1. The specifics of the structure of budo-mats
  2. Manufacturing material
  3. What are budo-mats, their classification
  4. Benefits of using budo mats
  5. Rating of quality budo mats for children
  6. Rating of quality budo mats for adults

Rating of the best budo mats for 2020

Rating of the best budo mats for 2020
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The demand for fitness classes, martial arts, and various types of hand-to-hand combat is growing every year. Both adults and young champions are beginning to embrace unusual physical activities in gyms. Therefore, it is so important that a specialized flooring is present in the room where the classes are held.

Budo mats are professional soft flooring designed to reduce the risk of injury and bruising during training and competition. In our article, we will consider its advantages and disadvantages, the modules of which company are better to buy and what to look for when choosing.

The specifics of the structure of budo-mats

The active development of kickboxing, judo, karate and other martial arts led to the fact that manufacturers have developed a modern novelty that meets the required safety standards.

Budo mats were first used to equip highly specialized martial arts gyms. Now they are very popular as a comfortable soft floor in fitness centers, for school gyms, and small items can be found in the play areas of shopping centers or in ordinary children's rooms.

The most common type of product is the "Dovetail". A separate module is a square of standard dimensions 100 * 100 cm, up to 50 mm thick, made of synthetic soft material. Along the perimeter, there are zigzag notches resembling a swallow's tail. With their help, the elements are connected like puzzles into a single carpet of any required size.

No glue or special tools are needed for assembly. Individual parts are laid on a relatively flat floor, tiles, wood, ground and fastened together. No special backing or base is required for budo mats.

After creating a single carpet, edges are set along its perimeter, which have an even cut on one side. These safety locks cover uneven grooves, give the product a finished look and provide a secure edge. Usually supplied complete with decking parts.

Budo mats are very mobile. They are easily disassembled, transported and assembled at a new location. Non-professionals and even children can handle simple installation. These features of EVA products allow them to be used for field training or competition camps.

Manufacturing material

In the technology of production of mats, in most cases, a synthetic material EVA (EVA) - ethylene vinyl acetate is used. It is often used by sports equipment manufacturers because it has many positive characteristics:

  • low weight - the product is distinguished by its lightness and relative plasticity;
  • waterproof - the material does not absorb moisture, which allows it to be used in rooms with high humidity;
  • environmental friendliness - non-toxic to the environment, which is confirmed by numerous studies, it can be used for schoolchildren and in kindergartens;
  • hypoallergenic - safe for human health, does not cause redness, rashes or irritation even of sensitive skin;
  • fire-resistant - a high indicator of resistance to fire allows it to be used for children's and public organizations;
  • high shock absorption - unlike foam flooring, EVA mats do not crumple and damp shocks well, which allows the athlete to maintain reliable support when moving and avoid injuries during throws and falls. The best manufacturers add rubber to improve the properties of the product, which leads to an increase in the cost of products. But such high quality budo mats are prized by professional athletes for their superior performance;
  • aesthetic appearance - an unusual carpet is assembled from multi-colored elements or the boundaries of the hall for classes are marked;
  • ease of maintenance - EVA material does not absorb water and is easy to clean with ordinary soapy water.

What are budo-mats, their classification

EVA coating differs in several parameters, it depends on how much a particular product costs. But the main selection criterion is thickness. The larger this value, the better the mats will amortize, but the cost is significantly higher. Let's figure out how to choose the right thickness, for which activities this or that type of coating is suitable, which flooring to buy in order to avoid mistakes when choosing, and when is it better to save money.

Thickness classification

  • 10-20 mm - provides good support underfoot, but the cushioning is the lowest. Suitable for gymnastics, fitness, zumba, for aerobics, where there are no falls and a stable position of the body in space is required.
  • 25 mm is a universal size, as it provides a fairly strong support and cushion impacts well. Recommended for combat sports with a small amount of falls, for weightlifting.
  • 30mm - for athletics, and can also be used for other activities, shock absorption is better, which greatly expands the area of ​​application.
  • 40 mm - the ability to absorb falls and shocks at an extremely high level, as well as the stability of the covering for the practitioner. Suitable for those sports where there is struggle, strong and frequent blows and falls.
  • 50 mm - maximum depreciation level. Rarely on sale, custom made for big competitions with hard falls and power moves.

Classification by texture type

This parameter is not meant for beauty. It determines the purpose of the product for a particular type of hand-to-hand combat or training. Embossing reduces sliding in a specific direction, so each specific pattern is suitable for a specific physical activity.

  • Horizontal rice straw - embossed in the form of tracks with narrow wavy stripes - "rice sprouts". Typically used for thicker coatings. In the longitudinal direction, the leg will move easily, in the transverse direction - with an average slip coefficient. This pattern is suitable for competitions in many types of wrestling with the maximum number of throws and falls.
  • Rice wicker - the surface is divided into squares 10 * 10 cm, filled with alternating vertically and horizontally "rice sprouts". A common texture suitable for acrobatics and gymnastics, Chinese practices - wushu and qigong. It has an optimal balance of the sliding coefficient and allows you to keep your balance well.
  • Rhombus-braid - the entire surface is marked with 10 * 10 cm squares, shaded with horizontal and vertical paths. Compression has a low slip ratio, does not block the rotation of the foot, and provides maximum support for the feet. Special markings were invented for taekwondo and can be applied to martial arts with multiple active throws.
  • Jute - diagonal zigzags that give a high level of resistance in any direction. Mats with this pattern are suitable for sports with the ultimate level of stability and without throwing.
  • KWON (KVON) - the image of a quatrefoil or cross restricts direct sliding in any direction, but increases it when the foot is turned. Mats with such a texture are recommended by the International Taekwondo Federation (WTF) for competitions of various levels, even the highest, and they are also suitable for dancing, kickboxing, and Thai boxing.

Benefits of using budo mats

  • The best models minimize the risk of injury and bruising during active sports.
  • High-quality products are completely harmless, which is confirmed by the appropriate quality certificates.
  • Lightweight, mobile and easy to install elements.
  • Double-sided use of the mat is possible.
  • Multi-colored details can be used to delimit several zones.
  • Sound insulation - well absorbs the sound of impacts or active movements, suitable for use on any floor of the building.
  • Thermal insulation - protects students from exposure to low temperatures.
  • Special side attachments make it possible to create a strong integral canvas of any size.
  • Easy to clean with soapy water.
  • High level of wear resistance - can withstand long-term operation.
  • Minimal deformation of the elements - withstand intense exercise and do not require frequent replacement.

Where to buy quality budo mats? Be careful when choosing, as unscrupulous sellers, using the confidence of buyers, sell cheap products under the guise of expensive ones. It is best to purchase expensive coverage in large specialized sports stores, or on proven Internet sites. This way you can always count on the return of defective goods. And our detailed review of popular models will help you make the right choice.

Rating of quality budo mats for children

Mat-puzzle EcoPolymers universal

The rectangular rug consists of 16 separate elements, each of which has a size of 25 * 25 cm and a thickness of 0.9 cm. After assembly, a coating of 100 * 100 cm is obtained. It is made of foamed polymer with a thermal insulation function.

Parts of two colors are included in the set, from which you can compose a geometric pattern. The soft rug is suitable for a child's room, especially for a toddler. It will save a small child from bruises in case of unexpected falls.

The coating has a non-slip and waterproof surface that is easy to maintain. The total weight is 0.9 kg, so the child can easily disassemble and assemble it. The average price is 560 rubles, you can order online. According to buyers, the product represents an excellent price-quality ratio.

Mat-puzzle EcoPolymers universal
  • small light parts;
  • quality material;
  • thermal insulation;
  • waterproof polymer;
  • low price.
  • small thickness;
  • raw edges.

Rug-puzzle EcoPolymers Animals (33MP1 / W)

The square floor covering has dimensions 99 * 99 cm. It consists of 9 multi-colored parts with a thickness of 0.9 cm. It is made of high-quality foam polymer, soft, resistant to stress. The non-slip surface does not absorb water and can be washed with a soapy solution.

The mat is intended for a child from 1 year old. It not only protects the baby from accidental injury, but also contributes to his mental development. Colored squares will help you learn the basic colors. The photo clearly shows that in each sector there is an insert in the form of an animal.It can be taken out and put together for the development of fine motor skills of fingers and for studying domestic animals.

For all parts of the coating, the manufacturer gives a service life of 1 year. Part and animal colors may vary. The cost is 600 rubles, purchased in the online store. According to customer reviews, the product is distinguished by bright colors and interesting design.

Rug-puzzle EcoPolymers Animals (33MP1 / W)
  • bright colours;
  • development of fine motor skills;
  • quality material;
  • low price.
  • inner liners fall out.

Puzzle mat La Hotesse Road (FM-RML-01)

The rectangular modular covering consists of 9 elements measuring 30 cm. The total area is 90 * 90 cm. The foamed polymer has good thermal insulation and creates the effect of a warm floor. Due to its waterproofness, the product is easy to clean with a sponge and soap solution.

The child can sit and lie on the rug. The non-slip surface protects the baby from falling, and the good shock-absorbing property - from injuries and bruises. High noise isolation prevents loud sounds from being dropped or bumped.

The popularity of the model is associated with the wide functionality of the product. The elements of the rug are folded and form a single play space with the whole city - highways, houses, transport. According to the description, such a product can become a decoration of a playroom and can captivate a child with many games. The kid develops imagination, play skills, fine motor skills. The cost of coverage is 1276 rubles.

Puzzle mat La Hotesse Road (FM-RML-01)
  • bright informative design;
  • high quality material;
  • injury safety;
  • easy care.
  • high price.

Rating of quality budo mats for adults

Budo-mat "Swallow's tail"

Taiwan flooring module is 1m * 1m, universal thickness is 25mm. It connects with other elements using dovetail hooks and forms a reliable cover, designed for repeated installation.

The product is made in red and blue, which allows you to assemble a carpet of the desired color. The set includes a pair of curb strips to protect the mounts from deformation. Mats with a density of 200-220 kg / m³ are used for karate, boxing and other striking sports halls. It is also suitable for yoga classes and children's rooms. The cost of one module is 2190 rubles.

Budo-mat "Swallow's tail"
  • high quality odorless material;
  • universal application;
  • two-color coloring.
  • not.

Budo-mats (dodyangi) - Tatami Dovetail, embossing Braid, EVA

The inexpensive cover is made from moisture resistant EVA, which is highly cushioned for perfect support underfoot. Modules with a thickness of 20 mm can be used for gyms for various sports: fitness, dance, martial arts, gymnastics.

The braided texture reduces slip in all directions except for pivoting the foot in place. The eco-friendly budo mat can be used in school gyms or in children's play areas. The cost of 1 m³ is 940 rubles.

Budo-mats (dodyangi) - Tatami Dovetail, embossing Braid, EVA
  • budget price;
  • universality of application;
  • environmentally friendly and safe.
  • not.

EcoPolymers for single combats, with Swallowtail hook

The popular Russian-made model has standard dimensions 100 * 100 cm. The thickness is 25 mm and is universal for fitness or martial arts halls.

The foamed polymer has a waterproof surface with an embossed "braid". It has a low coefficient of sliding in any direction, except for turning the leg around the axis, and gives a stable body position in motion.

The two-color mat can be used on either side. The set includes closing edges with a special hook to protect the locks. The cost of one element is 1190 rubles.

EcoPolymers for single combats, with Swallowtail hook
  • low cost;
  • universal size;
  • quality material.
  • not.

Recommendations for assembling and caring for budo mats

  1. During installation, make sure that the seams of the connection do not diverge and the coating does not slip on the base. The slightest gaps will compromise the integrity of the pavement and may cause injury to athletes.
  2. When transporting the mats, do not expose the mats to sudden changes in temperature or prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.
  3. Do not deform the parts of the carpet - it is better to transfer one part to 2-3 loaders.
  4. Do not use products containing chlorine to clean the surface, otherwise the color scheme will become faded.
  5. Once every 5-6 months, the coating should be completely dismantled and general cleaning, cleaning and drying of the base under the carpet and elements of budo-mats should be carried out.
  6. It is forbidden to store sharp and heavy objects on the surface of the carpet, as well as to move on it with shoes, otherwise you risk damaging the material.

By following these simple tips, you can keep budo mats from warping and breaking for a long time. Quality products, in turn, will help more than one generation of athletes to win fights without injuries and bruises.