Ranking of the best boxing bandages in 2020 and how to choose them

Ranking of the best boxing bandages in 2020 and how to choose them
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Boxing bandages are an effective means of protection that significantly reduces the risk of skin inflammation and injury to the athlete's hands. This is especially true for novice boxers. A rating of the best manufacturers of sports bandages and a review of brands will help in choosing high-quality and reliable protection for your hands.

Why is it imperative to wrap a brush under boxing gloves

Bandages for boxers are a guaranteed protection of the hand from sprains, fractures and other injuries that can be received during a fight or during training.

Competent and strong fixation of the wrist and palm does not allow the joints to move to the side, protects the tendons, thereby preventing any injury and prevents the formation of abrasions on the upper layer of the skin.

Some types of injuries can be fatal for a boxer and put an end to his career. The most vulnerable place among athletes engaged in martial arts is the metacarpophalangeal joints clenched into a fist. Such position of the hand without additional means of protection is very sensitive, so it is quite easy to get tendon sprains and bruises, fracture and rupture of the capsule of the "boxer's knuckle" joint.

Professional boxers do not advise young athletes to neglect their protection. Due to long-term training to work out impacts in the joints, inflammatory processes are formed, which can lead to serious metacarpophalangeal diseases. Abrasions and abrasions on the skin also become inflamed, giving the boxer severe pain.

Concentration of all fingers in one line helps not only to protect the hand from injury, but also increases the power of the blow. The bandage absorbs excess moisture and prevents it from penetrating the inside of the glove, which keeps the inside of the glove clean and extends its operational life.

Boxing Bandage Options

Fabric bands for wrapping hands are divided into two types: amateur and professional. In 2020 sporting goods stores, there are three types of bandages from the best manufacturers of accessories to protect fighters.

Mexican Elastic Bandages

Produced by combining cotton and synthetic threads. Depending on the technology used by different manufacturers, the percentage of cotton and elastic may vary.

  • They stretch well, perfectly follow the contour of the hand and firmly fix the palm and wrist. One edge of the bandage is equipped with a ring that tightly presses the thumb to the index finger, and on the other edge there is a fastener for the bandage
  • Low breathability and short shape retention.

Professional boxers who are fluent in the wrapping technique prefer elastic bandages.

Cotton bandage

These are dense strips of cotton fabric without synthetic impurities. There is a thumb ring. The bandage is fixed with Velcro or a hook.

  • Perfectly breathable and absorbing moisture;
  • The fabric material does not stretch, so it is almost impossible to get a circulatory disorder with proper winding on the palm;
  • Effectively protect the boxer's hands while working in the ring or training;
  • Suitable model for long-term use under gloves.
  • Without experience in wrapping a bandage, there is a danger of constriction of blood vessels and nerve endings of the fingers.

Gel Sports Bandages

A variation of a protective device that is used by both novice and experienced boxers for training. It is difficult to call it a "bandage". In fact, it is a lightweight version of the boxing glove. Fingerless, with extra gel pads on the boxer's knuckles and wrist strap. They dress under the main gloves, but you can use them without them: in the process of working with pears, bags and when practicing blows on mannequins.

  • Gel wraps are a time saver for wrapping. They sit securely in your arms. It doesn't take much skill to quickly equip for training.
  • Convenient use of this attribute of protection is conditioned by an additional bandage for more reliable fixation of the wrist.
  • The rubber gel helps to reduce vibration moments upon impact.
  • Gel pads, rather quickly lose their protective qualities, do not absorb sweat;
  • Usually acquired by novice boxers who do not have the skills to wrap their hands with traditional bandages.

Rating of quality models of bandages for boxing

The 2020 review of popular types of boxing bandages is presented by the best brands, both foreign and Russian manufacturers of sports equipment.

When compiling the rating, the opinions of buyers and reviews of athletes of various types of martial arts were taken into account.

INDIGO brand

Elastic bandages

The composition of the fabric is pure cotton with a slight addition of nylon threads. Personal protective equipment against possible damage to the skin and wrists in the ring during a fight or working with simulators.

Standard width 5 cm
Length2 m
average price250 RUR
Manufacturer country Pakistan

Elastic bandages INDIGO

Ray sport brand

Elastic bandages

Elastic sports bandage is designed to restore the working functions of the tendons and prevent injury to the wrists and metacarpophalangeal joints of the hands. Includes a thumb grip and Velcro strap attachment. A budget variant of the popular model for optimal wrist rest.

Materialcotton, polyester.
Colorswhite, black, dark blue, red.
Width5 cm.
Lengthfrom 1.5 to 4.5 m
Equipment2 pcs.
Pricefrom 155 rub
weight70 gr.
Manufacturer countryRussia
Ray sport elastic bandages

Clinch brand

Elastic bandages

Popular models of bandages from one of the best manufacturers - reliable and inexpensive protection of the skin of the hands and all joints of the hand and wrist. Helps reduce the risk of injury. They stretch slightly to provide a firm hold on the wrist.They have a loop at one end of the tape and a hook or Velcro at the other end.

Materialcotton fabric with the addition of elastic fiber
Standard width 5 cm.
Length2.5 m.
Primary colorsblack, blue, red
price290 p.
Manufacturer countryChina
Clinch Elastic Bandage

Bad Boy brand

Elastic bandages

An exemplary bandage for the preservation of hand joints from dislocations. In order to increase the elasticity and quality of the material, the developers added a little lycra to the natural fabric.

Materialcotton, lycra
Standard width 5-5.5 cm.
Length2.1-4.5 m.
average pricefrom 990 - 1190 rub.
Manufacturer countryPakistan
Elastic Bandage Bad Boy

Venum Kontact brand

Gel bandages

High-quality gel bandages are an optimal simple and effective way to protect a boxer's hands. Gel Shock System technology reduces vibration from shocks, while the harness system provides an excellent fit and a rigid wrist rest.

This model cannot be used when working with a bag.

Material composition:polychloroprene - 70%, polyester fibers - 15%, gel rubber - 10%, imitation leather - 5%
Technology:Gel Shock System
Length of tape for additional fastening2.2 m.
Colour: black, hakki.
Average price: 1950 p.
Manufacturer: Venum (China)

Venum Kontact Gel Wraps

Elastic bandages

Venum's boxing wrist and wrist protection is made of natural fabric with the addition of nylon threads, which does not impede the access of air to the skin of the hands. Absorbs sweat well. The fastening is secured by the Velcro fastener. On the outside of the glove, the Venum logo is displayed.

Materialcotton, nylon.
Colorsprotective, black, pink, red.
Width5 cm.
Lengthfrom 2.5 - 4 m.
Price657 p.
Manufacturer countryBrazil

Venum Kontact Elastic Bandage

Rusco Brands

Cotton bandage

Comfortable tissue bandage for rigid fixation of the metacarpophalangeal joints. Does not stretch, has a dense fabric structure. Hook and Velcro closure. Excellent value for money and quality.

Stretchingdoes not stretch
ColorsRed Yellow
Width5 cm.
Lengthall sizes from 2.5 - 4 m.
Price205 p.
Packaging2 pcs.
Manufacturer countryRussia

Cotton bandage Rusco

Gel bandages

Official bandages from the MMA Union of Russia, increased strength, a great alternative to the traditional elastic bandage. These are cotton fingerless boxing gloves with gel pads in the metacarpophalangeal joints.

ColorsRed Blue
Bandage length1.6 m.
average price1490 RUR
Manufacturer:Rusco (Russia)

Rusco gel bandages

Green Hill brand

The main supplier of popular models of boxing bandages to Russia in 2020 offers products of three types:

Cotton bandage

The dense fabric does not stretch, but with a well-made winding it firmly holds the skeleton of the hand in the anatomically correct position and does not hinder hand movements. It absorbs moisture well and allows air to pass through.

Material100% natural cotton.
Stretchingdoes not stretch
Primary colorsyellow, red, black, blue.
Width5 cm.
Length2.5 m.
Pricefrom 410 p.
Manufacturer countryPakistan

Cotton Bandage Green Hill

Elastic bandages

Composition: cotton and synthetic fibers. The bandage is equipped with a thumb ring, and after being wrapped around a wrist, it is fastened with a hook or Velcro. The purpose of the bandage is individual protection of the boxer's hands from possible damage to the hand and skin of the hands. Longer glove life.

Material100% elastic
Primary colorsred, blue, black
Width5 cm.
Length2.5 m., 3.5, 4.5 m.
Price690 p.
Packaging:plastic bag 2 pcs.
Manufacturer countryPakistan

Everlast brand

Holds the palm in terms of demand for products of boxing equipment and protection attributes.

Cotton bandage

The quality of the material guarantees a firm hold of the hand. Convenient ring and Velcro closure securely hold your thumb and secure the bandage.

Material100% cotton.
Stretchingdoes not stretch
Primary colorsblack, white, camouflage, red.
Width5 cm.
Lengthfrom 2.75 m.
CareMachine washable
Amount in a package:1 PC.
Weight40 gr.
Manufacturer countryUSA

Everlast Cotton Bandage

Adidas brand

Elastic bandages

Helps reduce the risk of injury to the athlete's hands. The Adidas Flawless Stretch Bandage features high quality cotton and elastane fabric with a thumb ring and a comfortable Velcro closure.

Fabric structurecotton, elastane
Primary colorsred, blue, black
Width5 cm.
Length2.55 ,, 3.5, 4.5 m.
Pricefrom 490 p.
Manufacturer countryGermany

Elastic Bandage by Adidas

Gel bandages

Thanks to the innovative Climcool technology, which is used in the production of Adidas gel bandages, the boxer's hands remain dry during the entire fight or training period.

The mesh inserts act as an air conditioner by constantly circulating air inside the glove. Rubber pads filled with gel with a thickness of up to 10 mm ensure complete safety for the phalanges of the fingers, and a good fit and an additional bandage are securely fixed with a Velcro fastener.

Additional tape:1m.
Price1290 p.
Weight300 g
DimensionsS / M, L / XL
Manufacturer country:China

Adidas Gel Wraps

How to choose the right bandage for boxing

The first thing that beginners begin with boxing is the understanding that this sport does not tolerate neglect of any trifles. This applies equally to the training process itself and to the equipment of the fighter.
An important attribute of boxing equipment is the item hidden under the gloves - a bandage.

Parameters for optimal selection of bandages

The main criteria to consider when choosing the right model:

  • method of winding a bandage on a brush;
  • the size and anatomical features of the palm;
  • the size and volume of the free inner space of the gloves;
  • saturation of the expected loads.

A competent choice of a protective accessory is a guarantee of safety and fruitfulness of training.

To size

The types of bandages differ only in color, fabric composition and length. Band width 5 cm, standard for all types.

If the length of the purchased bandage is not enough for a specific type of winding, you should buy products with a large size. And in case you get extra length, you just need to make additional turns on the wrist.

How long should the bandage be

The choice of the length of the bandage depends only on the way it is wound around the hand. If for the classic version, 2-3 m is enough, then the cross-type winding needs a longer bandage: 4-5 m. The more turns of the fabric strip you need to make, the better the fixation of the wrists. It all depends on the technique of bandaging the joints of the hand. Long stripes mean more turns, and therefore an increase in the fist.

Boxing bandage wrapping techniques

There are three ways of winding. In order to quickly acquire the skills of correct winding, you need to choose one of the methods. Both the selection of the bandage and the choice of technique are an individual decision of each boxer. Therefore, it is recommended to first try all versions of the winding in order to choose the most convenient for you.

  • "Straight"

An uncomplicated wrapping method for beginner boxers. The main thing is the exact sequence of actions: from the wrist, the strip is applied to the plane of the palm to the knuckles, then in the opposite direction, wraps around the wrist and is fixed with a clasp. The usual length of a bandage of this method is 2 - 3 meters.

  • "Cruciform"

A more complex method of fixing the hand and wrist, providing reliable protection for the ligaments and increasing the power of the blow. The wrapping technique in this case provides for cross-winding of the bandage on the phalanges of the fingers.The main thing is that it is impossible that folds appear and the edges of the bandage twist. For such a fixation of the hand, at least 4.5 meters of bandage is required, depending on the size of the hand.

  • "American"

Full palm wrapping with interdigital gripping. The fingers themselves remain free of the bandage. This method also requires a bandage with the maximum length.

Regardless of the technology chosen, you should adhere to three unspoken rules:

  1. The bandage tension should have a “golden mean” - not too tight or too weak;
  2. Only self-made hand winding will allow you to correctly determine the degree of bandage pressure;
  3. Constant use of the bandage both in the process of fighting with a partner and during training on simulators.

It takes time to master the technique of winding to the automatism of actions. Beginners, comprehending the skills of boxing, often interrupt the workout to weaken the winding or in order to strengthen it.

Basic bandaging mistakes

  • folds - they will not bring significant injuries, but damage to the skin in the form of blood abrasions is guaranteed, which is very painful and can cause inflammation of the skin of the hands;
  • excessive tightening of the fingers causes pinching of the nerve endings, thereby forming numbness in the hands;
  • insufficiently tight fixation of the hand and wrist threatens the boxer with the bandage slipping at the most inopportune time.

There are no specific recommendations for the strength of the bandage or the number of revolutions to be done around the wrist and hand. This is purely individual, the beginner will immediately feel his limit as soon as he begins to perform the first tasks of the coach.

If the wrapping is done correctly, then it will not cause discomfort when moving with a hand. The bandage should not tighten the relaxed hand, but the clenched fist, on the contrary, should be properly tightened.

How to care for a boxing bandage

For long-term use of the bandage in order to reliably protect the hands, you should perform a simple but constant operation that will help to maintain the shape and function of the protective agent - drying and tightly twisting (even without folds) a strip of fabric into a roll.

Even if the manufacturer indicates that the product can be washed, you should not do it. The chemicals in the powder have a negative effect on the structure of the material. It can be expressed both in the loss of shape and in the elasticity of the fabric.

There are no trifles, every detail of equipment requires perfection of actions to automatism. Only in this case, the process of working with simulators and in the ring with a fighter will give the expected result.