as a key element. The surface is transparent, which many will not like. Tempered raw materials withstand regular mechanical stress.

The model is equipped with an equally high-quality mechanism, consisting of loops and gas lifts. This made it possible to achieve a smooth movement of the doors. The chrome-plated aluminum profile provided by the manufacturer is responsible for the reliability indicator. Adjustment within 2 cm is permissible.

Average price - 16,000 rubles.

Weltwasser WW600 600K2
  • gas lift and branded hinges;
  • the ability to manually adjust the width;
  • high strength tempered glass;
  • shockproof construction;
  • a great solution for rooms made in modern and classic style;
  • the choice of sizes.
  • installation is carried out on a pallet;
  • transparent partition.

River Bosfor 80 MT

The standard dimensions of the product (80x185 cm) make the design universal. Made in a classic style, which will allow you to easily place the product in a room with any design. High-strength tempered glass of frosted type was taken as a basis. Nothing of what is happening behind the partition will not be visible. An excellent solution for those families in which toilet and bathroom are combined into a single complex. This will allow several family members to use the room at the same time without feeling any discomfort.

In the kit, you can find a small gas lift, which is responsible for the smooth displacement of the flaps.They are also equipped with limiters to avoid strong impacts on plumbing fixtures and other elements in the room. During the installation process, the master can manually adjust the width within 2 cm by using side-type profiles.

Cost - 8800 rubles.

River Bosfor 80 MT
  • the set includes a chrome-plated profile;
  • self-adjustment of the width is allowed during installation;
  • gas lifts;
  • product appearance;
  • smooth movement of the valves;
  • standard sizes;
  • frosted (opaque) glass.
  • only external opening.

Weltwasser 600K1

Stylish partition that cannot leave anyone indifferent. It is based on the use of high-strength tempered glass with a thickness of 0.8 cm. Mechanical damage is not terrible for him, as are accidental blows and significant pressing. Raw materials are not afraid of significant temperature changes (for lovers of a contrast shower). The opening mechanism is very reliable. The hinges have lifts, which are responsible for smooth and safe glass lifting. The web runs slowly, without jerking. The width of the leaf is 80-90 cm with a height of 185 cm. The chrome-plated aluminum profile is protected against corrosion and is able to decrease or increase the width by 2 cm. Both left-hand and right-hand installation is allowed.

Average price - 12,000 rubles.

Weltwasser 600K1
  • solid foundation;
  • versatility;
  • ease of installation;
  • smooth running;
  • the presence of all the necessary devices in the kit;
  • several width options.
  • the partition is transparent.

Shower door in niche WeltWasser WW800 800K1-90 90 * 185 L / R with tray 90 * 90 * 15

High quality product from a leading German manufacturer. The brand has been on the market for more than 10 years and has managed to establish itself only from the best side. It also specializes in the manufacture of shower curtains, fences, complete shower systems and doors. Design and functionality are paramount. Consumers appreciate the company due to the high quality of the offered products and reasonable cost. The fence consists of a swing-type glass door. It can be mounted on both the left and right sides, which makes it universal.

It is based on the use of high-strength tempered glass, 0.8 cm thick. It is recognized as completely safe and is recommended for families with small children. The set includes a chrome-plated aluminum profile that is practically corrosion-free. The width adjustment range is 2.5 cm.

Cost - 39400 rubles.

Shower door in niche WeltWasser WW800 800K1-90 90 * 185 L / R with tray 90 * 90 * 15
  • versatility of fasteners;
  • right-handed and left-handed installation possible;
  • high-strength profile;
  • tempered glass, which is not afraid of temperature changes and mechanical damage;
  • chrome hinges and handles;
  • manual adjustment of the width by 2.5 cm is allowed;
  • modern design;
  • manufacturer's warranty.
  • price.


It should be noted that regardless of the glass shower door you choose, it should be properly cared for. Inside the structure, the level of humidity regularly increases, which leads to the formation of a specific (lime) plaque not only on the canvas itself, but also on decorative and fasteners. Gradually, it clogs the existing holes and settles on the rollers. This leads to premature wear of the fittings. In order to avoid significant troubles, the fittings should be checked regularly and cleaned as needed.

For cleaning, you will need special detergents that are used to wash shower stalls. In the event that creaks or other extraneous sounds were detected, and the door began to open tightly, then experts advise replacing the accessories. It is better to change the whole set, and not any one element.

The glass surface is wiped clean after each use. This will avoid the formation of hard plaque, which will then be very difficult to remove. In the process of choosing a detergent, special attention should be paid to the composition, which should be free of any abrasive substances.Otherwise, the glass surface will be irreparably damaged. The substance should be narrowly targeted, namely, to remove limescale. Such information is indicated by the manufacturers on the packaging. Timely, complete and proper care will help keep your shower doors looking unbeatable, not only improving their aesthetic characteristics, but also their lifespan.