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  2. Main characteristics
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HTC Desire 12s: Review of a stylish smartphone with a decent filling

HTC Desire 12s: Review of a stylish smartphone with a decent filling

In recent years, the Taiwanese company HTC has been producing rather expensive gadgets. Although at the initial stage of their promotion, they could surprise customers with an attractive appearance, as well as worthwhile hardware, and all this at a low cost. Given these factors, this company could easily compete with such IT industry weightlifters as Samsung, Sony, Nokia and so on. But, unfortunately, the time and the excessively high cost of the devices did not work in their favor and the company's popularity began to fade.

In order to avoid disastrous results, the guys from HTC decided to attract the attention of more mundane customers, namely those whose pocket did not crack under the pressure of banknotes and those who could afford an inexpensive device. For this, the company has developed the HTC Desire 12s - a solid device at a relatively low cost.

Cute wrapper

The smartphone comes in completely different packaging than today's phones. The box looks interesting - it has a rectangular shape and is painted in shaded colors. On the main side there is an inscription of the model and series of the smartphone, and on the other side there is basic information about the device. The contents of the package are quite obvious - in addition to the device itself, there is a necessary charger, headphones, a clip for a SIM card and a USB cable.

Main characteristics

According to the documentation, this smartphone is equipped with a 5.7-inch HD plus screen, and its resolution is 1440x720 (18: 9). The main executive body of the gadget is an 8-core powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 processor, which has an Adreno 505 graphics chip. In addition, the smartphone has 4 gigabytes of RAM, and the built-in memory is 64 GB. It is also possible to expand the memory using a flash drive, which will give a volume of 3 TB. The cameras of this device are not particularly remarkable - 13 MP for the main one and 13 MP for the front one. The battery here is quite passable and it has 3050 mAh. In general, the functionality of the phone is decent and runs under the leadership of the Android 8.1 operating system.

Detailed specifications

The main
LineDesire 12 S
operating systemAndroid 8.1 oreo
RAM of the device4 GB
Main memory64 GB
Flash-cardMicro SD - up to 2 TB
SIM typeNano-SIM and Micro-SIM
Number of cards2
CPUQualcomm Snapdragon 435
Number of Cores8
CPU frequency1.4 GHz
Battery capacity3050 mAh
Display diagonal05.07.2018
Display Resolution1440x720
Matrix typeIPS type
Brightness adjustment levelPresent
Main camera, MP13 megapixels
FilmingFull HD 1080p
Camera flashLED function
Front camera, MP13 megapixels
Communication system
Communication data transmissionGPRS-EDGE-3G-LTE
Wi-Fi system802.12 (2.4 GHz)
Bluetooth technology30.01.1900
GPS navigationPresent
Sound connector3.5 mm
nfsIs absent
Main connectorUSB 2.1
Smartphone body
Overall dimensions154x72.7x8.3
Weight150 grams
Moisture protectionIs absent
A typemonoblock
KeyboardSensory system
HTC Desire 12s

Smartphone design and assembly

Having carefully examined the phone, it creates a generally good impression. Despite the fact that the Desire 12s is made of inexpensive materials (the developers decided to save on this), the case looks clear. The main composition was plastic and this solution has several disadvantages. On the one hand, one can note the colorfulness, as well as the brilliant effect of the case, which is very conspicuous, but this option has pitfalls. After holding the smartphone in your hands for a while, you can notice clearly expressed fingerprints, which are hard to wipe off such material every time. It is also worth noting that on such a case, various scratches, abrasions and other roughness will appear well over time, therefore, in order to avoid unwanted "jambs", you can protect the case with a stylish cover.

The rest of the body is arranged perfectly - it has a slightly rounded shape, that is, the corners of the phone are noticeably smoothed. This approach makes it possible to comfortably, and most importantly, safely hold the gadget in your hand.

HTC in this phone is satisfied with the aspect ratio of 18: 9. Recently, this size has become quite common, and in this model it looks generally great.

It is also worth considering the fact that the volume and power keys of the device are located very conveniently, so to speak, they are where they should be.

A small drawback is the excessive bulge of the main camera - it bulges out of the body and gives the impression of bulkiness.

Device connectors and sensors

In this regard, the design of the phone is not distinguished by any innovation. The upper part of the gadget carries a speaker, a notification signal, and a front camera.

The right side of the case has volume controls and a power key, and on the other side there are slots for SIM cards and a flash drive, respectively.

The bottom of the case, as expected, contains a headphone port, a USB cable connector, and a microphone.

The back cover of the phone is equipped with a 13 MP main camera, in addition to it, the name of the company is indicated there and there is a backlight. It is very noteworthy that this smartphone does not have a finger scanner at all, and this is really strange, because such an element is available even on models that are an order of magnitude cheaper than the Desire 12s.

Phone display

A huge advantage of the phone is its screen. It has 5.7 inches at its disposal and this at an 18: 9 ratio, crisp HD plus resolution, and a pixel grid density of 282 ppi. This whole system indicates that the constituent image will be of excellent quality and excellent clarity.

The average average user can easily relax about setting all the visual information regarding the unusual aspect ratio. This business will be handled by competent software and will select the optimal settings. A small drawback is that not all of the programs present can be used in the 18: 9 ratio.

The smartphone screen can please with a very high-quality picture, rich colors and a good viewing angle. A distinctive feature of the display is a well-defined brightness. Thanks to this level, in the daytime, everything displayed on the screen is perfectly visible, and during night reading, you can set the brightness so that your eyes will practically not get tired.

In addition to all of the above, the phone has special modes that allow you to choose the displayed colors:

  • alive;
  • custom;
  • standard.

The Custom Mode offers options for choosing the color temperature of the phone, as well as setting the level of sharpness, contrast, and more.

You can also adjust the size of everything displayed on the screen, as well as the font style.

Device Cameras

A remarkable nuance is the same characteristics of the cameras of this smartphone.Both the main one and the front one have 13MP. The camera menu is very simple and convenient, it provides a choice of various filters, a switch between the main and front cameras, there is also a choice of HDR mode and flash activation.

As for the pictures themselves, the opinion is twofold:

  1. The negative side of the camera includes poor detail and poor sharpness of images;
  2. The positive side of the cameras boasts a good color gamut, or rather its reproduction.

Night photos are quite dull. Despite the richness of colors, the pictures come out rather faded, they have a lot of noise effects, and other details of the environment do not stand out well. Autofocus is doing well, but during the same darkness it is of little use.

Another positive feature of cameras is video shooting. In this case, things don't look so sad. The camera can shoot videos in full hd resolution at 30 fps. Also in the settings, you can select the shooting modes - vga and main hd. Considering the price level of the device, it can be argued that the quality of the clips fully corresponds to its canons.

Battery capacity

The battery in this device contains 3050 mAh. In general, this is very good for a smartphone with such characteristics. With all possible applications running and the display turned on at full brightness, the phone can work for about 6 hours, and if you start the economy mode, then all 8.

Otherwise, given the normal operating mode of the smartphone, the battery will last for 3-4 days and it is quite tolerable. It should be noted that charging the battery from 0 to 100 percent will take about three hours.

Operating system and other software

This phone works with ease and silence under the guidance of the Android 8.1 oreo operating system. The interface of the model was slightly improved - the developers decided to change the style and named it Materials Design. In general, this style is very similar to the real Android.

Apart from the stylistics, the creators have added a very convenient function to the phone, so to speak, a personal trained assistant who easily remembers your habits and reminds you of them. There is also a special application on the desktop that reminds you of all the information you need, including all notifications.

It is worth saying that the smartphone has a special program like a booster, which, if possible, will increase the performance of the system and turn off unnecessary applications.

Machine performance

The main organ of the phone is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 processor, it is responsible for the functioning of the device. The processor includes as many as 8 cores such as Adreno 505. Also, the hardware boasts 4 gigabytes of RAM.

In general, everything looks pretty good, but you can't call a powerful phone. On the one hand, applications are relatively fast, but there are times when sagging occurs. These include various error emissions, crashes during games and crashes to the desktop. But, a positive feature is the ability of the phone to play quite demanding games, and more, it is worth noting that the phone almost does not heat up.

Sound accompaniment

The developers found an interesting place for the speaker on this model, this time they installed it at the bottom of the phone, namely in the right half. This is convenient, because when you hold the phone in your palm, the holes will practically not be covered by your hand.

Naturally, the sound quality will not suffer and the speaker itself will not deteriorate - this is very convenient and practical.

As for the sound quality, we can say that it has been better. At high tones, the sound becomes too monotonous and dull, but at a lower volume level everything looks better. It is worth considering that for such a price level, in principle, the speaker does not work badly.

It is also necessary to take into account that the sound in the headset has a significantly higher quality sound.

Communication system

There are no notable nuances at this point. There is wi-fi of a standard level, also bluethooth technology of the 4.2 series.The signal level is always normal, and during testing, no unwanted nuances were observed.

When communicating with a subscriber, the sound quality of the speaker and microphone did not bring any inconvenience - everything is heard clearly and clearly.

According to modern canons, the SIM card slot has a hybrid form, a flash drive is immediately installed there, its limit is 3 TB. The total memory of the smartphone is 64 gigabytes.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Relatively average cost of the device;
  • Stylish design;
  • Good functionality of the device;
  • Capacious battery capacity;
  • Bright display.
  • Fairly weak cameras;
  • Poor body material.


Summing up this article, I would like to note that this smartphone is pretty good and has an average price category. Despite all its shortcomings, I still want to advise users, without hesitation, to purchase this device. Its cost ranges from 13 to 17 thousand rubles, it depends on the configuration level.

Desire 12s can easily boast a stylish design that will emphasize the importance and status of the owner. Fans of toys will also like this model, because with such parameters the most demanding games will work quietly and the phone will not "boil".

Connoisseurs of shooting and watching videos will have the opportunity to enjoy the rich level of colors and quality images.