1. History of appearance
  2. The best domestic truck cranes for 2020

Rating of the best mobile cranes made in Russia for 2020

Rating of the best mobile cranes made in Russia for 2020

It is difficult to imagine a modern construction site without technical assistance. One of the main assistants on the site is a truck crane. In the construction equipment market, this category is one of the most popular. The invention became widespread a little later than the standard car and since then has been used on the vast majority of construction sites for loading and related work.

The combination of crane mechanisms and a conventional machine makes the invention mobile. In such a situation, the tool can be easily transported even to the most inaccessible places, for example, in the countryside. In addition, the truck crane copes well with the assigned tasks in urban environments.

History of appearance

The prototype of modern truck cranes is steam-powered tractors that served military purposes, such as helping with mobile construction or loading and unloading tools. Similar devices were used for civilian purposes, in the field of agriculture. Just as in modern times, steam machines helped with loading and unloading.

The first domestic crane (Atp-1) appeared at the beginning of the 30s of the last century and had sufficient power to lift a load of 1.5 thousand kg to a height of over 2 meters. Over time, these characteristics became insufficient and in the next decade the model was abandoned. The new Soviet-made development (Ak-3) surpassed the previous one by an order of magnitude and showed results corresponding to a carrying capacity of more than 4 tons with a maximum height of 4-5 m. Then the war began and the production of construction equipment was curtailed indefinitely. In the early 50s, the country rebuilt new factories and production resumed, and over time, the lack of construction equipment was reduced to a minimum. In the 60s of the last century, Soviet engineers invented an innovative model, the crane worked independently from the vehicle system. By the 70s, the approach to the design of such devices changed again, now the cranes are designed with a hydraulic drive. At the same time, the design of load-bearing trucks was also updated. The main changes in the new technology were considered the upgraded chassis with reinforcement and advanced, at that time, car engines, which together made the design the most competitive.

The main specification of modern domestic production of truck cranes is chassis standards for different lifting capacities. If we take models of a small segment, that is, 16-150 tons, then the chassis standards correspond to Russian ones. Models of high carrying capacity, that is, over 70 tons, use foreign-made chassis.A similar situation has arisen due to the lack of ability at Russian factories to manufacture structures designed for high carrying capacity.

The best domestic truck cranes for 2020

Galichanin truck crane (lifting capacity over 70 t)

The truck is equipped with a reinforced suspension using technologies such as hydraulic and pneumatic. There is an option to adjust the position of the structure relative to the level. Regarding the lubrication systematics, the developer has ensured complete centralization. The car engine is equipped with 6 cylinders, produced by the Mercedes Benz plant. Engine power is equal to 540 hp (1800 rpm). The gearbox is mechanically arranged, and the fuel tank is designed for 500 liters. The number of seats in the cab is equal to 2, while the salon is equipped with an air conditioning system. The seats are mounted on a pneumatic suspension, the driver's seat is equipped with a heating system. There is an opportunity to give a signal when reversing. The standard equipment includes headlights with a fog function.

The boom of the model is designed for 5 sections. The crane engine produced by the Mercedes Benz plant carries 175 hp. The fuel tank is designed for 320 liters, there is an automatic reset function. Mirrors are installed to simplify the operations with the winches. In order to avoid typical problems when working with overweight, an appropriate protection system is integrated into the design.

  • Powerful engine;
  • Equipped cab;
  • Crane protection system.
  • The volume of the tank is not enough for everyone.


“I am the director of a construction company, so I need to purchase the appropriate equipment for the job. As for the cranes, of course, the choice fell on a domestic manufacturer, because imported models are much more expensive. Truck cranes designed for loads of 100 tons from the Galichanin company show good results in terms of stability of operation and availability of maintenance. In addition, maintenance during the warranty period is free of charge, and the plant will cover these costs. I am already purchasing the 5th copy for the company and I can give a firm recommendation! ”

Truck crane from the firm "Klintsy" model Ks-65719-3K

The model is designed for lifting loads up to 40 tons, based on the chassis from KamAZ. The device shows excellent results both in urban conditions and in the countryside.

The design of the crane is driven by a hydraulic pump. The crane uses the truck engine to operate and does not require a separate power supply. The hydraulic drive allows the operator to work as smoothly as possible and combine several actions at the same time.

The boom is designed for 4 compartments and is 11.2 m long when folded and 34 m extended. The folded boom guarantees high maneuverability when the truck is moving, and the full-size boom will give the operator sufficient height indicators for comfortable transport of goods.

In addition to the basic boom configuration, it is permissible to install a superstructure to increase the working area. In addition, there is the option of integrating a counterweight system, which increases the level of lifting capacity.

To work in confined spaces, the developer has provided a system that allows operations to be performed on partially extended supports. The boom itself is made of steel of foreign marking and quality standards. The mechanics of working with loads meets the modern world requirements for equipment of this category.

The security system is monitored using an on-board computer. The display shows structural load indicators and recommendations. For greater safety, the developer has provided the mechanics of automatic interlocks.

  • High quality steel boom;
  • The ability to install additional elements to increase productivity;
  • On-board computer with security system.
  • Not found.


“I buy truck cranes for further leasing.My company specializes in light duty vehicles, so I turned my attention to this model. During the operation, there were no complaints, although there were minor breakdowns. In service, a truck crane from the Klintsy firm costs an affordable price. I recommend it to anyone looking for a low payload vehicle! ”

Truck crane from the firm "Klintsy" model KS-55713-1K-1

The light-duty 25-tonne model is based on a chassis standard compatible with Kamaz. One of the most popular models among fans of this company. The developer has provided the truck crane with a set of unique functions.

The crane operates on a hydraulic pump and is powered by the basic engine of the truck, which is equipped with a separate unit for adjusting power indicators. The crane mechanics are based on a separate drive. The hydraulic device is made up of high quality foreign parts, which provides flexible operation.

The boom is designed for 3 sections with a maximum length of 21 m. With a minimum length of 9 m. This layout provides convenience in travel mode and wide functionality when working with loads. The design allows the boom to be extended while holding the load. Such a function opens up additional possibilities for working in places with difficult access.

It is allowed to install body kits on the boom to increase the productivity of operations. The base of the crane allows you to move loads with a full turn of the structure.

The model is made of lightweight steel alloys. Imported parts guarantee a long service life without breakage. The developer has integrated an on-board computer with a protection system against a number of factors, such as overload and work near power lines. A system that works on the basis of calculating data by coordinates protects from falling.

The salon is 2-seater, equipped in accordance with the standards. The operating levers are positioned so that the operator does not experience discomfort when driving. The manufacturer gives a 1.5 year warranty from the date of purchase of the model. The declared period of the guaranteed service of the model is 10 years.

  • Full rotation of the installation during operation;
  • Comfortable ride with the boom folded;
  • Advanced protection system;
  • Comfortable salon;
  • Made from imported parts.
  • Not the cheapest model in the light-duty segment.


“Great machine for small construction sites. Our company is engaged in construction in the private sector, therefore there is no need for high-capacity truck cranes, a 25-ton model is enough.Klintsy have already proven themselves in our company on a good side, so I decided to buy 2 more models from this manufacturer when the company expanded. The cranes work perfectly, there have been no breakdowns over several years of use, only minor ones and not under warranty cases (by accident). I can recommend this model to anyone looking for a quality low-capacity truck crane! ”

Truck crane "Galichanin" KS-55713-4V model

The model is notable for the wheel arrangement, which provides the vehicle with high cross-country ability even in the most difficult conditions. Also, the boom device contributes to the convenience when moving.

The boom is designed for 4 sections, which are hydraulically driven. The developer purchased overseas parts to ensure the model is as stable and smooth as possible.

The characteristics of the model show the best results in comparison with the previous copies of this segment. The altitude and lifting capacity indicators have been improved, the structure control has become noticeably smoother. An integrated safety system will provide overload control and overvoltage protection (if work is done near places with high electrical voltages).

In addition, the boom arrangement allows the integration of body kits to achieve better altitude results. The carrying capacity of the model is 25 tons. The salon is equipped in accordance with modern requirements for comfort.The control levers are designed for comfortable handling.

  • High cross-country ability even in hard-to-reach areas;
  • Advanced protection system;
  • Comfortable salon.
  • Not found.


“I am purchasing similar equipment for a task on lease. The model from the firm "Galichanin" of low carrying capacity is in great demand among organizations specializing in the construction of private houses. During the ownership of this truck crane, there were no serious complaints. The manufacturer guarantees free maintenance in case of breakdowns provided for by the warranty agreement. I can recommend this model to anyone looking for reliable equipment for working with loads! ”

Truck crane from the firm "Galichanin" model KS-55729-5V

This model is in high demand from buyers interested in light duty truck cranes. The copy is designed for 32 tons.

The boom is designed for 4 compartments, there is the possibility of full layout at the time of holding the load. Counterweights and crane base provide additional stability in operation. With a maximum layout, the boom reaches 30 m, and when assembled, 9 m. This layout provides a comfortable movement of the car.

The off-road performance is impressive, because the truck is equipped with 8 wheels, which makes it possible to move even in difficult terrain. The ability to monitor the tire pressure is built-in, which is necessary when driving on different types of roads. The engine runs on diesel, the power indicators are impressive.

The manufacturer gives a standard set of guarantees for servicing this model. The buyer can count on free maintenance in the event of warranty breakdowns.

  • Powerful diesel engine;
  • Smooth crane operation;
  • The ability to adjust the air pressure in the wheels.
  • Not found.


“I work as a crane operator in a construction organization. The company bought several models from the Galichanin company, so in the first weeks of work it was necessary to get used to the new crane. When I got used to the device of this model, the work became much easier, since the developer provided this truck crane with imported components, which allows operations to be performed as smoothly as possible. In addition, the crane cab is equipped with comfortable seats and a comfortable arrangement of control levers. Impressions from the KS-55729-5V model are only positive! ”

Truck crane from the firm "Galichanin" model KC-55713-6

The model is designed for 25 t. With a maximum boom length of 28 m. Suitable for work on construction sites and other enterprises, implying work with a load.

The boom is designed for 4 compartments, there is a possibility of increasing the length using body kits. For smooth operation of the crane, the developer has integrated a system based on hydraulics, which is powered by the main engine.

The truck's cross-country ability meets the standards for such equipment. The engine runs on diesel and shows stable performance. Maintenance of the engine will not require impressive costs, the truck crane is able to work even in the most difficult-to-reach places.

The protection system built into the on-board computer is designed in accordance with the requirements for such technologies. The truck crane is protected from overloads and high voltage (if the work is carried out near the corresponding places.

  • High cross-country ability;
  • Powerful engine;
  • Unpretentious maintenance.
  • Not found.


“I am the director of a firm specializing in the construction of small residential buildings. Model KC-55713-6 from Galichanin company demonstrates good results in such aspects as stability, cross-country ability and maneuverability. I recommend to everyone who is interested in buying a light-duty truck crane! ”

Truck crane IVANOVETS KS-45717-2R

It is no exaggeration to say that the Ivanovo plant "Avtokran" is one of the most famous Russian crane manufacturers. The first self-propelled crane moved outside the workshop in 1954, the pioneer carrying capacity was only 5 tons.

Today, equipment of various carrying capacities is produced, starting from 16 tons.

The model under consideration is a 25-ton truck based on the URAL-4320 NEXT chassis of environmental class 5.

By the way, all the manufacturer's truck cranes are installed on the chassis of domestic trucks. The maximum speed that these cranes can demonstrate is 90 km / h.

The model under consideration is equipped with a hydraulic crane mechanism, has the ability to combine working operations.

The boom is three-section, the maximum lifting height is 31.2 and 40.3 meters with the main boom and with a jib, respectively.

The installed engine - YaMZ-53623-10 has a power of 273 hp.

Overall dimensions: 11970 x 2550 x 3800 m (L x W x H). Gross weight - 22.25 tons.

  • perfectly manifests itself in the production of construction and installation works;
  • when loading and unloading, the carrying capacity indicators correspond to those stated.
  • not identified.

Domestic-made truck cranes offer the buyer a wide selection of affordable (relatively foreign copies) models. Buying such equipment from a Russian manufacturer, the buyer can count on affordable maintenance and stability in operation.