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Samsung Galaxy A10s smartphone - pros and cons

Samsung Galaxy A10s smartphone - pros and cons

Popular smartphone brands do not stand still, and manufacturers always want to surprise their own audience. Loyal customers want the perfect value for money. To do this, companies have to work hard to invent a truly useful smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy A10s is a new line of phones with improved features over the previous A10 model. The novelty will be budgetary, and will be launched on the market in August 2019. The network already knows information about the capacities and components of the device.

The novelty will be more progressive not only in characteristics, but also in appearance. The manufacturer has added new functions and a modified matrix that will be responsible for color rendering. A sophisticated design and an increase in the number of cameras - all this Samsung offers to users.


On the front side of the Samsung Galaxy A10s, the display borders have been increased. The maximum resolution is 720x1520 pixels. At the top of the screen, the front camera pops out of the screen, which is very confusing. The bottom border clearly stands out below, which is much thicker than the other sides.

This model has 2 cameras and a flash on the bottom. Additionally, the Samsung Galaxy A10s has a fingerprint reader (sensor) on the back. In the previous version of the A10, this feature was not available.

The phone measures 15.6 cm high, 7.5 cm wide and 0.7 cm thick. It's quite compact and fits in any pocket.

It is reported that the novelty has four types of coloring: blue, green, black and red.

The rest doesn't really stand out. The smartphone will turn out to be simple and in the corporate style of Samsung.

  • corporate design;
  • there is a fingerprint scanner;
  • there are 2 cameras;
  • you can choose from a number of coloring pages;
  • large display;
  • compactness.
  • the front camera "crawls" onto the screen;
  • the bottom edge of the screen is thicker than the others.


Manufacturers have exposed the characteristics of the smartphone to the public. You should definitely familiarize yourself with them.

Communication3G, 4G, GSM
operating systemAndroid v 9.0
SIM card slots2
SIM card typenano-SIM
Front camera8 megapixels
Rear camera13/2 MP
Display size6.2 inch
CPU Cortex-A53
Number of Cores8
ChipsetMediatek MT6762 Helio P22
RAM size2 GB
Built-in memory size32 GB
GPUPowerVR GE8320
Fingerprint scannerthere is
Back case materialplastic
Dimensions156х75х7 mm
Weight168 g
Bluetooth version5
MicroUSB version2.0
Flashthere is
SD card slotyes, up to 512 GB

RAM size

The Samsung Galaxy A10s has 2GB of RAM. This will not be enough for the phone to work without freezes, and it will no longer be possible to open a bunch of applications. For making calls and running simple processes like watching videos or playing games, this device is just right.


The eight-core Cortex-A53 processor based on the Mediatek MT6762 Helio P22 chipset will undertake all the main work.While the company does not disclose the rest of the information and it is not clear whether such an addition will be more productive than expensive analogs. The improved architecture of the Mediatek MT6762 Helio P22 allows you to support up to eight cores simultaneously. Due to frequency limitations, the installed processor can deliver up to 2.0 GHz. The chipset itself is 64-bit.

The processor frequency is 2.0 GHz. You won't be able to play demanding games with such parameters, but the rest of the new mobile gaming will go head-to-head.

The Cortex-A53 has a number of features. This includes the demand for the product in the market. This device is used in mid-range smartphones. It is noteworthy that in the previous version of Samsung A10 there was a hybrid of "dual-core" and "six-core" from Cortex versions of A73 and A53.

This processor has 64-bit processing for the first time in the history of the Cortex release. This "baby" is based on the Armv8-A architecture. This will minimize energy waste and increase the performance of the cores. The bandwidth has also been increased.

Thanks to the installed power saving function, the smartphone can use all the processor power, while receiving minimal losses in battery power. Now the system can work with two teams at the same time.

Internal memory support

The amount of space on the smartphone is also known. The user will have access to about 32 GB of internal memory. Additionally, you can install an SD card (maximum capacity up to 512 GB).


The battery in the Samsung Galaxy A10s has a capacity of 4000 mAh. If you actively use your smartphone, the charge can last for the whole day. In previous A10 models, the capacity was 3400 mAh.


The front camera shoots at 8 MP, while the rear camera shoots at 13/2 MP. In the latter case, the shooting system is divided into two blocks, where the second allows you to use the function of "smart" photography or AI. The resolution of videos and pictures will be 1080p. The number of frames per second reaches 30 FPS.


The display measures 6.2 inches diagonally. It is large enough for reading books, watching movies and surfing social media. networks. There are small margins along the borders that reduce the screen area.


For the color rendering in the Samsung Galaxy A10s, the IPS prototype matrix will be responsible. This technology is not the best and has a number of disadvantages. However, do not forget that the manufacturer has tried to balance price and quality equally for a budget smartphone.

IPS should be classified as a mid-range matrix. And that's not because the colors look bad on the display. This matrix can compete even with the more famous flagships, making color reproduction accurate and bright. It's just that really high-quality IPS is done quite rarely in professional smartphones or monitors.

Small fact: if you combine LSD and this matrix, you get the perfect white color. Yes it is. And in the smartphone Samsung Galaxy A10s just such a combination. This will be useful for reading books or browsing websites. A wide variety of white-dominated applications will look flawless. It should only be borne in mind that correct calibration during production plays an important role in the ideal white color rendering.

IPS LCD also proved to be quite durable. As you use your smartphone, the matrix may burn out. It all depends on the price and quality, although this is not the case with IPS. Screens with such a matrix are dull, but they "live" for more than 5 years. About 10 thousand hours of continuous operation will allow you to enjoy the picture without breakage and wear.

  • decent processor with eight cores;
  • there is a slot for installing an SD card up to 256 GB;
  • large screen;
  • high resolution camera for a reasonable price;
  • there is a function of "smart" photography;
  • high-quality matrix;
  • large battery capacity;
  • updated processor.
  • indents along the borders of the display.

Other features of the Samsung Galaxy A10s smartphone

Back case weight and material

The device turned out to be light enough - the weight is 168 g. The phone will not overstrain the hand and for a modest price the user will receive not a brick, but a quite convenient smartphone.

The back case is made of plastic.This is a decent enough material that looks stylish and is inexpensive.

operating system

The operating system Android 9.0 is the latest version that has not been released at the moment. The buyer will be pleased with the new design, which has become many times more convenient and colorful. In this version, black and white are the main shades of the interface. By the way, from the social. networks and instant messengers will no longer be simple notifications of correspondence. You can see and write the message already on the title screen when it appears on the display.

New charging input

The charging input has a microUSB 2.0 port. The battery itself will not charge quickly, because the manufacturer has installed a 5-watt charger. These characteristics are somewhat disappointing. more modern ports are installed in expensive analogs. Still, Samsung has not in vain reduced the cost of a smartphone.

New "bluetooth"

Separately, the system will be equipped with Bluetooth 5. This version has many advantages that distinguish it from other "bluetooth". For example, when connecting wireless headphones, this function will consume much less power. The range and quality of the connection are further improved, so you can go a long distance and listen to your favorite music with perfect sound reproduction.

Network access and SIM capacity

When using the Internet, the user is offered support for 3G and 4G. Wi-Fi works as before.

Also, the smartphone can hold up to two SIM cards. They can be inserted into the main and backup slot.

How much is the Samsung Galaxy A10s

The approximate cost of the future product has already appeared on the Internet. Buyers should focus on the price range from 8 thousand to 10 thousand rubles.

Samsung Galaxy A10s


Samsung Galaxy A10s proved to be much more productive than its predecessor in the line. The manufacturer did not cheat and many new features have been installed, including the addition of two rear cameras and increased battery and processor power.

Additionally, Bluetooth has been upgraded to version 5. Thanks to the advanced IPS matrix, color must be reproduced with great clarity. A fingerprint scanner was also mounted on the back, which was a big plus. The economical cost will attract a lot of new audiences.