1. How to choose a children's camp?
  2. Rating of the best children's camps in the Leningrad region
  3. Conclusion

The best children's camps in the Leningrad region in 2020

The best children's camps in the Leningrad region in 2020

Childhood is a carefree time filled with bright and happy emotions. This is the time that will forever remain in memory as the brightest and most joyful. And parents play the role of a magician who teaches life, rules and fulfills wishes.

It depends on the parents whether the trip to the camp becomes a ticket to an exciting adventure or turns into the worst nightmare and unpleasant memories. Therefore, before sending your beloved child to the camp, you should sit down and carefully study the rating of the best camps. In our article we will highlight all the most popular and well-proven camps in the Leningrad Region.

How to choose a children's camp?

When summer comes or the holidays are imminent, I want the child not to sit at home at the computer or in front of the TV, but spend his leisure time richly and unforgettable. The children's camp will give you the opportunity to fully recharge with emotions, make new friends and get unforgettable impressions, the main thing is to choose the right institution to which you will entrust your child. What parameters should we start from?

The main thing is to decide on the direction of the camp. The options will be listed below.

Types of camps

  1. Profile. These are camps where the emphasis is on some area, such as mathematics, art or literature. In these institutions, a rich program is selected, aimed at expanding the horizons.
  2. Thematic. Places of such a plan will be very interesting for creative kids, as they are role-playing, plunging into an invented world. A child can feel like a young actor and who knows, maybe he will discover the makings of a future talent.
  3. Sports and fitness. Everything is clear here, as the emphasis is on sports and fitness. In such places you can play football, basketball, dancing, tennis, etc.
  4. Wellness general orientation. In these camps, a varied program is created, where an abundance of activities will make the child's stay fun and bright. Sports activities are harmoniously combined with creative circles, and each young creature will be able to show their individuality in this or that business.
  5. Children's camps of a sanatorium type. An excellent option for children suffering from various diseases. Here, the most important thing is to provide its guests with disease prevention and focus on health improvement. In addition to treatment, children will find standard camp entertainment, such as gatherings around the fire and friendly songs.

Rating of the best children's camps in the Leningrad region

Children's health camp "Chaika"

If you do not want your child to be left on his own during the holidays while you work, then you should take a closer look at the Chaika health camp located in the Priozersky district. The camp is intended for children from 6 to 16 years old.The formation of detachments occurs according to the standard principle, that is, according to age. Each shift comes up with its own individual role-playing game designed to grab the child's attention and give him a whole range of colorful emotions.

In addition to impressions, there are various sports events in "The Seagull". Any child will be able to prove themselves in football, checkers, volleyball, fun starts, dancing, etc.

The territory of the camp is very well-groomed, tall pines grow everywhere and the air is filled with delightful forest freshness. Five meals a day, perfectly balanced and reminiscent of a homemade menu. With the help of the social network Contact, you can track what your child was doing on that day, as reports in the form of photos and videos are posted daily in the "Seagull" group.

The cost of the camp, if you book in advance 23,000 rubles per shift. Then the price increases.

  • Beautiful nature, lots of berries, fresh air;
  • Has its own equipped beach;
  • Role-playing program;
  • Delicious food;
  • Excellent infrastructure.
  • Slow Internet.

Children's camp Signal operator

The children's camp "Svyazist" is located 70 kilometers from St. Petersburg, surrounded by a picturesque pine forest. The location is ideal for children's health, since in addition to being conveniently close to the forest, there is also Petrovskoe Lake. Clean air filled with pine scent and watery freshness will benefit any growing body. The institution has existed for 60 years, it got its name "Svyazist" because earlier the children of the telephone line workers rested here.

The territory is very large, it can even be called huge and conditionally there is a division into "Upper" and "Lower" bases. Accommodation can be in four or five storey buildings, houses or cottages. Meals, as in most camps, are five times a day.

From the entertainment in the camp there is a rope park, where there is a tempting tower, a climbing wall and three types of trails (for children, adults and trolleys). There is a cinema room, Turkish and Finnish saunas, barbecue area.

In general, children's rest depends on the chosen program. For example, the rest can be in the style of "Vikings" and will be entirely devoted to this intriguing topic, that is, there will be hiking, archery and a lot of interesting things. So choose programs that suit your child's taste and the success of your stay in the camp will be ensured.

In summer, the price per shift varies from 30,000 to 46,000 rubles. In another season, the price tag drops sharply.

  • Excellent location;
  • Wonderful food;
  • Well-organized rest
  • Active pastime in the fresh air.
  • Completing units with different ages;
  • Little time allotted for hygiene procedures.

Children's sanatorium health camp "Volna"

For 30 years the health camp "Volna" has been opening its doors for children. The location of "Volna" is perfect for those parents who are eager to send their kids to the bosom of nature. Around the enchanting beauty of the forest and as many as seven lakes! Natural beauty will forever remain in the memory of children, along with vivid impressions that they will take with them, leaving this place.

The institution has created all the conditions for intellectual and physical development, in addition, the medical and recreational facilities are at a high level. Particular emphasis is placed on the treatment, recovery and prevention of scoliosis and respiratory organs. The counselors skillfully create a friendly and fun atmosphere, which positively affects the mood of the children. In the camp there are specialized units and ordinary ones, so there is a choice of where to determine the child. They feed well and no one will leave the table hungry.

The full cost of a camp voucher is 47450 rubles. If there is compensation, then the price is reduced.

  • Amazing nature;
  • A large number of different circles;
  • Good counselors;
  • Interesting programs;
  • There are photographers and you can take pictures for memory.
  • Beach and bathing area leave a lot to be desired.

Haglar in the Leningrad region

If you want your treasure not only to have a good rest and frolic with peers, but also to gain additional knowledge of the English language, then you should take a closer look at "Haglar". This camp is located in the Priozersk region and is ready to accept children from 7 to 17 years old. The territory has increased security measures, there are surveillance cameras everywhere, medical workers carefully check the health of all their wards.

English is taught in groups of up to 12 people, there are distinctions by age and level of knowledge. After a shift carried out with a thorough and exciting study of a foreign language, the child at school will learn this subject much better. There are also developing clubs of interest, for example sports, music, board games, acting, etc. Meals are usually five times a day.

The cost of a shift in the camp is 34,400 rubles.

  • Comfortable accommodation;
  • Wonderful nature;
  • High security;
  • The English language studying;
  • Professional approach to children's leisure;
  • Excellent counselors.
  • There are interruptions in water, sometimes cold or hot.

Children's camp Meridian (Belaya Polyana)

This institution won first place in 2018 for the best organization of summer wellness holidays. Resting there, you immerse yourself in a magical world.

The camp is located in a beautiful pine forest, not far from a pretty lake and a small horse farm. On the territory there are grounds for various sports games, and a wide selection of appropriate equipment is also provided.

A dining room in the form of a large club, there is a dining room, a cinema and concert hall, a disco, a library, a cafe "Etiquette-club" and an electronic game library. Children are offered a good selection of various studios and hobby groups. The lake is equipped with a swimming pool and a boat station, the attached beach is sandy and clean.

Unlike most camps, Meridian offers six meals a day with lots of vegetables and fruits. During each shift, themed games, interesting contests, colorful celebrations, heart-to-heart gatherings around the fire, musical and literary evenings, orienteering and much more are organized. Thanks to such a rich program, each child can reveal his individual abilities, find what he likes best and best at it.

The cost without a certificate is 45,600 rubles. Taking into account the certificate 29681 rubles.

  • Good location;
  • Diverse food;
  • Lots of fun activities;
  • There are equestrian sports;
  • There is a tourism section;
  • Excellent security.
  • Poorly catches the network;
  • It takes more than 3 hours to get from St. Petersburg to the place.

Children's camp Nordic School

Nordic School is one of the most comfortable camps. It is intended for children from 7 to 17 years old. Location in the village of Losevo. The infrastructure is rich, as there are different options for saunas, a swimming pool, mini-golf, football and basketball fields, a dance hall, a gym, billiards, table tennis and a tavern. Check-in takes place for 2-3 people, that is, with comfort. Each room is renovated and has a refrigerator, TV, hairdryer and other benefits of civilization inside. Meals are five times a day and according to the "buffet" system, only the dream book is portioned.

Staying there is like diving into a fairy tale. Well, how else, if the Nordic School comes up with stunning programs that immerse you in another world. For example, "Heads and Tails" allows you to learn the culinary secrets of different countries, increase the level of knowledge of a foreign language, teach how to create attractive things, and much more.

The pleasing variety of master classes allows you to discover new hobbies such as soap making, manicure, visage, fashion design, real pizza making, decoupage, origami, pottery, etc. Nordic School is a world of opportunities and personal discoveries. Many children, having been there once, are eager to come back again and again.

The spring shift costs 26,500 rubles. Summer will be higher.

  • Delightful nature;
  • Rich infrastructure;
  • Bright programs;
  • Modern rooms with European-quality renovation;
  • Lots of master classes;
  • Delicious food.
  • No flaws to find.


Having finally decided for yourself that you want to send your child to camp, do not forget to ask him about his preferences and ideas about what the rest should be. All kids are different, and if one is interested in a sports bias, then another may be interested in English, acting transformations or an ordinary camp where you can find wonderful friends.

Usually the number of days of stay in the camp varies from 21 to 28 days, but nowadays in many institutions it is possible to choose the duration of the shift yourself, and it can be equal to one or two weeks. At the same time, one must not forget that there is always a period of adaptation and the first days, as a rule, the child can be homesick, so by sending him for a week, you risk giving him depression and stress, instead of pleasure and joy.

If your offspring is still too young, then there is a reason not to send him too far from home, but to choose a camp located near you. But the most successful location of children's recreation places is the bosom of nature, those corners of the world where there is forest, lakes and fresh air. Indeed, for any person, regardless of age, it will be useful to break out of the world of modern concrete-glass cities into clean zones filled with the pristine beauty of nature.

And finally, a little about if your child wants to leave the camp: