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Best Action Camera Software & Apps 2020

Best Action Camera Software & Apps 2020

If earlier you had to cherish every shot you made, now you can shoot every second of your life with a camera, the main thing is that there is enough memory on the card. But this was not enough for humanity, and it decided to improve the camera. And for several years now, you can use a special device for shooting in extreme conditions.

These are the so-called action cameras. They are specially designed for photography and filming in aggressive environmental conditions. They differ in compact size and low weight. These cameras are not afraid of splashing water, hitting the ground, shaking during transportation or high desert temperatures. In addition to the protective housing, such cameras are equipped with a special focus with a large depth of field, which allows you to shoot moving objects in good quality. The action camera lens does not require additional settings and can work in standalone mode.

Thanks to this know-how, it became possible to shoot videos and take photos in motion, without fear of thermal and other damage. The quality of shooting always remains at its best. Thanks to its compact size, the camera can be mounted anywhere, and the latest models are equipped with a Wi-Fi module, which allows you to broadcast video from the camera online. Most often, such cameras are used for photography and video filming of extreme sports.

But, despite its much functionality in technical terms, it is necessary to use it correctly, and for this there are special programs that can "clean up" any picture or video material from unnecessary images, sounds, etc.

Mobile Apps (Android)

Some of the most popular devices that are used most often are smartphones with the Android operating system. They are loaded with action-camera footage and distributed on the Web, after preprocessing. For video editing and its further processing, the following programs are used:

Camera MX.

An application with an extended set of functions. With it, you can apply special effects, edit material, apply filters and layers. Convenient to use, as it can be viewed separately before applying a certain special effect. In addition, the application has a fairly powerful function for adjusting the contrast level and white balance.
Video about application features:

Camera 360 Ultimate.

The application has a rich number of shooting modes, filters, effects and functions in its arsenal. Users can make thumbnails and posters in addition to the standard use of the application. You can use built-in templates for video processing. Special attention was paid to the settings here, which will appeal to lovers of selfies. With their help, you can adjust the background, skin color, and eliminate defects. In a word, a small photoshop that is configured in advance before shooting.

Application promo video:

Better Camera.

This application harmoniously combines the functions of such programs from the manufacturer Almalence as: Night Camera, HDR Camera and HD Panorama. Ultimately, the result is a product that combines all the necessary functions, the so-called "all-in-one" collection. Various shooting modes, countless settings, screen grids, focus and shutter speed give the consumer the opportunity to experiment with images at a professional level. In shooting mode, you can use HDR effects, night and panorama modes. However, there is a fly in the ointment, all functions are available only for 30 days, after which access will be limited. You can restore it only by purchasing a licensed full version.

Better Camera Benefits Video

Camera Awesome.

The release of this application first took place in 2012, it was originally intended for iOS, but after a while it became available for Android. The main distinguishing feature is a large number of shooting modes with numerous options included. There are tools for selective editing, which allows you to apply filters and effects only in the necessary places of the photo or video. A pleasant bonus will be the slow motion mode, thanks to which it is much more interesting to look at dangerous and extreme situations.


The application has a rich set of different options and settings for editing photo materials. The interface might sound daunting, but for the sake of the editing tools it hides in, it's worth getting to grips with. The user is given the opportunity to apply filters and effects selectively, while editing the brightness and saturation using the sliders. The application is perfect for a Wi-Fi action camera, as it allows you to make instant posts to all popular social networks.

Camera FV-5.

This application has been created especially for those enthusiasts who are accustomed to working with DSLR cameras. The interface of this product is absolutely identical to that of DSLRs. Also, the application has many necessary parameters, including ISO level, focus, contrast, white balance. There is a built-in timer, which makes it possible to postpone photo and video shooting for a certain time. Also, the program allows you to take high-quality pictures with a minimum amount of light. The app allows you to experiment with the settings without changing the original information.


This app focuses more on controlling the shooting process. There are few functions for processing the finished material, but the creation itself allows you to use many shooting modes, which allows you to make unique material.

Windows Apps

As for personal computers, laptops and netbooks that run on the Windows operating system, there is also a special software for an action camera for them. There are three most popular apps:

Action Cam Movie Creator.

This software is suitable for both Windows and Mac. Has a simple and intuitive interface that will allow you to edit amazing films from the footage. In addition to standard editing, the user has the ability to overlay GPS data, slow down or speed up actions, crop and merge tracks. Also, the application will allow you to keep abreast of the latest updates, new additional options and system components.


This program is specially designed to control an action camera using Wi-Fi. You can use the application to change image settings, view footage and convert it from a memory card to a computer. Among other things, the program has a fairly varied menu with photo and video settings. In addition to the standard functions, the program allows you to change the time zone and adjust the camera without leaving the monitor screen.


Microsoft's product was introduced to the software market in August 2014, and has been a leader for three years now.The program helps to eliminate camera shake, in particular, it is important when the first person takes pictures. If the video is very long, it may be automatically shortened to a more convenient, shorter version. The program was developed not only for Windows, but is supported by smartphones running on the Android operating system. The application makes it possible to create video using cameras on the phone, but there is one drawback, if the device has less than 512 MB of memory, it is impossible to make a video in HD format. The application, which is designed for the PC, allows you to change the video in two ways. First, standard, fast processing. The second is an advanced mode designed specifically for action cameras. Also, the application has the ability to put a special "watermark" on the video, as a copyright mark. Free software existed no more than 3-4 months from the date of release. As the set of functions and options expanded, the pricing policy for the full licensed version changed.

How to shoot Hyperlapse - in the video:

Editing programs and tips for beginners

Action cam footage requires the right software to have powerful features, effects and filters in its arsenal. Another good program is Cineform Studio. This, of course, is not an application that is suitable for all occasions, but will fully satisfy the needs of athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. This is a simple tool that allows you to remove unnecessary parts of a video, apply a filter, or combine two recordings by substituting a corresponding music track for them. Unfortunately, this editor does not work in Russian, and when importing a video, you must first decode it. But these nuances are small things, because Cineform Studio is a free application that supports HD.

All programs and applications work according to the standard scheme: first you need to convert the material from the camera, then add the desired effects and save the material. Some applications, in particular those that work with an action camera online, ask permission for testing. This function is built specifically to check the network connection for image quality.

But no matter how many applications and programs for editing materials shot with an action camera, they will be useless if the video or photo itself is not interesting. Therefore, before choosing software, you need to learn how to shoot exciting scenes and compositions. Here are some tips:

  1. "Before and after". The viewer loves stories, so it's better to tell something interesting in the video or shoot the contrast of what happened before a certain event and became after it. It is much more interesting than watching an ordinary extreme stunt, which you cannot count on the net.
  2. Slow motion mode. If you slow down the most epic moments when processing video, you can add even more drama to the video material, which will have an indelible effect on the viewer.
  3. Edit videos using native programs. It's quite common to see users using professional action camera presets. But this is not always good, if the video is intended for home archives, then there are quite enough “native” programs, which greatly facilitate the editing procedure, thanks to the templates pre-installed and synchronized with a specific camera.
  4. Degree of protection. It is not known why, but the majority of action cam users use it in a waterproof box, even when there is no threat of water ingress. It should be noted that shooting video in this box reduces the sound level. Naturally, it can be replaced with a music track, but a natural and lively exclamation: "I did it!" will attract more attention and convey maximum emotions.
  5. The shorter the better. Many viewers cannot watch the video for a long time. And if before the climax there will be another 3-4 minutes of some action, then the video will be watched to the end. The optimal video track length is 1.5 minutes.This time will be just enough to show a few moments before the event, the event itself and what happened after it.
  6. A tripod can be anything. The viewers' attention is drawn to the unusual shooting angles. And since the action cameras are very compact and have an additional mount, you can use any available means instead of a tripod. Whether it's a tree, someone else's fence, or a telegraph pole.

 The harmonious combination of making the right, interesting content and using the best action camera software and apps can do amazing things. Colorful and memorable photos, positive, bright and captivating videos will be a great addition to your home library, and will also be a good memory that you can happily share with your loved ones.

A short video review of programs for editing video from action cameras: