1. A bit of history
  2. How to use a fountain pen correctly
  3. What's better?
  4. How to choose fountain pen ink
  5. Best fountain pen ink
  6. Conclusion

Best fountain pen inks for 2020

Best fountain pen inks for 2020

Expensive writing materials make it easy to spot someone with taste and style. People in high positions and good positions also like to use expensive pens. So a fountain pen can be a great gift for a boss or boss. And even if at first glance such a gift seems like an unnecessary trifle, over time it will be easy to be convinced of its value. But in order for this writing instrument to perform its functions properly, you should select good ink for it. This is what will be discussed in our article.

A bit of history

Earlier, ink existed separately from the subject with which it was written. They were kept in a separate container and covered with a lid. And a pen or a reed served as a writing instrument.

A fountain pen appeared only in the middle of the 10th century in Egypt, when one of the Caliphs ordered to come up with a writing instrument. Moreover, she had to be comfortable and not stain clothes. So his subjects invented a product that contained ink inside. Moreover, they flowed out only under the influence of gravity and did not require much effort. But such products were not very cheap, and only a rich person could afford them. And ordinary people have long used ordinary goose feathers. So after many hundreds of years they began to make feathers from metal, they also received the name "eternal". But despite this, many still used ordinary pens. The reason was that the metal products were not of very good quality and could not meet the needs of the people. Later, such a new invention nevertheless replaced the ordinary pen from everyday life. And by the middle of the 19th century, gold products began to appear.

How to use a fountain pen correctly

When using a ballpoint pen, we are used to applying a certain amount of force. This is the mistake we make when we start using the pen. But don't forget that the ink flows out by its own gravity. Pressing on the pen can ruin the nib. After use, rinse the writing element with warm water. It is not necessary to do this every time, it will be enough to perform such an operation once a week.

Also, if the pen is idle for a long time, the ink may dry out in it. To correct this problem, place the writing unit in a container of warm water. Also, do not forget to rinse the container if you decide to change the ink color. Otherwise, the remnants of the first color will mix with the new color, which will not give you the desired shade as a result. Many people make the mistake of cleaning the elements with alcohol, and sometimes even with acetone. Moreover, these people say that this way the whole process will take place at a higher level.But it won't do much good for your writing tool, as these two fluids will have a detrimental effect on the nib. If you do such an operation only once, then, of course, there will be no harm. But with the constant use of alcohol, you will soon say goodbye to your pen.

If you always carry a pen in your pocket, then it is advisable that there are no other items besides it. They can easily damage the body of the product. This will not affect the quality of the letter, but the beautiful appearance will be spoiled. It will be very useful to buy a small case or pencil case, so the safety of the product will be guaranteed. Also, get in the habit of putting on the cap immediately when you finish writing. This will help keep the writing tip intact in the event of a fall or other mechanical shock.

An important criterion in using a pen is the correct ink. We will consider this point in more detail below, but for now we will say that it is necessary to use special tools designed for such pens. If you try to use ink that is made for calligraphy, you risk ruining your writing unit. Since the composition of such products is not suitable for this type of pens.

What's better?

Let's now take a look at the features of fountain pens and compare them to ballpoint pens. This will enable us to determine the value of such a product.

Many people prefer ballpoint pens because they do not leave blots, it is much easier to adapt to them. But it is worth noting that modern feather products, when used correctly, will also not stain paper, clothes and hands. And to use them correctly will only take a little training.

If you need to write a large volume of text, then with a ball-point product, quick fatigue of the brush will occur. This is due to the fact that we need to make effort and pressure. The pen option won't do that. It will give out a straight and smooth line, and no effort is required. It will be very useful for both children and adults, as well as people who have problems with motor function. In addition, this feature of the product also affects vision. Due to the fact that we are making an effort, trying to make a clear and bright line, the distance between the leaf and the eyes is also reduced. And this negatively affects visual acuity and correct posture.

How to choose fountain pen ink

Now on the market there is a fairly large selection of both pens and inks for them. The easiest way to find the right one is to use ink from the same brand as the writing device. Only in this case it will be necessary to pay attention to the marking, you cannot use the ink of the same brand that has a different purpose. This may ruin your pen or not produce the desired result. Therefore, if there is no marking in Russian, then look for the inscription "Fountain pens" in English. Also, certain brands of pens only allow the use of inks from the same brand. In this case, before buying a pen, you should make sure that this brand of ink is always on sale.

Also, ink differs among themselves in their consistency, absorption and drying time on paper. Some people prefer a thicker version, while others like a liquid one. For beginners, in order to determine their preferences, it is better to try both types. As for color options, each company produces several shades. Moreover, the same color may differ significantly from different brands. If your pen has a different brand than the required shade, then it is permissible to use this option, since they practically do not differ in composition.

In addition, when buying, pay attention that there is no sediment in the ink. In this case, before refueling, you should not shake the bottle and refill everything to the last drop. This will threaten the writing element clogging.

Best fountain pen ink

Parker bottle quink

This ink from the famous brand "Parker" is produced in France.They come in three color options: black, blue and blue-black. Parker Bottle Quinks are available in a glass bottle with a plastic cap. The roof has a corporate logo and brand name. Also on the bottle itself there is a label in the same color as the ink. The color of the ink is also indicated on the box in the form of a colored square.

The quality of the product is adapted to the needs of a modern person, so the quality should not be in doubt. When using them, the user gets only good experiences. One bottle contains 57 ml of ink. This product option fits all fountain pens.

The average cost is 700 rubles.

Parker Bottle Quink ink
  • Suitable for all handles;
  • High quality;
  • Famous brand;
  • Good volume.
  • Only three color options.


This product is from the famous French brand "Waterman". This ink is available in seven colors: black, blue, navy blue, red, magenta, teal, and brown. Each of these options has a rich shade that will appeal to all fountain pen lovers. The ink itself is supplied in a glass bottle and cardboard box. The color of the box matches the color of the product. Also, the label on the bottle has the same color as the ink.

I would not like to ignore the design of the bottle. Its shape resembles the inkwell that was used in the past. Only it has corners, according to users, this makes operation more convenient. This not only reduces slipping in the hands, but also allows the jar to be held tilted while filling the handle. The volume of "Waterman" is 50 ml.

The average cost is 775 rubles.

waterman ink
  • Convenient bottle;
  • Do not dry or clog the feather;
  • Saturated color.
  • Watery.

Lamy T51

This German manufacturer has been on the market for over 80 years. During this time, the company received many awards, positive reviews and was liked by many consumers.

"Lamy T51" is produced in a glass bottle with a plastic base. There is also a special deepening. Thanks to this feature, it becomes possible to use the product completely without leaving a drop in the jar. The ink packaging is a plastic box with color markings. By the way, this product is available in three colors: black, blue and red. The bottle cap also matches the color of your choice. The volume of the jar is 30 ml.

The average cost is 600 rubles.

Lamy T51 ink
  • German quality;
  • Convenient bottle design;
  • The ability to completely collect all the ink;
  • Dry in 10 seconds;
  • Does not seep to the back of the sheet.
  • Small volume;
  • Only three color options.

Pierre cardin city fantasy

City Fantasy is a line of unusual inks from the French brand Pierre Cardin. This line includes 15 beautiful shades. Among which you can find various shades of pink, red, blue, purple and others. A feature of this product is the shading effect. When you write one element, it will have two different shades. Also, to get more interesting color options, inks from this series can be mixed with each other. Thanks to this, they are suitable not only for writing, but also for drawing or creating a sketch and sketching.

The product is a glass bottle containing 30 ml of ink. The cardboard box and label on the jar show the color and effect that the ink gives.

The average cost is 1000 rubles.

ink Pierre Cardin City Fantasy
  • Shadow effect;
  • 15 color options;
  • The ability to get unusual color solutions by mixing;
  • Suitable for drawing and writing;
  • Stylish packaging design.
  • High price;
  • Not available in all stores.

Cross 8945S

Cross is an American company that has established itself in the market as a reliable manufacturer of writing products and accessories for writing instruments. The company was founded back in 1846, at first they were engaged in the production of premium pens, and now they have a fairly rich range of products, among which there are not only writing instruments, but also notepads, belts, wallets and much more.

Cross 8945S represents the newest ink range for this brand. The product has not only a homogeneous structure without various precipitation, but also a silky texture. This makes the user even more enjoyable while writing. The lightfastness of this product should not be ignored either. Such ink will not change its brightness and saturation when exposed to sunlight.

It should be noted that the bottle is made of durable glass that does not chip and is resistant to mechanical stress. The lid is made of plastic with the lion's head logo applied. It fits snugly to the bottle, which will prevent the product from evaporating or spilling. Each bottle has a label where there is a color marking. This line is presented in five colors: black, blue, dark blue, red and green. The volume of one bottle is 62.5 ml.

The average cost is 1800 rubles.

Cross 8945S ink
  • Homogeneous consistency;
  • Bright shades;
  • Lightfastness;
  • Stylish bottle design.
  • High price.

Kaweco Ink Bottle

Kaweco is a German company that dates back to 1883. This company manufactures high quality writing utensils and accessories, thanks to which it has become famous all over the world.

This ink is produced in a glass bottle, the shape of which is the same as that of ink tanks from the Middle Ages. If we talk about color options, then “Kaweco” has about 10. Here you can find classic colors, as well as rather rare and unusual ones. For example, sky blue and caramel brown. This ink is made according to traditional recipes, and is also suitable for use with any fountain pen.

The glass bottle has a label that shows the color of the product. The volume of the Kaweco Ink Bottle is 30 ml.

The average cost is 1100 rubles.

Kaweco Ink Bottle
  • Bright shades;
  • Bottle design;
  • The color of the label matches the color of the ink;
  • Quality;
  • Suitable for all fountain pens.
  • Not.


The inks presented in the rating from brands with a worldwide reputation are distinguished by their hiding power, high pigmentation and quality. These manufacturers have established themselves in the market, so the products of these brands do not need advertising. But not all of them have an affordable cost, especially, this criterion will be reflected in beginners. Indeed, during the training period, more material will be required to achieve certain skills. Therefore, beginners can safely recommend products from the AliExpress platform. Here is a wide range of these products from various manufacturers. This ink has not only a variety of colors, but also an affordable cost. The average price here is about 300 rubles, which is 2-3 times cheaper. In addition, these products have positive customer reviews, which are supported by real photographs. This will make it much easier to choose. But the only drawback is the long delivery time. You will have to wait a month for your order, or maybe longer. But having adapted to this technique, it will be possible to move on to popular European brands.