1. Types of tables for 3D photography
  2. Strobolight tables
  3. Photocycle tables
  4. Rekam tables
  5. PhotoMechanics tables
  6. PhotoMechanics cranes
  7. Output

Best 3D Photo Shooting Tables for Photo Studio in 2020

Best 3D Photo Shooting Tables for Photo Studio in 2020

The design of tables in photo studios for 3D photography is most often used for shooting small objects from different angles from any angle. The range of these products differs among themselves in quality, cost or application.

The best manufacturers of 3D tables are constantly introducing new technologies in order to improve the product and lure the buyer. Below are the main leaders in this category and the best tables for 3D photography.

Types of tables for 3D photography

Each company stands out in the market for its specific technologies or quantitative units. Those. there are manufacturers with a wide selection of tables, and there are those who have 1-2 types of goods in stock, but very good in quality.

Tables for 3D photography, depending on the rotation mechanism, are divided into several types:

  • manual scrolling;
  • automatic rotation.

Manual scrolling

  • Low cost;
  • The rotation of the object can be fixed immediately at the desired angle;
  • Short service life;
  • Takes a lot of time to shoot;
  • The photographer gets tired quickly, constantly rotating the table.

Automatic rotation

Easy-to-use version of the table with automatic rotation. He is popular with photographers.

  • Variety of product selection;
  • Automatic rotation;
  • Saving time for shooting;
  • Possible adjustment of the mechanism (eg control panel).
  • High price.

Strobolight tables

The company specializes in the production of rotary tables, photo boxes. The design, functionality and material of the product differ from each other, and therefore the price fluctuates in different categories: budget, middle price category, expensive. The only similarity of all products is the white color. The survey includes only two representatives from the company, which, according to consumers, are the most practical.

Strobolight 3D table

Mechanical table for 3D photography series "CM"

Purpose: for shooting subjects in any studio.

The rotating mechanism on a fixed base is used for amateur photography at home and professional in studios. The height of the rotating element makes it easy to carry the entire structure from place to place. It is possible to photograph objects of any weight within acceptable limits, but at maximum load the lot is removed quickly.

The mechanism is equipped with a brake that prevents rotation during operation if you need to capture a subject from one angle.

The table layout is made up of special projections for fingers, which provide a good photo shooting speed, comparable to automatic ones.

Note! The design can be accompanied by a ready-made patch circle made of snow-white matte paper with a special plastic coating.

An example of using a turntable.


A type:mechanical
Product code:6351-03
Dimensions (centimeters):62/60/5
Weight:7 kg
Possible load:50-80 kg
Markup:for 36 sectors
Average price:5900 rubles
  • equipment;
  • suitable for any photographer;
  • fast, comfortable shooting;
  • structural stability;
  • affordability of the price;
  • control effortlessly.
  • not identified.

Automatic table of the AC series

Purpose: for video / photography of small objects.

Model in white with elements of black inserts, fully automated. On the side there is an on / off button, a connector for connecting the device to the network. There is a switch on the wire that controls the direction of rotation of the platform. This is done manually by pressing the button with a shutter speed of 1-2 seconds and then turning it on again.


A type:auto
Product code:18019-03
Parameters (centimeters):45 - diameter, 6 - height
Net weight:3 kg 500 g
Maximum load:37 kg
Time per revolution:70 seconds
Average cost:8000 rubles
  • value for money;
  • design;
  • functional.
  • not identified.

Photocycle tables

Purpose - subject photography (scanning or photographing). Most often, products are designed for large-sized items, but there are copies for small items as well.

Description: Automatic rotary table with constant rotation mode, made of metal, acrylic and plastic. Installation of LED backlighting is possible (individual order). This solution helps to get rid of shadows on a white background when shooting.

An example of a 120 BL series Photocycle slot.


NamePurposeModelvendor codeCountertop diameterItem weightFrames per turnPrice
Tablesmall items30 ANVF-906234 cm30 Kg36; 54; 10814500 r
Tablelarge items120BLNVF-906350 cm100 Kg38; 76; 15218000 r
Tabledimensional items200BLNVF-906475 cm100 Kg50; 100; 20026000 r
3d Photocycle table
  • Durable;
  • Long service life;
  • Time-lapse variation selection;
  • Table illumination is possible;
  • Products for any item.
  • Expensive product;
  • Small selection.

Rekam tables

Rekam works in all directions: from shooting small objects to large and heavy objects.

Rekam table.

The company's products are not limited to the production of tables designed for objects of a three-dimensional photo shoot; there is also a crane-tripod in the arsenal. It allows you to take pictures in 3D format in horizontal and vertical planes.

Products are used not only in the premises of photo studios or video filming, but also for photo sessions on the road.

3d table Rekam

Subject table series "T"

The table of the "T" series is convenient to use for photography in studios and on-site work, due to its compactness and low weight.

The loading bar of the table model allows you to remove small objects (for example, a mobile phone, jewelry), as well as large ones: small office equipment, flowers or a computer monitor.

The products of this series differ in the diameter of the disc and the work of the mechanics, which makes it possible to remove heavy objects on some tables. For example, household appliances or a person.

With the help of an automated process for creating a three-dimensional photograph, you can focus on the artistic side of the resulting images.


  • Portable rotating platform T-12, article number FTR-1482. Features: countertop diameter - 2.7 m; carrying capacity - up to 12 kg; product weight - 2.5 kg; one turn - 200 photos. Additions: the presence of removable disks; video mode is supported. Table cost: 23900 r.
  • T-20 platform, article NVF-1070.Dimensions: countertop surface diameter - 4 m; nominal weight - 4.29 kg; subject weight - up to 20 kg; one turn - 400 shots. Packing height - 20 cm. Additions: availability of interchangeable tabletops; video mode is supported. Table cost: 34900 r.

Table T-20.

  • Rotating platform T-50, article NVF-1071. Characteristics: table surface diameter - 5 m; object weight - up to 50 kg; gross weight - 2 kg; 400 photos per turn. Add-ons: removable disks; video mode. Table cost: 44400 rub.

Table T-50

  • Floor table T-150. Technical data: object weight should not exceed 150 kg; circle diameter - 9 m; equipment weight - 24.5 kg. Number of pictures per turn - 400 pcs. Complete set: removable disk; video mode support; software; two cables; power adapter. Price: 89000 r.

Table T-150.

  • Broad purpose of the equipment;
  • Possibility of outdoor photography;
  • On average, light weight of the table.
  • High prices for the product;
  • Heavy models (T-150), studio only;
  • They occupy a large area of ​​the premises (for example, T-150).

Crane for 3D photography

The fully automated crane is paired with T-series rotating platforms.

Purpose: to create 3D images in horizontal and vertical planes.

The uniqueness of the crane: it examines the subject of the photo session from all sides, as well as from above. This fact allows you to increase the information content of 3D photography. There are additional axes of rotation of the camera - this is the ability to capture an object from several levels. Accelerates and simplifies the work process thanks to the convenient adjustment of angles with an additional level of shooting.

Rekam crane at work.

Product description. The crane consists of 3 main elements: a structure support, a connecting element - a box with a mechanism, an arrow. All structural parts are connected with quick-release fasteners. This adjusts the boom length, balances the counterweight and makes other necessary adjustments.


Automatic crane of the Rekam company.

The frame material of the crane is strong and durable aluminum.

The maximum boom reach is 1.8 m, which allows shooting large objects.

Withstands the load of modern cameras (of any weight).

Crane cost: 89,000 r.

  • Automated;
  • Shoots an object from any angle;
  • Robust frame;
  • The presence of additional axes of rotation;
  • Quick release fasteners;
  • Shoots any objects in size.
  • Takes up additional studio space;
  • High price;
  • Needs additional equipment (3D shooting table).

PhotoMechanics tables

The company's arsenal has a rich range of products, the functionality of which is varied.

An example of a PhotoMechanics table at work.

Tables of this manufacturer, using automation, assemble animated videos from a series of frames. The Photo3D Studio program is responsible for this process (invented specifically for this product).

The table and the camera are controlled by a computer (laptop) via USB.

PhotoMechanics 3D Spherical Photography Tables create series of images of up to 360 pieces with the required resolution.

The equipment itself is equipped with a wide range of settings and a lot of possibilities for individual customer orders.

3d table PhotoMechanics

Tables series "RD" and "RDM"

The popularity of the models in this series is caused by the built-in Wi-Fi module. The main advantage of which is the use of the table without unnecessary wires.

Purpose: photographing people, furniture, large-sized objects and household appliances, as well as photographing medium-sized objects.

The structural reliability is provided by a steel frame. The platform itself is made of steel and aluminum, and the top is covered with acrylic.

The average price for the model is about 30,000 rubles, however, the RD-120 floor table is an exception.


  • Table RD-300 of article DAN-1095 for large items. Indicators: platform diameter - 3 m; table height - 25 mm; table surface covering - banner fabric; White color. Material - high quality plywood. Cost: 295,000 r.
  • Floor table RD-120, article DAN-1094 for large items.Indicators: platform diameter - 1.2 m; weight of an object in an upright position - 200-250 kg; object size up to 1.1 m; White color. Cost: 127,000 r.

RD-120 table.

  • RD-60 table for medium items. Data: table surface diameter - 0.6 m; White color; weight of the object in a straight position up to 40 kg, inverted - 10 kg; object dimensions up to 0.7 m; shooting speed 36 pictures in 1 min. 15 s. Price: 47000 r.

RD-60 table.

  • Table RD-33, article NVF-802 for small items. Data: countertop diameter - 0.33 m; White color; weight of an object in a straight position up to 20 kg, upside down - 10 kg; the shooting speed of the equipment is the same as that of the RD-60 model. Price: 35000 r.

RD-33 table.

  • Built-in Wi-Fi;
  • Small in size;
  • Lasting;
  • Spherical shooting.
  • The table surface is scratched quickly;
  • High prices.

Tables of the "MFT" series

The series is designed for photography of tall shoes and mannequins.

The appearance of the model is similar to the RD-33 or RD-60 tables, but the range of possibilities is much higher. In the middle price segment of the product, it fluctuates around 50,000 rubles.


MFT -1 table of article NVF-7256 with Wi-Fi. Description: table diameter 5–100 cm; weight of an item in any position - up to 50 kg; item size - up to 0.8 m; table surface covering - acrylic; White color. Material - chipboard-melanin. The speed of shooting 36 photos per minute. Cost: 63,500 r.

The MFT -1 table of the NVF-7255 article without Wi-Fi with identical characteristics to the NVF-7256 model costs 53,200 rubles.

  • Accelerated shooting;
  • The limitation of the weight of the object does not depend on the position;
  • Built-in Wi-Fi.
  • Cost.

Tables series "S"

Tables of model "S" are a set consisting of a rotating platform, metal structure and a white background.

Designed for shooting large-sized objects: motorcycles, furniture or equipment for a sports hall.

An example of a kit from PhotoMechanics.

There are also new items - studios for online stores. Large objects are removed from them. The structure is equipped with a light module and a suspension module. The studios are designed to take up a small floor space. The basic module can be combined with other modules from this company.

The design has a robust steel frame. And thanks to industrial casters, it can be easily moved without having to disassemble.


The construction of the S-300 Base + Light model DAN-1097 is created on the basis of the RD-300 platform with a diameter of 2.6 m. It also includes a metal frame. Lighting - 12 pcs. LED sources. The system is designed for the installation of several cameras that are configured for synchronized shooting. The construction is fully automated (rotation and shooting of the subject) and is controlled by the Photo3D Studio software (you can use Object2VR Studio). Set cost: 558,000 rubles.

There is a cheaper option - not an automated model S-300 Base + Light of the article DAN-1096. For only 434,000 rubles.

S-300 Base design.

Studio S-120 Base of article NVF-7263. Parameters: occupied area - 2.5 m by 2.5 m; load on rotary table RD-60 is desirable up to 20 kg. The hanger can be used without a table, then the load on the metal frame is 50 kg. Cost: 298,500 r.

S-120 Enterprise design NVF-7264 for large items. Item sizes: width - 1 m; height - 2.5 m; weight up to 200 kg; suspended weight up to 20 kg; unstable objects up to 100 kg. Unstable objects are installed on the floor platform and at the same time attached to the suspension. You can shoot people. Cost of goods: 398,000 rubles.

S-120 at work.

S-60ML design NVF-7257 for medium-sized subjects in small offices or at home. Base: RD-60 turntable, ML-60 photo machine, special rotating surface background, LED lights. Characteristics: occupied area: 1.5 m by 1.5 m; item weight: up to 40 kg; item dimensions: up to 40 cm. Cost of goods: 97,000 rubles.

S-60ML in operation.

  • Choice between automation and mechanics;
  • Reliable construction;
  • The presence of small-sized products.
  • Overall design;
  • Narrow specialization;
  • High price;
  • Not for all photo studios.

Tables of the "SX" series

This series is a ready-made studio equipped with shadowless dominant suspension. Designed for taking premium series photos. Ideal for challenging subjects with reflective surfaces.

The set consists of a rotating table of the "MFT" series, metal structure, white background, lighting system.


Model SX-60 Base of article DAN-1101. Studio size: height - 1.25 m; width - 0.93 m; length - 1.08 m; weight 1.2 kg. Dimensions of the object to be removed: height - 60 cm, width - 40 cm, length - 40 cm. Studio power: 700 watts. Product price: 164500 rubles.

SX-60 Base

Model SX-60 MAX, part number DAN-1105, can control table rotation and lighting via Wi-Fi. All photo studio shown are the same as the SX-60 Base model. Studio cost: 223,500 rubles.

Photo studio SX-60 MAX.

Model SX-60, part number DAN-1104 with a holder for the camera Holder and the characteristics of the SX-60 MAX, costs 194,000 rubles.

The SX-60 model DAN-1103 has the same characteristics as the SX-60 MAX, but it comes with a cabinet. Cabinet size: height - 1m, width - 0.8 m, length - 0.95 m. Price 208500 rubles.

  • Shadowless illumination;
  • Low weight;
  • Takes up a small studio area;
  • Large selection of models;
  • Each photo studio has its own characteristics.
  • High price;
  • Limited characteristics of removed items.

Photo studios series "ST"

Exterior of the studios. The rectangular platforms, to which the backs are attached, resemble oversized chairs.

Purpose. Used for 3D shooting of medium-sized subjects.

The prefabricated studio frame folds out easily and takes up little space. The material of construction is made of steel and equipped with industrial rollers with a lock.

The top is covered with matt white acrylic and is easy to replace.

There are 12 lamps provided.


Model ST-100ML of article NVF-7259. Description of dimensions: the occupied area of ​​the studio is 2 sq. m .; object width - up to 70 cm; height - up to 1.4 m; weight - up to 40 kg; table-top 1 m. Complete set: table MFT-1; ST-100 studio module; software package; lighting module. Production cost: 158,000 rubles.

ST-100MLK in operation.

Model ST-100MLK, article number NVF-7260 using a tripod crane. Object size: width - 70 cm; length - 70 cm; height up to 1.4 m; weight up to 40 kg. Dimensions for 3D shooting: width - 0.7 m; length - 0.7 m; height - 0.9 m. Complete set: crane-tripod model K-150 and other equipment as for model ST-100ML. Production cost: 259,000 rubles.

ST-100MLK in operation.

  • Durable material;
  • Takes up little space;
  • Matte finish does not give glare when shooting;
  • The presence of rollers that increase mobility;
  • The table top is changing;
  • Additional accessories (for example, a crane);
  • Easy to import;
  • Prefabricated frame.
  • Cost of goods;
  • Small selection.

PhotoMechanics cranes

Representatives of this series are tripod cranes for rotary tables.

Series "K" is not rich in equipment. This includes two types of cranes: K-100 and K-150.

One is intended for 3D shooting of large-sized objects (furniture, large household appliances), and the other is intended for medium-sized objects (laptops, shoes, small electronics, etc.). However, when properly set up, the K-150 is capable of capturing small objects.

The models also differ in price. The universal version of the tripod crane will cost more.

PhotoMechanics cranes

Characteristics of the K-100 model

The automatic crane is designed for rotary tables of the RD-33 and RD-360 models. He shoots small objects. Manual control is supported. Thanks to the connection to the turntables, spherical photography can be carried out.


Pictures of objects of the required resolution can be created in two planes.

The crane has a wide range of options and settings for individual needs.

Product price: 83,000 rubles.

  • Choice in management;
  • Spherical shooting;
  • Robust construction;
  • Creation of images in two planes;
  • Cheaper than the K-150 model.
  • A small selection for rotating tables;
  • Narrow specialization.

Characteristics of the K-150 model

This crane is considered versatile, as it is suitable for shooting any subject due to flexible settings. First of all, its purpose is large-sized items.


Combines the tripod crane with the RD-120, RD-120W, RD-60, RD-60W and RD-33 rotary tables.

The crane is rotated 360 degrees horizontally, 180 degrees vertically.

The crane is controlled via USB.

  • Suitable for any kind of shooting;
  • Large selection of tables for collaboration;
  • Reliable;
  • Automated;
  • Wide application.
  • Expensive in price.


The considered models are popular in the photo and video industry. These are just a few of the rotary tables and cranes available on the market.

The criteria for choosing tables depends on the consumer's request: price, purpose, product dimensions. How to choose the right table for 3D photography in a studio? The answer to the question is obvious: take into account the size of the room when choosing equipment, and compare with the products.

Since there are many manufacturers of such tables on the market, the question arises: "which company is better to buy?" It is worth focusing on the characteristics of the product.

Mechanical versions are popular with budding photographers due to their affordability and sheer choice. Fotokvant provides this opportunity to any interested buyer.

Automated table rotation is an improved way of mechanical work that allows faster 3D shooting. The transition to such products is a new level for photo studios.

A more convenient product is ready-made photo studios, which have their own characteristics in purpose. Which one is better to buy? The versatile option will suit any studio and won't disappoint the photographer. PhotoMechanics is a leading provider of such solutions.

How much does this manufacturer's products cost? The answer to this question cannot be answered unequivocally. Prices can fluctuate by a huge gap. Therefore, first you need to decide on a series of goods, and then look for options for purchasing it.

Where is it profitable to buy equipment for a three-dimensional photo shoot or video recording? The easiest way is to buy in a store: a guarantee is given, a return is possible; inspection of goods for defects on site; payment by installments is possible.

Online shopping is also a good option, but not reliable. There are goods that are made only to order and the waiting time is up to 60 days. You also have to pay for delivery.