1. What is a laser engraver useful for?
  2. Criteria for choosing a good laser engraver
  3. Advantages of laser engravers from China over other models
  4. The best versatile laser engravers
  5. Best Mini Laser Engravers

Best laser engravers from China in 2020

Best laser engravers from China in 2020

Engraving is the application of a drawing, lettering or ornament to any surface. The engraver easily allows you to realize your fantasies in stone, on metal or wood, glass objects. More and more people are joining the ranks of engravers, making this exciting activity a favorite hobby that helps in self-realization, or a lucrative job that allows you to earn good money. The rating of the best laser engravers from China will help the master choose the right tool.

What is a laser engraver useful for?

Of course, a laser engraver is not a necessity. However, in some cases it turns out to be completely irreplaceable. With the help of a laser built into the device, an inscription or drawings can be applied to almost any surface in a non-contact way. The beam processes different hard surfaces with equal ease, and the applied image does not fade over time.

When is a laser engraver needed:

  1. Creation of souvenirs and promotional items;
  2. Creation of textured inscriptions on mugs and pens, engraving of corporate emblems: logos worked out in this way look very stylish;
  3. Home decor: with the help of an engraver, you can decorate not only key chains and jewelry, but also vases, photo frames;
  4. For engraving award cups, commemorative medals, diplomas and certificates.

Criteria for choosing a good laser engraver

Buying an engraver is not a cheap purchase, however, the buyer does not plan to throw it away after the first season of operation. In order for the device to please its owner, to serve faithfully for more than one year, it is worth relying not only on the rating of quality goods, but also on the main characteristics of the device.

The main difference in laser engravers on the Chinese market is the class of use. Heavy and voluminous CNC machines are designed more for streaming production, while their mini-cousins ​​will perfectly take root in a small home workshop. Models from the category "for yourself" are usually connected to a computer and are not suitable for working with pure metals and PVC surfaces. However, they will decorate wood, glass and even cardboard in accordance with the taste of the owner with ease.

When choosing a laser engraver, in addition to the area of ​​purpose and application, the following points should be considered:

  • Emitter power - the higher it is, the harder surfaces the engraver can work with;
  • The quality of the components - they will make the use of the device truly convenient;
  • Date of manufacture of the glass tube - the fact is that after two years, even if the device has never been used, the glass will retain gas worse, which will certainly affect the power of the product;
  • Type of emitter and method of focusing the laser beam;
  • The presence of a cooling system - in its absence, the model will not work for a long time;
  • Interface - it should be simple and clear.

Advantages of laser engravers from China over other models

Today China is not just a Third World country, it is the main place for the production of goods of various kinds. China manufactures clothes and toys, quality cell phones, home appliances and tools. Online stores made the purchase of goods from the Middle Kingdom affordable, today buying from Aliexpress is a completely normal phenomenon, when purchasing goods from sellers with a high rating, the buyer not only does not risk anything, but also gets an excellent opportunity to save money. For the price, goods here are many times more affordable than on store shelves.

In addition to affordability, Chinese engravers have many other advantages over American models:

  • The glass tubes that supply gas always bear the date of manufacture and installation, the user does not buy a pig in a poke;
  • The Americans are installing laser tubes in a metal case. This makes the device more expensive, but has no practical benefit, the tubes are well protected from external injuries;
  • Chinese engravers are a priori equipped with all the necessary software, which cannot be said about the models of companies from other countries.

Thus, the question of which company is better to buy a laser engraver, and most importantly, which country of origin, becomes easily resolved: the Chinese save on some components, but they do it quite deliberately and intelligently, preferring to invest money in what is really capable of doing the goods are of better quality.

The best versatile laser engravers

This category includes the best manufacturers of laser engravers using diodes for operation. These tools are suitable for both professional use and home use. The popular models presented in the rating have a wide functionality and are able to handle a large number of different types of surfaces:

  • Wood;
  • PVC and plastic;
  • Paper and cardboard;
  • Leather;
  • Glass;
  • Aluminum;
  • Rubber.

When working with the equipment, it is necessary to observe safety precautions: when processing any surfaces, be sure to wear glasses (they almost always come with the engraver), there must be good ventilation in the work room, since the tool often creates clouds of smoke when working.

5th place - Feungsake 4050

Great CNC expanding bezel machine to work with. The maximum surface area to be machined with the engraver is approximately 100 cm2, this is quite a lot for this type of device, which allows you to embody the most daring plans of the happy owner. The popularity of Feungsake models is due to the presence of various modifications: depending on the needs and financial capabilities, everyone will choose an engraver for themselves: in terms of laser power, engravers can vary from 500 mW to 1.5 W. Detailed assembly instructions and software are carefully recorded by the manufacturer on a USB flash drive and come complete with the engraver.

Average price - from 9000 for the model with the minimum laser power.

  • A wide range of modifications: everyone can choose a model to suit their needs;
  • Instructions and software are recorded on a USB flash drive, are included;
  • Filigree work on the decoration of various materials;
  • Clear and user-friendly interface.
  • Flimsy stop frame, breaks easily over time.

4th place - Moski-MSQ Laser AS-5

If the user wondered how to choose the ideal, but budget model in terms of price-quality ratio, Moski-MSQ Laser AS-5 will be a worthy solution to the task.This engraver has a high laser power, in addition to wood and cardboard, it can cut the surface of metal alloys (monolithic metals are still too tough for him). The advantages of the device include both high speed of operation and excellent assembly. All components are made of high quality plastic, some parts are 3D printed. The model does not have the largest surface coverage for work - only 14 x 20 cm, but this drawback can be easily eliminated in a couple of minutes.

How much it costs - from 23,000 rubles.

  • Laser power - 15 W;
  • Perfect price-quality ratio;
  • High build class;
  • Easy to install;
  • High quality engraving even on metal.
  • The software needs polishing;
  • Small working area;
  • There is no workpiece fixing mechanism.

3rd place - YZJGDKJ

YZJGDKJ is one of the best engravers that can be ordered on the Aliexpress online platform. The engraver has an excellent working field - 100 cm2, another of its features is strength, the frame is made of metal. Thanks to the power control function, it is possible to achieve a halftone effect when engraving, which is especially important when working with drawings and transferring a photograph to harder surfaces. The software for the device is supplied in a bundle, it has practically no drawbacks: everything is convenient and maximally adapted to the user. YZJGDKJ can be connected to a computer via a standard USB port and work almost like with a standard printer: the model supports printing images in JPEG, BMP, SPG formats.

The average price is 23,000 rubles.

  • High-quality assembly;
  • Well-developed software;
  • Wide working field;
  • Ability to connect to a computer and print images of all standard formats;
  • Power adjustment function.
  • The machine does not process extra-hard surfaces such as stone, ceramics, solid metal, glass.

2nd place - Feungsake PD271

The Feungsake PD271 laser engraver is not in vain occupying the honorable second line of the rating. At a low price, the model has good power - as much as 15 W, copes well with engraving glass, wood, metals, leather and plastic. The device has an extensive working area - 100 x 100 cm, works quickly, but efficiently. If you want to apply a drawing on a more delicate surface, you just need to adjust the power - fortunately, this option is provided here. At minimum values, using the engraver, you can set not only the main picture, but also the background one. Happy owners of Feungsake PD271 note the high quality of components and assembly, the software can be called exemplary.

How much it costs - from 23,000 rubles.

  • High power, this indicator can be adjusted depending on the planned result;
  • High-quality assembly and components;
  • Large work surface;
  • High quality laser work.
  • Not found.

1st place - Vassal 5065

The winner of the rating can rightfully be called the laser engraver model Vassal 5065. This engraver is an inexpensive device in the rating, but despite this, it is in no way inferior in quality to its more materially valuable brothers. The main area of ​​the engraver's work is small-sized souvenirs, since the working field is only 5x6.5 cm. The engraving quality deserves special attention: the device will draw hundreds of shades of gray, bringing the image closer to the ideal version. The software comes bundled, it is not as simple as in the previous rating models, but much more functional if you look at it. With the help of a special program, you can not only change the power of the device, but also adjust the focus.

The average price is 17,000 rubles.

  • Ideal model for small souvenirs, key rings;
  • Excellent print quality of images;
  • Power and focus control;
  • Suitable for working with wood, cardboard, leather and paper, leaves a mark on gold and silver items.
  • Do not work with stone, ceramics and dense metals.

Best Mini Laser Engravers

If a laser engraver is needed exclusively for home use, and it will be used no more than a couple of hours a day, it is not necessary to pay a lot of money. Budget mini-engravers will perfectly cope with such a task; they are assembled using a less expensive laser module.

In addition to this difference from universal models, mini-engravers do not have rotating mechanisms and a vacuum table in the package, the cooling system is either absent at all, or is not efficient enough. When wondering which engraver is better to buy, it is advisable to proceed from how often and how much you plan to use it. If the answer is no more than a couple of times a week, the power and functionality of the mini-engraver will be more than enough.

2nd place - KKMoon engraving machine

The most simple and easy-to-use mini-engraver: just define the type of surface on which you want to apply a drawing or inscription, and press the "Start" button. The power of the device is not adjustable, so the image quality will be quite average. Another drawback is the long operating time - however, for individual use, speed is not so important, this problem is more than compensated for by the low price of the product.

The average cost is 5,000 rubles.

  • Affordable price;
  • High-quality assembly;
  • Good heat dissipation;
  • Simple controls.
  • Low engraving speed;
  • Take a break from work every half hour.

1st place - NEJE 1000 MBT

Mini engravers will certainly decorate your home workshop, adding an element of additional exclusivity and elegance to Hand-made products. At the same time, it is not necessary to spend all your savings on such a purchase: the NEJE MBT model will save money and at the same time will become an excellent assistant in creativity. The device is especially good for DIY engraving, it has a small working surface - 38 x 38 mm, high-quality assembly and with careful handling will last for many years.

The average price is 3,500 rubles.

  • Excellent value for money;
  • Good at DIY engraving;
  • Robust construction;
  • Bundled software;
  • High speed printing for home engraver;
  • Works with wood and bamboo, plastic, leather and cardboard.
  • Small work surface.

Summing up, we can make an unambiguous conclusion: China is developing by leaps and bounds, and today claims to be the leader in the laser engraver market. You should not be afraid to purchase Chinese models, they are in no way inferior in quality to goods from the USA, and the price will be much lower.