1. Tips for choosing a school
  2. How to dress for class
  3. What to take with you
  4. Rating of the best dance schools in Crimea
  5. Conclusion

The best dance schools in Crimea in 2020

The best dance schools in Crimea in 2020
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Dancing is the best hobby that allows you to stay in great physical shape and at the same time be charged with an endless positive attitude. Not only a child, but also an adult can learn to move beautifully, the main thing is to find classes from scratch and gradually comprehend all the wisdom of the dance art. In Crimea, there is a wide selection of dance schools and studios, where you can choose a direction for every taste. Our article will tell you about all the nuances that it is advisable to know before diving into the frantic whirlwind of dance, and will demonstrate the rating of the best dance schools in Crimea.

Tips for choosing a school

How to choose a dance school to avoid disappointment? In fact, everything is not as difficult as it might seem, you just need to identify the necessary selection criteria for yourself and build on them.

  • First, the location of future activities plays an important role. It is advisable that they are near the house so that you do not have to spend a lot of time on the road.
  • Secondly, decide for yourself what kind of dance you want to study, and see if it is offered in the chosen school.
  • Thirdly, an important factor is the work experience of the school and their teachers.
  • Fourth, when you come to the introductory lesson for the first time, pay attention to the halls. They should be light and with mirrors in order to observe the movements during the lessons. Changing rooms with showers will be a nice bonus.

Well, the rest of the parameters will be of secondary importance. Is there a variety of dance programs? Excellent, nevertheless, the chosen direction is important for you, and rely on it when choosing.

How to dress for class

Having decided on the direction, you come to a new choice, to the selection of clothes that will be required in the classroom. In general, in most cases it resembles a sports form, that is, it should provide freedom of movement and be comfortable. In addition, do not forget that dance is a vivid way of self-expression, which means that clothes should not be faceless, but emphasize your individuality. The material is also important, for warm-ups it is better to give preference to natural fabrics, as they perfectly absorb moisture and allow the skin to breathe. Synthetic materials are best used for performances.

For Latinos, tight-fitting clothing that demonstrates posture is suitable.

Go-Go has a wide range of options, you can dress in skirts, leggings, shorts, T-shirts, sweaters, tops and much more. For oriental dances, light pants, a top exposing the belly and a scarf with coins are suitable. Jazz funk has its own fashion and it consists of T-shirts, sweatshirts, caps and wide pants. Fitness clothes are perfect for sports dances.

For more detailed advice on the desired form for classes, you can get from your dance teacher, or just watch in the first lesson what other students are doing.

In addition to clothes, pay attention to shoes, they should be maximally adapted for dancing, and if you can get by with ordinary sneakers somewhere, then in other directions you will need to purchase specialized shoes.

What to take with you

Going to a training session empty-handed will not work, because there are things that you will have to take with you. What is it? First of all, put your clothes and shoes in your bag for practice. If there is a shower for students in the building where the training takes place, then it is worth grabbing the necessary hygiene items for him. If there is no shower, then it will not be superfluous to grab a deodorant or wet wipes so that on the way home you do not frighten passers-by with a stunning aroma of sweat.

In some places there are coolers with water, but if they are not there, then a bottle of water will definitely come in handy, since you will really want to drink.

And be sure to take a good mood with you, it will help you get the most out of your lesson.

Rating of the best dance schools in Crimea

Dance school "STOMP"

In Simferopol, the STOMP Dance School, which has been operating in its business for over 10 years, is very popular. The institution specializes in teaching street and modern dances: Popping, Jazz-Funk choreography, Dancehal, Hip-Hop, House-dance and Contemporary / Modern. In addition, there are sections for children's dances. Children are accepted here from the age of 4 and experienced teachers introduce them to the basics of modern dance, develop discipline in the kids and teach them how to achieve their goals. Trainer

STOMP is known for frequently giving master classes in different parts of the country. They teach their students a masterful improvisation and make it clear what their own body language means. If desired, it will be possible to participate in a variety of festivals and dance championships, completely plunging into the world of the dance atmosphere. The sections are diverse, both children and beginners can be engaged, and those with training experience.

The cost of classes on the site is not indicated, you can find out by writing to the representatives of the group in contact, or by calling the phone number +7 (978) 727 04-01.

Geographically, the school is located at the address: Simferopol, Railway Station Square 3a.

  • Modern dance training;
  • Both children and adults are accepted;
  • Professional teachers;
  • Participation in championships and festivals;
  • Quality training from scratch.
  • You cannot see the prices for classes on the website.

Dance studio "FIREFLY"

Another popular dance school in Simferopol is called "FIREFLY" Dance Studio. The choice of directions here is much wider than in STOMP: hip-hop, salsa, strip plastic, latina, oriental dances, rumba, mambo, modern choreography, ballroom dancing, children's choreography and much more. Anyone will find the desired direction. Both children, adolescents and adults are trained. Professional teachers will teach you all the basics, instill confidence in yourself and make you feel completely free in your movements. Dance studio "FIREFLY" provides an opportunity to plunge into a bright life full of individual self-expression. Students of the studio often won all kinds of contests and competitions.

The studio's website is currently not functioning, so the prices for subscriptions can be found by calling +7 978 752 62 12.

Location of the studio Simferopol, Sevastopolskaya street 62 a.

  • Huge selection of dance styles;
  • A trainer with a lot of knowledge;
  • Children and adults are accepted;
  • Nice bright rooms.
  • There is no website where you can see the prices.

Free Dance Studio Barefoot

In Sevastopol, a wonderful Barefoot Free Dance Studio has been opened, uniting people who love to dance. Children can be sent from 3 years old, baby dance classes are organized for them. For children and adolescents, classes in modern choreography (contemporary and jazz-modern), stretching and pop dance are conducted. From the age of 15, girls can practice lady dance. If you have not decided which direction you like, then you can come to the free trial lessons and already there decide what to choose.

To find out about classes and prices, call 7-978-840-1285.

Location: st. Heroes of Brest, 53, Sevastopol.

  • Ideal for kids and teens;
  • Children are taught both dance and discipline;
  • Emancipation and finding your inner self;
  • There are free trial lessons.
  • The studio is more focused on children and young people.

Dance studio of Miguel VR "La Espiral"

If you live in the area of ​​Feodosia, then the Dance Studio of Miguel BP "La Espiral" may suit you. The studio opens its doors to children from 5 years old and adults, giving the opportunity to get acquainted with such dance styles as hip-hop, break dance, street jazz, Latin American dances, flamenco, modern choreography (contemporary, modern) and a children's program ... The main choreographer Miguel Vaye Reitor has absorbed dance from the time of his residence in Cuba, in addition, he has collaborated with many domestic pop stars, and now he is ready to share his knowledge with the inhabitants of sunny Feodosia. During the training, the student comprehends the stylized corporate stage presentation, learns to fascinate the viewer with the grace of his movements.

The rates for classes can be found at + 7-978-815-6163.

The location of the studio is at 7 Aivazovsky Ave., Feodosia.

  • Experienced choreographer;
  • Training in different styles;
  • Participation in dance performances and numbers;
  • After classes, children will be able to enter higher choreographic educational institutions;
  • A rich training program.
  • The choice of dance directions is limited.

Dance studio "Capital"

Evpatoria has its own dance schools, and among them the Stolitsa studio, which specializes in different directions, stands out. It is in this studio that residents of Evpatoria most often write their children, in the "Capital" there is a group for the development of children from 3 years old. From the profile directions you can choose modern jazz, Pilates, Go-go Dance, strip plastic, Pole Dance, Contemporary Dance, Stretching, children's choreography, pop and modern choreography. Young and talented teachers literally plunge into the world of rhythm and energy, giving new discoveries and impressions. The studio holds reporting concerts, charity performances, arranges colorful and unforgettable shows. The pupils of Stolitsa have already become champions in the dance field and have become famous throughout the country, so if you want people to talk about your offspring in the future, take care of it now.

You can sign up for classes and find out about the cost of classes by calling your mobile phone number + 7-978-950-0005 or via mail

Studio location: at st. 60 years of October 20-A, 9 May 94 A. Evpatoria.

  • Creative young team;
  • Friendly and sociable atmosphere;
  • Wide range of destinations;
  • Conducting reporting concerts and trips to festivals;
  • Raising young champions.
  • Suitable for children and young people, not mature people.


Residents of the city of Kerch can enroll in the dance fitness studio DANCE HALL, which is focused on a variety of categories of people. For children from 3 to 6 years old, it offers classes in children's and modern choreography, as well as yoga for toddlers. For older children, from 6 to 12 years old, there are hip-hop, break dance, contemporary, cheerleading and Modern Choreo. Teenagers from 13 years old, both girls and young people, are invited to immerse themselves in the world of hip-hop, contemporary, Modern Choreo and contemporary choreography.

For adults, classes in contemporary, hip-hop, strip plastics and social Latin American dancing are organized. In addition, classes are offered in all kinds of fitness areas. DANCE HALL did not even forget about pregnant women and organized Pilates classes for them. The studio will delight those who appreciate combining business with pleasure, combining both dances and sports. Before the wedding, you can order training in wedding dance from the studio, and then the wedding day will sparkle with new colors.

You can sign up for classes by calling +7 978-021-1559, +7 989-755-90-92.

Studio location: at the address: Kerch, st. Samoylenko, 8-b, 3rd floor.

  • Training in any choreographic direction;
  • An extensive range of services;
  • Carrying out themed parties;
  • You can practice from almost any age;
  • Creative atmosphere and communication with like-minded people;
  • Wedding dance training.
  • Has not been identified.


If you dream of conquering the opposite sex with your movements, feeling inner liberation and complete self-confidence, then dancing is the ideal way to fulfill your dreams. Schools in Crimea are focused on a different contingent and provide a variety of options for directions, so it will be easy to choose. Well, the rest all depends on your dedication and desire to achieve your cherished goal.