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Review of the best vegetarian restaurants in Krasnoyarsk in 2020

Review of the best vegetarian restaurants in Krasnoyarsk in 2020

The fashionable trend of recent years is to observe the correct lifestyle and diet. To preserve youth and health, people switch to organic plant food that does not disturb metabolism and processes in the body. The menu without fish, meat, alcohol is vegetarian. People who, due to certain circumstances, refuse food of animal origin, are usually called vegetarians. When visiting city public places of food, a separate menu should be drawn up for them. We'll talk about where to eat for a vegetarian in Krasnoyarsk below.

How to choose a restaurant or cafe if you are a vegetarian

Before visiting a cafe or restaurant, you should study the type of institution, the offered cuisine, opportunities, prices. An important aspect is the study of the menu of dishes. When planning a serious event (wedding, birthday, romantic, business evening), a restaurant is suitable. You can have a small snack in the morning or afternoon at the cafe. For relaxation at the end of the working week, you can look into the bar. Children and friends will love the cafe, burger or pizzeria. The choice will be easy and pleasant if the cuisine and service are highly professional.

Consider the top most visited food establishments in the city of Krasnoyarsk in 2020, which are suitable for visitors who are vegetarians. Let's pay attention to the price tags and the variety of dishes, the possibilities of the establishment, work schedules, the availability of all the necessary information, customer reviews.

Rating of the best vegetarian restaurants in Krasnoyarsk


Address: st. Uritskogo, 94, 1st floor

Phone: ☎ + 7 (391) 227-35-36


Opening hours: Sun-Thu: 12.00 - 24.00, Fri-Sat: 12.00 - 02.00

One of the establishments of the Krasnoyarsk restaurant complex. The institution has been operating since 2009, has a convenient location, beautiful exotic interior. A background with pleasant music, polite waiters combined with an interesting menu and Asian food. Service is not fast, but this is not a cafe either. When ordering food to go, you can get a 20% discount. On Sundays, while the parents are eating, the children participate in the Imaginarium master class.

General information about the institution:

AppointmentSuitable for vegetarians
KitchenPan-Asian, Thai, Asian, Chinese, Japanese
MenuLean, vegetarian, breakfast, lunch, dinner, seasonal, grill, siberian
Average check1300-1500 rubles
Features:Parking is not paid, the menu is in English, children's animators work, a children's master class is held, there is a bar and a wine list
ServicesBooking, delivery, banquet hall for parties, free Wi-Fi
  • stylish designer interior;
  • competent waiters;
  • tasty food;
  • good quality of cooked products;
  • you can order food at home;
  • there are permanent promotions;
  • once a week there is an entertainment event for children.
  • high prices.


Address: Prospect Mira, 10

Phone: ☎ + 7 (391) 252-73-60


Opening hours: daily, 06.30 - 01.00

All kinds of pasta, pizza, soups - "Peppers" are a favorite place for many townspeople. Professional chefs prepare dishes with sophistication, but not fast. Waiters warn about cooking time. Thanks to the democratic prices and recipes from Italy, the Peppers restaurant chain has gained popularity and keeps up.

General information about the institution:

AppointmentSuitable for vegetarians
MenuMain, lunch, dinner, brunch, pizza
Average check350-750 rubles
ServicesReservations, takeaway, highchairs available, free Wi-Fi, bar, outdoor tables
Delivery of ordersAround the clock
  • Italian interior;
  • affordable prices;
  • quality Italian food;
  • helpful waiters;
  • professional team of chefs.
  • not detected.

"Master of the Taiga"

Address: st. Siberian, 92

Phone: ☎ + 7 (391) 256-86-49


Opening hours: daily, 12.00 - 00.00

Bellini group restaurant. The interior inside resembles an Alpine chalet, a fireplace gives comfort and warmth, photographs and memorabilia of V. Vysotsky's family from the movie of the same name hang on the walls. You can even have a pleasant time with your baby: they will look after him in the children's room while the parents sit at the table. Deliciously prepared dishes and signature teas are celebrated by all visitors.

General information about the institution:

AppointmentSuitable for vegetarians
KitchenEuropean, Russian, Eastern European, Central European
MenuMain, brunch, lunch, dinner, drinks
OpportunitiesParking, street parking, reservations, takeaway, highchairs available, free Wi-Fi, bar, outdoor tables
Average bill1500-5000 rubles
Features:There is a children's room
  • cozy atmosphere;
  • serious design;
  • polite and attentive waiters;
  • there is a room with toys for children;
  • excellent quality of food; varied menu;
  • great for business conversations in an informal setting;
  • nice view from the window;
  • everyone likes signature dishes and desserts.
  • too high prices.


Address: st. Uritskogo, 94, 2nd floor

Phone: ☎ + 7 (391) 227-35-36


Opening hours: Sun-Thu: 13.00 - 01.00, Fri-Sat: 13.00 - 02.00

The second restaurant from the Krasnoyarsk restaurant complex. The restaurants of this group are distinguished by beautiful interiors and high-quality food. In Russian cuisine there are many pickles and lightly salted dishes, pancakes are also a must. The constant promotions are encouraging: the children's menu on weekends is 50% cheaper, on a birthday the discount on everything will be 10%, from 1 pm to 6 pm there is a 20% discount on the menu every day.

General information about the institution:

AppointmentSuitable for vegetarians
KitchenContemporary, Russian, Bar
MenuMain with hot and cold dishes, lunch, dinner, brunch, drinks
Average bill1000-1200 rubles
ServicesReservations, takeaway, parking, highchairs available, free Wi-Fi, bar
  • rich interior;
  • quality delicious food;
  • fast service;
  • friendly staff;
  • permanent promotions.
  • the cost of meals is above average.

"Mama Roma"

Address: Prospect Mira, 50a

Phone: ☎ + 7 (391) 266-10-72


Working hours: Mon-Fri: 07.30 - 01.00, Sat-Sun: 11.00 - 01.00

The Mama Roma restaurant chain has been delighting customers with Italian pizza and other snacks for 20 years. In Krasnoyarsk, a restaurant has been opened for sand-vegetarians - people who eat everything except meat. A wonderful choice of dishes with fish and seafood in an exquisite performance will not leave anyone indifferent. There are also the usual vegetarian snacks and soups.The institution prepares special dishes for children, holds promotions, organizes holidays. A price menu and a photo report are posted on the website. Delicious, fast, affordable.

General information about the institution:

AppointmentSuitable for sandy vegetarians and vegetarians
KitchenPizza, Italian, Seafood, European, Mediterranean, Central European
MenuMain with Italian food and desserts, pizza, breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch, kids, lean
Composition of dishesVegetables, fruits, nuts, fish, seafood
Average bill1000 rubles
ServicesReservations, takeaway, waiters, takeaway coffee, Wi-Fi, summer veranda
  • tasty food;
  • great quality;
  • you can take pizza with you;
  • cozy interior in Italian style;
  • there is a system of discounts;
  • business lunch is served in the form of a buffet with dishes of your choice;
  • good service.
  • the cost of meals is above average.

"Siberian meal"

Address: st. Aviators, d. 19

Phone: ☎ + 7 (391) 298-88-50


Working hours: around the clock

The Siberian Trapeza restaurant is located on the 5th floor of the Siberia Hotel. The dishes, designed by the chef, are decorated with berries and spruce branches for a local flavor. Visitors of the hotel and ordinary townspeople can go up to eat: the elevator works. The official site belongs to the hotel, but you can see the restaurant menu and prices on it. The institution is suitable for holding business meetings and celebrations. They cook tasty, fast and original.

General information about the institution:

AppointmentSuitable for vegetarians
MenuSalads, cold and hot appetizers, soups, dumplings, pancakes, dumplings, drinks, business lunch
Price segment1000 rubles
Features:There are cocktail and wine lists
ServicesTable reservation, free Wi-Fi
  • original Siberian menu and presentation of dishes;
  • excellent work schedule - the institution can be visited at any time of the day;
  • suitable for celebrations and business meetings.
  • does not have parking;
  • small selection of menu items.

"Trattoria Formaggi"

Address: Prospect Mira, 15

Phone: ☎ + 7 (391) 233-44-33

Website: no.

Opening hours: daily, 06.30 - 01.00

The Italian restaurant from Bellini group is located at the Oktyabrskaya hotel. Fresh food is always served here. A professional team of chefs prepares delicacies for visitors. The waiters serve at a high level. In warm weather, you can eat at tables outside. Hotel residents are offered buffet style breakfasts for only 450 rubles. Trattoria "Formaggi" is an ideal place for an evening vacation with children and friends.

General information about the institution:

AppointmentSuitable for vegetarians
KitchenItalian, Mediterranean, Seafood, European
MenuGeneral, Italian business lunch, breakfast, drinks
Special menuSeasonal, lean, baby
Average check score1000 rubles
Features:Outdoor seating, wheelchair accessible
ServicesFood delivery, coffee to go, free Wi-Fi, bar, summer terrace
Food delivery timeTue-Sat: 12.00-01.00, Sun-Mon: 12.00-24.00
  • cozy place;
  • suitable for family and friendly dinners;
  • good Italian cuisine;
  • fast cooking;
  • tasty food;
  • large selection of dishes;
  • polite staff;
  • professional waiters;
  • excellent quality - price ratio;
  • there is a wine list.
  • prices are high.


Address: st. Surikova, 12

Phone: ☎ + 7 (391) 272-87-78


Opening hours: daily, 12.00 - 02.00

One of the newer leisure places, perfect for business meetings. Business lunches are served here from 12.00 to 16.00. For the preparation of dishes, chefs mainly use organic, farm products. The restaurant has its own line of branded original drinks and shots, interesting desserts. In the evenings, the atmosphere of the restaurant is filled with live music or live sets of DJs in synth-pop, jazz, new disco, funk styles. The restaurant is suitable for family celebrations and an evening out with friends.

General information about the institution:

AppointmentSuitable for vegetarians
KitchenEuropean, Russian, Seafood
MenuMain with hot and cold dishes and desserts, business lunches, brunch, cocktails, drinks
Features:Desserts and pastries of our own production
ServicesReservations, takeaway, highchairs available, free Wi-Fi, bar
Average price per dish250-500 rubles
  • a great place for a business meeting;
  • cozy atmosphere;
  • expensive literary loft-style interior;
  • original serving of dishes;
  • homemade pastries, desserts and liqueurs;
  • convenient site with a detailed menu;
  • variety of dishes;
  • high level of service;
  • affordable prices.
  • not detected.

Rating of the best vegetarian cafes in the city of Krasnoyarsk


Address: st. Spring, 7D, basement

Phone: ☎ + 7 (950) 424-13-13, +7 (913) 558-85-13

Website: no.

Opening hours: daily, 08.00 - 20.00

A small cafe on Vesna Street offers a variety of interesting original cuisine. The chef will prepare an unusual menu for children and adults. In the institution you can celebrate any festive occasion, order a memorial dinner. Football fans can watch the broadcast of the match together. On weekdays, the cafe offers a set menu at an inexpensive price. The room can accommodate up to 60 people, the prices are pleasantly pleasing.

General information about the institution:

AppointmentSuitable for vegetarians
KitchenHome authoring
MenuChildren's, vegetarian, lean, business lunch, breakfast
Average check score250-350 rubles
ServicesSports broadcasts, holiday banquets, memorial dinners, free Wi-Fi, booking
  • pleasant environment;
  • interesting author's menu;
  • tasty food;
  • good portions;
  • suitable for any occasion;
  • low prices.
  • cramped;
  • daily work schedule;
  • there is no parking.


Address: Prospect Mira, 96

Phone: ☎ + 7 (391) 211-35-20, +7 (391) 211-50-30


Opening hours: daily, 09.00 - 22.00

A cozy cafe "Stolle" is located in the Central District. The institution belongs to the Federal network, founded in 2002. Delicious pies prepared according to recipes from the beginning of the 20th century, dumplings, dumplings and other dishes are prepared here. On the website, you can pre-order branded products, pay for a purchase, purchase a gift certificate and take part in the promotion: a birthday person gets a pie for free.

General information about the institution:

AppointmentFor vegetarians
MenuVegetarian, lean, pies
Average bill500 rubles
Features:Recipes from the early twentieth century are used
ServicesReservations, home delivery, table reservations, banquet hall
Delivery of pies9.00-21.00 daily
  • there are promotions;
  • delicious and hearty pies;
  • branded products in a special box - packaging - you can take with you;
  • delivery from 2000 rubles to the nearest districts of the city is free of charge.
  • long service;
  • when ordering for packaging, you will have to pay separately.

"Slavyansky Dvor"

Address: st. Academician Vavilov, 1, bldg. 48

Phone: ☎ + 7 (391) 234-48-80


Opening hours: daily, 12.00 - 00.00

Business lunch changes every day, but the quality of food does not get worse - everything is tasty and healthy. The halls are cozy and designed for large events. Also, employees provide services for preparing for the holiday at remote locations. Live music adds a touch of history to the overall interior. There are positive and negative reviews for service by waiters: they do the job quickly, efficiently, but without a smile on their face.

General information about the institution:

AppointmentSuitable for vegetarians
KitchenRussian, Homemade, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Vegetarian
MenuBasic, banquet, grandma's lunch, summer offer, children's, new items
OpportunitiesCafe with VIP rooms, banquet hall, live music, reservations, takeaway, free Wi-Fi
Average bill500 rubles
Features:Cakes and pastries of our own production, entertainment programs on Fridays, catering
  • interesting non-standard serving of dishes;
  • tasty food;
  • there is a catering service;
  • good value for money;
  • fast service;
  • different menu.
  • not very friendly waitresses.


Address: st. Lenin, 21

Phone: ☎ + 7 (391) 296-63-64


Opening hours: Mon-Sun, 08.00 - 22.00

Veggy Café is open for vegetarian food. Interesting dishes, hot and cold, burgers and rolls, drinks, unusual desserts - this is the cafe menu. The food is deliciously presented, the products are interestingly combined, the portions are large. The menu includes dishes for raw foodists. The cafe is located in a central area in a small room. The setting is reminiscent of a bistro, but the taste of the food leaves a pleasant impression of the establishment. Even meat-eaters will be satisfied. In the summer, tables are set right on the street - you can eat in the fresh air. The institution offers a cumulative bonus card for regular visitors: depending on the accumulated amount, the percentage of bonus accrual increases from 5% to 15%.

General information about the institution:

AppointmentFor vegetarians
MenuMain with soups and snacks, desserts, smoothies, business lunch, breakfast
Composition of dishesVegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts
Features:There is a bonus card for calculating bonuses for regular customers
Average check500-1000 rubles
ServicesCoffee to go, summer terrace, free Wi-Fi
  • unusual product combinations;
  • interesting desserts;
  • healthy, beautifully presented food;
  • there are tables on the street;
  • you can use free internet;
  • polite staff;
  • adequate prices;
  • there is a bonus program;
  • the menu contains delicious jam.
  • small room; no parking space.

"Typical dumplings"

Address: st. Mira, 109

Phone: ☎ + 7 (391) 265-93-05

Website: no.

Opening hours: daily, 11.00 - 22.00

Cafe next to the Monument to those who died in the battles for Soviet power. Cozy original interior, pleasant atmosphere - you can come here with your child and have a delicious meal. The menu includes dumplings of different nations, Japanese, Indian, Italian cuisine, lean and vegetarian menus. Kitchens change every week. There is no coffee in the establishment, but it can be ordered from a nearby cafe according to the Pelmennaya menu. The institution is small, consists of two halls, and can accommodate up to 50 people in case of a celebration. Loyal prices for tasty and satisfying food will please. An institution without a website, but there are pages on Instagram, Vkontakte and Facebook with information about ongoing promotions and discounts.

General information about the institution:

AppointmentSuitable for vegetarians
KitchenRussian, Buryat, Italian, Japanese, Indian, Eastern European, Asian
MenuBasic, lunch and business lunch, vegetarian, lean, brunch
OpportunitiesBanquets and celebrations, takeaway, table reservations, summer terrace, TV, free Wi-Fi
Average price per dish130-326 rubles
Features:Various dumplings of different nations and countries
  • cozy and interesting interior;
  • reasonable prices on the menu;
  • variety of cuisines and dishes;
  • prepare any dish deliciously;
  • interesting promotions are held;
  • there is parking.
  • small room;
  • small tables for 2 - 3 people.


Address: st. Karatanova, 17, basement

Phone: ☎ + 7 (391) 212-35-04, +7 (913) 030-31-81


Opening hours: daily, 11.00 - 22.00

The RADA Lounge Café menu is fully vegetarian. The highest attendance is observed from 12 to 22 hours. Visitors are satisfied with the taste of exquisite dishes, which also appeal to people who love meat. If you want to surprise your interlocutor and prove that vegetarianism is not just grass dishes, then you need to contact this institution.

General information about the institution:

AppointmentFor vegetarians
KitchenEuropean, Russian, Indonesian, Mixed, Indian
MenuBasic, vegetarian
Average billFrom 400 rubles
Features:For people with hearing impairments and people with disabilities
ServicesReservations, home delivery, free Wi-Fi, bar
  • products without GMO and dyes are used;
  • the menu is original;
  • deliciously cooked;
  • rich assortment of menus;
  • there is a large selection of spices for purchase;
  • delivery and booking works;
  • cozy atmosphere;
  • reasonable prices;
  • polite staff.
  • not detected.


According to the statistics of visiting establishments for vegetarians, specialized cafes are in great demand. There are tasty and healthy food in restaurants, but the variety of dishes does not differ. And restaurant price tags are not always designed for ordinary customers.

Every year the number of establishments in Krasnoyarsk that offer food without fats and meat is increasing. You can have a hearty and tasty meal, leave pleasant impressions in any of the considered establishments of the city, at the same time spending a minimum of money, both for residents and tourists.