1. Features of an unusual sex toy
  2. Varieties and features of anal dildos
  3. What are dildos made of?
  4. How to choose
  5. How to use anal sex toys
  6. Best Anal Dildos: Rating

Best Anal Dildos 2020 Ranking

Best Anal Dildos 2020 Ranking

Attention! The article is intended strictly for readers who have reached the age of 18!

Anal sex is one of the ways to diversify intimate life and add new colors to it. However, it is not always possible to involve your partner in such a game. It is for such situations that anal dildos were invented, the best of which are described below.

Features of an unusual sex toy

Such toys are usually called dildos. However, their appearance, in contrast to their vaginal counterpart, is significantly different from the male phallus. This is due to the physiological characteristics of the human body, namely, the strong muscles of the anus.

For experienced lovers of anal sex, manufacturers offer stimulators that have a fairly large diameter. If similar models are not suitable, the use of vaginal dildos is allowed. Anal vibrators differ from vaginal vibrators in their length. Due to the fact that the erogenous zones, which are located in the anus, are located much closer, the length of the anal dildo is slightly shorter. There are exceptions, though.

The main distinguishing characteristic of an anal device is its unusual curve. But these toys are intended mainly for men. Their shape completely repeats the ji-point stimulator.

Only this form allows men to get maximum pleasure from anal sex. The fact is that the prostate, located far enough, is the point of highest bliss. It is her stimulation that gives men pleasure.

Note! If the anal dildo will only be used by a man, then you need to purchase another device - a prostate massager. The wide functionality will help you get great pleasure while using the toy.

Varieties and features of anal dildos

Dildos intended for anal sex are divided into several types:

Classic models

The appearance of the stimulants that belong to this variety is as close as possible to the natural penis. They are the most popular, which is easily explained by the lack of unusual shapes and the ability to get maximum pleasure. This category includes not only anal but also vaginal vibrators.

Vibrators with additional functionality:

For people who are ready for bold experiments, manufacturers are ready to offer vibrators that have rather unusual functions, including:

  • vibration;
  • rotation;
  • stimulation with current.

Such sex toys will enhance the depth of sensations and will give you great pleasure. They will be ideal for experienced people, as evidenced by their great popularity.

Dildos that stimulate the clitoris in women and the perineum in men

Such massagers are capable of influencing not one, but several erogenous zones at once. Such a toy will reveal new boundaries of sensitivity, give unique sensations and become a great assistant during foreplay.

Dildos for Prostate Stimulation

The main distinguishing feature of these models is their appearance. They have a rather curved shape and a pronounced rounded head. Often equipped with a built-in ball that moves throughout the toy, or a rotating head. Usually men do not dare to admit to their sexual partners in the need to use such massagers, so there are many models that you can use yourself. They have a convenient control system and a suction cup that allows you to attach them to any smooth surface.

Vibrators for double penetration

The appearance of these massagers does not differ from all the others. Their main feature is a convenient remote control system. It makes the vibrator unique, makes it possible not to be distracted from the process and get the maximum amount of vivid sensations.

Note! Dildos and butt plugs are completely different things. These simulators have no similarities. In addition, they have different functionality.

What are dildos made of?

Today, manufacturers of sex toys can say with confidence that all existing simulators are made from high quality materials, including:

  1. Medical silicone. This material is used quite often and reads one of the most popular. It is pleasant to the touch, creates the illusion of natural penetration and is not capable of causing any allergic reactions. However, there is still a minus in vibrators made of medical silicone. These toys are completely incompatible with silicone grease.
  2. PVC. This material is less in demand. It has a softer texture than rubber, gives a delicate and quivering feeling, is particularly smooth and has a sliding surface. But such a device cannot create an imitation of natural penetration, which can be called an obvious disadvantage. In addition, PVC vibrators cannot be used with oil lubrication.

Note! Before you buy an anal dildo, you should carefully read the characteristics of the selected model and find out with which lubricants it is combined.

How to choose

When choosing a dildo, you need to take into account all the features of your own body. In addition, in the absence of experience, you should adhere to some rules:

  • the length of the vibrator should be no more than 20 cm;
  • the diameter of the toy should be from 2 to 5 cm;
  • when choosing a dildo for men, you should take into account the anatomical structure of the male anus;
  • the handle of the vibrator should be comfortable.

If the above rules are not followed, an unprepared person may face a number of complications, including with:

  • painful sensations;
  • cracks;
  • serious breaks.

How to use anal sex toys

Using anal dildos is very simple. To get the most out of it, you just need to choose the right vibrator and stock up on enough lubricant.

The dildo needs careful disinfection. In this case, processing is necessary both after and before use, and it is recommended to use a condom for complete hygiene. Also, do not use a vibrator for anal and vaginal stimulation at the same time.It can only be moved after processing.

The massager should be inserted smoothly, performing twisting movements. If you feel even slight discomfort, add lubricant. If discomfort persists, it is recommended to stop the administration.

Best Anal Dildos: Rating

Adrien Lastic Amuse Bullet

This stimulant is perfect for leisurely games. The toy is made of a velvety material, with smooth curves for additional pleasant stimulation.

The material of the toy is silicone - delicate and hypoallergenic, pleasant to the touch, velvety material, the device is able to give unique sensations due to the presence of smooth curves.

The Adrien Lastic Amuse Bullet vibrator has 1 vibration mode, is quite small in size and can be used by both women and men. He will make such intimate pranks not only pleasant, but also comfortable and safe.

  • delicate, hypoallergenic material;
  • suitable for both women and men.
  • not found.

Mister B Boot Camp Recruit

This vibrator is perfect for people who prefer anal sex to everything else. For its manufacture, polyvinyl chloride is used, which made it possible to create the most realistic texture that helps to get incredible sensations. Convenient stand included. This allows you to install the toy on any surface and greatly simplifies use. The Mister B Boot Camp Recruit vibrator can be used not only by women, but also by men.

  • the set includes a comfortable stand;
  • quality material.
  • not found.

Mister b dildo

This vibrator will be appreciated by true adherents of anal sex. It has an embossed surface for an incredible feel and dimensions that can really surprise you!

For the manufacture of this vibrator, vinyl is used, which is free of phthalates and other hazardous substances. The material is not only safe, but also very pleasant to the touch. This elastic friend is entwined in a tight spiral, which, in combination with its rather large size, makes it possible to get even more sensual sensations.

Feel the full range of incredible sensations that this dildo can provide. Despite the fact that the tip, which has a rounded shape, makes penetration comfortable and pleasant, the size of the phallus forces the use of lubricant. This will help relieve any subsequent frictions. The vibrator has a sturdy base that can be used as a handle or restraint, which is another plus.

  • hypoallergenic material;
  • equipped with a solid base.
  • not found.

Doc Johnson

The gentle Doc Johnson will help you entertain yourself with lonely, sad evenings. He will give a sea of ​​pleasant sensations, unique pleasure and a storm of positive emotions.

The velvety vibrator is equipped with a sturdy suction cup, allowing you to have fun anywhere. This massager features not only good flexibility but also high durability. Its silky surface will appeal to both women and men, exciting, giving a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction. The device can be used not only independently, but also in pairs. It will help transform and improve your intimate life.

The manufacturer recommends using only water-based lubricants. After use, the toy should be thoroughly rinsed under running, cool water and wiped with a product that is intended for cleaning vibrators.

  • equipped with a strong suction cup;
  • silky surface.
  • not found.

The Little Stud Penis Butt Plug

The dildo used for anal fondling is a popular sex toy that mimics the appearance of a man's phallus and is made of high quality materials.

The Little Stud Penis Butt Plug uses thermoplastic rubber.The material is of high quality, strength and elasticity. One of the positive characteristics of this vibrator is the ability to bend well. And this means that the sensations that he will give will be as realistic as possible. TheThe Little Stud Penis Butt Plug has a very realistic shape. In addition, he presses on the anal walls persistently and incredibly pleasantly, which creates an imitation of sex with a real partner.

Several lubricants can be used with this massager - water-based and silicone-based. After use, the vibrator needs to be treated. For this, a special cleaning agent for such toys is suitable. After processing, rinse the toy in running water.

  • the ability to bend well;
  • maximally repeats the appearance of the male phallus.
  • not found.

Mini Seiny Shank Opal 5 Dong Flesh

This toy will be a real find for connoisseurs and connoisseurs of small penises. The vibrator looks very natural. On its surface, you can see convex veins, small folds, there is a head and a scrotum. All this makes Mini Shiny Shank Opal 5 Dong Flesh as realistic as possible and helps to achieve the peak of pleasure.

The dildo is equipped with a special suction cup that allows you to fix it on a horizontal or vertical surface. The material from which the vibrator is made is quite dense, but this does not negatively affect the sensations obtained during use. It fully conveys the sensations obtained during sex with a real partner.

  • equipped with a special suction cup;
  • there is no smell and taste;
  • dense enough.
  • not found.

Erowoman / Eroman Realistic 10 cm, ER-30060

This toy is made of thermoplastic elastomer. The material is of high quality, does not contain harmful substances, including phthalates, gives pleasant tactile sensations, does not cause allergic reactions and is considered completely harmless. The vibrator bears an incredible resemblance to the male phallus, but not only that makes it very realistic. It is very flexible and resilient.

On the trunk, imitation of skin folds, minor irregularities and bulges are visible. The toy has the shape of a penis, a pronounced head and a slight curvature that enhances sensation during use.

As with many other models, there is a suction cup. This indicates the possibility of using the vibrator without the help of hands or strangers.

  • the toy is shaped like a penis;
  • does not cause allergic reactions.
  • not found.

Sexus Glass, Glass

This model cannot be called ordinary. Its unique design and unusual decoration will surely attract attention. One cannot but be intrigued by the fact that the vibrator is made of glass. As you know, this material is not capable of provoking allergies. It also heats up quickly and cools down just as quickly. Its use will give unusual sensations, and leaving it will not cause any difficulties.

This sex toy is completely safe and does not harm your health. Its trunk is resilient, firm and delicate at the same time. The insertion of this vibrator will only bring pleasure, which will be able to enhance the lubricant for anal play.

There is a stand at the base of the dildo that performs several functions at the same time. It allows you to place the toy on any flat surface, and is also an excellent limiter.

  • there is a stand;
  • the material is not capable of provoking allergies.
  • not found.

To have fun, you don't just need to buy a good device. You need to be able to use it correctly. Do not forget that before each, and especially before the first, use of a sex toy should be treated with a special antiseptic and rinsed under running water. Before using for the first time, you must purchase a suitable lubricant. You will need it during petting. It is necessary to lubricate it immediately before the introduction.

The dildo can be used in many different ways.Some people prefer to use it to stimulate the erogenous zones that are located on the surface of the body. This stimulation leads to the peak of arousal gradually and slowly. Others prefer deep penetration, which leads to incredible orgasms. What is right for you? You won't understand until you try! Experiment, come up with unique, your own tactics and experience the most vivid sensations!