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Best video editing software in 2020

Best video editing software in 2020

Self-editing of video clips is in high demand today. Someone wants to create a mini-film for the family archive, others want to collect more likes on youtube and similar sites using an effectively edited video, and still others want to earn money by making beautiful films about weddings and other events to order. A correctly chosen program can help in each of these cases. The rating of the best video editing software used in 2020 will help you choose the right one for yourself.

Paid or free program

As with any projects, video creation can be done using different software. Some programs provide an opportunity to "get creative" for free, others - will give a little more functionality, but at the same time they will have to pay a little for using. Separately, we can single out a group of paid programs, the development of which will take a maximum of time, but guaranteeing the user a wide range of effects and instruments. Briefly about each path:

  • Free software.

Such software is usually easy to learn. To work with it, you do not need any special characteristics of a video card or memory, and sometimes an "operating system". Suitable for those who do not consider editing clips professionally, but do it more for fun. It will not be possible to comprehend the skill of artistic editing with such "programs".

  • Lightweight paid content.

Such programs have more complex functionality in comparison with the first group, give a clearer picture, allow you to add graphics, etc. Programs like Corel VideoStudio Pro or Pinnacle Studio will take more time from the user to master.

  • The best paid software.

This path should be chosen by those who want to make video editing their profession and do not agree to remain an amateur in this area. Professional programs like After Effects, Sony Vegas Pro, Adobe Premier Pro and a number of others will allow you to create the highest quality content.

Useful Tips

  1. If in the future there is a professional video editing, then it is better to immediately pay a little more and install the best software. Because the transition from one program to another will take time to master and develop skills. Better to learn, not relearn.
  2. Do not think that spectacular clips or films will immediately turn out. To master any program, even the simplest one, will take time, hard work and, of course, a creative impulse.
  3. Before buying, study reviews on the network, look at free lessons on a particular program, this will allow you to choose a more convenient software for yourself.

The best video editing software

The choice of software for creating videos is wide, this rating includes programs that, by the sum of three parameters (functionality, interface and ease of use), demonstrate the highest rating indicators (over 8.3 on a 10-point scale).

Windows Movie Maker

The rating is opened by the program, the only one presented in the selection that has not reached the mark of 8 points. The reason for its inclusion in the rating is accessibility, the test of time, a clear interface.

The name itself suggests that the program runs on Windows "operating system", owners of modern versions (7-10) can download the software for free. And on older versions, Movie Maker was generally built-in.

Among what you can do with this program: loading source videos from various sources, applying versatile transitions and effects, creating titles and titles, cutting and joining fragments.

With it, you can create a video presentation, high-quality video clip or slideshow.

The work area is the content window, artboard, and preview area. For convenience and efficiency of work, there is a taskbar.

  • Intuitive interface;
  • Russified menu;
  • Free software.
  • Supports not all video formats;
  • Saves the result of work in wmv format;
  • Few tools.

Video instructions for working with the program:


This program is a paid one with the possibility of a test version, available within 10 days after downloading and having limited functionality. Developer: AMS Software.

Video Montage attracts with its simplicity; it takes only five stages to create a clip. Load the sources into the project, edit them, add transitions, add music and save the result. In this case, the original recording can be significantly improved, up to a radical change in the picture.

With this software, you can add titles and screensavers from the existing program base, easily trim and cut video, use built-in filters and enhancement tools. As a bonus - an extensive selection of animated transitions, fast burning to disk and the ability to upload to the Internet.

  • The interface is clear, step by step, Russified;
  • Support for over 40 video formats;
  • Large collections of intros, transitions and titles;
  • The system for improving the original video is simple and efficient in work;
  • You can edit audio tracks;
  • There is a virtual tutorial.

The bulk of the shortcomings concerns the trial version of the software:

  • You can try the program only for 10 days;
  • In the demo variation, all video clips will have the program logo;
  • It will be possible to upload videos to YouTube only after purchasing a paid program;
  • The test version also has limitations on recording video to disk.

Software cost: from 950 rubles.

How to work with the program in the video:

Corel VideoStudio Pro

Developer: Corel. You can test the "program" using a free license issued for 30 days.

This service allows you to carry out a full cycle of creating a video, including adding and editing the source, creating a new clip, burning it to disk, including getting a movie in HD quality, uploading it to the Network (YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook). It is possible to create your own templates to facilitate subsequent work.

The interface consists of three areas: capture, edit, and source material. Different sources are suitable for capturing, it can be a computer screen, an image from a TV tuner or a web camera. There are tons of built-in effects for editing, a collection of titles and transitions. The release stage makes it possible to record a video to a file, add it to a disk, start a demonstration, copy it to another connected device, upload it to the Internet.

  • The editor is multifunctional;
  • Working with various sources to capture material;
  • The ability to create a slide show;
  • Simple interface;
  • The full version of the program is installed free of charge, then you will need to purchase a key.
  • There is no Russian-language menu even after paying for the key.

The cost of the license is different - it starts from 3000 rubles.

How to work with the program - in vieo:


Video editor from Avidemux is rightfully ranked among the best among the free.With it, you can quickly edit video, remove unnecessary fragments, apply different filters, add effects. For the latter, the developers have created an impressive collection of audio and video filters. User can deinterlace, resize, remove noise from recording, IVTC. With all its functionality, the software has an easy and intuitive interface.

Among the supported formats: AVI, MPEG, MOV / M4, OGM, MKV, FLV, ASF / WMV.

The program allows you to encode video for various devices such as Phone, iPod, Microsoft Zune, PSP, which will save the size of the final file. For this, there is a set of built-in codecs (for example, xVid, x264, LAME, TwoLAME, Aften) that do not require third-party modules.

Unlike the previously described programs, Avidemux can be used not only on Windows.

  • Support for different types of files, including AVI;
  • Compatible with MPEG, MP4 and ASF files;
  • Built-in codecs;
  • There is a functional non-linear processing of records;
  • A wide range of special effects, filters (video and sound);
  • Functionality for working with subtitles;
  • Convenient command line.
  • The need to install a Russifier for the availability of the Russian menu.

Video on how to download and work in the video editor:

Pinnacle studio

The video editor, created by Pinnacle, is a semi-professional one. With it you can download and edit video files, pictures, audio recordings. Convenience in the presence of several, six - in the standard version, not limited tracks, where all the material is poured, where you can cut and glue it, apply transitions, apply filters and effects, as well as screensavers and titles.

The finished project can be saved in one of the popular formats, and in the latest versions, the functionality of uploading the finished work to the Cloud or YouTube is implemented. All this is done in one click. Needless to say, HD quality is unconditional.

With regard to the download of material, the source can be a camcorder, camera or smartphone.

Pinnacle Studio works fine on Windows older than 7, including XP.

  • Endless paths for mounting;
  • More than 1500 2D and 3D effects, titles, transitions and intros;
  • Dolby Digita quality sound;
  • Ability to create, restore or archive a project;
  • Efficiency of recording (on Blu-ray and DVD discs) and uploading (in 1 click on YouTube or in the Cloud);
  • Optimization for 64-bit systems;
  • Russian menu;
  • Availability of video tutorials for beginners.
  • Freezes are noted;
  • Registration is required to download the program;
  • The free trial requires a deposit of the order of $ 60, which will be returned within 30 days.

The cost of further use depends on the selected type of license, minimum: from 3,500 rubles.

Video on how to edit videos:

Sony Vegas Pro

Professional video editor from Sony. The trial version is available for a month after downloading.

The powerful functionality of the software forms the requirements for the PC on which it is planned to install it. Minimum parameters for work: processor 2 GHz, disk space - at least 200-500 Mb, RAM - at least 4 GB, and better if there are 8, video card - 512 Mb.

Vegas Pro works only in 64-bit version, can be installed under Windows Vista, 7 and 8.

The program allows you to capture and edit different parts of the video, arrange them at the user's discretion, cut out fragments, apply filters and effects, make music. At the same time, a multitrack format is available for editing and gluing. The finished work is recorded on Blu-Ray and DVD discs. You can edit video from several cameras at the same time, work with high-resolution material.

The interface assumes the division of the working screen into several areas. The upper one has buttons for editing and editing files, a little below - three windows horizontally, the first is for searching and downloading the necessary sources, the second is the functionality of preview and editing, the third is the current preview of the composition during editing. The lower part is a place for working with audio track and video, their temporary arrangement. The current session is easily saved.

  • Large collection of built-in effects and filters;
  • Working with a large number of formats;
  • Ability to edit video and audio;
  • Functional interface.
  • Powerful PC required;
  • There is no Russian language version.

The cost of a license key after 30 days of free operation is about $ 600.

About the basics of video editing in this editor - video:

Avid Media Composer

The program from the developer Avid Technology is used for nonlinear editing, it is even used in the film industry. It can be installed either as a separate software or as part of a software and hardware complex.

The functionality of the program allows you to make full-fledged films, while it supports external plug-ins, content in Ultra HD resolution, you can work on a project together in real time. Has an integrated effects container for editing.

The professionalism of the program will require a significant amount of space on the PC; the installer alone, in unpacked form, will take 2 GB of memory.

The interface of the program is Russified, which is already a clear plus and an exception among professional software, outwardly decorated in a gray color scheme.

There are video tutorials, phone support.

  • The widest collection of effects;
  • Russian localization;
  • Capture images from external sources;
  • A program for creating a full-fledged film, i.e. there is everything you need to create any video;
  • Flexible license payment system.
  • Helpful support and learning libraries aren't cheap, with a yearly subscription (around $ 500).
  • Long installation and launch.

Cost: Professional software does not offer a free demo. The full price of the application is about $ 1300. However, the developer allows flexible licensing, the ability to subscribe for a certain period of time (a year, two, etc.). For example, when ordering a subscription for 12 months, you will have to pay only $ 360.

More information about the editor is in the video:

Movavi Video Editor

A multifunctional video editor from Movavi is able to create video clips, videos or slideshows that are available for viewing on different devices while maintaining quality, including smartphones.

A distinctive feature of the software is a high-quality capture of source codes. And this does not only apply to videos and images. Take into work the sound from the online radio, Skype conversation - for the program it is possible. Online TV, web cameras, TV tuners and much more can act as a source of the picture.

There is a rich collection of effects and filters, subtitles for editing. You can add any audio tracks, change the playback speed of records. The project can be uploaded to DVD. The whole process - 5 stages: capture, edit, apply filters, apply transitions, save.

You can install this software on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

  • Compatible with different formats;
  • The developer posted video tutorials for beginners on the site, access to them is free;
  • Russified menu;
  • Intuitive interface;
  • The trial version is installed for free (full functionality), but is available for only 7 days.
  • Not found except for a short trial period.

Cost: from 990 rubles.

Video about working in the program:

Edius Pro

This program should be considered by those users for whom video creation is a job, because Edius Pro is a full-fledged video editing studio. The developer Grass Valley USA has implemented the ability to create videos of excellent quality using 3D effects, capturing sources from any source and placing finished projects on various devices, including AVCHD format.

The program makes it possible to carry out nonlinear editing, import any modern formats, apply various effects, and quickly export the final project.

We can say that the program has no limitations in its functionality, and it is almost impossible to master everything on your own. Therefore, you can find training lessons on the net. It is better to start mastering the software in stages, from basic functions to the gradual application of specific chips.

The program menu is partially Russified.

  • Work with 4K format;
  • Convenient mounting track;
  • The ability to obtain sources in real time;
  • Compatibility with other software.
  • There are no functional ones.

Cost: you can try the program for free for a month, further purchase of a license will cost 50,000 rubles.


Adobe Premiere Pro

A professional editor from Adobe is suitable for processing and editing any video.

The use of this software with an additionally installed base of effects (Adobe After Effects) will allow you to create incredible video in terms of picture and quality, but it will also require a lot of resources from a PC: Adobe Premiere Pro Intel Core2 Duo or AMD Phenom processor, Windows 7 (64 bit), Operative - at least 4 GB and the same amount of disk space, screen expansion 1280 × 900 pixels.

The editor makes it possible to capture images from various sources, edit video recordings and audio tracks in multitrack mode, using effects from an extensive database. The software supports VST plugins and 5.1 surround audio tracks.

The interface assumes two panels, one for working with separate tracks, the other - with the project as a whole. Below there is a multitrack area, where all sources, audio tracks, files necessary for the created video are placed.

  • High quality inherent in the process of creating a project at all stages;
  • Real time work;
  • Support for all modern formats;
  • Free installation.
  • Serious requirements for a PC, not suitable for every device;
  • English menu
  • The trial version is available for a month after downloading.

Cost: a license for a month will cost about 1,300 rubles.

Video about popular transitions in the editor:

This list is far from exhaustive, so if among the best of the best nothing fit in terms of parameters or did not suit the price, then you can look for other options, including: VideoPad Video Editor, WOMBLE MPEG VIDEO WIZARD, Lightworks, VSDC Free Video Editor, Camtasia Studio, VirtualDub, ZS4 Video Editor.

Whichever video editing software is chosen, it will take time and a desire to create video masterpieces to comprehend all the nuances.

What video editing software do you use?