1. Really possible income
  2. What is the essence of making money? TOP factors
  3. The best ways to make money on YouTube
  4. Where to begin? Step by step guide for beginners

How to make money on YouTube? Rating of the best ways for 2020

How to make money on YouTube? Rating of the best ways for 2020

Blogging (vlogging) has become so widespread that even young children have successfully entered the field. There are many stories on the web that tell how little vloggers make more money than their parents together.

Really possible income

Today, YouTube video hosting is the most affordable method of making money on the Web, since almost any person has a PC and other devices with a camera, which makes it possible to record videos and publish them on their own channel without much difficulty.

Everyone knows that every day most of the users do not miss the opportunity to transform their own knowledge and experience in the field of video recording into an auxiliary or even the main source of profit, which can be organized completely without investment.

By the way, the size of the aforementioned profit has no boundaries, since everyone is capable of making money on YouTube videos: a student, a person of retirement age, an employee of a company, and even a successful entrepreneur.

If you believe the statistics, most of the bloggers are the owners of their YouTube channels, who receive no more than $ 500 per month from a common video hosting. If the user's profit here passes the mark of a thousand dollars, then he already has the opportunity to be considered a professional in the field of moneymaking.

It takes a lot of hard work and training to reach this profit target.

What is the essence of making money? TOP factors

If a user has a desire to earn decent sums through YouTube video hosting, then he needs to carefully study the factors described below.

Do not lose sight of them, otherwise you will have to get stuck in one place with dreams of good profits.

Profitability of the sphere

This is the most key factor that the user needs to take into account in advance - even before registering their own YouTube channel or before creating the first videos. It means that a beginner blogger needs to decide on a "profitable" topic in which he is going to run his own blog. For example, according to the "classic", profitable areas on the Web are considered to be:

  1. Entrepreneurial activity;
  2. Financing;
  3. Earnings on the Internet;
  4. Construction site;
  5. Medicine.

Conversely, if a newbie is going to blog on the topic of cooking, do-it-yourself embroidery or gardening, then he will probably be able to reach an extremely small income. What's the matter? The fact that the key profit on video hosting goes to bloggers from advertising placed in their videos.

In this regard, the higher the cost of advertising, the more income the blogger has. In "profitable" topics, advertising is very expensive, because here the income of advertisers is much higher when compared with "budget" topics.

By the way, in vain most users believe that if they know how to embroider, collect something interesting or fish, then they should definitely create videos on this topic, because they have experience. This is a false point of view. In reality, the market makes a decision about what is in demand today and what is not. It is for this reason that it is necessary to make videos on the most popular "expensive" topics.

Content quality

Everyone wants to get the best, because of what in no case looks at the "freebie" if there is any analogue. In this regard, the quality of videos and, in general, serious work on their own YouTube channel are a guarantee of the long-term demand for custom videos and, as a result, increase in profits.

Don't make your own “no soul” videos. There is a saying here: "better less, but better!"

When a beginner video blogger is faced with a choice - to record a dozen low-quality videos or a couple of worthwhile ones, it will be advisable to choose the latter. Experts always recommend that you record videos with enthusiasm, work hard to ensure that they have a well-thought-out structure and, if necessary, titles and various effects.

The essence of working on the quality of videos is similar to writing an article - they literally have to be grounded, structured and extremely responsive to the wishes of the audience. Views of videos on the user channel in such a situation will be colossal.

Statistics show that quality is better than numbers anyway, particularly when it comes to videos.

Correctly selected SEO keys

It will not be superfluous to remember such a formulation as "relevance", in other words, the ratio of the content of the video to its description. If a blogger has a video about how to do gardening, and the title contains “the best music tracks of the year,” then, of course, people will instantly leave such a channel and in no case will return to it.

For this reason, you need to choose the right keys for the title and description of your own videos. Thus, the audience can easily find them and subscribe to a high-quality and interesting channel.

In the end, the goal of a video blogger is to turn his channel guests into a regular audience and subscribers. By the way, in order to attract auxiliary traffic to YouTube, today it is possible to synchronize the channel with different social networks.

Systematic release of videos

There is a great phrase: "Consistency of the result is the guarantee of professionalism." The beginner's goal should not be an idea - just record a dozen or two videos in the first 7 days after registering your own channel and “score” on it for a couple of months, but post your own videos systematically!

Ideally, if a blogger publishes high quality content in a small volume, for example, a couple of videos a week, but publishes them regularly, and not uploads 10 videos at a time and forgets about the channel. It is the systematic publication of content that is the main helper for making money on YouTube, as it means that the blogger is thinking about his own subscribers. YouTube "feels" it. As a result, the audience of the user channel itself often looks closely at the time of the video release and prefers to subscribe to channels in which the content is always updated.

Number of video views

This is the most "transparent" and fair factor, calculated with incredible ease. It means that the revenue from advertising on the user channel is predictable anyway.

There is an almost direct relationship between the number of video views and the blogger's profit. In other words, the higher the number of views a channel has for a certain time, the higher the amount of recovered profit. Understanding this connection, a beginner has the opportunity to monitor how his channel “grows” by leaps and bounds while systematically posting good and informative content.

The more videos and views, the more famous the channel and the more income!

Monetization methods

We continue to analyze this topic. Now let's dwell, in fact, on making money in video hosting.

For a better understanding, you can imagine that the user already has a YouTube channel with excellent traffic, for example, it has 30 videos and the total number of views is more than 10 thousand per day. Good enough result. However, if a blogger does not monetize his content, in other words, he has not done anything yet that would help him earn money on his channel, then he does not carry monetary value from the point of view of trading performance.

A newbie can monetize his own channel with advertising offered directly by video hosting (contextual advertising), and by other methods, for example, by promoting his own products or services. More details about what are the best methods of monetizing your channel, as well as a description of their advantages and disadvantages, is written below.

Monetization quality

Let's say a beginner blogger already knows exactly how he is going to make money on his own videos, but this is only stage 1. The second will be the competent distribution of monetization funds. For example, if a blogger has decided that he will receive income from the channel through affiliate programs, then it would be advisable for him to think about how exactly he will “insert” the products of partners so that the maximum number of channel subscribers will acquire it.

The best ways to make money on YouTube

Now comes the fun part! Below are the best ways to make money on a YouTube channel for 2020, as well as what actions you need to take to get the maximum amount of profit with the current number of visits.

Simply put, one and the same channel is capable of "giving" with the same number of visits both a thousand rubles per month and a thousand rubles a day!

Direct advertising in commercials

Direct advertising is the image at the beginning of the video, it can be a watermark, text or other mention of a company, product or service of the advertiser with whom the blogger cooperates. For example, a newbie runs his own blog on tourism in European countries. In this case, at the beginning of any video, he has the opportunity to overlay an image lasting a few seconds with an advertisement of a travel agency specializing in the implementation of tours to European countries and the provision of related services.

A blogger can receive money for such an advertisement, for example, at a pre-agreed rate for publication both in one video and in several videos on a specific topic.

  • Excellent profit;
  • Possibility to request an advance payment.
  • You will have to spend colossal time and put a lot of effort into dialogues, pondering the plot, “finishing” negative comments, resolving conflict situations, etc.

Contextual advertising from Google

These advertisements include emerging messages that correspond to the theme of custom videos. Directly video hosting automatically adjusts them to the blogger's videos. Following this, the user receives payment for each click on such a message.

This method is the simplest and most famous!

But, more often than not, it is not the most profitable, despite the fact that the profit that comes from audience clicks on contextual advertising is considered to be the best in terms of stability.

  • The simplest and most popular method;
  • Nothing prevents you from plunging into creativity.
  • Not the most profitable;
  • The smallest withdrawal limit is $ 100;
  • Small profit per click;
  • It is uncomfortable to withdraw money;
  • You cannot take an advance payment.

Selling your own products or offering services

Guided by the points of view of successful bloggers, it is possible to say with confidence that this method is the most cost-effective in this rating. For example, if you make money through contextual advertising, then the blogger will receive only a smaller share of the funds at the expense of which the advertiser sells his own products or services, which means that it is profitable for him!

Selling their own products, of course, the blogger takes "all the jackpot" that can be obtained through advertising. With this, everything is clear. If you look at YouTube revenue from the perspective of an advertiser, it is sometimes more efficient to publish your own ads on other channels (using other people's videos) than to receive income from third-party advertising and receive modest funds for clicks.

  • Most cost effective method;
  • Money can be transferred to a bank or electronic payment systems.
  • Not detected.

Affiliate programs

Affiliate programs are an excellent source of income for channels with a narrow focus and a high number of visits.

If, for one reason or another, the user does not want to sell his products or offer services, then it is possible to promote products of other authors through his own channel that correspond to the topics of the user's blog.

For this purpose, it is possible to publish links of partners and notifications in your own videos, after which you can take away the commission earned with blood and sweat from each partner sale, the volume of which today fluctuates within 40-100 percent.

  • A good kind of earnings for channels with a narrow focus;
  • The price of advertisements is significantly higher than that of other methods;
  • Videos similar to the blogger's content will start showing his ads;
  • The minimum withdrawal threshold often starts at $ 0.50;
  • Most often, the customer support service is in Russian;
  • The money earned can be withdrawn through various electronic payment systems or to the card of your bank;
  • The presence of a referral system.
  • To make money using this method, you need the newbie's channel to meet the rules for the number of subscribers and views.

Profit from other people's videos

It is possible to make money through video hosting even without creating your own content. To this end, the user will need to find the necessary videos and publish them on their own channel, and after any of the above methods, put them on monetization.

  • You don't need to create your own content, which saves time.
  • The user does not promote himself, which means he loses his audience;
  • Possible statements of claim regarding the violation of the author's rights;
  • At any time, the video hosting directly is able to delete all videos and ban the channel;
  • The inability to competently organize the theme of your own videos and their plot, since the videos are not copyrighted.

Mixed way of making money (own blog with YouTube channel)

This combination makes it possible to increase the traffic volume and generate auxiliary income opportunities.

The principle of the method is simple. For example, if a beginner has his own blog on the WordPress engine, then from there he has the ability to redirect traffic from the channel and back. If the user has configured the synchronization of his blogs with social networks, then this will enable his blogs to "change" the audience.

  • You can increase your traffic and generate supportive revenue opportunities.
  • Not detected.

Where to begin? Step by step guide for beginners

These are straightforward actions containing three easy steps:

Stage 1 - channel registration

You need to register your own profile with Google, as YouTube is the property of Google.

Stage 2 - channel design and adding videos

The main thing is not to forget that you do not need to upload videos of other authors to your own channel, because for this reason you can instantly be banned, and all the activities of a novice blogger will be in vain. After registration, the user will have his own channel in the video hosting.

Following this, it is necessary to "put in order" and add videos, which are later planned to be displayed for monetization.

To design a channel, you need to click on the channel design icon and select the appropriate image in order to make the header of the custom channel look more attractive. A blogger has the opportunity to put just a suitable image and order a design for his own channel from professionals with a personal logo and in a specific style. This will take some investment and time, but the credibility of such a channel will be much better, as evidenced by the statistics of successful bloggers.

Stage 3 - monetization

To bring the channel to monetization, you can use the function directly integrated into the video hosting.

To do this, you need to go to the official YouTube website and find it in the "My Channel" menu. After that, you need to click on "Video Manager". In the window that appears, click on "Channel" - "Status and functions". In the window that opens, find the "Monetization" function, but do not rush "Apply" for now. Following this, again go to the "Channel" tab and in the drop-down menu "Country" find and select "USA".

The fact is that in this way it will be easier to pass moderation on YouTube and bring the channel to monetization. After that, you should go to "Status and functions". After that, the “Enable” icon should appear next to the “Monetization” item. If everything was done correctly, then after a certain period of time the application submitted by the novice blogger will be moderated and the user will be sent a notification with confirmation.

That's all. Now any person who has read this article to the end knows how to make money on YouTube in 2020.