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Review of smartphone Vivo S7 with key features

Review of smartphone Vivo S7 with key features

Almost every day you can watch how new models of smartphones enter the market. And each manufacturer tries to attract the attention of a potential consumer with bright advertising. We must pay tribute, in this difficult time for all mankind, if I may say so, the gadget companies do not stand still, but continue their work and delight us with new products.

Most of the devices are analogs of more expensive brands. Why pay extra for a name when you can save on a name but get great quality in return? We are not saying that all budget or mid-budget smartphones are of high quality, and the manager in the salon will not tell you about it, because it is profitable for them to sell any product. Therefore, we propose together with us to disassemble one of the novelties of this summer.

Our today's review will be devoted to the next smartphone that has recently entered the sales markets. We are talking about the Vivo S7 smartphone. And before starting an overview of the main characteristics of the smartphone, let's get acquainted with the manufacturer.


It is one of the largest Chinese brand, which is actively conquering the world with its gadgets. The year of foundation is 2009. Eight years later, products appeared on the territory of our country.

To understand the scale of the company, it sponsored FIFA in 2017. Also, just a couple of years ago, Vivo was one of the first to launch a smartphone that has a built-in sensor that reads the owner's fingerprint, located right on the display.

Today, there is an opinion that this brand may soon completely displace such giants as Huawei and Xiaomi from the markets. But how will it actually be, only time will tell.

Now let's go directly to the analysis of the device.

Vivo S7 Review with Key Features

general information

The smartphone has a stunning design that can attract the attention of many. Stylish body combined with delicious filling is doomed to success. By the way, he belongs to the class of medium-budget models.

The set includes a cable for charging and data transmission, as well as a power supply. Everything is neatly packed, there is nothing to complain about. As soon as the smartphone falls into the hands, it strikes with its body color. You can verify this by looking at the photo.

As for the "S" line of the Vivo company, it is constantly updated with new samples. The latest models are renowned for supporting the latest generation networks and for improved sound quality. The model we are considering was published in early August of this year.

Design and appearance

The front side of the smartphone looks quite ordinary. It is presented with an impressive display with two selfie cameras, which we will talk about below. But the back is equipped with a gradient, which is increasingly common lately. All frames are quite thin, and such a sample is considered frameless, in general, everything looks very aesthetically pleasing.

Another highlight here is 3D tempered glass. It protects the screen from various damages better than usual.

On the side, there are sound control and locking sensors, and under the screen, manufacturers have placed a user's fingerprint scan.

The dimensions of the phone are 158.82 mm x 74.2 mm x 7.39 mm are considered rather big. With a weight of 170 grams, men with a large palm can comfortably use it; girls may feel discomfort when typing with one hand. But all these are trifles in comparison with the available functionality of the device.

Separately, we note the stunning color scheme that was adopted for this device. You can buy a smartphone in one of the colors:

  • Jazz Black;
  • Moonlight White;
  • Monet Man Color.


Almost all new items now come with a large screen. This is because more and more time people began to spend in the phone. It replaces a TV, PC, game console, etc., not to mention the fact that the younger generation prefers constant monitoring of social networks. The large diagonal of the display allows you to do all this with great comfort.

Speaking about the features of the screen, note that the diagonal here is 6.44 ”. The large diagonal of the screen allows you to comfortably view all of the above. Will not cause difficulty and reading documents or books. The type of matrix used is AMOLED. It contributes to unlocking the screen by fingerprint and is already a more advanced solution. If we take the aspect ratio, then this is the data we get: 20: 9. The resolution here is 1080 x 2400 pixels. The color rendition may surprise, or rather the fact that it is very pleasant and, in addition to the brightness reserve, also has a fairly large viewing angle.


One of the main parameters that most consumers pay attention to. Everyone wants to take beautiful and detailed pictures and videos.

Collectively, there are five cameras that are positioned as follows:

The main camera consists of three sensors. They are located in a triangle, which, in turn, is framed by a rectangle. Looks very stylish. The parameters of the sensors are as follows: 64/8/2 Mp. These are by no means bad indicators. An LED flash is located on the same side under the cameras.

As for the front cameras, and there are two of them here, they are located at the top of the display, one after the other. Their clarity will satisfy the needs of the most avid photographer. 44 and 8 megapixels are enough to take high-quality pictures.

Memory and processor

Another important component of the technical characteristics of any smartphone. A modern person requires a large amount of the parameter we are considering, since he stores a large amount of information in the phone, from contacts to receipts for payment of bills. A large amount of memory is required to store media files (photos and videos), not to mention the applications that we use on a daily basis. With this moment everything is in order, and as a result we have built-in and RAM in 8 GB and 256 GB, respectively. For the average user, these parameters are sufficient. The only thing is that the manufacturers did not consider it necessary to make an additional slot for a memory card.

Now, let's talk about the processor's capabilities. The quality of work will depend on what processor the manufacturers have defined for the phone. The Snapdragon 765 G is used here. It has existed for less than a year, but has already managed to prove itself from the very best side. In combination with 5G, the smartphone is provided with high speed and high quality communication.


How important it is when the phone does not "sit down" at the most inopportune moment. The duration of the model depends on the capacity of the battery. Here we are offered a 4000 mAh battery, which is enough for working in moderate mode for about two days. The user has the ability to quickly recharge the smartphone using fast charging at 33 watts.


Screen6.44 '' diagonal, 20: 9 aspect ratio
Screen resolution 1080 x 2400 pixels
Protection Tempered 3 D glass
Case size 158.82 x 74.2 x 7.39mm
Weight170 g
Body materialplastic, glass
Unlocking the screen fingerprint scan
CPUQualcomm Snapdragon 765 G
Frequency 2400 MHz
VCU128 and 256 GB
Memory cardis absent
operating system Android 10.0
Battery 4000 mAh full charge in 120 minutes
Fast charging Yes, 33 W
Main camera3 modules: 64, 8, 2 Mp.
Resolution9280 x 6920
Flash LED
Video Resolution3840 x 2160
Front-camera 44 and 8 Mp
Resolution 3840 x 2160
Flash screen
CommunicationGPS, Wi - Fi (version 5), Bluetooth (version 5.1), USB
USB functionscharging, USB storage mode, OTG
SIM - krtahybrid slot, Dual SIM (Nano - SIM)
SIM modealternating, support; 5G
Speaker mono
Radio there is
Headphone jackis absent
Sensors proximity, light, accelerometer, compass, gyroscope, fingerprint scan
Vivo S7 smartphone

Advantages and disadvantages

  • An impressive amount of memory. The phone can store a lot of information without loss, at the same performance level;
  • The type of matrix used is AMOLED, the screen includes a built-in fingerprint scan;
  • 5G network support;
  • Flawless appearance;
  • Easy-to-use shell;
  • High quality sound;
  • The main camera allows you to take detailed pictures;
  • The ability to use the phone without charging for a long time;
  • In an emergency, it is possible to quickly charge the battery.
  • There is no way to connect headphones in the classic way;
  • There is no memory card slot.


Summing up, we note that the Chinese once again delighted us with their invention. An excellent device with very attractive functionality. You can take great pictures and shoot high-quality videos, while still editing them on the big screen. The user-friendly interface allows you to get used to your smartphone in a short period of time. It is too early to talk about any reviews, since the model went on sale relatively recently, but according to the review, it can already be concluded that there is great demand. And most importantly, the price for this device is set at 28,500 rubles.