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Ranking of the best anal beads for 2020

Rating of the best anal beads for 2020

Attention! The article is intended strictly for readers who have reached the age of 18!

The anal chain consists of several beads that have different diameters and are located on a common, flexible base. Their shape can be not only round, but also any other, and one hitch can contain from 3 to 15 balls. The only feature that all anal beads have, regardless of shape and size, is the absence of sharp corners.

What are anal beads

Anal chains or beads are balls that are arranged in a row and connected together. The diameter of the beads increases gradually. At the very beginning, there are small balls, and at the end, the largest. This allows you to start with the smallest beads and continue using them gradually, taking into account the characteristics and capabilities of your body. This toy is suitable for both women and men. For women, the products stimulate the nerve endings located in the anus, and for men - the prostate, while delivering a lot of pleasure.

This sex toy has a number of features. They should be taken into account, regardless of whether the simulator will be used by a man or a woman. When choosing beads, you should pay attention to such nuances as:

  1. The material from which the product is made. After each use, the beads need to be thoroughly cleaned, so they must be made of high quality materials that are highly resistant to moisture. Some of the best options are products made of plastic, PVC or TPR. Pay attention to the material from which the hitch is made. It does not have to be made of cloth, because in this case it cannot be properly disinfected. Below in the ranking are models made of high quality materials and fully complying with all standards.
  2. Limiter shape. Each ball is placed in the anus. They should not dive too deep, because it can be very dangerous. To avoid such situations, a restraint should be located at the end of the machine, which will not only help prevent penetration too deep, but also serve to remove the toy. Usually, the stopper is made in the form of a ring or loop. Beginners are advised to pay attention to products that have a ring-shaped stopper. He will be able to minimize the risk of the toy getting stuck in the body.
  3. The diameter of the balls. Supporters of anal sex may give preference to products with a diameter of 4.5 cm.However, for beginners it is better to choose the simulator, the diameter of the balls of which does not exceed 2-2.5 cm.At the same time, it is important to know the size of the largest bead, regardless of their forms. Beginners can also choose a toy with a relief. She will massage the body and give great pleasure.
  4. The number of links. Many models have at least 3 beads. When choosing a toy, keep in mind that the number of links affects the length of the extraction process. For the rest, you should consider your preferences and capabilities. Some people prefer chains that consist of a large number of small balls, others prefer models consisting of several large balls.

To make the final choice, it is recommended that you read the reviews of several models and choose the best one.

How to use

Sex using a variety of toys, including anal chains, is a very exciting process. First you need to insert the beads into the anus. This must be done using a lubricant. We recommend using a water-based lubricant. This will help keep the sex toy in perfect condition for a long time. It is recommended to apply lubricant not only to the body, but also to the product itself.

You need to enter the balls slowly. With your fingers or anal plug, you need to slightly stretch the anus before inserting the beads. This will help avoid pain. The beads should be completely immersed in the body, leaving only the restraint outside.

The balls should be taken out slowly, before the onset of orgasm. This will help heighten arousal and create an unforgettable experience.

According to sexologists, soft beads are ideal for beginners. Such a toy will bend inside and can be used even during normal sex.

After use, the chain can be re-immersed. The only condition is that they must be rinsed under running water. After stopping use, the toy should be thoroughly washed using mild soap or a special solution.

Any sex toy is an individual thing and can only be used by one person. If the situation has developed in such a way that the beads were used by someone else, they should be disinfected with Chlorhexidine or Miramistin.

Best Anal Chains for 2020

This type of sex toy helps to heighten the sensations during sex. Their introduction can be called an unusual, exciting foreplay, and extraction is a way to experience the best orgasm.


This type of anal chains is quite impressive in length. Boyfriend is suitable even for those people who do not have much experience in anal stimulation. These anal beads are presented in the form of a number of connected balls with a relief surface, the diameter of which gradually increases. The toy has a convenient ring-shaped stop that will help keep the depth of penetration under control. Boyfriend is suitable for both men and women, the chain length is 30.5 cm.

Boyfriend is made of high quality silicone, which is not capable of provoking allergic reactions, has an attractive design and excellent performance.

The toy will help to get a lot of pleasant sensations for those people who seek to improve their intimate life and bring something new into it.

  • made of high quality silicone;
  • convenient ring-shaped stopper.
  • not found.

Premium Beads with 3 motors B-Vibe Cinco Anal Beads BLACK

Beads have gained immense popularity and entered the list of the best sex toys used for anal stimulation. Cinco differs from other representatives in that they have 3 powerful motors located in the last 3 balls. The power of the motors can be adjusted in several ways - using the radio remote control and the button located on them.

The product has 6 modes, each of which differs in vibration intensity, and has 15 stimulation modes. The set includes not only beads, but also a storage case, instructions for use, a cable. After 2.5 hours of charging, the beads will work for 60 minutes. The length of the beads is 19 cm.

  • the material used for the manufacture of beads (medical silicone);
  • a loop stopper that will help you easily remove the toy;
  • embossed surface.
  • not found.

Sextoy Stimulator

This chain attracts not only with its striking design, but also with its affordable price. It consists of 8 balls, which have different diameters, there is a convenient ring-shaped stopper. The manufacturer offers the buyer several bright designs.

Sextoy Stimulator will help to develop anus and give a lot of vivid sensations.These balls are suitable even for those who have no experience in using such toys. They are suitable for both men and women. The maximum diameter of these beads is 3cm and the minimum is less than 1cm (7mm).

  • bright appearance;
  • different diameter of balls;
  • convenient stopper;
  • low cost.
  • not found.

Pretty Love Balls BI-014206

The graceful chain BI-014206 is made of flexible silicone and is designed to make the sex life of partners much more diverse. Thanks to the toy, there is a delicate stimulation of the anus. Bright balls will bring novelty to the feelings of lovers. There is a ring on the chain, thanks to which you can control it in the process, and carefully remove it at the end.

The original sex toy will add a thrill not only to beginners of anal sex, but also to more experienced amateurs. Those who prefer variety in their intimate life will not regret choosing BI-014206.

  • quality material;
  • the convenience of use.
  • not found.


The beads have different diameters. The toy is equipped with a ring that provides comfort and safety during use. The ring has an original decoration in the shape of a butterfly. The beads are made of high-quality silicone, thanks to which they have such property as flexibility, while the material is not porous. The working length is 12 cm.

There is a branch on the chain, which is suitable for beginners, as there are balls up to 2 cm in diameter on it, and the other branch is perfect for more experienced amateurs.

  • there is a ring for comfort of use;
  • original design.
  • not found.

Anal Fantasy Collection Beads PD4651

This model is recommended for beginners who dream of trying anal caresses. High-quality silicone with a silk-like coating and a thin scion with small beads up to 1.3 cm in diameter are ideal even for those who are just starting their journey to new sensations.

The body of the device gradually increases in diameter up to 2.5 cm, while bending well. The handle of the toy is very convenient to direct it to the most sensitive places and to fully control the process.

It is recommended to approach the process of pleasure consistently, without haste, inserting the beads one at a time with delicate movements, this will make you feel special comfort.

In the set, a pair of finger tips are attached to the device, which will help in preliminary stimulation of the anus. Also included is a tube of water-based lubricant, several relaxing ointment probes, and a cleaning fluid. All this will help beginners to master a new type of stimulation.

  • convenient handle for process control;
  • additional nozzles;
  • Includes a tube of water-based lubricant.
  • not found.

Gopaldas Dragonz Tale Anal

The balls in the product are arranged in gradual increasing order, so it is suitable for both beginners and professionals. The partners get the greatest pleasure from anal stimulation by gradually introducing and slowly removing the chain.

Anal caress can be combined with vaginal penetration. The balls form an additional spicy relief, the action of which both partners can feel. To prevent the chain from accidentally slipping inward, it has a special ring that provides a supporting function.

  • suitable for both beginners and professionals;
  • spicy relief;
  • there is a ring for ease of use.
  • not found.

Booty Call Booty Climaxer

The device for anal pleasure called Booty Call Booty Climaxer is made of high quality silicone without harmful impurities that meets the highest standards. This material is pleasant to the skin and is absolutely harmless, does not cause an allergic reaction. With the help of an intimate toy, the walls of the anus and erogenous zones are stimulated. Partners will be able to feel how much pleasure they will get from neat balls and smooth transitions between them.

The product has a tapered head, thanks to which penetration is easy and comfortable.A water-based lubricant can help minimize possible discomfort and enhance your overall enjoyment. The chain consists of four balls, each of which contributes to the pleasure of anal sex. The wide ring will help to remove the toy without discomfort.

The product bends perfectly, so it is easy to direct it so that the balls gently press on the most sensitive points. Booty Call Booty Climaxer users get an unforgettable enjoyment from their use. In addition, the device can be used by one partner or a couple as a means of additional pleasure.

  • tapered head for ease of use;
  • wide ring for removing the toy.
  • not found.

A-toys anal chain

The chain contains elastic and pleasant to the touch balls that delicately stimulate the anal walls.
The silicone from which the toy is made is pleasant to the touch. Moreover, it is a high quality material. A-Toys Anal Chain is a device consisting of smooth balls of different diameters. It is equipped with a wide ring, with which the product can be easily removed at any time. An intimate toy is suitable for those who have just begun to study such caresses, since the diameter of the balls is relatively small. A-Toys Anal Chain is recommended for both girls and men.

The total length is 19.5 cm: the working part is 13.7 cm. The diameter of the balls varies from 0.6 to 2.3 cm. It is recommended to use water-based lubricants. At the end of the intimate process, the toy should be rinsed with a special product and water. You must store the product in a case.

  • wide ring for introduction;
  • the convenience of use;
  • quality material.
  • not found.

A-Toys Anal Beads

Stylish, beautiful and giving strong pleasant sensations a chain of elastic balls. It is ideal for anal stimulation and will bring pleasure to both the girl and the young man.

The thermoplastic rubber from which the product is made is plastic, pleasant to the touch, resilient and durable. A-Toys Anal Beads has the smallest diameter when compared to other products in this line. Therefore, it can be used by those who have just begun to explore the world of anal stimulation. The wide ring will not allow the toy to slip too deep, and will allow you to conveniently remove the anal chain when you need it. The pleasure lies in the way the balls gently press against the anal walls. With A-Toys Anal Beads, both girls and men can stimulate the anus.

The chain will not only not interfere with the traditional intercourse, but will serve as a pleasant addition.

  • thermoplastic rubber;
  • plastic;
  • the toy is pleasant to the touch;
  • durable.
  • not found.

Gopaldas Anal Pleasures Triple

This is a two-way chain, original in its shape, for stimulating the anal and vaginal openings at the same time. It has three directions. Each of the processes has balls of different diameters, connected by a rigid hitch. The unusual solution leaves users with a choice - they can enjoy anal and vaginal stimulation together or separately. The beads contain 15 balls with a diameter of 1 to 3 cm. The material from which the toy is made is elastic plastic, delicate to use. It is better to use it in pairs than singles. While other anal beads can only be moved from side to side, this chain can be moved back and forth, enhancing pleasure. Everyone can choose one of the processes, based on their own feelings.

  • balls of various diameters;
  • three directions, each of which can be used separately, or connect them;
  • smooth surface of the toy;
  • the total length of the three processes is 31 cm.
  • not found.

Lola Toys Back Door Flexible Wand

The product delicately prepares the anus for penetration and gives a lot of pleasant sensations. The device consists of 7 balls of different diameters, tightly connected to each other. Due to the lack of distance between the elements, the stimulator becomes especially elastic.The main feature of the toy is that the balls of the largest diameter are located not like most - closer to the limiter, but in the middle. The alternation of the diameter is pleasant to feel when moving forward. There is a ring at the end of the chain for safe removal. Lola Toys are made of medical grade silicone, which is absolutely harmless and does not cause allergic reactions.

  • safe material that does not irritate the mucous membrane with frequent use;
  • flexible coupling;
  • ring for easy extraction;
  • the optimal size of the balls (from 1 to 3 cm);
  • Russian production.
  • not found.

A-Toys Vibro Anal Beads

Anal stimulation can be incredible pleasure when done with a carefully designed and beautifully designed sex toy. A-Toys Vibro Anal Beads is an anal fondling chain made of comfortable materials and equipped with a vibration function.

A-Toys Vibro Anal Beads are made of plastic and silicone. This device is made of elastic, and at the same time, smooth balls that decrease in diameter towards the end. It is complemented by a convenient loop with which you can delicately remove the toy at the right time. There is a button on the loop that controls the vibration process. She has only one mode, but it is very powerful, so that a man or woman instantly gets an unforgettable orgasm. At the same time, the balls gently press on the anal walls from the inside, prolonging the peak of pleasure. A-Toys Vibro Anal Beads is a reliable and durable device that works silently. It is perfect for both couples and solo intimate games. The surface is splash and water resistant.

  • there is a button to control the vibration process;
  • convenient to use.
  • not found.

Where are sold

All sex toys and other adult products are sold confidentially. When ordering such a product in an online store, it is packed in black, dense polyethylene. If the toy is purchased in a specialized store, you will have to take care of the "conspiracy" yourself.

It's hard to argue with the fact that the easiest way to purchase a sex toy is through an online store. In it you can choose not only a suitable model, but also a convenient method and time of delivery.