Rating of the best anal tunnels for 2020

Rating of the best anal tunnels for 2020

Attention! The article is intended exclusively for persons over 18 years old!

One of the varieties of anal stimulants is presented to your attention - a tunnel. This is a multifunctional device for adult men and women, which, in comparison with other types of sex toys for anal sex, delivers maximum pleasure to a partner without pain, with gentle penetration. The product can have any shape, hole diameter and material from which it is made, which affects its cost.

It is not easy to choose the right model from the huge assortment, especially if you are new to this field of sex games. The editors have selected the best anal tunnels for 2020, which, according to buyers, correspond to the price and quality.

General idea of ​​the product - selection criteria

Anus tunnel is a kind of butt plug with a through hole from tip to base. The penetration side has a chopped off tip, the other side has a stopper that acts as a holder for easy removal of the device.

Application - what is a sex toy for

A tunnel is purchased for various experiments of a sexual nature, its main task is to stimulate tender areas inside the anus, gently stretch narrow openings, prepare for penetration and provide an opportunity to look inside the anus.

Suitable unit for health (bowel cleansing). You can inject liquid into the body several times to achieve perfect sterilization. Through the hole, slags will go out much faster, in comparison, if this was done with an enema or an anal shower.

Thanks to the device, you can inject lubricant to protect the walls from intense frictions or something else.

Note! The device must be injected with lubricants to avoid cracking.

The large diameter unit allows the insertion of a male phallus or vibrator. At this moment, the passive partner will feel stretching and filling, and the active partner will feel an enhanced sensation of tight entry.

Recommendations! It is advisable to use a flashlight to carefully view the inside of the anus.

Product classification - what are the tunnels

The sex toy is divided into main types: with open and closed holes. Which unit is better to buy - each buyer decides for himself based on the needs and budget.

Note! Popular models are the first option, as they are primitive in structure, easy to clean and inexpensive.

The device can look like a smooth tunnel plug or with a wave-like relief (like anal herringbone), there are ergonomically shaped devices that simultaneously perform the function dilator.

Since the anal stimulator of this series performs several functions at the same time, the material from which it is made should have maximum elasticity and "tenderness". Basically, products are made of polyvinyl chloride, silicone or thermoplastic rubber.

By design, the units are divided into those that are suitable only for sex in pairs and those that are used simultaneously solo (masturbation) and with a partner - universal.

Each company tries to distinguish its brand line from competitors. This is manifested in the design solution, the composition of the material, shape, functionality of the sex toy, and even color. Therefore, which company is better than the tunnel is up to users to decide.

Basic rules on how to use the product

The principle of operation of the device is similar to any other device for the anus. This concerns preparation for sex and the introduction of the tunnel. It must be used in conjunction with water-based lubricants.

Tips for use: 1. To enter the tunnel, you must first insert a small anal plug or stimulate the anal with your finger. 2. Since the device is equipped with a limiter that does not allow the whole structure to sink deeply and cannot get stuck inside, it can be used for wearing.

On a note! 1. The small diameter of the product is very difficult to find, basically, all the numerical parameters are from 3 centimeters. In this regard, it is recommended to use it for lovers of anal pleasure, and not for beginners. 2. For wearing, depending on the material, an object can be in the body for 2-6 hours, but you need to understand that an open hole can cause embarrassing situations (release of an unpleasant odor, loss of feces).

Photo - "Nude girl"

To prevent bacteria from multiplying on the surface, the unit must be washed immediately after intercourse. For this, a special cleaner is purchased, which eliminates all biological secretions and prevents the development of microorganisms.

And remember that toys of this kind are for individual use, so it is not recommended to transfer them to other persons. If we are talking about married couples, then you can thoroughly disinfect the tunnel before introducing it to the second partner.

How to choose a product - what to look for

In order to avoid mistakes when choosing, it is important to accurately compare the physical abilities of the consumer with the size of the toy, for this you should pay attention to such features as:

  • diameter of the structure;
  • its length;
  • the specifics of the working area (smooth, ribbed);
  • product material;
  • tunnel type;
  • appointment;
  • how much is.

For beginners, simple products made of soft, delicate material with a minimum hole diameter are suitable. For experienced users - what is enough imagination.

Where to buy an anal tunnel - points of sale

Ordering online or purchasing from a sex shop is a question that torments many buyers. It is worth noting that any purchase of adult products is confidential.

The online store has a large assortment, but it takes time for delivery. Everything is much faster in official stores, but prices are too high, and the choice is not always pleasing.

Undoubtedly, most purchases are made via the Internet, since in many regions (villages, small towns) such outlets are simply not provided.

When shopping online, always pay attention to customer reviews. Happy acquisitions, gentlemen!

Rating of high-quality anal tunnels for 2020 in the form of a traffic jam

This category includes various forms of devices of domestic and foreign production. The cost of the product ranges from 1,400 to 4,000 rubles (depending on its functionality). Top manufacturers:

  • "Erasexa";
  • "Pipedream";
  • Orion.

Plug-tunnel "Large Tunnel" - Erasexa company

Design features: stable base, small hole, seamless product.

Description of appearance: a cone-shaped bushing of large diameter with a smooth surface (no seams) and a through hole, intended for experienced lovers of anal sex. Ideal for fisting. The restrictor resembles a fan blade made of three small rectangular elements. The base is flat, allows you to operate the toy without hands, if necessary.

Large Tunnel - Erasexa, view from all sides

Main characteristics:

A type:open
Parameters (centimeters):10.5 - length, 7 - diameter
Manufacturer country:Russia
By price:2000 rubles
  • pleasant material to the touch;
  • inexpensive;
  • design;
  • convenient holder.
  • not for beginners.

Tunnel plug "Anal Fantasy Collection Open Wide Tunnel Plug" - Pipedream

The barrel-shaped tip has pronounced rings on both sides. The diameter of the circle is small in front, slightly larger at the end. The hollow design is compatible with water-based lubricants. It has a limiter in the form of a semi-oval sphere in the middle, which has a through hole. The tip is classic.

The delivery set includes the device itself, two lubricants, a toy cleaner and gloves.

The model is suitable for women and men of various levels of training in anal sex. Can be operated in shower, bath, living room for sex or wearing.

Anal Fantasy Collection Open Wide Tunnel Plug - Pipedream Angled View

Main characteristics:

A type:open
Dimensions (centimeters):3.7 - diameter, 6.1 - working area, 7.2 - total length
Vendor code:55891
Colour:the black
The design is made:made of silicone
Weight:51 g
Manufacturer country:China
How much is:1400 rubles
  • waterproof;
  • small size;
  • inexpensive;
  • equipment.
  • not identified.

Lust Tunnel Plug - Orion

Design features: vibration and plugs in combination, wired control panel.

Description: a through hole cork, seamless, with a velvety surface and an elongated body that gradually expands from the tip. The limiter is a flat circle. The set includes a vibration bullet that closes the hole in the plug on the side of the holder and serves as an addition to sexual games (prevents pre-filled fluids from flowing out of the anal; enhances stimulation using various vibration modes). The wired remote control provides convenience during operation.

Suitable for all types of anal play. Compatible with water-based lubricants.

Lust Tunnel Plug - Orion company, complete set

Main characteristics:

A type:with plug
Dimensions (centimeters):3.5 - outer diameter, 10 - length, 2.5 - hole circumference
Power supply::AAA batteries, 2 pcs.
Colour:the black
Material:silicone, ABS
Number of working modes:7 pcs.
Packaging:cardboard box
Manufacturer country:Germany
Average price:3000 rubles
  • functional;
  • reliable fixation;
  • value for money;
  • suits everyone;
  • small diameter (painless penetration);
  • material, pleasant to the touch.
  • batteries are sold separately (not included).

Tunnel Plug "Anal Fantasy Elite Mega Anal Gaper" - Pipedream Company

Design features: large size, transparent color, non-standard material.

What it is used for: anal sex, medical fetish, anal play with fluid filling or probing.

Description: A toy made of high quality material for connoisseurs of powerful anal play.In shape, the structure resembles a light bulb with a narrowed end (working area). The base is wide, oval, prevents full immersion inside the hole.

Anal Fantasy Elite Mega Anal Gaper - Pipedream Packaged

Main characteristics:

A type:open
Dimensions (centimeters):3.6 - hole diameter, 12.7 - length,
Vendor code:4790-20 PD
Material:tempered borosilicate glass
Cork capacity:29.5 ml
Manufacturer country:PRC
Cost:3950 rubles
  • unisex;
  • classic design;
  • high quality;
  • easy to clean;
  • widespread use.
  • expensive;
  • for advanced users only.

Herringbone rating of popular anal tunnels for 2020

This category, in comparison with plugs (discussed above), is suitable for everyone, both beginners and experienced users of anal sex. All structures are watertight, open format, but with a different number of links and their location, which affects the total cost of the product. The size and diameter of products is also individual. The popularity of the models of this series among consumers was won by the products of foreign companies:

  • "ORION";
  • Shots Media BV;
  • Doc Johnson.

Tree-tunnel "Tunnel Plug Black Velvets" - "ORION" company

One-piece plug with two links, gradually increasing in size. There is a small gap between the projections. The limiter is a strip curved at both ends. The device resembles a corkscrew, inside of which there is a through hole.

The depth of entry can be controlled. The product is used for douching with water, inserting other devices (finger, dildo, vibrator, anal shower, lubricant) to prepare for anal sex / sex.

Tunnel Plug Black Velvets - ORION company with and without packaging

Main characteristics:

A type:open
Parameters (centimeters):11.2 - height, diameter: 2.1-3.3 - holes, 5.1 - total
Vendor code:532410
Colour:the black
Number of links:2 pcs.
To whom:for adults
Manufacturer country:Germany
Approximate cost:1200 rubles
  • elastic;
  • increased stimulation;
  • inexpensive;
  • waterproof;
  • for all;
  • reliable fixation.
  • not identified.

Tree-tunnel "No. 50 Medium Hollow Tunnel Butt Plug" - Shots Media BV

The unit with three consecutive rings of different diameters (ascending) is equipped with a hole. After inserting a sex toy, you can add objects or liquids to the hole (at your discretion). It is suitable for beginners and experienced ones. A round base acts as a lock.

"No. 50 Medium Hollow Tunnel Butt Plug" - Shots Media BV company with and without packaging

Main characteristics:

A type:open
Size (centimeters):10.2 - total length, 8.6 - working area; 4.2 / 5.1 / 5.7 - outer diameter, 2.3 - girth of the inner hole
Vendor code:SON050BLK
Possible colors:colorless or black
Completed product:thermoplastic elastomer
Number of links:3 pcs.
Manufacturer country:Netherlands
How much is:2000 rubles
  • choice of colors;
  • universal device: for anal and vaginal stimulation;
  • value for money;
  • easy-to-use product;
  • suitable for sex play in the shower / bath.
  • not identified.

Christmas tree-tunnel "MZ-AS-3200-13 BX DJ" - the company "Doc Johnson"

Polyvinyl chloride device for two links. The first one has the largest diameter, is elongated and goes into a smaller ring. There is a small distance between the stopper and the working area. The base is a rhombus that allows you to operate the device without hands. Suitable for guys and girls.

MZ-AS-3200-13 BX DJ - Doc Johnson from all sides

Main characteristics:

A type:open
Size (centimeters):12 - total length, 11 - working area, 4.3 - diameter
Number of projections:2 pcs.
Colour:the black
Manufacturer country:USA
Amount:930 rubles
  • a budget option;
  • ergonomic design;
  • stable base;
  • painless introduction;
  • waterproof;
  • widespread use.
  • not identified.

The best anal tunnels for 2020, ergonomically shaped

This category includes non-standard shaped devices with a closed and open hole.There are budget options, there are more expensive ones. Almost all products can be purchased on Aliexpress. The best firms are:

  • with Aliexpress;
  • "Mantre".

Vibrating sleeve "ST-40175-5" - company "SWEET TOYS"

Design features: location of the through hole, presence of vibration, appearance.

Hub with vibration function and heart-shaped through hole made of hypoallergenic material. The stopper is a thin strip with raised edges that allows the product to be worn. The built-in vibrator, which is powered by batteries (included in the kit), helps to enhance the stimulation.

During penetration, the tip is compressed, and when fully immersed, it straightens, thereby avoiding discomfort and discomfort. Before use, it is advisable to lubricate the device with a water-based lubricant.

ST-40175-5 - SWEET TOYS, product and box appearance

Main characteristics:

A type:closed plan
Parameters (centimeters):10 - working length, 5.8 - diameter
Vibration levels:one
Material:medical silicone
Power supply:3 pcs., Type "LR44"
Manufacturer country:China
By price:1200 rubles
  • bright unusual design;
  • flexibility;
  • the toy is pleasant to the touch;
  • inexpensive;
  • suitable for everyday wear;
  • the presence of vibration.
  • not identified.

Tunnel-extender "TAP-0116" (China)

The petal plug is made of elastic silicone, used as a vaginal speculum or for anal stimulation. It allows you to inject various fluids, see the inside of the genitals, use a finger, dildo, vibrator or anal shower. The petals are gently straightened after inserting them into the anal, without damaging the rectal mucosa. Suitable for men, women, couples of traditional and non-traditional orientation.

"TAP-0116" (China) with closed and open petals

Main characteristics:

A type:open
Parameters (centimeters):8.5 - limiter, 6 - height, diameter: 4.5 - closed view, 7.5 - open, 2.5 - tunnel
Shipping weight:94 g
Colour:the black
The body is made:thermoplastic rubber
Number of petals:4 things.
Average cost:1450 rubles
  • original design;
  • widespread use;
  • affordable price;
  • good view and access to the anus;
  • a unique feeling of euphoria.
  • not for all newbies.

Tunnel-masturbator "TAP-0118D" - the company "Mantre"

Design features: phallus shape without scrotum, 3 in 1.

The triple action product for the male half is used as a masturbator, anal tunnel and extension attachment. It provides a vivid experience through a symmetrical tunnel with clear relief. Each movement inside is accompanied by stimulation of the head and body of the penis.

If someone needs to increase the size of the phallus, then this device is what you need. The sex toy has a tight girth ring and serves to stimulate both partners.

TAP-0118D - Mantre company, view from different sides

Main characteristics:

A type:open
Parameters (centimeters):14 - length, 4.9 - outer diameter, 2 - inner diameter, 12 - length stop
Possible colors:transparent, black translucent
Manufacturer country:China
Sum for goods:990 rubles
  • inexpensive;
  • multifunctional;
  • completely waterproof;
  • easy care;
  • long service life.
  • only for men.


The anal tunnel can be made of any material, most often silicone or rubber, with a small or large opening, through or closed. The body of the device can take any shape: cork, herringbone, phallus, dilator, etc. For additional stimulation, the device can be equipped with vibration.

This device is mainly for girls or unisex, but there are copies, especially for men. Their role is an effective stimulation before anal sex, an auxiliary element for practitioners of fisting and other pleasures of this kind.

Application Tips! 1. The partner's body must be pre-heated (stimulation of the anus with fingers). 2. Lubricants are preferably used with aseptic and anesthetic additives. 3. The large plug should be inserted after entering the small anus.

The table provides a brief overview of the highest quality and safest tunnels, which are in great demand among buyers this year.

Table - "TOP of the best anal tunnels in 2020"

Name:Manufacturer:Length / diameter (cm.):A type:Average price (rubles):
"Large Tunnel""Erasexa"10,5/7open2000
"Anal Fantasy Collection Open Wide Tunnel Plug""Pipedream"7,2/3,7open1400
"Lust Tunnel Plug""Orion"10/3,5closed3000
"Anal Fantasy Elite Mega Anal Gaper""Pipedream"12,7/3,6open3950
Tunnel Plug Black Velvets"ORION"11,2/5,1open1200
"No. 50 Medium Hollow Tunnel Butt Plug""Shots Media BV"10,2/5,7open2000
"MZ-AS-3200-13 BX DJ"Doc Johnson12/4,3open930
"ST-40175-5""SWEET TOYS"10/5,8closed1200
"TAP-0116"with Aliexpress6/4,5-7,5open1450

Note! Units with a through hole up to 2,000 rubles are popular.